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deal with a lot of child abuse cases and this ranks right up there among the top of the most egregious cases that i've seen." ----- charges against morris include "unlawful conduct towards a child"...and "inflicting great bodily injury upon a child." the judge set whitney barnwell's bond... at 75-thousand dollars... on -3- counts of "unlawful conduct towards a child." tonight... barnwell's baby... is listed in critical condition... at "greenville memorial hospital." the police chief tells us... the child's injuries...are life- threatening. now... a seven news crime tracker .. union police are hunting for two men .. accused in a violent home invasion last night. officials say the men followed a woman home .. then held her at gunpoint. this is where that attack took place .. on tiger court. police say the woman also had a friend at the home -when the attack happened - both were held at gunpoint on the living room couch. and officers say the suspects even threw the victim's coffee table at her! the family says the assault
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ways than one: ----- "she was shaken up real bad and she was hurt real bad too." "come in and rob somebody just for a cell phone and some change. that's crazy. they had to be desperate." ------ police say.. the victim had to be treated by e-m-s at the scene. she had some head injuries. but she's okay today. we also want to mention... that union police tell us...people in the area should be on alert..because it does appear that this violent robbery... was random. tonight... a driver and two other people are in custody ... after a police chase... that shut down part of i-85 in anderson county earlier today. anderson police say it begain when an officer tried to make a traffic stop... but the driver kept going .. leading him on a chase down clemson boulevard. the suspect crashed on 85 ..causing a traffic backup. both the driver and two other people from that car are now in custody. tonight... we're learning more about a deadly crash that killed four upstate college
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patrol tells us the driver is responsible for the october crash .. they say james campbell was behind the wheel .. and speeding .. 40 miles over the posted limit .. when he ran off the road and crashed into a tree .. the collision killed him and three other u-s-c upstate students. spartanburg county says speeding is a big problem along 4th street... near highway 9 in boiling springs. that's why the county wants to re-design that road...from highway-9... all the way to valley falls road. in fact... county leaders tell us...they've been trying to do something to improve safety there ... for years .. spartanburg county gave us these drawings of the changes they want to make to 4th street. they would straighten and flatten it... along with connecting an intersection with valley falls road, hanging rock road, and 4th street. the boiling springs fire department says they've responded to 220 wrecks on 4th street alone in 5 years. the main issue for many of the wrecks is speed... including the crash that killed the four u-s-c upstate students. boiling springs fire chief scott miller says it's time to update the road: ----- 03:12:44,02 "it was
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and they paved over it, and it served a purpose then, but with the recycling center and all the colleges, it just doesn't serve the community the way it needs to right now." ----- the road is on the top of spartanburg county's list... right now they only have around 700 thousand dollars... of the 3 million needed to complete the project. tonight... south carolina is mourning the loss... of a state senator... from the upstate. senator william "billy" o'dell... has died. the longtime lawmaker from ware shoals... was a republican...representing district 4... which includes anderson, abbeville and greenwood counties. the greenwood county coroner says...o'dell likely died from natural causes...believed to be heart related. "billy" o'dell... was 77-years old. the "south carolina domestic violence task force" says... it's working on plans... to reduce the crimes... across the state. governor nikki haley says the task force has come up with - 50- recommendations ... to address the problem of criminal domestic violence.
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including making resources easily available to survivors and domestic violence training...for doctors and therapists: ----- gov: nikki haley: "this is a chance for everybody in south carolina to change our ranking on domestic violence. this is a chance for everybody in south carolina to say, 'we all can do something about this.'" ----- "governor haley" also signed an executive order... to extend the work... of the c-d-v task force. she said... the task force is "too good... to stop now". cold and dry has been the trend but some of us are about to get some rain ... "24-7 chief meteorologist"
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no winners last night... so the powerball jackpot climbed today.... to 700 - million dollars. the next drawing is saturday and while the adds may be stacked against you... a lump sum of 428 - million dollars is up for grabs. saturday's jackpot already shattered the previous powerball jackpot record... now it surpasses the 656 - million dollar ...mega millions jackpot set back march of 2012. even though you didn't hit the jackpot .. you'll want to take a good look at your ticket before throwing it out. millions of dollars in prizes go unclaimed each year! last year in north carolina ..lottery players failed to collect more than 27 million dollars in prizes .. and here in south carolina .. 14 million was never claimed.
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i'd be if i found out i left something on the table like that? it'd break my heart." strickland: "i lost a ticket and then i thought i could maybe have won." hyland: "you must have lost some sleep over that." strickland: "yeah, i did." --------did.strickland: "yeah, i did. " -------- nationwide, about two billion dollars in lottery winnings goes unclaimed each year. so now... you're probably wondering what all happens to all the unclaimed lottery money. north carolina officials tell us half goes toward funding future drawings. the other half goes into the education budget helping to pay for teachers and fund college scholarships. in south carolina - all of it goes to education. ---- the closing bell ... marked a tough day on wall street. stocks tumbled into triple digit losses for a third day. the dow fell 392 points. the nasdaq lost 146 points. it's the worst four-day percentage loss on record.. to start a year . it's beign fueled by a major drop in the chinese market. the clemson tigers head
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night's championship game..... we're closing in on monday night's title game and our 7 sports crew has arrived in arizona ..... todd summers joins us from downtown phoenix as we close in on monday's battle between clemson and alabama....
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all you tiger's fans can celebrate their team's
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championship game on monday at "chick-fil-a with these "tiger paw biscuits"... they look like the logo on the clemson football helmet... they'll be served from 6 to ten thirty a-m .. at the clemson and seneca locations .. to help customers "cheer on the tigers in style"... if you know you're going to want several - you should call ahead and order now. next on 7 news .... a texas state trooper out on bond tonight... indicted for his conduct in the sandra bland arrest. the latest in the case... and reaction from the bland family. and man gone mad ... appears at a french police station ... threatens officers .. then shot down. hear
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more details tonight... in the indictment of a texas state trooper behind a controversial traffic stop last summer... the high- profile incident landed sandra bland in jail... where she was found dead...hanging in a jail
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her death ...ruled accidental. just one day after being indicted on a misdemeanor perjury charge ... accused of lying about the circumstances of sandra bland's arrest ... brian encinia has turned himself in. and according to the waller county sheriff's office.. the texas state trooper has been released tonight... on a 25-hundred dollar bond. right now ...the process is underway for his termination. tonight.. we're finally getting reaction from sandra bland's family. her mother says based on what the trooper's dashcam shows... an indictment for lying is -not- enough. : "where is the indictment for the assault? the battery? the false arrest? where is that? on the one hand, i got the news. i got the message about the initial perjury indictment. it appears that there should have been much more than what he was indicted for."------------ --- if convicted on the misdemeanor perjury charge... former state trooper brian encinia could face up to one year in jail.. and a four - thousand dollar fine. tonight...french security
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man ... killed after showing up a police station ...wearing fake explosives. according to french officials...ali sallah...threatened french police officers with a knife. officials say the 20- year-old morrocan man's fingerprints show that he was arrested back in 1995 for a minor robbery. tonight.... a north carolina man is recovering and a another man facing charges... after an argument ...ended in a stabbing. polk county deputies arrested this man... kenneth dale greene last week. he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon...with the intent to kill. investigators say he and john mcswain were sitting in a car together.. and got into an argument...when he pulled out a knife and stabbed mcswain in the neck. mcswain was treated and released. tonight... greene is out bond. president obama continues to call for stricter gun regulations... but the result so far... has been a spike in sales. retailers say firearms have been flying off the shelves since...president obama unveiled executive orders this week...on gun control. gun dealers like ... paul oliver is in spartanburg... says it's
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with demand. guns owners are also registering for classes in record numbers. "our concealed weapons permit courses have probably doubled in the amount of clients that have enrolled in our classes in the last two weeks." ------- oliver's most popular item is the a- r-15. he says he doesn't sell any weapons without a federal background check. an officer ..responding to a call about a reckless driver .. ended up delivering a baby this week! it all started when a caller complained a car was speeding .. and running red lights in burlington, north carolina. officer joshua schultz found the car .. broken down .. and quickly realized the frantic driving was the result of a mother in labor .. trying to get to the hospital. i was glad he was around the corner cuz i didn't know what we was gonna do or if the ambulance was gonna take long to get there or not which they were very helpful. everyone was helpful. ----- mom and baby you just saw .. are now at home .. happy and healthy. the peak for the flu
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but new numbers show... nine people in our state have already died from the flu. the state's latest flu report says that's much improved over this time last year .. when there had already been 38 deaths reported. you may remember last flu season... the virus mutated...making last season's flu shot... less effective.
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after months of debate and political pressure, the federal government is out with an updated set of dietary guidelines to help you eat better. next "7 news"...the latest recommendations. but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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protect your health... by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables often...but other types of foods in moderation. that's been an ongoing standard with federal dietary guidelines. the latest government release ...and there are some changes. the new dietary guidelines now recommend that added sugar should... only fill 10- percent... of your daily calories. just to give you some perspective...that's roughly the amount of one 16-ounce sugary drink. : "we know that about half of the added sugars in people's diets comes from sweetened beverages, usually sodas." ----- federal dietary guidelines still say ... eating lean meat is o-k... and limit saturated fats... to 10-percent of your daily calories. that's equivalent to one teaspoon of salt. but the 2- eggs-per-day limit ... has been lifted. the government says... more recent medical research...shows little relationship between heart disease... and how much dietary cholesterol... you eat. however... data included in the report shows... men ages 14 to 70... consume more than recommended amounts... of
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but women... are more in line... with advised amounts. love coffee the latest dietary guidelines say ... strong evidence...supports - evidence...supports -moderate- coffee consumption. federal health officials say... three to five small cups of coffee... a day... could decrease the risk of diabetes...and cardio-vascular and cardio-vascular disease. and speaking of cofee.. technology is also adding to the convenience of a cup of joe.. check out the "ember" smart mug! it promises to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for two hours! it's one of the many gadgets debuting this week at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. "ember" will set you back about 130-bucks. next on "7 news" ... at first glance ... it may look like ... an ordinary sweat-shirt. but it's made...with a different twist. find out the added benefit... it could have...
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take about highly functional... a new sweat- shirt ... not only promises to protect you from the cold... but makers can even provide a comfortable place for your head... during a nap... while on-the-go. it's called...the "hypnos" hoodie. and it comes with an inflatable pillow ... that
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blows out in 3-pillow ... that blows out in 3-seconds... and conforms to your head. the company launched a "kick-starter" campaign... in november... that raised more than 100-thousand dollars. thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w.. and we'll be back here at 11. until then... you can get the latest updates by logging on to w-s-p-a dot-com. stay with
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