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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on "cherokee circle".. not far from "whitehall road". "7 news" reporter "krystyne brown.. is live from the scene. investigators..and crime scene tape are still out here tonight.. as the sheriff's office tries to figure out what happened to the baby. deputies..haven't been able to release much about the fetus.. at this point. but the coroner tells us.. it was nearly a fully developed baby girl.. this was the scene earlier today..when the investigation was just beginning. deputies tell us they were called out here.. after a man called 9-1-1 around 11 this morning. the man told them .. he was walking in the wooded area around cherokee circle.. and whitehall road.. when he found the baby in the field. neighbors.. who have children of their own.. were watching the scene unfold today.
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their own neighborhood. "that's the best feeling of your life..and to see someone to take it and do that..some people can't even have kids to this day .. and hey.. come bring it to my door. i would have taken the baby in. it's crazy, man." deputies say they did question the man who found the fetus..but that he is not a person of interest at this time. at this point.. deputies say it's too early to tell.. how long the fetus was left out here.. though they believe it was recent. live in anderson county.. krystyne brown.. 7 news deputies have not been able to release any more information about the fetus... including how how it is.. an autopsy is expected to be performed tomorrow. the anderson county sheriff's office.. is investigating.. after two people were found dead. deputies say.. it happened around midnight.. in the 100 block... of "pierce and amy" road.. in the town of iva. the coroner's office says.. two men .. were found with gunshot wounds..inside a
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information... is asked to call.. the sheriff's office. it's been a mostly cloudy day..some of you are seeing rain and it could sticking around tonight.. 24-7 meteorologist "dan bickford".. tells us about the wet weather. we are just over two days
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clemson's "drive to the championship". the national championship game..between clemson and alabama is monday night. we have crews in arizona.. covering every step.. of the tigers' journey. right now.. the tigers are on the practice field.. and we found out.. about a key player's status for the big game. "7 sports".. todd summers
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shaq lawson: " ...." brent venables: " ...." trt: :21 seconds out: "...i don't know." tvu out: "...ready to go, maybe..." it was media day for both teams in phoenix today.. a chance for reporters to visit with more than -100- clemson
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important players in that room is certainly the last tiger you'll hear about. there's a massive crowd around quarterback deshaun watson.. but there's not a wait to talk to long snapper jim brown. on field goals .. extra points.. and punts.. you'll only hear his name if he makes a mistake. super: jim brown/clemson long snapper does anybody ever come back and say, great snap? you know.. believe it or not, they do.. that's part of the job. i signed up for, i knew that coming in.i don't mind that." and when someone snaps the ball for punts or kicks for a living.. your perspective of the game is very different. "so jim, what's the view like to watch football upside down?" once you get down here..this is how i see the game. i'm
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game. i'm used to it man. it's upside down, life is upside down." deshaun watson can complete 60-percent of his passes and hes a star. jim snaps the ball about -12- times a game. one mistake.. from seven yards for a place kick or -14- for a punt.. and you may know his name forever. live in glendale ...fred cunningham.. 7 news our coverage of clemson's showdown..with alabama.. continues leading up to the game... we invite you to watch out preview specials coming up tomorrow night at 11..and then monday night at 6 p-m... that's a full hour long preview on game night. that's all here on "7 news". you can also follow the tigers in arizona.. by logging onto our website..wspa dot com. the excitement over powerball.. has reached a
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tonight's record drawing will be worth .. and how long you
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a huge drawing for a big prize... tonight's "powerball" now a record 9-hundred million dollars. ..the next drawing is set for tonight. as "wendy gillette" reports.. powerball fever has swept the country. nats ticket printing across the country- lottery machines spit out millions of tickets leading up to saturday night's drawing -a chance at the largest jackpot in world
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already know what they would do with the winnings. sot "buy myself some property." sot "new car, new home, new environment." the dreamers were not dissuaded by the odds.your chance to win the powerball jackpot that has reached 900 million dollars is about 1 in 292 million! a university of buffalo statistics professor says you're roughly 25 times more likely to become president of the united states than to win. sot "got to take a little risk to win big." standup: "as for how to select a powerball winning ticket- a dallas math professor says you probably have a better chance letting the computer pick your numbers rather than picking them yourself. because most people have favorite numbers they include that tend to be lowerand the game's numbered balls go up to 69." some think they have a better chance if they enter community pools nats throwing in envelopes like this one in derry, new hampshire that has grown to hundreds who live in the area. sot: "it's just exciting to be part of something where everybody wants the same thing those who live in the district of columbia, the us virgin islands and puerto rico and 44 states can play the powerball. nevada residents cannot- which brought long lines to stores just over the state line in california. no one has won the powerball jackpot since early november, which
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gillette, for cbs news, new york. the drawing is tonight at 10-59 p-m ... you have until 9-59 tonight to buy your ticket. we'll have those winning numbers tonight at 11 after football.. and look for an alert on our free "7 news app".. on your smartphone. what record these new skiers.. and many others like them..tried to break.. while
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a mexican law enforcement official..tells the associated press.. his country is willing to extradite recaptured.. drug lord .. "joaquin - el chapo - guzman".. to the united states. that's a complete reversal.. from the government's position .. after his last capture in 2014. that official says.. the extradition could take a while..due to a lengthy battle in the courts. guzman was recaptured friday..six months after breaking out of the country's top maximum security prison. conditions may not have been ideal..but that didn't stop these skiers from trying to break a world record.
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wisconsin.. was one of many locations taking part in the "world's largest ski lesson". about 165 locations across the country.. tried to break the "guinness world record".. for "most people getting ski lessons.. at the same time". no word yet on if the record was broken. the record has to be verified by guinness
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coming up in sports...more from arizona as todd breaks down a key element for clemson's defense heading
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and the gamecocks try remaining in some elite company.....pete has that and
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clemson's day in arizona included a visit with the media and a practice as well ..... at that practice.......defensive end shaq lawson continues to try to work his way back from his knee injury in the orange bowl..... earlier today he said he's sore but expects to play
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and coming up... byrnes receiver chavis dawkins just wrapped up fine high school career and today announces his college plans..... 10 schools were in the mix........he announced today leading one to believe those hats n the table were in his final four...... on the court this afternoon ......the gamecocks
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start to 15-and-oh..... chattanooga at furman.... samford at
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>> axelrod: nearly a billion reasons to keep your eye on the ball tonight. the largest lot friday jackpot ever means long lines to the deadline. >> is it worth it, it is worth it because it is life changing. >> lights, cameras, capture, mexican authorities say el pa cho, el el chapo's plan to star in his own movie led to this. >> new details about the gunman who ambushed a philadelphia police officer in the name of isis.
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