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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this is expected to be the most watch college football game in history. >> and arguably the biggest game in clemson football history. they won the title in 91 but that was based on polls. this one is a championship game. some latebreaking news, according to a website report, mckenzie alexander will be a gametime decision. he has been a huge player. he will phase calton ridley. his status in terms of how effective he is can be a big question. it will be the tigers great offense against one of the best defenses. when they have the ball they have derek henry, the heisman trophy wwner.
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alabama they said they would crowd toward the line of scrimmage and did a good job with that, but the quarterback went on to have his best game of the season because, if the opposing defense as they will stop the run, you try to throw the ball over. >> tom somers is in arizona where the game will take place. he is standing by right now. >> reporter: right now the atosphere is terrible because there is nobody here, but you put 60,000 people in here, it seems like more clemson fans than alabama fans were outside the stadium, and it will be rocking later. the clemson teen always talks about -- team always talks about family. it is not always easy for the
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players of the team. what is it like to come see your brother play for a championship? >> that is awesome. we work together our whole lives in seeing all the work paying off, i get to see what he has worked for come true. >> reporter: what will it be like sitting in your see tonight knowing how many people have helped him along the way? >> is absolutely exciting. exciting for him and me and his mom. we are just proud. >> this is icing on the cake. this is not even the biggest deal for mom. it is the man they are making my son into.>> reporter: what is it like from the conference perspective? >> it's nerve-racking. but it's exciting. this season has been the most
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>> reporter: carson says she has known him since the seventh grade. he never complains about anything. he makes the most of everything. how do you think he will do making the most of a national championship game? a big game. we will have more at the top of the hour. i always wondered about the families who travel all around the country to watch their kids play. that must cost a fortune and there is no hope for them. the kids are not earning any money and it must be a hardship for some families. >> it is one of the reasons of why therrwas a debate of adding a tear of playoffs with the argument that the lower level since the late 70s they had a playoff system where the teams to make the championship game might have to lay four games and the higher seeds are
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a major football you can have home games at home for many reasons. you have to have a travel element in place for a neutral site. we have so much more to talk about coming up tonight at 6 o'clock. that. a full hour-long preview. i feel like we just scratched the surface. there's a lot to talk about. fans are looking for a way to celebrate and watch the game in style. >> for some that meant paying a lot of money to see in person and for others it means a night out on the town. we are at wild wing in spartanburg.>> reporter: we are right off of highway 29. this isshe calm before the storm.
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now. the server said they are getting ready. it takes a lot of preparation to get ready for a game like this tonight. they have 6720 chicken wings ready to fly up tonight. -- why -- fry up tonight. you are getting ready in a different way? >> yes. we are pretty tailgating.>> reporter: you both went to clemson and have been following the whole year. you even went down to florida? >> we went to the orange bowl end of the we feel and every home game. -- and louisville and every home game. who will win tonight? >> definitely the tigers. we are seeing to go orders, but
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>> ice a bunch of screens in the background, will they have everyone on for the game? >> they have 50 tvs. only the big tvs will have the game on there because when you come to wild wings you have to play trivia as well. but mostly clemson on the big tvs tonight. wild wings is not the only place fans will gather tonight. a student watch party will be held at the hendrix student center. students must have their school id cards and can bring one guest. this is a live look from thth wellness arena in greenbelt where another watch party will take place. we will broadcast live from their starting at 7:30. remember you can find all things clemson on our website. look under the sports tab. while you're there, make sure
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tonight's game will play out. who will when and by how much. vote on our online poll. one of the places people are going to watch the game. for people who are out there it will be chilly. there is a little bit of a breeze. but who cares about the weather with such a big game? we can deal with anything. look at the radar. hardly a cloud in the sky, but we have a few clouds ming through. right now we are in the low to mid 40s up states and mid-30s in north carolina. here is my it will look like overnight. by 11 o'clock 34 and we are down to freezing by 2 am. upper 20s by tomorrow morning.
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>> i have a clemson's point total above freezing tonight. tonight we have new details on a deadly shooting. the anderson county coroner says case -- the victim died after being shot in the head and the second victim suffered from several shots to the chess. -- of chest. police are still trying to figure out how this started and locate the third person involved. fire officials are blaming an electrical problem for a fire that damaged a home in career this morning. it happen on called burke drive around 4 am. the fire started in the garage and spread to the kitchen and living room. no one was hurt. the red cross is helping the people who live there. tonight is a chance to tell the greenville police how to
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gotten. they have that other meetings and not a lot of people have showed up. a meeting is being held this evening at the conference room of city hall. they will keep trying to get public comment on this. there are three other meetings scheduled for later this month. tonight spartanburg city council is swearing him -- in three new members. today family and friends are saying goodbye to a longtime lawmaker who passed away last week. a funeral for billy o'dell was held in greenwood this afternoon. he served the district number four. he was 77 years old. another loss for the music
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david bowie has died. he passed away overnight after an 18 month battle with cancer. he is best known for hits like space odyssey, under pressure and young americans. he had just released his 25th album on friday. the world's largest lottery jackpot got even bigger. next, here how much is on the line wednesday night. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015
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over the last ththe years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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no winners for saturday's powerball drawing means the jackpot continues to grow. it's now worth one point four *billion* no winners for saturday's big powerball drawing means the jackpot is even bigger. it is now $1.4 billion with a cash payout of $868 million. with that money you can buy 19
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buy the cleveland cavaliers. the next drawing is wednesday night. >> i had no idea the cavaliers were that expensive. a lot of tax companies are offering incentives to get you in the door. >> but are they worth it and are there hidden costs. i asked those questions today for you. >> reporter: gift cards, cashing out, a refund advance. tax servicers are lucky to entice you with quick money but we found out that will like you -- likely cost you. is there a catch? >> the fees are a little higher. that we discussed that. >> reporter: liberty tax service just range their cast -- raise their cash officer from
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but they also raise their fees. 0% interest, sounds like a great deal but is there anything to watch out for? >> when they go into do their tax return they need to know what they paid in prior years when they did not have additional guests and services and advances. make sure the fees are comparable. >> reporter: you will have to agree to pay the filing fee and process the return in order to find out if you could get an advance. it's not that easy to qualify. you have to have at least $1250 in a tax return and no status change and eight soft credit check. there is no guarantee. crystal got an advance in november which he says helped her get through the holidays but >> i don't look at the fees. >> -- i probably should. but i don't because i get so much money back.
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thinking that you get a lot of money back, but people like crystal really could be losing out in the end because obviously paying higher fees means a smaller return. >> you should always ask a question when somebody says cash upfront. there is always a catch. >> bright. and this is not just -- writes -- right. if you ask to pay the fee that you paid last year, and if you show proof of that, these companies say they will work with you. so you just have to ask. a lot of excitement building ahead of the game. we have had dutiful skies here across the western carolinas. here is a live picture of
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clear skies will allow the temperatures to drop a little faster tonight and we will have freezing temperatures the next three nights. it looks like overall the weather will stay very quiet for most of this week with the next chance for rain not until friday. that is when the next system will push in. satellite looking very good tonight. we had clouds earlier in the day. another disturbance is out to the west and will bring cloud cover around midnight until about 3 o'clock in the morning, but that will not keep the temperatures mild. it has already been chilly this afternoon and they will be downright cold tomorrow morning. across the southwest, arizona, we had several storm system's moving through last week but skies are clear around phoenix
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upper 40s to around 50 for the started the game tonight. here at home, a quiet start to the day tomorrow but freezing temperatures are on the way. they will be arriving by the afternoon and behind that we will see the winds picking up. tomorrow will be a windy day. it will be cool in the afternoon upstate and turning colder faster in the amount them. there will be some snow showers in the mountains, especially near the tennessee line. everything quiets down by wednesday morning. cold and dry for the afternoon. right now temperatures are in the 30s in the mountains and low to mid 40s upstate. greenville is at 45 degrees. it will get down into the 20s in most areas tomorrow morning. sunshine and 52 tomorrow afternoon.
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on the way. a little bit of a warming trend on thursday. remember tomorrow will be a windy day so it will feel colder for the actual -- and then the actual temperature. there is a chance for rain showers friday night. i do not think we will see any snow with this. highs will be in the 40s on sunday. there is the mountain forecast. 48 tomorrow and wednesday with some snow showers possible in the higher elevations. 41 on wednesday. now we continue coverage of clemson strived to the championship. >> fighter jets will fly over the stadium before the game and one of the pilots is from our area. >> dave jordan joins us now. you talk to and upstate pilot this afternoon. >> a graduate of clemson university.'s name is kc
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-- his name is casey manning. this is the jet he will fly in. he is stationed just 10 miles away from where the national championship will be played. he describes this as a once-in- a-lifetime opportunity, but he says it has not sunk in yet. >> we are focused on having a safe flight. doing the job and landing. it will sink in a little bit later. obviously i want the tigers to win. >> he is calling for a 20 point spread. admittedly, very optimistic. but he says he has not done a lot of analysis. >> there is a lot of analysis saying it will be the other way. >> he has just focusing on flying save.
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>> i hear the guy leading the same squadron is a gamecocks fan. a lot of south carolina teams represented. this car owner is going to need a blowtorch. here is what's behind this creation, coming up. -- here what's behind this creation, coming up. street.. live at 5 .. continues right after this. here is a look at the numbers
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we continue right after it's pretty cold outside today .. with s se of our western north carolina schools even delaying classes this morning. western north carolina schools delayed classes because it was
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>> the wind chill this morning was below zero in boone. it can be dangerous for all the kids waiting for the bus. look at this. the owner will need a blowtorch. ice water from lake erie, snow, rain and heavy winds created this. we have an 18 foot snow octopus in minnesota. three brothers took 500 hours to finish this. they do a different sculpture each year. they raised to $10,000 to provide clean water in haiti. a next, not -- if you are
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don't have to watch alone. we will have watch party people information, coming up. responsible for helping. but first a live look outside - over downtown greenville where fans are gathering for a big watch party at the well tonight. thanks for joining us in burnsville .. blue rock .. and all across the carolinas.
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it's 5-29 .. and we're live at 5 tonight... with the latest on clemson's "drive to the championship." as you can see ..we have live team coverage .. as fans get ready for tonight's big game in the upstate and at we have the latest on chromosome -- clemson strived to the championship with live team coverage. let's start with one of the
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