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tv   Scene on 7  CBS  January 11, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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everyone to see! admission is free--- and there is plenty of food and drinks available for purchase! all concession stands will be open--- you can chose between burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, bbq, moe's and pizza hut! and ya'll know this guy-- - j.dew is your m-c tonight! j., what are you planning for the crowd? adlibtalking points: **live music with dj sha **activities for kids before kickoff **in-arena contests **plenty
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fred cunningham is in phoenix covering the big game--- he's had a lot of fun over the past week! he sent us this video to show us what he's been up to!
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thanks thanks fred. looks like so much fun! former clemson quarterback woody dantzler is here with me tonight. woody, are you
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adlib suggested questions: what's it like to be a guy about to go on the field in a game like this, how do you keep your cool? what part of the team
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adlib thanks. one man who knows the tiger team better than anyone is danny ford! he took the team to the championship 34-years ago! we caught up with the former clemson coach to reminisce about that amazing year!
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the night before the game so i must've been pretty nervous. yeah i think probably the night before the game and they know what's on the line and how important it is-- they'll have a hard time sleeping." there's no feeling like the night before a national championship game -- a the hours leading up to the game -- 10:11 i could never eat on gameday.if we got beat i'd go home and go to welcome. how you doin'? good how are you? so today you're gonna choose a mobile office. you can choose this chevy silverado which offers built in 4g lte wi-fi. or you can choose this ford f-150, which doesn't offer wi-fi. but to make up for it, we added a trailer, a satellite antenna, and dolores. hey fellas! (group laughter) what? so, which one do you want? i pick the chevy. definitely. or, get this dependable silverado all star edition
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seven thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.
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it's not just the football team that spent a lot of time preparing for tonight's game. vanessa de la vina caught up with the
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the game vanessa adlib nats cheering the spirit of tiger pride lives in the clemson rally cats. nats dancing tonight you'll see them on the sidelines getting the crowd and the team pumped up. 1. it's a dream come true for all of us and something we may never experience again. for the last week these ladies have been working hard -- 6. we've had four hour practices each day and then we'll go back to our regular schedule which is 2 hour practices each night all to be at the top of their game as they root for the number one team in the country. 1. we can't believe it. well, we can believe it. we have faith in our team. we've known they're the best all along so it's really exciting for the rest of the nation to finally be recognizing that 1. came in to clemson dreaming of being a rally cat my entire life and i couldn't believe i got to do it even to start with and to be now a fourth year going to the national championship that's pretty exciting. nats music movement, toe point, kick and smile will be on point for this once in a lifetime experience. 1. everything has to be perfect. we're putting a lot of practice and a lot of energy into this. the girls are obviously ready. they've cheered the tigers on to 14 victories so far this year and we are going for the 15th from the tiger roar to the tiger rag -- nats music the excitement will be electrifying no matter where you're watching the game from. 2. it's incredible. we cheer for them when they're winning, when they're losing. we're always there and this is pretty fabulous to be able to cheer them on as they go to arizona. with the greatest football team, fans and dance team -- the clemson family is set for an unforgettable night. 8. the number one team in the country.we knew it all along.i can't wait. it's finally happening. for
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we are not done yet tonight's football game wouldn't be the same without the band playing the fight song! we are talking to the tiger band---- next!
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clemson football team is about to play in their biggest game in over 30 years--- and so is the clemson tiger band! jennifer martin gives us a look at what it takes to get ready for the halftime show performance. --nats-- for days the tiger band has been drumming up spirit as they prepare for the performance of a lifetime. --nats-- "this is the biggest stage the band has ever been on. 35 million viewers.they're broadcasting on espn. millions will see it. known to thousands as "the band that shakes the southland" -- the band has gotten award after award for its contemporary style and fierce spirit-- "we're one of the most recognized and awarded bands in the country."
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heart of a team that bleeds orange. another name for us is guardians of clemson spirit....for us to provide spirit is a dream of mine.... it's a blessing to be able to pump spirit into the clemson nation." but for members like jeannie brown -- "i'm jeannie brown i'm 41 years old and im tiger bands oldest band member. the honor of into the national championships tops any award. i've said all season i think this is why the lord put a 41 year old member on the band waiting for the championship." "for me this is a once in a lifetime experience. i'm a senior. this is it." along with signatures like the tiger rag -- the halftime show will be complete with formations that will wow the crowd -- like a flying witch -- in the halftime show. "the halftime show is the music of wicked and so its really a high energy, high volacity show.very contemporary for a college band." "there's no degree at clemson that requires students to be in band so all of these band members are
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the biggest the band has ever been in clemson history." that being said this year clemson football has arguably never been stronger -- and neither has the band. "the freshmen in the band have never experienced a football loss which is mindboggling. this is a special time. dabo has created a special program and we're all reaping the benefits. we've been getting better and better every day and every week. this is the best it'll be monday night." for scene on 7 i'm jennifer martin. you can't play in the national championships without looking sharp -- and tonight the tigers definitely have that down. here's a look inside the local shop---- that made sure the players uniforms were fit for champions. --nats-- "just get em done and ready to go." when clemson players step onto the field to fight for the big win -- they'll be decked out in uniforms made for champions -- and sewn with care. --nats-- days before the game -- those jerseys were rushed from nike to clemson to
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pendleton -- where seamstresses had quite the challenge: they had less than 24 hours to expertly sew patches on 133 jerseys. "the time crunch.we've never had a 1 day turnound time on the jerseys before." with the clock ticking -- owner donna key and two assistants worked late into the night wednesday before they were picked up the next day -- and flown off to arizona. "put that seam right through that 2" for this particular game -- each player got a special "2016" patch on a jersey that's theirs to keep after the game ends. "you watch the game with a little bit of a diff perspective when you're involved with getting the work done." quarterback deshaun watson was the only player to have a special patch sewn onto his jerseys -- "commemorative patch for steve fuller -- who was retired and got special permission from him bc of his character and how good of an athlete his is that they would
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long as we commemorated steve fuller." year round donna and her team work as the unofficial clemson football seamstresses ... "we have been blessed for clemson to keep us busy on a lot of different fronts" they've sewn names onto many of the players uniforms over the years -- and patch everything from torn game jerseys to tiger mascot uniforms "we have to constantly be putting the tail back on.people love to pull the tiger on the tail" but with this being the fastest and biggest sewing job yet -- key says monday night she'll keeping a close eye on the tigers from the comfort of home -- and with a sense of pride. "it gives you a special attachment knowing you were a special part of the team." for scene on 7 i'm
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stick around--- how are fans back here at home cheering on the team? we hit the streets to find out--- next! but first-- monster jam is coming to "the well" on january 30th! and scene on 7 is giving away the monster jam ultimate fan experience! it's easy to enter just head over to scene on 7 dot com!
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from the tiger rag--- to bring your own guts--- what does it take to make up the heart of a tiger? ron norman hit the streets to find out how people are cheering on the team from back home! go clemson! it's game day and we're so excited to cheer on our clemson tigers as they take on the university of alabama in the national championship.although, everyone isn't able to make the game, we can still show our south carolina pride. by south carolina i mean the home state and not the....i mean... nevermind. i grew up a carolina fan.....clemson tigers had an amazing season. deshaun watson...keep throwing ....i'm proud of his leadership.if you aren't able to make the's a few well wishes keep your head in the game we're so proud of you guys and we're rooting for you from spartanburg, sc. i
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and thanks for joining us. come on down to the bon secours wellness arena--- we're going to have a lot of fun tonight. and we'll have a half time show here at the well that you don't want to miss! "the big bang theory" is next on cbs. and don't forget you can always check out the day's hottest topics over on our website! just head to scene on 7
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