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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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a wind advisory is in effect until 6:00 this evening across western north carolina. wind speeds are sustained at over 20 miles per hour and going to the evening hours -- the winds are up. the wind advisory and other minutes. >> cold, dry and dusty air burn anything. the national weather service says it is dangerous to burn anything until 6:00. experts advise any outdoor burning should be done with extreme caution. spartanburg police are looking for police -- for people who shot a woman on her way home from work.
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>> reporter: the victims condition has been upgraded -- the victim's condition has been upgraded after she had been shot. officials have no suspect information. this is a difficult case. take a look at the scene where all of this happened. this is where stephanie bachelor's husband found her shot when he came home from work. the deputy responding saying he was in a pool of blood, face down in the grass and she was conscious and able to speak with investigators and felt as if she was shot not able to give them a description of the shooter. investigations are still continuing. authorities near -- now looking near the tiger evidence -- near the tiger river for evidence of. >> they are doing an article search. they have reason to believe evevdence. >> reporter: investigators confirmed that bachelors car was taken recovered a short
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not too far from where the shootinn happened, it is being processed for evidence. they're looking for clues and if you have any information call 911 or the sheriff's office directly. we're live near the tiger live -- river's partner -- and spartanburg county. how about a mobile meth lab that post -- forced the city grid to shut down traffic. hazmat crews were called to a section of wade hampton boulevard near morro street. >> the lane was set to reopen only a few minutes ago. it was backed up for quite some time. police say they have two people in custody and are working with hazmat groups -- cruz. we are talking about a mobile meth lab. just into the news grown. a 2-year -- a two girl was murdered in greenville.
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an apartment on lilly street. she died yesterday. the autopsy is underway and it is being investigated as a homicide. information out from the sheriff's office. expert burke county looking to change the way you view the area. the chamber of commerce has hired outside help to find and to you. rihanna smith sat down with leaders to discuss what is to come for spartanburg -- spartanburg and 2016. >> reporter: a new year along with new projects proving dirt can be a good thing. >> if you see growth in the industrial sector, you see dirt moving and a $20 million project, growth of new residential units, 58 new businesses have opened up in the city of spartanburg downtown specifically. that is
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the chamber of commerce are adding a new focus to a new year -- >> reporter: the timing is right. >> now is the time to capitalize. >> reporter: the past year was filled with big announcement -- announcements. a new hotel being built. the biggest task is overcoming the perception of spartanburg. >> perception is reality. spartanburg reception -- perception is changing. >> repoter: the chamber has hired an outside firm that for the next 10 months will taken community ideas and show exact places that the county can improve upon. >> we will figure out what is a priority over the next 1010 months, phase six will be how will we act.
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is brighter. anna smith, seven news. >> you can get involved in this. the chamber will hold the vision be there -- meeting for the committee on january 27th. you have to register we put a link for that on the state is ramping up reference to combat human trafficking. it is something that many people may not know is a problem in south carolina but statistics show otherwise. alan wilson and task force -- task force members are looking at where the problem originates and attack it. the report policed just this week highlights progress, goals and what the task force is already working on. >> people have to understand that the girl across the street can be a victim of human trafficking. the couple or the guy can be a human trafficker.
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and ongoing assistance. it's a $150 billion enterprise affecting nearly 21 victims worldwide and it happens in south carolina on a regular basis. the report is available online and you can find the link at >> they had biicases in upstate recently. deputy say they found an internet predator draft is victim on social media. joshua sellers had a sexually explicit conversation on facebook with the juvenile and exchange pornographic images. further investigation revealed test revealed sellers made -- met up with the victim and had inappropriate contact. the anderson county mother charged with the murder of her newborn ill stay in jail. the judge granted no bond for the 23-year-old. actually that happened today.
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baby's body was found on saturday. there has been no trial date set for more alabama captive -- captive bbbergdahl appeared in court today. he disappeared in afghanistan in 2009 and was kidnapped and held by the taliban for five years. he was free and the prisoners to. -- swap. 10 u.s. sailors being held by around. two small ships entered iranian waters think the situation will be resolved quickly without confrontation. secretary of state john kerry is talking to his raining situation. the clemson tigers on the way hard-fought and disappointing game against alabama, though they played well, and although they didn't when they are expected to
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>> we will have a live shot of the arrival tonight at 7:00 p.m. then they went down to tiger town where thousands of fans are waiting and "7 news" reporter eryn rogers is waiting. >> 109, they must be excited to welcome the players back home. -- eryn -- >> we talked to a lot of people around clemson and they say they're not disappointed in the season in the least bit and we are at the airport to welcome them home. even though clemson lost to alabama 40-45 in the national championship game last night, as i said, all the fans we talked to say this could not have been a better season. they are so proud of their team and clemson fans to say they will be here even though it was
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the team really give it their all and that's why they will show up to welcome them home. they say that because of that game and even though of the -- because of the outcome there is nothing to be disappointed about. we got to talk to a student who was at the game. he flew one on a redeye flight last night. he just got back to campus. he told us all about his experience being at the championship game. >> 34 years since our last national championship game that we've been able to play and i am not disappointed in any way, shape or form right now. walking out of that game i was smiling the whole way to the airport. i just had seen one of the greatest displays of character football team. >> reporter: if you want to welcome the team back to
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down here. they will back -- be back here at 8:00. live and clemson this evening, eryn rogers news. >> the point spread was far less. >> it was 6.5. >> it was five. >> they made the gamblers happy but they came -- they played great. clemson made 15 wins with a wave of good feelings. it brought tourism and community pride. >> christine brown is here to tell us how it worked out. >> they played their hearts out and they did an amazing job. took the end of the game was a nailbiter the clemson fans at home. >> we have been high-fiving and they have your head in your hands and then you erupt again
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did not give up. >> reporter: even though the tigers did not win, fans are holding their head i. joke -- i knew i would be proud of them. the water here. >> reporter: some fans are wearing orange and purple to show just how hard the team worked. tigers are showing up on social media to let their team no they are still allin. >> when you walk in -- they are still all in. >> when you walk in the stadium rumbles. >> reporter: is this is are thinking the team for a great year. >> it is amazing to see just how much our fans appreciate our players. >> reporter: the successful season has drawn more customers and normally what is quieter time of year. the gallery says this is the busiest season they have seen.
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>> reporter: the family hopes to keep the momentum going to let everyone know the success doesn't end here. >> gear is still selling fast at several stores and downtown clemson clemson. hurry before it is gone. many people getting in on a $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. lotto ball frenzy not so much fun for people with a problem with gambling.
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and things tonight president obama will be give his final state of the union address. our congressional correspondent alex schuman tells us wha tonight president obama will give his final state of the union address.
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hard time for many. >> reporter: the president promises his last state of the union will be different. policy professor jeremy mayer thinks he will defend his executive action on guns and new steps to fight isis. >> i expect this state of the union to look back and to look forward with urgency so they're is just a few things the man can do between now and november. >> reporter: president obama is expected to talk more broadly and not. >> -- not spending time on specific legislation. >> what are the last few things you can do in your presidency that will make a difference? joke the president will review the victory for same-sex marriage, and increase for jobs in the deal made with around. professor lehrman says there is no guarantee that it will turn into real policy. >> scholars have researched
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what he asks for. he is not going to ask exclusively for thinks he can't get because then he would everyone thinks he's a loser. >> first lady michelle obama will be left -- that seat next to michelle obama will be left empty. >> we want to know, how do you feel about the state of our union? we put up a poll. it is on do you think the union is stronger than it was last year? weaker than it was last year? or about the same. we will revealed late -- we will revisit -- we will revealed results later in the newscast. a lot of strong winds. we have blue sky and cloud cover but overall a quiet day. they're is a live look at gsp international airport were temperatures topped out in the
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pretty close to average. -- a front is working through the average that will mean another cold night. mostly clear skies. hard freeze on the way. protect the pets and pipes tonight. overall quite weather on the way to the next two days in with a chance for rain showers and forecast on friday and over the weekend a chance for snow showers and that will be a possibility for the mountains. that will be the next system tracking. the satellite map shows the -- the majority of cloud cover is over western north carolina. snow came to the high mountains through haywood county and madison county. it has subsided as there are leftovers now shores along the tennessee line. a few showers upstate not many. as the wind it gets lighter we will start to cease -- see clouds go away and dropping temps as well. the main area of low pressure
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showers for new york state back in to virginia, lake effect snow happening as well and cold air surging southward. wednesday, 5:00 a.m., a clear and cold start to the day. we are talking teens in the mountains with mid-20s to if you upper 20s showing up in the upstate. bundle up. a lot of sunshine and cool temperatures heading into thursday. the area of high pressure that will give us light winds tomorrow will build to the south . that will allow our wins to pick up. we get off to a freezing start on thursday but milder getting into the day on thursday afternoon and looking for warmer temperatures across the carolinas in general. right now we're 43 in asheville. the winds are halloween and we are at 50 degrees across upstate. 52 in greenville and 51 anderson. winds 15 to 22 miles per hour.
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gust and wind gusts are to 26 mile-per-hour's and greenwood. 51 degrees in spartanburg. down to 25 around tomorrow morning. a beautiful day but sweaters and jackets right to the afternoon with a high near 47. here is the rest of your forecast. temperatures below average for this time of year. not as much wind as we have had. mainly mid to upper 40s across the area. the mountains. in the lower 40s tomorrow. here is what to expect for the next 72 hours. 48 tomorrow and 56 on thursday. the next two days dry. chance of rain on friday. over the weekend we hold onto cloud cover. right now mostly dry. we will keep an eye on the weekends system. it looks like it will be cold into next week. they're is a mountain forecast.
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showers may be for the weekend. back to you. i hope somebody draws my number out of a hat. $1.5billion jackpot winnings up for grabs. the increased -- the increase went to the second day in a row. the odds of winning are slim. one and $292 million. the jackpot is the biggest in u.s. history. a lot of people short to play. the thing is millions of people testing their luck. for some not buying a ticket is not so easy. how c cn you tell if your loved ones is addicted to gambling? if the player believes gambling will fix their money problems and they are lying about the extent of their gambling, neglecting family, work or school or borrowing or stealing money to gamble, those are
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game, they have a gamble problem . we will tell you how playing the lottery can be easier on your smart phone. problem wasted making it easier.
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can include your coworkers. a thief tried to be sneaky and get creative... when he was stealing a snake from a pet store in snake in portland oregon. it was all common camera. it shows the man stuffing a 2- foot ball python down his pants. the rear snake is worth $200. the owner says that if someone please find the suspect she .
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up with a special way to share employee. i wish i would've been warned about that story. there will be three new frappe pacino's to try on february 14th the first offering his strawberriesnd cream with raspberries at the bottom and vanilla bean in the middle and blackberry with cream on top. the second offering is made with vanilla bean with raspberry pumps and raspberry infused with cream and chocolate curls, and the third one is a java chip with raspberry whip cream and chocolate curls. >> i can't decide what i want. the drinks can be made at any starbucks but you have to order them by the ingredients and not by any name. >> that's too hard.
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