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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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carjacker. plus an upstate man girlfriend's child. the second deadly case in just the past two weeks. >> first, cold and getting colder. d prices expected over the next couple of nights. seeing the snow. let's get to christy henderson, "24/7" chief meteorologist, 5 and 11. >> i saw that earlier this afternoon and you can see the white coming in and leaving. the amount of snow has been low. still cloud cover lingering as the cold front is trying to work its way southward and it is quite breezy. we've got sustained winds out of the west at 18 miles per hour. they've turned out of the northwest at 18 miles per hour sustained in asheville. as we took the temperature it
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it is 40 in asheville, 49 in greenville, 40 spartanburg. we will step you to the next several hours. we get down to freezing at midnight and it's mid to upper 20s in the morning. we will talk about more about what to expect in a few moments. ordering? -- gordon? a woman found shot in the head. >> springville deputies have still not found the person responsible. the victim's husband found her. the victims far -- car was found. the incident has led -- left neighbors on edge but we have learned there may be a break in the case. >> dave you spoke with the sheriff's office. what did they tell you? >> within the last hour, stephanie bachelor's condition has been upgraded to serious. this is a difficult case to investigate because there
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information or suspect information. the latest tip has led them right here by me to the tiger river. >> reporter: five days after stephanie bachelor was shot multiple times, investigators are no closer to bringing her suitor to justice. >> per husband found her and the yard. it was a mess. we started the investigation. >> reporter: a neighbor tells us she heard three gunshots around 9:40 p.m. bachelor remained conscious telling the skaters she felt like she was shot but provided no information. late this afternoon the focus of the investigation shifted away from the home into the tiger river. >> they are doing a search for any possible evidence. >> reporter: bachelor's car has been recovered. it was stolen from the same. authorries say it has been processed for evidence. not a lot of information to go on.
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information to county test to call the sheriff's office. we're live near the tiger river. they've jordan, "7 news." an update to a deadly child abuse case. it involves the death of a toddler in greenville. the greenville county sheriff's office tells us this man is being held without bond for the january 5th death of his girlfriend's daughter. michael latimer junior was babysitting. the baby died from nonaccidental head injuries. doctor state a two-month- old was left in critical injury after be -- being stepped on and tossed across the room and could be released soon into custody. we have been following the story. tonight leroy lee morris, the boyfriend of the mother remains in jail. he was arrested on two child abuse charges.
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infant. the mother remains out on bond neglect. in anderson county mother newborn. 23-year-old joanie holcombe confessed. the baby was found on saturday. circuit court. we all have disagreements with friends but one-man is accused of getting so angry he set a friends house on fire. vascular say this happened at the end of december. after an investigation, jesse wilson has been charged with felony second- degree arson. deputies caught up with them and he had a set of brass knuckles which led to a concealed weapons charge. two people in custody after a traffic stop led to a meth bust. this is air seven video from the scene. hazmat crews cleared the
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the police -- arrested the men. lawmakers went back into session. a good will affect us. the top issue is fixing the roads. we've been talking about that. the house passed a plan that's in the senate. lawmakers are talking about raising the gas tax as a source of money that's renewable for roads. a wet season with as much rain as we have had has exposed more vulnerability and created more potholes. the longer we delay the worse it gets and the less safe our roads are. this plan to increase the debt -- guess tax would come with an income tax cut plus changes at the department of transportation. other big -- gas tax would come with an income tax plus changes at the department of transportation. president obama is focusing
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he will likely review 2015 victory for same-sex marriage and tonight will be the first time congressman paul ryan sit behind the president a speaker of the house. throughout his president -- throughout his presidency the president has pushed for gun control. a seat next to the presidents -- next to the first lady will be empty representing victims of gun violence. gop has a tradition of asking rising stars and the party to deliver the response two years ago it was senator marco rubio. >> there's no doubt that we will be back. it won't be 34 years before we will be back. i promise you that.
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tigers can hold their head high despite the loss. clemson give it their all. alabama one 45-40. the tigers move 40 with optimism and. there's a lot to be positive about -- dabo sweeney -- >> there's a huge reason he wears the number four. nick sabin paying the best complement of all. his defense could not stop watson. company times did you see him do what he does and scramble. alabama had not seen a quarterback to that to them in the decade-long nick sabin era. watson after the game, disappointed in the outcome but diplomatic and certainly looking forward for what could be head. >> and learn from it and get back to work. with a groin harder. if you play short but we will
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high and keep motivated and keep going. >> todd summers with a look back in the game. a historic date by watson and what else might've been for the tigers in their quest for the national title. sending it back to the desk. despite the loss, the excitement of the national championship is generated and that -- an economic gain. >> business owners say it's been busy. the championship has drawn tourists and owners say they have a hard time keeping given stock. restaurants and businesses have enjoyed a boost in what is typically a slow time of year. >> it's been crazy good. there's usually a bit low but this has been a lot different. >> today was slower for business but steady. following the big game, the national championship year --
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if you want to souvenir hurry before they're gone. right now the clemson tigers are on their way back home after last night's college championship game. >> the team is scheduled to arrive within the next hour. >> tonight fans are clemson waiting for the team to arrive. >> standing out there in the cold, "7 news" reporter between 29 on campus with how they will welcome them back. >> the team is still in the air right now and supposed to you -- land in about and hour. tiger fans are waiting for their arrival. you can see them may be not that well but in the distance in the west its own they are telling me that even though it was a very tough loss they are so excited an proud of their team and they would not miss welcoming them home after great season. even though clemson lost alabama 40-45 last night, clemson fans we talked to say they are extremely proud of
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it was a tough loss they told me their team gave it their all and that is nothing to be disappointed about. we caught up with the student who is at the game in arizona and said he caught a red eye in to be at class but definitely shared his experience which he said was a good one. >> pretty much every loss i can think of i've been sick afterwards almost and that was not one of them. i walked of the stadium saying every single person on that field left everything out not a doubt in my mind they gave it 110%. >> reporter: the team will zone. if you want to welcome them back, come down around eight.
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rogers, "7 news." next on "7 news" at 6:00,
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excited about the the "powerball" buzz... is still going strong tonight. the jackpot... for tomorrow night's drawing... has been raised... again. it's half powerball ball as still going strong. the jackpot has been raised again. >> it's buzzing because it's $1.5 billion. it's an attractive potential winning. it has thousands of canadians pouring in to try their luck. a lucky winner stands to walk away with a cash out of $930 million. >> with the odds for winning solo, many people are not relying that on their own powerball tickets. coworkers are increasing their chances by getting into the office pool.
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pools are nothing new. there are new mobile apps to organize and track your office pools. you can scan your tickets and agree on splitting winnings. this might come in handy if you have a disagreement. search your android or apple app store. straight ahead "7 news" at 6:00 protecting yourself from
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news -- new tricks to watch marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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new at -6-... every year...scammers develop new methods... to trick you... out of your money. and we want you ... to stay on top...of now at 6:00. every year scammers figure out new ways to get your money. >> whether it's new twists on the old ones there are experts warning us about what is going on. and shows us what to avoid. >> the one that causes a lot of problems as this one phone number. >> they have all of our names, that got my brother's social security number and we basically had a legitimate case go to court. >> reporter: a new concern. real debt collectors are
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people who are overdue on federal calls. >> i would be scared because i wouldn't know. i would thinkk owe money. >> it expert warns identity theft is getting more sophisticated. hackers are stealing data that seems harmless and finding ways to use it. >> if i have the last four of your social but if i think i'm from the irs and i say you owe monee and i got other information about you personally, that maybe all i need. bogus calls are another scam to avoid. the collar will take the id so it looks like it's coming from a real campaign and pretty soon they asked for your donation. >> finally the mobile wallet is a new way peoplelecan use stolen credit cards. >> if it's on your phone and they have access, they will have a way to. >> the technology is safe but
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it could end up on and e-wallet account. check your statements in screen your calls and be cautious with your information. we had fairly mild temperatures this afternoon. we are close to where we should be for this time of year but it's colder into tomorrow complements of a reinforcing front that is pushing to the western carolinas. we got down to the team's 20s last night. look at that again tonight and protect your past -- but and pipes. overall the weather will be quiet. we have chance for rain on friday and scattered weekend mountain snow is a possibility as we head to the weekend. as things stay unsettled. here is a look at the satellite map. we are holding onto cloud cover.
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wins are starting to get later -- the wind is starting g get later. as the winds subside the clouds will go away and we have mostly clear skies. the front we are tracking is an area of low pressure tracking to new york state all the way down to west virginia and it stretches across the southern parttof tennessee. progress across the area tonight will ensure we have another cold morning going into tomorrow. temperatures well below average. hard freeze for most of us. sunny and cool the afternoon getting into thursday and we pick up wind out of the south. but we will see milder temperatures for the afternoon and the area of high pressure
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lot of sunshine and clouds will increase and we will look for the chance for showers on friday. winds out of the northwest sustained it 18 miles per hour. wins me for -- mainly out of the west. 40 in asheville and behind the front 49 in greenville, 50 in anderson and 50 in greenwood. your greenwood zone -- greenwood zone planner 39 around 9:00 and 27:00 in the morning. 474 high and about five decrees cooler -- degrees cooler than we were today. 48 tomorrow, 56 the high and 30 -- 47 degrees for a high and about 5 degrees cooler than we were today. sunday a chance of rain showers care -- 50s on thursday. >> still headed 6:00 a look
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it takes gutsy calls to win championships.. ...and nick saban made one it takes gusty calls to win championships. nick sabin 11 -- nick sabin one last night and he smiled. -- nick sack -- nick sabin won the game last night and he said it was the toughest one his one. >> offensively the tigers were effective versus an elite alabama defense. no more more so then watson.
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nothing that surprised us. we did what we did. >> reporter: clemson was disruptive at times with five combined sacks. but the tigers the allowed four plays of 50 years or more including three touchdowns. >> the explosive makers. the difference in the game and if we could get a couple of ttse calls and plays back,. >> is there more a sense of front -- pride or a sense of disappointment? how close you came? >> a lot of pride. we are accomplished. a lot of people didn't think we would make it to the game. at the end of the gate -- state the program is on another level. we want to try get the championship.
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this clemson team shows it belongs and with watson returning next year it is not out of the realm of possibility that they can get back to thee college football playoffs. arizona, todd summers, seven sports. >> soon we will have decisions from several playes on staying or leaving. object lawson already declared he will jump. steve tannehill is no longer the coach after the school board did not renew his contract. he guided the jack -- the jackets to the playoffs final this year end to the state title game in 2012, his first season on the job. college hoops last night, terriers trying to hold their place against favorite chattanooga. 27-13 run to get the 11-point win.
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furman was hot for me outside. jeff deems one of his 4-3's and the game. a 20-point win against sanford. he shot 40% beyond the arc. daniel 3-1 and southern conference play. thank you for joining us. we have another newscast at 7:00.
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