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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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an update a deadly child abuse case... out of greenville county...that we first told you about at 5. it involves the death... of toddler. the greenville county sheriff's office tells us...this man is being held tonight... without bond... for the death of his girlfriend's daughter... january -5th-. investigatorsrssay ... michael latimer, junior... was babysitting little destiny jackson...when she was rushed to the hospital... with severe head injuries. autopsy results show... the child died ... from head injuries ... that were not an accident. doctors say... a 2-month- old seneca girl... left in critical condition...after being stepped on ... and tossed across a room... is doing better... and could soon be released...into d-s-s custody. we've been following the story...since last week. tonight... leroy lee morris...boyfriend of the baby's mother...remains in jail. seneca police arrested him... on -2- "child abuse" charges. police say... he admitted to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol...when he hurt the infant... christmas eve.
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barnwell...remains out on bond...charged with "unlawful child neglect." today... a judge denied bond for an anderson county mother charged with the murder of her newborn ... deputies say 23-year-old joanie holcombe... confessed to the child's death and burial. the baby's body was found near cherokee circle.. and sioux street...on saturday. holcombe's case now goes to circuit court... but no date has been set yet. air seven over the scene this afternoon as investigators combed the tyger rivers searching for clues in connection with shooting and carjacking. stephanie batchelor was shot multiple times outside her reidville road home thursday night. spartanburg county officers say they received a tip that possible evidence in a reidville road shooting could be in the area. : "evidently, investigators though the course of the investigation developed information that they needed to do and article search." ----------- batchelor is now listed in serious condition. authorities recovered and processed her car for evidence. if you have any information you are asked to call the spartanburg county y sheriff's office. -2- people in the
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tonight...after a traffic stop ... led to a meth bust. this is air seven video from the scene. the incident left part of the roadway... shut down... for nearly an hour... as haz-mat crews... greer police arrested the care"... on wade hampton boulevard. right right now... the clemson tigers are on their way back home...after last night's college championship game. the team is scheduled to g-s-p... within the hour. and tonight...faculty, staff, classmates and fans...are at clemson university... waiting for the team... to arrive. "7 news" reporter eryn rogers ... is on campus... right now...with more on how they're welcoming the team home... eryn: the team should be landing at the airport in an hour or so.. then they'll come here to the westzone. it's quiet now.. but we talked to quite a few people around clemson this afternoon.. they say they all plan to be here to welcome the team back after a great season. even though the clemson tigers lost to alabama 40 to 45 last night.
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they're not disappointed. they say it was an amazing season.. one that really brought the clemson family together. i caught up with two students who were watching the game from downtown yesterday.. they told me the sadness from the loss was fleeting. kruesi brock/clemson junior lucy russell/clemson junior we're impressed and there's nothing they could've done more. we know the whole time they were fighting, i mean deshaun in the last 37 seconds was still running the ball and playing his heart out, and so was the whole team. //thanks for a great season and everything that came along with it. it was beautiful. if you want to welcome the team back .. you can still come on down.. they should be getting back to clemson around 8:30. live in clemson, er, 7news. thanks eryn. coming up at -10- and -11-... a close look... at the team's homecoming... and reaction...from area fans. south carolina lawmakers... went back into session today. the main question ... many of you have ... is when will they fix our roads? but that's not the
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facing. robert in his -28th- year ... covering the statehouse for you... he explains...what you can expect out of columbia...this year: ----- state lawmakers are back at work ...and they've heard you want roads fixed. rock hill representative gary simrill has been leading the effort in the house. "a wet season, as much rain as we've had has exposed more vulnerabilities in the roads. it's created more potholes and so, really, the longer we delay, the worse it gets, the less safe our roads are." the house passed a plan last year ...that would raise the gas tax ten cents a gallon ... give you a rebate on your taxes ... and restructure the state department of transportation."people really don't have an overabundance of confidence in how the current pipeline of funding is being managed." the issue is now in the senate. lawmakers will also have to decide what to do with a 1-point-3 billion dollar surplus. they say spending all that on roads isn't a good idea ...because state taxpayers would be paying the entire cost for
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from people driving through the state. education is another big issue. lawmakers have to decide how to improve rural schools ... after the supreme court ruled the state is not providing a minimally adequate education in some districts. "flood relief is another big issue this year. a lot of people didn't qualify for federal aid and, even if they did, it's not enough." lawmakers say that's where a lot of the surplus could go ... since it's mostly one-time money and that's a one-time need. these protesters showed up on the first day ... to ask lawmakers -not- to remove any confederate monuments. they're upset the confederate flag was removed from statehouse grounds last summer. in columbia, robert kittle, 7 news. other big issues ... include getting the "department of social services"...enough money... to hire more caseworkers to reduce their caseloads... and getting the highway patrol...enough... to boost the number of troopers...on our roads. it's human trafficking awareness month and the state is continuing efforts to bring an end to it. attorney
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the human trafficking task force annual report yesterday. it uses data of the state's human trafficking records to better understand the issue and highlights progress goals and what the task force is already working on. wilson said he hopes to put the focus of this crime. on the victim. "we want to make sure that we take care of them and that they're not stigmatized. and that they feel they can come out of the shadows, into the light, and know there's a community of people ready to embrace them.---- he task force has opened several shelters for victims throughout the state they give public awareness ongoing victim assistance and more. about 21 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide and it happens in south carolina on a regular basis. the report is available online you can find the link on president barack obama is set to give his final state of the union in just a few hours. but aides say he's closely monitoring a situation in iran where ten sailors and two navy boats are in custody. the pentagon says one of the boats developed mechanical trouble and drifted into
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promising to return the sailors and the boats. alex shuman has more on what you may hear in the president's speech tonight. pkg: president obama promises his last state of the union will be different. "so the last state of the union is all about legacy." policy professor jeremy mayer thinks the president will defend his executive action on guns and new steps taken to fight isis. prof. jeremy mayer george mason university "i expect this state of the union to look back at where president has taken the nation and to look forward with urgency so that there's just a few things the man can do between now and november." president obama is expected talk more broadly - not spending much time on specific legislation. "it's about what are the last few things you can do in your presidency that will make a difference, and how can you burnish your legacy so that historians will remember well?" the president will likely review this year's victory for same-sex marriage, an increase in jobs, and possibly the deal made with iran. speech professor bob
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guarantee what the president talks about will turn into real bob lehrman "there are scholars that have researched and they'll say 'oh he gets about 40 percent of what he asked for but remember he's not going to ask exclusively for things he can't get through because then everybody thinks he's a loser." one of the seats next to first lady michelle obama will be left open - in honor of victims for gun violence. in washington, i'm cocogressional correspondent alex schuman. a look right now ... at "g-s-p international airport" ... where the clemson tigers have just flown back... after last night's championship game. right now... the football team is headed back to campus ... where they'll meet up with
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"memorial stadium." new details about the suspect... accused of ambushing... a philadelphia police officer. next... why a tipster's claims...are being taken...seriously. and... mark zuckerberg gets slammed... on his own social media platform. how it all started... with a picture... of his daughter. tonight at -11- ... black lives matter .. coming to greenville? the case.. that's got the group's attention.. and what.. law enforcement says they'll do..
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investigators are looking into a tipster's claim...about the man...police say... tried to kill a philadelphia officer last week. edward archer... is accused of ambushing officer r esse hartnett... last thursday... and shooting him 3-times in the arm. according to police... a tipster stopped an officer on the street... and reported that archer ... was part of a group of four people ... with "radical beliefs."
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archer claimed allegiance... to "isis." the tipster also told the officer...that the threat... was not over. police and the f-b-i... are trying to determine... if the information is credible. for now... they say all officers...will keep working... in pairs. sargeant bowe bergdahl... has appeared before a military judge at fort bragg... for a pre-trial hearing. bergdahl faces charges... of desertion... and misbehavior before the enemy. he's accused of walking away from his post... in afghanistan. the judge must determine how thousands of documents ... many of them classified... will be handled in bergdahl's case. the so-called "affluenza mom"... is out of jail tonight. tonya couch was released from a jail in texas this morning ... after a judge lowered her bond from one million to 75-thousand dollars. she's charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. authorities say ... she helped her son ... ethan... flee to mexico. they believe the pair fled... as texas prosecutors investigated...whether ethan couch violated his probation ... in the 20-13 wreck that killed -4- people. "facebook" c-e-o mark zuckerberg... is getting
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after posting a photo of his baby daughter... as she was about to get her vaccinations. andrew spencer...explains: ----- it may seem like an innocent picture of a dad taking his baby in for her shots. the caption says: "doctor's visit - - time for vaccines!" but when the dad is facebook founder mark zuckerberg, those five words carry much more weight. zuckerberg posted the picture of him with his new daughter, maxima. that prompted those who are against vaccines to post some harsh comments to the new dad... among them: "injecting newborns and infants with disease and neurotoxins is disgusting science that injures millions every year," and: "shame on all of you and your souls." many anti- vaccine advocates claim there's a link between vaccines and autism. however, that's now been widely-discredited. others thanked the new dad for making the statement. while its not clear if mark zuckerberg planned to make a statement on vaccines, but in the past, he *has* addressed the issue... saying: "the science is
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work and are important for the health of everyone in our spencer reporting. here's a new view ... of the ringed planet... in our solar system. nasa... released this image of saturn. it was taken by the "cassini" spacecraft... last year. the camera took the picture... from more than 1- and-a-half million miles away. the photograph is a reminder... of just how big... saturn is ... it's about -10- times... the diameter of earth. and if you're wondering... about the little white dot... to the lower right of the planet... it's one of saturn's moons. space-x... has already executed... a dramatic upright rocket landing. now... the company is hoping for a repeat performance ... on the open ocean. c-e-o elon musk tweeted... they're planning to launch this weekend... and land on a droneship. space-x pulled off its first successful vertical landing... of the falcon 9 rocket... in december. -3- previous attempts... failed. the private space flight company... made its first attempt at a "droneship" january 20-15... but the rocket crashed...
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next on "7 news" ... changes are coming... to your i-phone... and i-pad. see how they can help you... get a better
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a look right now ... at "g-s-p international airport" ... where the clemson tigers have just flown back... after last night's championship game. right now... the football team is headed back to campus ... where they'll meet up with fans... later tonight... at "memorial stadium." "apple"... is adding a "night shift" mode... to change an i-phone or i-pad screen light... at night. it'll be in "apple's" next operating system update. the company added the option... based on a study that said...exposure to blue light from screens in the evening... can make it harder... for you to fall asleep. "night shift mode"... automatically shifts
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i-pad display... to warmer easier on your eyes... at night. the system will use the clock... and geo-location on your device... to figure out when it's sunset ... in your location. in the'll return... to its regular settings. if you have trouble... waking up in the morning... maybe you need "the ruggie". it's an alarm clock... built into a memory foam floor mat ... with speakers. it only shuts off ... if you stand on it ... for 3-seconds. you and even your favorite inspirational quotes. "the ruggie"...costs 79-dollars... on "kickstarter." next on "7 news" ... the ultimate "carpool karaoke". where you can see the full segment.
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videos of people ... singing "adele's" new album ... have taken social media by storm. but one man scored the ultimate..."carpool karaoke." check it out: ----- ----- that's "late late show"
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with "adele." "adele" even asked him... how she should wear her hair ... for her upcoming concert tour. you can hear his answer... and he full "carpool karaoke" segment... tomorrow night... right here on "7 news" and c-b- s. thanks for joining us. i'll see you at -10- on the carolinas c-w... and back here at -11.- we'll have coverage of president obama's state of the union address--and the republican response from south carolina governor nikki haley.late word into the 7 newsroom says the governor will be criticizing the administration's nuclear deal with iran. remember... you can watch both speechs streaming live on wspa-dot-com and on the new 7 news app. stay with us... for "scene on 7"...coming up next. have a great evening... and thanks for
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