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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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released dash cam video is a smoking gun. abby hampton joins us live from greenville tonight. >> reporter: they are threaten -- threatening to block traffic on woodruff road. >> reporter: that's right. the black lives movement tells us they are not asking anyone to break laws here, per se, but by protesting, they're hoping it will garner enough attention by police to their claims of police brutality and bias in this case and several others. >> i seriously believe that this officer used excess if force and he meant to do it. >> reporter: this according to the activist bruce wilson working with his client this newly released dash cam video shows part of williams' december arrest, but it is what we can't see that has wilson crying foul. with you, okay? >> reporter: off camera you can hear the greenville police officer ryan gibson. this is when williams says he
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chipping his tooth a bystander calls out -- >> on the ground like that? >> reporter: a separate investigation is underway. wilson wants the police chief ken miller to reprimand the officer. if not, they are planning to protest on woodruff road. miller stands behind his officer and says blocking traffic is illegal. >> it would set up direct conflict with the law and with authorities. >> reporter: wilson is bringing in the upstate black lives matter to hand the l protest. are you ready and willing to put yourself in danger or put yourself in a place where you can be arrested? >> i don't want to be arrested. i don't want to be in danger, however, i believe that if it has to come to that, i think we are prepared to make the proper accommodations for anyone who is arrested. >> reporter: the protest will send a message about minority treatment. >> it is not just about the single incident. it is about all of the
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>> this time it was just a young man's tooth. what does it say the next time when it is a young man's life? >> reporter: now, black lives matter movement tells me that they're not saying when this is happening, where this is happening, just that it is happening and soon. meanwhile, i did speak with wilson and chief miller today. they say they have both reached out to one another and they hope they can have a candid conversation sometime soon. i'm reporting live tonight in greenville, 7 news. >> real quick, this same group in other cities has gone as far as to block entire highways. why did they choose this woodruff road here? >> you think about it, it is one of the busiest roads in the upstate, if not the busiest. it will block people from getting to these major businesses, and they say even if it is just 10 minutes of blocking a roadway, that is going to decrease money and they say money talks. >> thank you. live in greenville.
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the loss of one of its own tonight. the 18-year-old nathan tyler moore died yesterday. he was a seen jr. and a member of the grier high school basketball team. -- guerrier high school basketball team. >> i have put my arm around -- i don't know how many, a bunch of students and coaches today knowing we have stunted whose are hurting. we have coaches and teachers that are hurting today as well. and just to be able to -- for me to put my arm around them and just to be there. >> reporter: the spartanburg county coroner and sheriff's office are now investigating his death. they say he had been sick but was not expected to die. moore's funeral will be held saturday at washington baptist church. a north carolina middle schooler is getting praise from his school district for doing something that safed his classmates' lives. he was riding the bus home last month when it collided with the car. the crash threw the bus driver out of her seat and knocked her unconscious.
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jumped into action. >> and i got up. i realized that the bus driver was on the floor, and the bus was heading to danger. so i got up, i stopped the bus and i told the kids to get back away from the back of the bus. >> corey says he knew what to do because his mother is also a school bus driver. the school leaders say both the bus driver and the driver of the car are okay, and thanks to him, no students were hurt. smart kid. tonight we're getting new details about a shooting that landed an upstate woman in the hospital. this happened last thursday on reidville road. the deputies say they arrived to find stephanie bachelor covered in blood. they say she didn't know what had happened and was taken to the hospital. and we have been staying on top of this investigation trying to get to the real story. what can you tell us in. >> reporter: i got to talk one- on-one just to iron out what is going on in this case, with no suspects or arrest, they are hoping that the public can help them now.
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husband in her own driveway shot several times. her tip from social media and calls deputies have been searching for evidence. the deputies weren't able to find anything while they searched the river for evidence yesterday and with no arrest or suspects, like we said, the sheriff wright says the neighbors need to be on the look-out. >> we're still looking at every aspect of this case. we're not going to close it until we know who did it. >> a lot of people are talking on social media today, that is because the husband of the victim was actually arrested on sunday for a separate crime that is completely unrelated. it is not related to this. it was an unlawful carry of the weapon. >> it is the husband who flagged police down in this case. >> yes, absolutely. >> we don't know what it was that led police to look in the river for clues here. we don't know what they were looking for. we had no idea if there was a tip there or anything like that. >> i -- they say everybody is cooperating and they're hoping they can solve this case soon. >> any tip they can get might
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anderson county has released video of a recent armed robbery. this video is from the shop rite in anderson. the officials say this guy came in just before 9:00 p.m. on january 9 and helped himself to several packs of cigarettes as well as some cash from the register. he then left in a white van. if you have any information that could help them identify this person, call police. the firefighters are working to figure out what started an early morning fire in greenville. it happened and the call came in just after 5:00 and the chief says the crews were able to put the blaze out quickly. the minnesota who live there had was able to get out safely as well. the firefighters say they have put him in touch with the red cross. >> this is, of course, the time of year when we start hearing about more house fires because people are, of course, trying to say warm. >> we have had a cold several weeks in a row here, and maybe hopefully a warming trend ton way for us? we have a short warming trend on the way into tomorrow.
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the afternoon. really take it easy out there. with the very dry air that is in place, all it fakes is a little bit of a breeze to get a wildfire going. otherwise, beautiful skies out there today. temperatures have been on the cooler side, go, -- but, again, we're going see warmer temperatures tomorrow. right now it is 41 in asheville. upper 40s to a few 50s into northeast georgia. here is how everything squares out for the evening hours. we eye down to 35 by 11:00. in the morning many of us will start out around 30 degrees for the upstate. more on the way for the mountains so a light freeze once again tonight. we'll talk about more of what to expect and other changes coming up. >> thank you. this cold weather usually mean as lot of us will be fighting off a cold. half of our news room is. parents, you will pant to check your medicine cabinet before you give your kids anything. the company has issued a recall for four-ounce grape and d. m. cherry liquid medicine.
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recalling the children's cold medicine, including rite aid, dollar general and cvs. the makers say the markings on the dosage cups are wrong and that might lead to an accidental overdose. a company that makes the products for the food service and food packaging industries is expanding in lawrence county. they'll invest $20 million add 60 new jobs in fountain inn over the next five years. they do think they'll start hiring for those jobs as soon as next summer. meanwhile, a company in gaffney is laying people off. they just lost a court battle that would have helped them keep their biggest client. as a result, they have notified the state they will be closing next month. that means 105 people are going to lose tear job. tonight, new complaints of illegal turning in one upstate city. state leaders are now investigating three separate sites. and 7 news reporter christine brown spoke to people living near these location whose say
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eyesore. >> and i see them putting stuff they shouldn't be putting out there. >> reporter: mary henderson only lives a couple of streets over from where she grew up in seneca. she says she spent hours walking in the fields in the area with her family, but recently she noticed a change in the scenery. red gates and signs are posted all around the land with piles of debris sitting just behind. >> they dump on the other side, mostly tires and different stuff. >> reporter: the department of health and environmental control has received complaints of illegal dumping at this site and two others. a representative will only say that they're investigating dumping claims this side and another on shy low road and that the city of seneca is responsible for both locations. in december, they met with seneca city leaders after complaints on this site. it was filled with concrete, asphalt and wooden posts. the city told us they owned it, but never received complaints. they received a notice giving
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the mess. >> you tell them not to dump, but they're going to dump anyway, and it has gotten >> reporter: that hasn't happened yet with the other two locations, but mary henderson hopes something will be done soon. she wants her neighborhood back to the way it used to be, dump free. >> it is very sad to see all of it. we always kept the place clean. >> reporter: in seneca, 7 news. we called and e-mailed the city of seneca for a response on the dump site complaints. we were told the right person to talk to is not available for comment today. so you only have. plus, south carolina's governor in the spotlight after delivering the response in the
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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lottery officials reported nearly 370-thousand tickets were being sold every minute. 7 news reporter dave jordan joins us live from taylors tonight. dave - the store you're at may be extra busy .. given its lucky history. this is the garden spot..on d t tcmis ise yw by k y gnloy. '1ih yaas k hhha dolrt yt. the owner brent coker tells me there was a million dollar pelatr y disot a seoteus t raa sao pcn nleex i bla.heethink it cagabetnah. now i know therer w 'ii
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euerc couy e on rrne havtlad c n e mieda mentioned tablinks we under the dot com - listed at wspa h e wlse. t or une nlkt storlepeluckiest stor u. yocs se aov
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so what can one and a half billion dollars actually
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math .. if the biltmore house had been built today .. it would have cost about 90 million dollars .. based on that ..if you were to take the lump sump cash payout from tonight's drawing .. you could build ten of them! we also know the condition of our roads is a big issue in south carolina. tonight's e and a half billion dollar jackpot - before taxes - is this year's entire budget for s go again. so you can only pave about 19 miles of the interstate. >> that kind of bums you out, doesn't it? it puts it into perspective. >> and a $185 million plan to build a new high school and elementary school. if you used your powerball money for that, you're a patriot.
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and air 7 is on the scene of breaking news. let's show you a school bus. this is a school bus on fire. it looks like the flame is out now in greenville county. according to highway county, this happened at highway 25 at exeter way. the students were evacuated and they have been put on another bus. you see where the engine compartment there is on the back of the bus? it looks like that is where the fire was. again, the fire out and the students safely off the bus. all right. it is time to talk about the weather, and it was beautiful out there today, although it was a little chilly. there's a live picture at g.s. c. international airport where the skies are clear and we are once again expecting a pretty rapid cooldown. the good news for us is overnight as the winds pick up out of the south, it is going to keep us less cold than we would be otherwise. a light freeze is on the way for the upstate with a moderate freeze for the mountain locations. 22 to 26 will be the range in the low from asheville and we
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the upstate to range from the upper 20s to lower 30s by tomorrow morning. we're in great shape as far as the sky condition tonight down to our south. a tropical jet stream is bringing in a lot of high and mid-level clouds across georgia and florida. we're going to start to see clouds increasing here but not until tomorrow night. mostly clear skies and, again, cold readings going into tomorrow. thursday, 8:00 a.m., again, very quiet conditions. clear skies out there. lots of sunshine. a faster rebound on the temperature to readings that will feel actually warm in the afternoon. a few 60s showing up. dry conditions will continue for us throughout the day tomorrow and even overnight getting into early friday. we'll have the cloud cover back and we'll start to increase the moisture enough where we could see a few showers early in the day a better chance of rain will arrive during the afternoon and evening hours. the heaviest rain down to our south and still the potential of a half inch of rain across a
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so a quiet night is on the way for us tonight beautiful weather for tomorrow. lots of sunshine and warm in the afternoon. the rain returns on friday. and then a second system arriving on sunday morning. i have the better chance -- it has the better chance of bringing the mountain snow showers. we mainly have upper 40s and lower 50s across the upstate and on in to northeast georgia. and here is spartanburg's own planner. we'll get down to around 30 for a low tonight. 60 and sunshine for tomorrow. it is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. here is what to expect for the next 72 hours. 60 tomorrow and enjoy it because on friday only 49 for a high with a good chance of rain, especially by the afternoon hours. we'll dry out for saturday and we'll warm up again, too. so a bit of a roller coaster. 57 degrees on saturday. 37 saturday night. the next system arrives on sunday. it can bring the upstate some clouds. a chance of some rain showers at this point. and still tracking the timing
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it has the better chance of bringing the mountains snow on sunday. no snow for the mountains. also expecting a lot of sunshine and warm weather with a high near 55. >> thank you. next on live at 5:00, the fitness trackers are all the rage like the fit bit. if you have one, you have probably figured out a way to trick them into thinking more than you actually are. hear why that might not be possible much longer. plus, you may think all of that time at the gym is the secret to getting fit, but slimming down may actually require less effort than you think. the real key to losing weight coming up tonight at 5:45. >> let's take a look at your closing numbers from wall street. another rough day for the dow.
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after this. welcome back to live at 5 .. you can lie to yourself... and you can lie to your doctor .. will recollect back to live at 5:00, you can live to yourself and lie to your
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able to lie to your fitness tracker about how much you exercise. researchers came up with a way to spot fake activity. >> why would you do that? >> some people do. aparently shaking your phone while watching tv may have once passed for going on a walk, but the new system can actually tell the difference. >> i just don't understand why anyone would lie to themselves ? >> because it feels good to know you have walked more, at least for the tracker to say you have walked more. >> i don't get it. that being said, we want to know how helpful the fitness trackers have been. do they motivate you to more. let's be honest by voting in our online poll. we're going to share your responses in the next half hour. >> i'm wearing a fit bit now, and they probably don't want me advertising for them. >> the governor hayley is receiving both criticism and praise for her response to the president's state of the union. >> and we show you how she is responding to all of the attention. >> we got a new mug shot picture of him.
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>> and upset with how he looked in his original mug shot, and he did something that helped put him behind bars and get a new one. wait until you hear this story. >> let's take a look outside. thank you for joining us all
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l one of the few regrets of my presidency, that the ran core and suspicious between the parties hat gotten worse instead of better. at the bottom of the hour, we'll bring you the latest buzz over the final president's state of the union adress. many people are talking about the speech given after the president's, of course, the one given by south carolina governor nicky hayley. >> but for the most part she is getting high mark force a speech that can be very hard to
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