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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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asdal out " navto o eo et thhn gund sr d viis underway... wilson wants miller to reprimand the officer...if not ...they ng snwoodu road... polichke mil.ndbe hoic..nabin trf lle. lepr li e aw ari. in brgupe l leaoe.t hadro. w skn di lntn. are awi ulfdrt youlsonhe youee i dowe ars. todr, ifhtoot theee pred q se protl mgeo laenemat minotye i nabt g ind'alle indetepd. t it s s yantw' ymen' yn l n grv ew "bck .. it yih odr .. ts ll p o nl wiahmier. ayhh c o t to pi thc. can talk.hoping they today... to each other reached out they have both say...chief miller... wilson and mweshaen.a is l usa h.a. woodruff
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ah7news. "black lives matter"... is not saying where on woodruff road... or when... just that this will happen... and soon. meanwhile... wilson and chief miller... both say...they have reached out to each other today... hoping they can talk. greer high school is mourning the death of a student. 18 year old nathan tyler moore died yesterday. he was a senior .. and a member of the greer high school basketball team: ----- "i've put my arm around, , i don't know how many, a bunch of students and coaches today. not only do we have students who are hurting today, we have coaches and teachers that are hurting today as well. and just to be there and f f me to be able to put my arm around them and just to be there."
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around them to be able to put my be there and for me as well. and just to are hurting today and ershawehhesand teachers that are hurting today as well. and just to be there and for me to beble p aad hus e --- the spartanburg county coroner and sheriff's office are now investigating his death .. they say he had been sick.. but was not expected to die. moore's funeral will be held saturday .. at washington baptist church. tonight... a spartanburg county woman remains in critical investigators try to identify... the armed carjacker... who shot her... in the head. it's a story...we've been following ... for nearly a week. investigators say ... it happened last thursday... in ront of stephanie batchelor's home... on reidville road. investigators say ... batchelor's husband found her...face down... outside ... and called 9-1-1. her missing car ... was found later...abandoned. yesterday...investigators shifted their focus... away from batchelor's home ... and to the tyger river... in search of possible evidence. her husband...jonathan batchelor...was arrested on an *unrelated* charge...for carrying a pistol ... with an expired "concealed weapons permit." anderson county deputies have released video of a recent armed robbery - in
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their guy. this video is from the "shop rite" ... on sayre street in anderson. officials say this guy came in just before nine p-m... on january ninth .. and helped himself to several packs of cigarettes as well as cash from the register. he then a white van .. if you have information... that could help identify him... call police. fire-fighters are working to figure out ... what started an early morning house fire... in greenville. it happened on birnie street. the call cacae in ... just after -5.- the battalion chief tells were able to put out the flames... quickly...and limit the damage. we're told... at least one person was inside at the time...but got out safely. the red cross has been called in... to help. new disturbing details on the lafayayte theater shooter - last july that left two people dead...before the mentally ill gunman turned the gun on himself. investigators have now released that they found his journal at the motel where john houser was staying before the shooting - in it, houser praised charleston shooter dylan roof -saying quote - "thank you for the wake up call dylan." roof shot and killed nine people at
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where he specifically targeted african americans. crank up the heat ... we're in for another cold night.. let's get over to 24-7 chief meterologist christy henderson to find out when we can expect for things to warm up a bit.
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republican president obama's final "state of the union" speech... last night. she's being criticized... by some ... in her own party. she referred to donald trump... saying we have to resist the angriest voices. commentator ann coulter tweeted...that trump... should deport nikki haley. but overall...she's getting high marks. instead of going through all the president's proposals ... and criticizing them... haley talked about a brighter future: ----- "she's selected to give her some visibility and to make the party look like it's got some rising young stars. there's been a pattern of that in recent years.pattern of that in there's been a pattern of that in recent years.that's what she delivered." -------- governor haley told us today... she considers donald trump a friend... and just because you disagree with someone...doesn't mean they're not a friend. she's again being talked about... as a possible vice presidential running mate... but says... she's not thinking about that. spartanburg county sheriff chuck wright... will face opposition... in the republican primary. one of his former deputies... russell lynch... announced his
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lynch said... he wants more transparency. the sheriff...and his challenger... talked today... about why they think...they're right for the job: ------ "chuck wright is not doing his part or all that is possible to address the massive amount of problems and challenges our communio yoh d w enforcement are facing in today's time. " ----- "i do have a good report card, i think, we are constantly challenging ourselves with how we can work better with the community, and i think we've been community, and i think we've been community, and i with the community, and i think we've been successful with that." ----- the republican primary... is set for june -14th.- a company that makes products for the food service and food packaging industries is expanding in laurens county .. "d-and-w fine pack" says... it'll invest 20- million dollars... and add 60 new jobs... at its fountain inn plant...over the next five years. hiring is expected to summer. meanwhile... a company in laying off people. "a-d-s logistics services"... recently lost a court keep its biggest client. as a result... it has notified the state ... it will be closing
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means...-105- workers... will be out of a job. "i would love to have the winning ticket here ..." ------ we're sure...many of you are saying that... ahead of tonight's highly anticipated... "powerball" drawing. the one-and-a-half billion dollar jackpot... has kept a consistent stream of customers...coming to stores... to buy what they hope will be... tonight's winning ticket. "7 news" reporter dave jordan... is at a greenville county store... that's been getting a lot of attention: ----- this is where the south carolina lottery says is the luckiest place in place to buy a lottery ticket in greenville county. it's called the garden spot and it's on east leroadnd you n e over mher op are sti ip thty d gt in poeck of nurtaig n fiilli tb ct. kiomoftenal t win shabrgs ouandyee yiu "w are gointuay "esn anuer: "i think it's going t2li f or wi ycs y sltoy. jt fehsy om ihatii n .pte
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jordan 7news.oave japo it jackpot. in taylors dave jordan 7news. thanks dave... rememember... you have until 10 o'clock ... to buy your "powerball" tickets. even if you don't hit the jackpot - you could win big. in fact - south carolina had a record number of players... win prizes... during saturday's drawing. -7- people...even came within -1- number... of the jackpot. -3- from that group... ended up...with 50-thousand dollars. the others...tripled their winnings ... with the "powerplay" option. a psychic in connecticut says...she gets a boost in business... when powerball jackpots get really big. angelina diana says... people come to her... hoping she can help them... pick the winning numbers...through meditation and direction. while she can't guarantee... they walk away with the 1-point-5 billion .. ... she says...
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-3- winners...for tonight's drawing. " i've apologized for what's happened in the state." ---------- next on 7 news ....the governor of michigan under fire... and a federal investigation launched ... into lead contaminaton that's left a city without safe tap water. and new complaints of illegal dumping in one upstate city .. tonight... we're hearing from people who live nearby.. and what they're biggest concern is. tonight at 11...a 5th man pleads guilty in an upstate human trafficking case... we'll show some of the places where this has happened...and
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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"you can't drink it, you can't bathe in's ridiculous" ----------in's ridiculous" ----- people in flint michigan...
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... they are stuck with lead contaminated tap water. the national guard has been called in to help city and state officials...with the water crisis. but the mayor says that's -not- enough ... volunteers...and state and local police have endured freezing temperatures to hand out bottled water door-to-door. a city water source switch ... back in save money... is blamed for lead ...seeping into the tap water. after the change ... lead levels doubled in kids across flint. michigan's governor says it wasn't until last october that his team learned there was confirmed lead in the water. but an internal email... months earlier... from the state health department ... contradicts his claim. families are frustrated.. "it's been very kids have been getting sick" "you think it's because of the water?" "it is because of the water." ----- there have been ongoing screenings for lead poisoning school children in flint. severe cases in those under six can cause long term behavioral problems. the justice department has launched an investigation to
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man- made public health crisis happened. tonight - new complaints of illegal dumping in one upstate city .. state leaders are now investigating *three* separate sites. 7 news reporter krystyne brown.. spoke to people living near these locations.. who say it's all turning into a real eye sore. "people are putting stuff they shouldn't be out there." mary hendersonon e aoue ostreets o. fromhe gw upof wk lr sec "wh irew ww g oray sh ss e'es wainihel ithe whfal bu re..notid anne. d ad gnses autan. th pde.rig dp o tereoyes d s. tepee a envaltr h redain. i d.s sit. os.: "a dhec representaiilon sat are instatg duics ain lvand anheon lorndhath osecas spe fobo latns in december.. dhec met with seneca city leaders.. after complaints for this site.. on north pie st.. t s fe withcet.a sooon posts. the to us yown it evceed complaints. d iuedsd wainvesanti.. lhe f yote tnmp pepildu t a d itaonr apeny. wih lotis. t..umfree "it's
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ace ea krystyne brown.. 7 news. we called.. and emailed the city of seneca for a response on the dump site complaints. we were told the right person to talk to... is not available for comment today. pickens county is taking action to stop a local landfill from dumping coal ash in the area. the county planning commission has
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for "m-r-r pickens, l-l-c." they did this after learning of the company's plans to use the landfill for coal ash disposal... rather than what was approved-- construction debris.. saint louis is losing its football team. n-f-l owners have voted to let the rams move to the los angeles area starting next season. the deal gives the san diego chargers a chance to join the rams. both teams would play in a multibillion dollar... state of the art stadium. the chargers have one year to make a decision to stay or go. if they stay... the oakland raiders would be given the opportunity to leave.
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next on 7 news... check your medicine cabinets... tonight... several child cough medicines are on recall. what you need to know straight ahead. but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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with dropping temperatures... now's the time to get your flu shot... if you those of you stocked up on cough medicine... for your child... there's a recall tonight that you need to know about. the perrigo company has issued the voluntary recall for its 4 ounce grape and d-m cherry liquid medicine. the medicine is sold at nine retailers ... including rite-aid ... dollar general and c-v-s. the issue is incorrect markings on the dosage cups which could lead to an overdose. to see the full list of kid's cough medicine included in the
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com homepage... then click on links... in the big blue box. and ...customers who bought mandarin oranges at walgreens will want to hold off on eating them .. there have been complaints of glass shards being found inside the containers! this applies to the eight ounce jars of "nice!" brand mandarin oranges .. they've already been pulled off store shelves .. this weekend ...the greenville county animal shelter... is making it easier...for you to take home ... a new pet. if you stop by friday or saturday... the adoption fee will be waived... if you want to pick up a kitten or cat. there are dozens ... to chose from. you can find pictures... on the website... for "greenville animal care." a link is available on w-s-p-a dot-com homepage. just click "links"... in the big blue box. next on 7 news... convenient when you're on the go..uber has become a great travel option. the new feature company officials say will make the ride more smoother.
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yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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"uber"... is trying something new ... to make your next ride... a little more entertaining. the company is launching... "trip experiences"... it will
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their favorite apps - get a playlist of songs they like .. even make reservations for restaurants they are about to visit. set your d-v-r... james corden welcomes adele for his "carpool karaoke" segment on tonight's "late, late show." in this teaser video .. the pair is seen singing along to her hits .. "hello" and "rolling in the deep" .. as well as debating whether the star should wear a wig ... or just a weave. "the late, late show" airs tonight after "the late show with stephen colbert" ... here on "7 news" and c-b-s. thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w.. and we'll be back here at 11. unl enyanet tatt updates by loggin w doco. stay with us for "on7 cinup next. enjur eng. and than for watin"7
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