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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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came down here to see who the winner was. it's not us. >> it's good that it's close to him and i hope the winner that comes forward will be a friend of mine. doesn't everyone. well california, tennessee and florida all have state laws that require the winners's names to be released. so we will eventually find out who they are. just because you didn't hit the jackpot doesn't mean you're not a winner. >> many players in the carolinas made money last night. north carolina had 19 big ones. in south carolina 11 people walked away with 50 grand, another five made $100,000. we're still waiting to hear where they were sold so be sure to check your tickets closely. the winning numbers 4, 18, 19, 27, 34, the powerball is 10. now, there is a warning tonight from the bbb
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scammers. >> they say be aware of people reaching out claiming that you've won a smaller prize. they may ask you to pay taxes on it first. well, now, a live look outside over downtown greenville of the weather has been nice but not for long. here's more on the changes. all good things must come to an end and we are already tracking the next system. and if you've been outside you may have noticed some high clouds coming in, that is associated with the one that's on the way. and all the moisture is going to continue so to stream in from the south west. you can see that the track is to the northeast. now, here's the rain time line in the morning for your drive to work i think in most cases we'll be okay. an isolate shower is possible but rain will be likelyly by your lunch hour and likely in the evening too for the evening drive.
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windshield wipers and take it slow. and tomorrow night things start to dry out. here's a weather story i wish you would explain to me. a hurricane is out there. >> yeah. >> we are nowhere near hurricane season. >> no, we're not it it goes from june to the end of november. but the ocean has been a lot warmer than it's supposed to be and we're talking about hurricane alex if the far eastern atlantic ocean. it's got top winds of 85 miles an hour. it's pretty remarkable. i haven't seen a live span hurricane in january since the 1930s. >> already using up one of the names in january. just into our news room two teen-agers have been charged with assault and harassment after a mother claims her daughter was sexually harassed
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>> hard to hear as a parent, right. the woman says that her 11-year old daughter was harass booed sex and also touched by two high school boys we've since learned still riding the bus with this child. according to the police report the boys asked her several questions about sex, about her bra, shaving her legs and even rubbed her legs. the school district says they followed proper procedure but the mother says they are still on the bus with her daughter. she filed this police report which led to the charges for the boys but mother wants to see the school do more. >> being a mother and seeing nothing has been done for your child is really hard. >> so the boys now charge is interesting when you're a juvenile. that means they have not been arrested but they have been summoned to family court. >> in the video you showed a camera.
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had a camera most now adays do. >> right. now, the mother says at the district told her there is no video evidence of of situation. they say that they have the video and that the cameras were working but the mother hasn't seen it so she's going to the district tomorrow again to see if she can get a hold of that video. >> thank you. the spartanburg county coroner ace an autopsy hasn't shed any light on what caused the death of a high school student. officials plan to do more tests but say foul play has nothing to do with it of he was a senior on the greer high school basketball team. we're told fans will wear black at tonight's game. his younger brother will be starting in his place. a headstone has been placed at the grave of an infant. community paid for the marker in honor of the five month old the the mother is now charged with homicide by child abuse.
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say she told them she was carrying her daughter across the creek and she was washed away. a child porn investigation has turned up multiple victims in spartanburg county. william johnson now facing numerous charged. deputies say he abused four children under the age of 11 between 2007 and 2012, but there could be more victims and police encouraging those people to come forward. tonight we have new details about a man accused of murder. grififen waived his court appearance this morning and his lawyers asked for a continuance. he's accused of killing three beam back in october. authorities say he shot and killed the two before dumping their bodies. police say he then killed another, stole a car and led deputies on a chase that ended near spartanburg county. his next hearing is scheduled forr february 23rdrd. a judge has denied bond for the woman accused of robbing
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across the south. he said she was a flight risk and could pose a danger to the community if released. she was arrested friday after robbing stores in georgia, florida, tennessee and the carolinas. emergency officials saying they are seeing a spike in house fires. >> now, first responders sounding a warning on what you can do to keep yourself safe. dave it's something we tend to see when the weather goats cold. >> absolutely. you know this is where one of those fires happened. this is one of of several fires that's been going on around the area. they're becoming so frequent that the red cross is stepping up efforts for fire prevention and also launching a campaign. this anderson city home became the latest one to catch fire this week after a light fixture exploded.
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of this blaze wednesday near downtown greenville which started in the chimney and sent a man running for his life. >> i was sitting on side the bed and i looked up and fire was coming from everywhere. >> he was able to leave the home and call 911. his kitchen and bedroom a total loss. >> you can see when you go in there everything down. >> greenville fire inspector says this isn't unusual or unexpected. >> generally around this time of the year fires do pick up because it's combeder and so during the month of january, february and march we have a whole lot more fires. >> the inspector tells us 67 percent caused by people heating their homes of the red cross says it assisted more than 700 families since september who have been displace booed fire. >> across the state we average 8 to 10 responses a day during the winner and that can peek as high as 15 to 20.
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go door to door this weekend installing smoke detectors and handing out this booklet on prevention helping others to avoid what they now know all too well. >> thankful god blessed me. he told me he is staying with a nephew who is just a few houses down. he tells me that he's looking for help to clean up the mess inside of his house. we're told he does not have fire insurance. back to you. >> it never hurts to give folks a reminder about fire safety. what are you hearing from the experts? >> well, first things first, you have to have a smoke detector, that is one of the things they say you should have in your house especially around this time of year. the second thing is you have to have some sort of fire escape plan, walk around the house, figure out which is the best route, and of course take inventory of your house check your outlets, wires, loose wires and fix those things you
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this all the time but in light of recent events and in light of the winter and people heating their homes it bears repeating. by the way the number one cause is cooking accidents, believe it or not. so a lot of information to process tonight. >> yeah, potentially lifesaving information. thank you. well, here's more information on the smoke alarm blitz that daveust mentioned. it's happening saturday, and this is video of a similar event. they'll be going door to door testing fire alarms. officials also warn about the dangerous they typically see this type of year like carbon monoxide poisoning. it killed two men this week after they tried to use a gas generator to warm their home. it's a re minder to be careful and get a detector is a really good idea. you could also have a cancer causing gas inside your home and not even know it. radon is inn visible and odorless gas.
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also the second leading cause of lung cancer but you won't know it's there unless you test for it. both north and south carolina offering free testing kits like the ones you see here. we have information on how you can get one at forbes magazine has released its top 30 under 30 list and an upstate man has made the cut. plus the oscar nominintions out. find out who's leading the pack and who got snubbed.
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the traffic as we a furman senior ... is getting national recognition. "forbes magazine" has included chris drose...on a list of america's brightest... called "thirty under thirty." he still has forbes magazine has included cliff drost among the list of the brightest. >> he still has nine years to go
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chance to sit down with him to find out how he got to where he is at such a young age. >> not many can say they've been featured by forbes. >> i got emails from my professors. >> the senior was about the last to know he had landed on the 30 under 30 finance list. >> you usually adopt see short sellers get this attention especially my age. >> well, you usually don't see short sellers at your age. >> right, true. >> it was twice his article that made other take notice. he was the first to make public widespread negligence including how the president was facing murder charges. he had taken the story to forbes and the wall street journal but had little pull has a college student. sew posted the findings on his own
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outlets attributed the stock drop to him. >> it wasn't from people not wanting to talk about it to want to go write about me which was nice but i would rather they focus on the company and what they did. >> he may be modest but his firm and professors have lots to say. >> his passion is going out and finding these companies that really sort of a house of cards, and exposing that and unless you have people with his talents do doing that. >> who knows? maybe ale land on the cove one day. >> that definitely gives you extra incentive to, you know, make sure they don't dismiss it next time. >> i don't think anyone is going to be dismissing him again. he's written 70 articles at this point and his short selling business is so successful that it can fund a schedule education. >> so i'm not sure accomplished and only 21. so what's ahead for him? >> i think his future is pretty
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he already has a job lined up in atlanta with the hedge fund. well, the oscar nominations out tonight and the revenant leads the pack. mad max and the martian also had strong showings. the big support, bridge of spies, brooklyn, room and spotlight. the academy is also getting backlash because all the nominations went to white performers. the terror attacks movie is opening in theaters tomorrow. it's based on the book by zukhoff. it focuses on six men who for you to against the attack.
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than three weeks before the iowa caucuses. >> presidential candidate is reportedly not mentioned. british actor allen rickman has died. office 69 years old. we have just learned that celine dion's husband has died in las vegas. he was 73 years old. nick carter spent time behind bars after getting into a bar fight. police have not released details of his arrest or what charges he could face. well we sure got to enjoy a beautiful day today. i hope you had a little extra time maybe during lunchtime to get out and get in the sunshine. we topped
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upstate and upper 50s in the mountains but things going to be changing for us. we're already tracking the next system that's going to turn thing rainy and colder during the day tomorrow. so we'll go from 60s to 40s by tomorrow afternoon with some rain in the mix. it looks like sunshine will be back for us saturday. into sunday morning isolated mountain snow shower is is possible. here's a look at the satellite map tonight, and again, we had clear skies for a large part of the day but if you were out later this afternoon some of the high clouds already been increasing from the west. look for those clouds to those clouds to continue to move in and they will lower as well. the overnight hours for us will be dry, but our system is down to the south west and that will be moving our way. right now from the mid parted of georgia back into south georgia that's where we have the lower clouds and again the rain is still back into louisiana but the trend will be for the atmosphere to
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to arrive here tomorrow morning. friday rain will be approaching. i think your drive will be okay. rain will be off to the west and on the increase during the day. friday 4 p.m. the back edge of that will try to push on out and things will remain chilly and damp during the second half of the day. getting into saturday the front moves through and helps to clear us out and give us some sunshine. milder temperatures will be on the way with the sunny weather returning. so it looks like one little bump in the road fors tomorrow and things will try to settle down for the weekend. rain amounts, half inch to close to an inch of rain will be possible during the day in friday. 56 in asheville, 58 in greenville, a beautiful day today. look at tomorrow. rain is on the way. and it looks like high temperatures will stay in the 40s all across the board
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next 72 hours does fee shy some changes for us. upper 40s on sunday a light chance of a few sprinkles for the upstate sunday morning. overall the weekend is looking quiet and look at the temperatures into early next week. lower 40s for a high on monday and tuesday and there's your mountain forecast rain and 40s tomorrow, sunshine back on saturday. >> thank you. next chipo it tle is starting up a new plan. hear what it's doing straight ahead. when i went to grab the peanut butter i hit the cup of milk and it fell on the floor. >> and you won't believe what happened next. we'll show you how a food fight landed a man behind bars. and here's a look at your closing numbers. fortunately
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right after that. "live at 5" is back... with details of "chipotle's" plan ... to win back customers. the company plans to give away... more free food! sales are . we're back with details of chipotle's plan to win customers back. they plan to give away more free food. sales down after the oath breaks. they say they will double the amount of free food it gives away to get customers back in the door. pink and red the colors most often associated with valentine days. they're rolling out special treats to make it more green. hostess has five new treats. starbucks is whipping up pink frapachinnos. your tweets could help companies make more money. twitter is planning to gather product related tweets for advertisers to choose from. if
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message asking for permission to use it. will is no word when it will be available and twitter has not publicly commented on this project. well these days we all have a cell he phone and chances it's buzzing with some sort of push note facial. a soccer star posted this video online this week he wants the instagram account 433 with more than $8 million and after he posted something that is what his notifications look like. >> amazing. well the first debate of the year takes place tonight right here in south carolina. >> but it's the smallest field of candidates taking the stage yet. hear how they're planning to win over undivided voters. and details on when construction will begin on the interchange. first let' live look outside. what a beautiful day it's been. thank you for
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it's 5-29 .. and south carolina is in the political spotlight tonight. the remaining republican presidential candidates are in charleston south carolina is in the political spotlight tonight. the remaining candidates in south carolina tonight for the first debate of the year. >> reporter: with the caucuses and primaries just a few weeks away tonight's debate is a last ditch effort for several candidates to grab what they desperately need, momentum. crowds at donald trump's rallies may hear eye of the tiger but it's the candidate himself who's
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>> they don't understand, i
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