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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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daughter after she says she was sexually harassed on the school bus. >> you just learned the two boys have been charged. tell us about it. >> that's right. the mother tells me she received a letter today about the boys having charges but she wants to know where they're still allowed to be on the school bus with her daughter. >> in a few words she is a little -- >> sad and aggravated. >> she says her daughter came home with a strange complaint. >> saying she was being touched. >> she sprung into action call the district for answers and asked for the video. >> she says that her daughter's claims couldn't be verified since they originally told her no video existed so she filed police report. the school was able to find one and reviewed it along with her. >> it showed where one of the guys came from the back of the
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daughter's face and she smacked him away. >> the district tells me they followed protocol for the incident but she says the boys still on the bus. >> and they're supposed to provide safe transportation for your kids. >> she then received these letters stating that the two boys have been charged and will face a family court judge. but she says she's frustrated with the time it took to get to this point. >> i spoke witit the superintendent on the phone. she tells me that there are cameras on all of the busses have been working every single day and will is video of all the incidents. i asked why after several meetings with the mother they never showed it to the mother, they claim she's never asked for it. she says she'll be at the school tomorrow morning to dispute that. deputies say this man faces criminal charges for criminal sexual conduct with a child and they say that there could be for
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his name is william johnson and he's accused of abusing children younger than 11 from august, 2011 to august of 2012, deputies in the fbi were involved in a child porn investigation and they executed a search warrant at his previous home. we're told one of the victims gave detailed evidence against johnson. he was arrested at his job and he confss today the allegations according to deputies of investigators believe more victims could be out there. so if you have any information about this the sheriffs office wants to you give them a call. anderson county deputies made an arrest in connection with a shooting at a nightclub. this is video of that scene. she is charged with accessory after the fact to a felony. she turned herself in earlier this week. investigators still want to find the gunman client moore.
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into the victim's chest of he is considered armed and dangerous. if you have information get had in touch with crime stoppers. new details about a man accused of murder. griffen waived his court experience today and his daughters asked for a continuance. he is accused of killing three people. you may remember the case of authorities say he shot and killed king and dees and then dumped their bodies of police say he then killed johnson, stole a car and led deputies on a chase that ended near spartanburg county. the next hearing is scheduled for late february. well, winter weather has caused aa increase in house fires across south carolina. >> the fires usually caused by people heating their homes according to the greenville fire department.
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dave. >> well, i'm on bernie street and there was house behind me week. it's one of hundred dollarses that happened in the last couple of weeks that has campaign. now, they tell us displaced because because of fires. 60 percent were caused by people heating their homes. so this weekend volunteers with the red cross will go from door to door offering to install smoke detectors and handing out booklets on fire prevention. the red cross tells me they have to increase their staff on call for 24 hourr around the clock for what they call the busy season. >> across the state of south carolina we average 8 to 10 responses a day during the winner and that can peek as high as 115 to 20. >> and greenville fire inspector
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urging people to get the working smoke detectors in their home and it's important for them to have an evacuation plan. >> well, it's that time of year of turning up the heat and it can get dangerous. tomorrow you're going to want to crank it up because we're going to be a lot colder. we're going to go from clear skies to rainy weather tomorrow. the system is off to our south west but it's moving in our direction. so we're going to see the rain on the increase during the morning hours tomorrow. tonight you're fine if you're going to be out this evening. no problems with the weather in fact we have mild temperatures. but into tomorrow by 10 a.m. rain will be likely and that's going to last through the evening drive. and we're going from 60s today to only 40s for the high tomorrow. so you need the umbrella and the coats again. a greer high school senior who suddenly died will be remembered tonight.
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learning more about the investigation into how he died. the 18-year odd passed away earlier this week. autopsy results do not explain why he died so more testing will be done now to determine the cause. fans will be honoring him during the game. his brother will also start in his place. a record one .6 billion dollar jackpot will be split by at least three lucky winners. the winning tickets were sold in california, florida, and tennessee. all three states have laws requiring winners name so eventually we'll find out who they are. now, the carolinas also saw north carolina had 19 big ones including a $100,000 sold. in south
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now, we're going to show you the winning numbers again if case you want to give your ticket still another look. 4, 8, 19, 27, be 34, the powerball is 10. >> keep looking. well campaign 2016 is happening righted now and candidates for the president in the palmetto state for the gopop tonight. things just k kcking off where the second tier debate is underway. you can see one of our reporters jumping into the screen there. tonight at 9 a smaller cast of the republican presidential candidates will return to the main stage. this will be one of the last opportunities for the white house hopefuls before the primaries and the experts say voters will be playing close attention. >> now, the conversations starting and you're going to see people begin to make their
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people i'm going to vote for trump or i'm going to vote for jeb bush. and then you'll see that the polls will begin to reflect that. >> now, the democrats will also be debating south carolina. this is happening on sunday also in charleston the next for the gop candidates is in greenville. it will be february 13th. you'll be able to watch it right here. next common core in south carolina is out but that also means some important tests will not be taken either. how state workers working to make sure standards stay in place.
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you how this motion analysis lab south carolina lawmakers... are working to make sure ... standaadized testing is in place...for 11th- graders. lawmakers working right now to make sure standardized testing is is in place for our
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test is not in place of the house passed an emergency measure today for a one year test until a new test is in place. education committee chair of spartanburg county says the test is important in setting up students for their futures. >> with the assessment in the 11th grade we will be able to tell where their strengths and weaknesses and if they have weaknesses they can use 12th grade for remediation. >> she says without the test, a lot of students have to spend their first year or two in college or technical school taking classes. south carolina's house pass add bill today to put new restrictions on mopeds. they would have to register, have insurance and wear a vest, and it would become illegal to
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that bill now goes to the state senate. the democratic party's top three contenders will take part in the annual mlk event. that rally started in 2000 to protest the confederate flag at the state house. the theme of this year's king day at the dome is education equity. and it's technology you see on the big screen but the same high tech cameras working with doctors. find out how deputy necessary anderson county say
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burgl the same technology... hollywood uses... to make computer generated characters come to life... is being used in the upstate... to help make other kinds of miracles... happen. the same technology is being
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other kinds of --. it's white camera action for
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help measure her every marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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gets another chip kelly chip kelly gets another shot to make his system work in the n-f-l and he's named 49ers head coach of the qbs on his depth chart of course is former gamecocks and boiling springs alumn dylan thompson.... the giants make official the promotion of offensive coordinator ben mcadoo to head coach as well .... stand out giants makes official pro motion of offensive coordinator. good evening.
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wee negotiation y has collected more hardware with coach of the year awards while watson announces the winner of the manning award. clemson's basketball team continuing a stellar run. back to back victories as they he rallied from 12 down in the first half. tigers pulled within two at the break. second half, 16 points, clemson rebounded the devils. and then the dunk right there and the tigers rally for the five point win overcoming the early hole. >> we've been down by more than 12 this year, and we experienced. we always believe
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>> certainly winning the last couple of games has done that for us. i mean, we're at home. if we play well we're going to have a great opportunity win. >> a key moment in the game one minute to go tigers up by one, that's an offensive foul. last night it was a no-call. clemson gets another ranked team visiting saturday afternoon is miami. gamecocks run nothing a buzz saw. they were just red hot. built a 19 to 4 lead and never looked back in going onto the victory. well, a few days after the fact tanehill has spoken and says that he's in a good place as he moves on with his coaching career as his contract was not remid. he also note he was unaware his fate was being
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he declined our request for an oncamera interview. >> he did not have an opportunity to have a final meeting with his team although the acting superintendent said he did not receive a request from the coach for that. the decision was based on wanting to move in a new direction. and that his lack of teaching certification was a consideration in the move. they hope to have a new head coach in place by mid-march. greenville has a new head coach. finally almost as quietly as it existed just off i-85, h scott motor sports as moved to get close tore most of the nascar teams. thank you. thanks for watching. more coming up at 7:00. >> we're always here for you on and our brand new news app.
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>> pelley: round six for seven republicans. >> i don't think harry truman could be picked for president in this format.
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