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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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they will face a judge. a child porn investigation... has turned up multiple victims... in spartanburg county. william johnson ... is now facing numerous charges. deputies say...he abused -4- children ... all under the age of -11-... between 2007 and 20-12. but there could be more victims... and police... are now encouraging those people... to come forward.
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with the first caucuses and primaries just weeks away - tonight's debate in charleston is one of the few remaining chances candidates have to try and gain momentum for their campaigns. there's a lot of issues to talk about ... but tonight's stage will feature the fewest candidates we've seen so far. tonight trump along with six other leading g-o-p hopefuls will share the debate stage. and while most attention remains on donald trump - today it's texas senator ted cruz - the frontrunner in iowa - who's facing tough questions over allegations his campaign failed to properly disclose loans in past elections. you can count on us to have all the highlights of the debate coming tonight at 10 and 11. a-t-m and overdraft fees are costing americans so much money that they've become a presidential campaign issue. j-p-morgan chase ... bank of america...and wells fargo made more than six-billion dollars last year in a-t-m and
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five billion came from overdraft fees alone. presidential candidates are even express frustration over the fees. and bernie sanders vowed that if he's elected president, he will cap them at two-dollars...instead of the average four dollars being charged. turning now a story that no one can stop talking about. the powerball! at least -3- people... will be sharing... that record- shattering 1-point-6 billion dollar prize. here's a where the lucky lotto spots... are located. the winning tickets were sold at a "7-eleven" in chino hills, california... a "publix" in melbourne beach, florida... and "naifeh's food mart" in munford, tennessee. as news of the win spread - people began showing up at the lucky locations .. you can see the crowd that jammed the 7-11 in chino hills .. because they were soooo excited about having a winning ticket sold so close to home: ----- "we heard the news so we came down here to see who the winnera hou ." ----- "it's good that
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wil be a friend of mine." ----- california, tennessee, and florida ... all have state laws... that require the winners' released. so... we *will* eventually find out...who these new multi millionaires... are. just because you didn't hit the jackpot ... doesn't're not a winner. many players in the carolinas... made money... last night. north carolina had -19- big wins... ... including a 100-thousand- dollar winner... in buncombe county. in south carolina ... -11- people walked away... with 50-grand ... and another -5- ... made 100- thousand dollars. we're still waiting to hear...where those were sold ... so check your tickets... closely. the winning numbers: 4- 8- 19- 27- 34... and the "powerball" is 10. the south carolina house...passed a bill today... to put new restrictions on mopeds. drivers would have to register their mopeds... have insurance... and wear reflective vests. and it would become illegal to ride a moped... if you've lost your
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a d-u-i. so many people with d-u-i's... ride mopeds now... that some people call them ... "d-u-i cycles." state senate. the spartanburg county coroner autopsy has not shed any light... on what caused the death ... of a greer high school student. 18-year-old nathan moore... died ... this week. we're told... he had been sick... but it wasn't considered life threatening. officials plan to do more tests... they don't suspect any foul play. moore was a senior... on the greer high basketball team. we're will wear black at tonight's game...and remain silent...until the -11th- point is scored... in honor of moore's jersey number. his younger brother will also start in his place. we have reaction tonight... at 10 and 11. next on 7 news ....another deadly officer involved shooting in chicago released tonight. the details and what the victim's family has to say. and why an upstate
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find out how deputies in anderson county say one homeowner dealt with a burglary at his own home... and how his action
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a judge in chicago has ordered the video release of a teenager carjacking suspect... shot and killed by police. the family of 17-year-old cedrick chatman has been fighting for months to get the videos released. the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.officers shot and killed the teen in 2013. his mother says the video shows chatman was not the aggressor ... that he was shot while running away from police. after 2-years...the "world health organization" has declared an end... to the deadliest e-bola outbreak... in history. it killed more than 11-thousand people in west africa ... and -1- the u-s. at
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outbreak...several american medical aide workers ... -2- missionaries ... ... and a freelance journalist ... were flown back from west africa... for treatment... after they became infected. -4- other e-bola cases... were diagnosed... in the u-s. one... a west african man... who'd flown into texas...just 4-days before dying in a hospital. family members say... it was his first trip... to america. scientists...have since created a universal e-bola medicine... that's proven... highly effective. "mister potter!" ---- known for his famous role of the mysterious --professor snape-- in harry potter rickman... has passed away.... from cancer. the 69 -year- old award winning...british theater veteran...leaves behind a strong body of work. some of you may also remember his role ... as the sheriff of nottingham in warner brother's ...19-91... "robin hood: prince of thieves". the same year .. rickman won a golden globe for
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rickman starred alongside emma thompson.. in the romantic comedy..."love actually" this morning, rickman's ... "harry potter" co-star ... danielle radcliffe paid homage saying...". film sets and theatre stages are all far poorer for the loss of this great actor and man." a bittersweet day ... for hollywood... it's mourning the death... of actor alan rickman... and this same day ... the "academy of motion picture arts and science"... is rolling out this year's list... of oscar nominees. "the revenant" leads the pack... with -12- nominations...including "best picture"... and "best actor" for leonardo dicaprio. sylvester stallone... is anything but the underdog... in the "best supporting actor" category. his -2- nominations... for playing the iconic "rocky balboa"... come nearly 40-years apart. but the academy snubbed... his "creed" co-star... michael b. jordan. that along with the absence of idris elba... for "beasts of no nation"... has already sparked a backlash... because all the acting nominations... went to white performers.
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hollywood uses.. to make computer generated characters come to life... is being used in the upstate... to help make other kinds of miracles happen. shriners hospitals for children..greenville.. is using that movie magic... 12 motion capture cameras.. help measure .. a patient's every move... physicians and therapists... can pinpoint the best kind of treatment.. they use that information.. and analyze it... using software that was written and developed at greenville shriners hospital. 22:52:36:05 "with the technology, with the quantitative information, we can st e slee usd ase intf of the leg? behind thleg?r c aranpre - causing the both? which are causing the problems" ----- the director of the motion analysis lab tells us.. he's glad hollywood has caught on to using the technology... because they've helped advance .. and move the technology forward. a furman senior ... is getting national recognition. "forbes magazine" has included chris drose...on a
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called "thirty under thirty." he still has nine more years to go...until he even reaches thirty. and today...diane lee sat down with him ... to find out how he got where he is... at such a young age: ----- not many people can say they've been featured by forbes.even fea."i had a bunch of emails from professorsdulcos i i. "th'swm fur sriowat the soo had ont 3un lt"you usuadt shorrth te aeocy so fy e srn l e r y a 'eh-l ouage ightye. it was this article he wrote on american addiction center that made othersakti h ke al po copehstov edi wtirstkc wsaeen inhoweee wnu crges drvaken e unpubh to forbes nhll ejournal,he said he had little pull as a college student. "so he posted his findings on his own site, bleekerstreetresear cftehb l rhe0% sckr toim"it went from people not wantinto koi opttorite aboe.whscbi u heyc thonnh di. rma bu mpsso l um kac"his passion oiutn fdinh eh unles haveeet haothat
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time." dismiss it next sure you don't dismiss it next time." i don't think anyone will be dismissing him again. he's actually written over 70 articles now on companies... and it's a short selling
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lucritive enough to fund a college education. future looks bright... he has already hedge fund in atlanta when he graduates in may. )
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