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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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any moisture quickly froze over, including the fountain in downtown greenville. will we see snow? >> the big question. and our chief meteorologist is here to give us the answers you're waiting for. >> here i am! yes, the water fountains are crazy when they freeze over. we are tracking a system that is going to be arriving tomorrow and this is where it is right now. the energy is headed towards the western carolinas. now, this one is a weaker system of the two that we're going to be tracking this week. here is a time line for you. your drive to work around the upstate will be mostly cloudy but dry. the best chance of precipitation that should mainly include rain but could include a few snow showers will be after lunch through the early evening hours. for the mountains, it will be focused in the southwestern mountains, and that will get started tomorrow morning. the winter weather advisory goes into effect at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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>> thank you very much. we'll see you later on for more. water quickly turns to ice when we're seeing the temperatures down into the teens and the 20s, and the's what happened to this fire hydrant this morning in greenville. fortunately it did not cause major problems for all you drivers out there. with more cold nights ahead and the potential for winter weather in the forecast, we wanted to know what is being done to make sure the roads are ready for you. and 7 news spent the day talking to the local d.o.t. and he is joining us live with what he has found out. hey, tony. right. we're live here at the new salt facility. this is what we're looking at. thousands of pounding of road salt held in this facility, and with the colder terps just around the corner, the officials are watching the roads with a close eye. they tell us they could be tomorrow morning.
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salt are about to treat the road yes the north carolina department of transportation engineer says he is watching the snow forecast with a sharp eye. >> it is lightener the weight that we're expecting more weather than we are tomorrow. >> reporter: meanwhile, back in the upstate, greenville county officials say they'll be treating the roads a bit earlier. >> all of our guys are in the process of making the salt so we can pretreat the roads tomorrow. >> reporter: he says the new salt barn saves road maintenance the hassle of driving hours to columbia just to restock on road salt. >> it just allows us to be prepared for the next event a whole lot better. >> the new salt barn holds about 10,000 pounds -- tons of salt which, wilson says, prepares the upstate to handle the worst. >> it is more than we typically go through in the upstate each
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supplied for the winter. >> reporter: that's right. officials also want the drivers to be aware of any black ice on the road. we also want to know if your car is either two wheel -- front wheel or rear wheel drive and you just want to be on the look-out for that black ice because even if your car is all wheel drive or four-wheel drive, it doesn't matter. you just have to take it slow. 7 news. slow is the name of the game. tony, thank you. we all fear the skyrocketing utility bills during the winter, so tonight we're giving you advice on how to stay warm without burning a hole in i don't remember budget. first, turn your thermostat down as low as you can stand it. duke energy says for every degree you lower your thermostat, you could save as much as 3% of your energy bill. use space heaters to heat small areas for a short period of time. it adds up to a whopping $130 a month. and turn your water heater
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for every 10 degrees you reduce the water temperature, you can save between 3s are and 5% in energy costs. even doing those things, some people can't afford to heat their homes in the winter. who is helping to make sure those people stay safe. we're making sure you're updated on the forecast. just download the 7 news app for free. it even gives you the latest on school closings and delays. now to some big news object campaign 2016. there are less than two weeks before the first votes are cast and, listen to this, donald trump is getting his biggest endorsement today. his campaign has announced candidate. an official announcement is expected this afternoon. we're following this closely. we'll have a little more for you on campaign trail today. i'll have the developments coming up judgement as debate over firearms in gun-free zones continues all over the country, a georgia lawmaker is proposing a unique compromise in hopes of
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the representative wants to allow electroshock weapons like tasers on our college campuses. legislation to allow students to carry pistols is also still popular among some lawmakers. they could revive that bill later this legislative session. in tennessee there is an elementary school tutor who is facing charges of reckless endangerment after the police say they found three children in the trunk of her car. the police say andrea james picked up nine of her students, ranging in age from 8 to 10 game. someone called the police after someoning -- seeing the children crawl from the trunk. >> it is heartbreaking to think that, and i ihave children of my own, that an adult would put other people's children or way like that. >> reporter: the police called
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the officer says the parents were furious. we're learning more about a deadly fire in pickens county. one person was found dead inside the home, but the victim's name has not been released. the fire onlies are not said htfirete >by the way, that portion is closed to traffic. the firefighters say they expect all of the water they used putting the fire out to freeze tonight, so they're just reminding drivers to avoid that area. a second police officer has been arrested for misconduct. and john bell was arrested this week saying he and the former officer robert shaw beat a suspect in november 2014. arrest warrants say the two made false statements about the arrest of brian hatcher, who ended up in a hospital. and the police fired shaw and bell several months later. today we spoke to brian hatcher's attorney who says she still on the road to recovery. >> as -- he has some brain injury. he is deaf in one ear.
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going to need to be corrected. he has visioo loss and he is just an emotional wreck as a result of this beating. >> the police chief released a statement today reiterating that had -- there had been no officers. he says the officers have fully cooperated and has no further comment on the case judgement and new details in the search for miss mag reins off the coast of hawaii. the searchers found three of the four life rafts deployed. they spotted the fourth raft as well, and there is no indication anyone was on board any of the rafts. the coast guard will consult with the marines to determine how much longer they will continue searching. one of the missing marines has been identified from woodruff. treyvon martin's mother will speak at clemson university tonight. he was shot and killed by george zimmerman in 2012. her speech is part of the university's annual martin
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it is set to start tonight at 6:00 at the brook center. fullton has traveled the country speaking about preventing violence sis her son's death. it is getting easier for people to get help in an emergency. starting today, people can text 91 instead of calling the number. texting may come in handy when a crime is in progress or maybe they have an injury that prevents them from speaking. and the counties also have text 911 programs, u and greenville is the only dispatch system in the update using it. a man charged with molesting a 3-year-old child went before a judge today. the deputies say that crime happened a at home day care run by the suspect's wife. and we are live from abbeville. >> reporter: good evening. the court just wrapped up inside, and they tell me that
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asking a judge for modified monitoring. he was hoping that he would be able to go out on the town and maybe not be confined to his home as much as he has. -- been. the judge did consider both sides in this case. his family as well as the system's family there in court today. the judge did hear system as well from the 3-year-old's mother, she fells the court that that 3-year-old has nightmares from what happened and they're still dealing with ptsd from this incident. we did check with d. s.s. today and they tell me the wife did relinquish her in-home day care registration in august that is about a month after this incident allegedly happened. now, they are listed on the web site as still operating, but d. s.s. just told me that they are not operating as a day care at this point. the solicitor's office tells me the parents should be able to pay attention to this case. >> somebody charged with this type of crime, you know, would be disturbing if they were ever in a position to have children in their presence or in their
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so that is always one of our biggest and foremost concerns. >> reporter: and the judge has not ruled on this case, so nay will be ruling on it tomorrow and we'll let you know here. live in abbeville, brianna smith, 7 news. next, when friends become foes. >> the gloves are coming off in campaign 2016. here are the latest jabs from trump and cruz as the primaries creep closer. >> and if yours on it, you have big problems. we'll run down the list so you know what not to use in protecting your online accounts. it is coming up at the bottom of the hour. first, let's have a welcome at traffic.
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moving pretty well at "live at 5" is back... with the latest... on "campaign 20-16." there are less than 2-weeks... before the first votes... are cast. the -2- leading g-o-p presidential
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the miles ... in the first -2- states casting ballots ... iowa and new hampshire. donald trump getting a major boost today - with sarah palin's endorsement .. but as craig boswell shows you... that's not stopping ted cruz .. from turning up the heat... trump's tuesday schedule includes three stops in the the hawkeye statewhere he's not eag rivald cz. presidential candidate) "when you talk about temperament, ted has got a rou mdon't o 'ca p ls f urg ooii is hprdau t td hp bea can)a cl of days he rattled, he's been throwing some insults . d'ndod uld willing to offer trum hw presidential candidate) "we will build a wall- and i actually have someone in mind to build it." cruz has a it's popa pi governor - while i supporti trump twee wow the highrespectegovernor
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craig boswelcn, sg. dr.n carson suspended his campaign ... just for today...after a van carrying a staffer and -3- volunteers... was involved in an accident. absentee voting started today... in anderson county. it'll begin tomorrow in spartanburg county...and thursday in greenville. but you can't vote... absentee or otherwise... unless you register. [ no audio ] we have the important dates you need to know and the instructions to help you do that. the u.s. scarted supreme court will consider a legal challenge to president obama's overhaul of the nation's immigration rules. the programs would allow millions of undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s. legally. the president unveiled the program over a year ago, but the federal court blocked the imputation after 26 states filed challenges. south carolina's state
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discussing how to keep refugees out of the state. two bills have been proposed. one would require state agencies to stop any involvement related to ref fees. the others would require refugees to register with the state within 30 days of entering the state, prevent state or local funds from benefiting the refugees and allow south carolina residents to sue for any deaths, personal injuries or property damage caused by refugees. the state regulators want more money to monitor the water quality in the carolinas' rivers and streams. they are asking the state law enforcements for about $9 50,000. it would be used to hire 16 compliys and buy more equipment to test the water all over the state. the documents say that in recent years the budget cuts have forced that agency to reduce the frequency of water sampling and the number of sampling stations. in the meantime, michigan governor is expected to lay out a detailed plan to address
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contamination crises during his state of the state tonight that town's water supply is tainted with lead and many say his slow response to this crises is criminal. hundreds are expected to show up at the state capitol for tonight's speech. the governor will be giving her state of the state tomorrow night, and we will bring you live coverage of what he has to say during a special report that we'll bring you on 7 news here starting at 7:00. well, it sure was a beautiful day with all of the clear skies we had around, but, boy, was it cold. we started out in the teen this is morning in the upstate that live picture shows we're still holding on to clear skies and we expect another hard freeze tonight. make sure you protect the pets and the pipes. the pets are getting spoiled, but you want to do that again for tonight, and we are systems ton way. tomorrow. it is going bring the mountains some snow.
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upconstituent, it is possible we could see a few snow showers mainly along and north of i-85. the next system brings mainly rain on friday, but on the backside of that, we could actually see a little bit of snow. for the time being, severing quiet. the artic air is in place across the area so we're going to see our temperatures cooling down rapidly from highs that were not all that warm. out to the west is where our next system is and that is pushing through missouri tonight. lit help the clouds increase around here a little later on tonight. in the morning, we'll expect a lot of cloud cover over the southwestern mountains. we'll start to see snow showers on the increase. that is really where this is going to be focused as far as the accumulating snow goes, one to three inches a possibility there. as you can see as the system continues to progress eastward, there will be lighter snow showers from asheville and then the rain-snow line may dip into the upstate briefly. the chance is there, anyway,
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snow falling along and north of i-85, getting into tomorrow afternoon, ending by late tomorrow evening. as we get into thursday, a quiet start to the day a warm front will be down to our south that is going to start to move closer to us, and it is going to increase our rain chances during the day. i think we'll start out mostly dry. we'll end up with rain showers possibly for your drive home from work. that rain is going to increase thursday night and will become likely on friday as that next system moves in. a winter weather advisory goes into effect at 7:00 tomorrow morning that will last until 7:00 thursday morning in those areas of purple. one to three inches of snow is a possibility and slick roads possible there. so what is coming? a lower impact storm for the one tomorrow. lots of cold air and moistureiture. on friday, a higher impact system. really less cold air until the system moves out. it will be on the backside of that and we have the potential to get some snow there. but even around the upstate
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have the potential of a few more snow showers showing up in the upstate. right now at 27 in asheville. we're at 37 degrees over in spartanburg. 39 now in greenwood and 39. your spartanburg zone planner calls for a steady cooldown by about 25 tomorrow morning and we're expecting an increase in those rain chances in the afternoon a high near 41 and, again, some of that could be mixed with snow. here is your forecast for the next 72 hours. around a lot of upstate areas. mid 40s on thursday as the rain chances increase. a good chance of rain on friday. we could get nearly an inch of rain in the upstate for the end of the week. on the backside of that, a few snow showers are possible friday night and then our weekend is looking dry. the high also be near 50 degrees on saturday and sunday. and there is your mountain forecast. lots of snow symbols there because we have snow ton way in the mountains, especially southwest mountains. that's where we have the best chance of accumming snow. >> a cold rain.
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the question is are we going to get snow? the answer may be yes. >> the kids are heart broken now. >> that will be exciting. >> do your homework, kids! >> that's right. next on live at 5:00, get spectacular! we're going to tell you what unusual sight you'll soon be able to see in the night sky. and later, tax season has arrived, and so have the scammers. we'll tell you if it is really the irs calling you. and tang a look at your closing numbers on wall street tonight.
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right after this. today is officially "solarize greenville day" mayor knox white is today is officially solarized greenville day! the mayor is encouraging
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harness the power of the sun. the group solarize south carolina is working to get 2,000 homes converted to solar energy over the next year. dvocates say the price has gone down and you can even get a free assessment for your home. the world is flooded with plastic garage and it is going to get a lot worse. the world economic forum predicts there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans by 2050. it says the only way to avoid a disaster is to improve the economics of recycling that means giving people incentives to recycle. we eginning tomorrow, sky treat. you'll be able to see five dawn. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and outer loopity will all be sunrise. the experts say it is the first time in more than 10 years that all five have appeared together in the predawn sky. cold and temperatures move into the upstate. we'll tell you how people are need.
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quit playing that lottery after one. >> at least one player kept buying tickets aened is $100,000 richer. and first, a look outside. thank you for joining us in
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you're watching it's 5-29... and we right now it is 5:29 and we're hoping -- if you have to go outside tonight, that you're bundling up. we fund a lot of folks layering up in greenville. the coats, the hats, the starves, whatever you can do to stay warm. we recommend it. it looks like you have to keep bundling up. >> are we talking a bread and milk event or something not quite that big? >> i'm not saying don't get it if you really need it because i
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much snow at all around the
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