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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in greenville work to fix a fire hydrant. it sprung a leak. it happened earlier today at lawrence road in greenville. the water on the road there, of course, froze, but fortunately there were not any major problems. >> make sure you preparr freezing terps tonight. >> and the possibility of more of days. we have more on that. >> that's right. tonight. maybe not as cold as we were last night. but any moisture on the road is going to freeze. if a water sprinkler happens to get on the road, that will be to develop. this is the system we're tracking for tomorrow. the clouds will increase tonight, but your drive around the upstate will be dry. it will be cloudy, but dry. i don't think our chance of precipitation will enter the picture until after lunch. and that will feature rain and some of that rain could change to snow showers.
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happening is north of i-85. mostly dry by tomorrow night. the mountains have the best chance of snow and the southwestern mountains is where it will have a chance to accumulate. that's where the weather advisory will go into effect. we'll talk about this system and the one on friday in a few minutes. >> we'll see you later on. more and more people are asking for help warming their homes and apartments. >> the salvation army says they have received calls just in the last few days. dave is live with that story. >> reporter: most people assume if you have a home or an apartment, you can afford to heat it properly, but thatt unfortunately is not always the case. the relief agencies getting a lot of calls from people stuck in that situation. this has become part of the salvation army's outreach ministry. the social director tells me they have been giving away heaters, blankets, clothing, socks, hats and groufs -- gloves for free and one of the
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december was an unusually warm month, so people weren't really expecting the cold weather snap to happen as quickly as it did around many were taken by surprise. >> we try to help not only instantly with meeting their need with a tangible resource but also with information so they are not struggling in april with a pawer bill they can't pay. >> reporter: and we're told that those heater also be given out for free, as i mentioned. you have to be over 55, have a child under the age of 5 years old living with you in the home or have a disability that is the criteria needed before you can get that necessary equipment to keep warm during the winter. we're live outside the salvation army headquarters. 7 news. >> thank you, dave. with more cold nights ahead and the potential for winter weather in the forecast, we wanted to know what is being done to make sure the roads are truly ready.
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saves the drivers the hassle of driving to columbia to restock. it houses tons of salt so the upstate is ready to hand the worse. >> it is more than we typically go through in the upstate each winter so we should be supplied for the winter. >> and the officials say they could start to treat the roads as early as tomorrow morning. low temperatures mean a higher chance your pipes could freeze or, worse, burst. but in are ways to protect your home. the experts say close vents outside your home and open the cabinets underneath sinks to let warm air in. also, drip your faucets. if your pipes do freeze,e,keep the faucets open so the water will flow. keep your pets protected, too. washing can remove social oils, and, remember, longer coasts help them be warmer. if it is coo cold for you, it is probably too cold for your pets as well. so keep them inside.
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app for free and the apple and android app store. and i'll have the latest forecast, plus school closings and delays. deadly fire. the coroner says at least one person has died. the flames started at home on anne street and jones avenue. right now it is not clear how the fire started. the crews will keep anne street closed in that area as they expect ice to form on the road as the temperatures drop. they're asking everyone to avoid the area. new at 6:00, we have just learned the man wanted for tonight. the deputies tell us that clint today. the investigators say he shot a man in the chest at the l.a. nightclub back in november and he's being held at the anderson county detention center waiting for a bond hearing. new developments in the kiss of a man charged with child molestation as the suspect faced a judge today. >> the investigators say it happened at home day care run county.
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following this and she is joining us from the courthouse. >> reporter: good evening. we're here at the abbeville county courthouse, and we were there today as kenneth cooper face adjudge. he was looking for a modification for his gps monitoring system. we're told we have new details in this case today, and that was after the victim's mother stood thereupon and gave a horrifying account of what was happening with her daughter with ptsd. we also checked in with d. s.s. to find out what is going on with this day care. they tell us back in august that the woman actually relinquished her license and they are no longer functioning as a day care. the sewly his for's office says they should pay attention to this case. >> take the time to know who you are leaving your children with. not just who runs the day care, but everybody who works there and comes and goes there.
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going to weigh in on whether or not he should rule that this kenneth cooper should have a lesser gps monitoring system. we will let you know what happens in that case. live in abbeville county, brianna smith. thank you. a former -- a second former upstate officer is facing charges for misconduct on the job. the one-time policeman has been arrested, accused of excessive force. and as christine brown reports tonight, the victim's attorney says for some things, the news comes too late. we need to warn you, some of the images may be disturbing. >> the police chief and the city did the right thing. >> reporter: months after the police department fired robert shaw and john bell for an excessive force complaint, both were arrested within a week of each other and now face charges. >> there's nothing that could be done to these individuals that is going to bring his life back to what it was before. >> reporter: bell and shaw are accused of beating brian hatcher while arresting him in november of 2014. the former officers say he
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now the state agents say there is a different story. >> these arrest warrants say both of them made false statements about hatcher's arrest. >> reporter: and there is dash cam footage and we asked the video and are waiting for it to be released, but hatcher's attorney says he has seen it. >> the tape shows fume ruse fistfights, hittings by the police officers. >> after the encounter, hatcher ended much the hospital and his attorney says he is still recovering from his wounds. >> he has some brain injury -- injury. he is deaf in one ear. he has a naval phakiture that will need to be corrected. he has vision loss and he is just an emotional wreck as a result of this beating. >> reporter: the police chief released a statement reiterating there had been no red flags prior to hiring the two officers. he says the department has fully cooperated and has nothing to say on the case. he agrees the state has done what it can to bring justice for his client. >> he should admire and
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police officers do for us. >> reporter: christine brown, 7 news. >> we reached out to shaw and bell's attorneys for comment today, but we haven't gotten a response. the former officers' charges could carry a 10-year sentence. we have learned a man found dead in a park in gaffney this morning died from a medical condition and not the elements. according to the coroner, he was identified and found at mcclooney park about 5:30 on the ground next to his car. the coroner believes he had been there since late last night and that the cold was not a factor. still ahead, a new study is showing exactly what it takes to raise a family in south carolina. coming up, how state leaders
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information to better pro happening today..state leaders and company off happening today, the state leaders and company officials kicked off construction at a huge facility, a manufacturerring operation in spartanburg county. >> and carbon fibers american is expected to bring hundreds
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the plant will be built near interstate 26. the company is a supplier for companies like boeing. lit hire 500 people over the next 10 years. >> i'm glad they're going to be calling south carolina home. this is one more time that south carolina has really put its name on the map that not only do we build things, we wild them well and the investment of what is happening with maid in america in south carolina is really something to be looked at. >> this is a japanese-based business. it is expected to be up and running by spring of next year. for the first time in south carolina, a report is taking a rook at how much money is actually needed to support a family in this state without any assistance. the first self sufficiency standard for south carolina families. the creators of this report are hoping to include eligibility guidelines by breaking down family needs deeper than the federal poverty level. it includes the cost of needs for child care, health care and tax credit.
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new silk tie, the administrative assistant at your office, odds are. >> they are struggling to pay their rent, their child care, their car insurance, their health care. >> this report varies from county to county. pureford has the highest cost and lawrence has the lowest. you can fund a link to the full report to see how your county fares. next on 7 news at 6:00, keeping you out of harm's way during high-speed police chases. coming up, hue life-saving technology is being designed by marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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new at -6-... a life-saving technology... created by a former upstate law enforcement officer.... could soon be a life-saving technology created by a former upstate law enforcement officer could soon be hitting the market. >> it is aimed at warning people when a high-speed chase pursuit is happening. the goal here is to save lives, one notification at a time. >> high-speed chases or police pursuits are unpredictable at
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kidly, killing innocent bystanders caught in the cross hairs. >> when you have seen, that you have seen not only the devastation at the scene, but the devestation at the home, it lasts forever. >> reporter: in his 37 years in law enforcement, 22 as pickens' county assistant sheriff, morgan lost sleep tossing and turning over a better way to prevent death over chases. >> we have warning systems for tornadoes, hurricanes floods and lightning but more people are killed in high-speed pursuits than all four combined. >> so he and his wife got to work teaming up with the pickens innovation center last year. there are many aspects of this project that are still under wraps. they're planning for a march unveiling, but the bottom line is this is life-saving technology that will alert people close to police pursuits and stop them in their tracks. >> it will be a simple notification. >> says the director mark reid
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>> it arrives to the community members within a radius of the pursuit and changes their thinking. >> reporter: the statistics show there is a death every day stemming from the 35,000 police pursuits each year. it hit lose to home in september when a north greenville fire lieutenant died in a wrong way crash, hit and killed by a suspect in a police pursuit. >> it is not going to be a cure all, but it is something i think will warn the public with the goal of saving lives. >> reporter: in pickens county, eddie hampton, 7 news. the morgans hope to start selling their product this summer with a gel of using local manufacturers on it, and to make a positive economic impact for pickens county. all right. we have a lot to talk about. we have enjoyed some beautiful but cold days the past couple of days. into tomorrow it is going the stay cold and we're going to add weather system to the mix
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of a little snow, convenient for the upstate. but not looking for any accumulation. tonight, it will with another night for a hard freeze. make sure you protect the pets and pipes. we were down to 16 degrees last anytime and we'll stop mainly at 20 degrees for tonight. still awfully cold and you'll want to bundle up, too. we'll expect some mountain snow to be on the increase during the first day of -- part of the day. in the northern upstate tomorrow afternoon. we'll see rain or snow or both at the same time. and all of that will pull out by tomorrow night. another system is on the way for the end of the week that will bring us mainly rainment on the backside of that, the potential for snow. right now we're holding on to clear skies. it has been a beautiful day, but the clouds are not too far away, and they're on the move for our area, already across the middle part of tennessee moving into the western part of georgia. the main system is a little farther to the west. it is a clockwise spin in the atmosphere. it is a weaker system compared
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on friday, and because we have a lot of cold air around that has come down from canada, we're going to have the snow to work with, especially in the mountains getting into tomorrow morning. this is wednesday, 8:00 a.m., the southwestern mountain also start to see that snow on the increase and this is also the location along can northeast georgia where we expect the longest time period of some snow happening. and so that's where we're going to find the better accumasians. one to three inches. for the upstate, your drive to work will be dry. in the afternoon hours, we'll see the moisture increase enough to where we'll find a few ear i can'ts of light rain. very light snow. very widely scattered. the best chance will be over upstate. as we get into 7:00 p.m., a lot of that will lift north. this err why of pink would indicate areas of rain and sleet mixed in. we're not looking for much in the upstate, but don't be surprised if you do see a few snow flakes.
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front is down to our south. that brings back the wide spread, heavy clouds. it also starts to increase our chances for some rain that rain will become more wide spread thursday night and it will be likely ahead of the second weather system on friday. so as fares the snow chances go for wednesday's system, southwest mown tapes have the west chance of snow. a good chance of sewing snow from asheville down towards brevard. if possible, the northern part of the upstate and not likely over the southert t upate t o ya nutshell there. 25 degrees is our temperature in asheville. we're down to 34 in spartanburg. here is what we're looking for as far as tonight's low temperature 15 to 189, the range on the mountains and we'll stop anywhere from 25 20* to 25 degrees. here is your five-zone forecast. it will be another cold one tomorrow president expect the highs to reach the upper 30s. a few 40s showing up in greenwood tomorrow and we wiil stop just above freezing in the mountains.
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night will be refreezing so especially across western carolina, we'll have to watch for the potential of black ice. the next 72 hours, active weather is on the way. we get milder into thursday. we actually get into the 40s for the high. increasing rain during the day. the rainnis likely during the day on friday. we could pick up a close to an inch of rain. on the backside of it, cold air quickly comes in and that will try to change anything left over into snow showers friday night. that will be over by early sad and your weekend is looking dry. here is your mountain forecast. look out for snow tomorrow. black ice possible tomorrow night. so keep that in mind for your drive to work and then the weather gets more active again on friday. >> we have been warned! clemson's coach knows why his team is suddenly the talk of the acc. and nascar's defending
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he talks about chasing an if you missed it last if you missed it last night, the defensive end jared allen, a big question mark for the panthers. he fractured his foot during this past weekend's contest during -- against seattle. usc trying to remain in the top 25. a couple of road tests beginning at ole miss and then tennessee. the gamecocks are tied for second in the sec entering tonight's plame. clemson looking to its wonderful ride. having won five straight, virginia, and they look for a fourth consecutive win over a ranked team this evening. and he has seen all kinds of pieces come together for his club. >> there are guys who felt really good about the way they played and they just kind of keep building. and, you know, the challenge is to try to keep it going for two more months. and elsewhere, last night, boeheim goes in to cameron and
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duke's third straight loss. their longest losing streak the a decade. nascar's off-season media tour getting underway in charlotte with the champ taking center stage after a wild ride for him last season and todd sers was there this afternoon with more. rears a little less than a year ago in the season opening x continuity race at daytona. kyle busch broke his leg and foot during this crash, which forced him to miss the next 11 sprint cup rates. >> there was certainly a moment in time where i wasn't sure if i would ever race again. >> reporter: but the worst moment of his racing career to start the season was followed by the best moment of his decade-plus of nascar racing. >> tonight he earns his first cup title! >> reporter: when he was the one hoisting the sprint cup true trophy for the first time at tend of the season. plus place. >> a season to remember, for sure, but one that you would never like to repeat besides the end of the year and being able to race for for a championship. >> reporter: racing and winning
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history on nascar's top three series is part of what makes skill busch so successful. but he says because of what happened in the xfinity race last year at daytona, she changing his schedule going forward. >> the only thing that will change is no more restrict for plate racing for me. we'll leave that to other drivers. >> reporter: barring any unforeseen setbacks, kyle busch will compete in the first sprint cup race this season, the february 21st daytona 500, a race he did not compete in a year ago and one of the few big races he has yet to win. in charlotte, todd summers, 7 sports. and, by the way, his teammate, denny hamlin, saying today he bet on the panthers to win the super bowl at 35-1 odds during -- before the season. and nascar says it will apply the chase for mat to its xfinity series. and finally, look at the play, r.j.
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and he got it back to him. an asties while sky high to another guy who was sky high throwing it home. >> and done. >> we thank you for watching. more coming up at 7:00. >> we'll see you become at 11:00, too. we'll see you back here at
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