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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you use to heat your home. make sure your smoke detectors are working. in the meantime we'll also have updates on and our news app. and road crews salting down our road as this big winter storm of 2016 prepares to start. tonight, 21 counties in north carolina are under a state of emergency. >> the officials are telling us madison county school also be closed tomorrow, and the upstate, we have heard from cherokee, spartanburg, greenville, all of those are going to be closed tomorrow. the list will only grow. duke energy has made preparations. and there are dozens of utility trucks parked at the piedmont fairgrounds in spartanburg county ready for whatever this winter storm brings. 7 news reporter addie hampton is in greenville and dave jordan is standing by in anderson county. >> first we want to check in with our chief meteorologist christy henderson tracking the dangerous system. that's right.
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that is going to help cool the air down to where we'll start to get reports of sleet and freezing rain during the day tomorrow so here is the time line for the update. keep in mind for the mountains it is mainly going to be snow and sleet. it will have a chance to accumulate. for the upstate, mainly ice. 7:00 a.m., mainly wet roads. it will be a trance toyings freezing rain during the -- it will be a transition of freezing rain during the day. by mid morning we will start to see icy roads developing and it will be dangerous to get out driving. some of it will mix to snow. the precipitation will last almost all day. freezing rain will have a chance to get the ice accumulating on trees and power lines. and a winter storm warning is in effect from midnight until sat evening a winter weather advisory is in effect for greenwood county. as you can see, the showers are on the increase from the southwest. we still have a window of opportunity to get to the grocery store or do what you need to do to prepare for this
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impacting all of our area tomorrow. >> nothing compares to ice and the grip that you don't have with ice. >> you is heard it before and you will likely hear it again as this winter storm grows closer. if you don't have to be on the roads, stay home. don't get out on it. for some, that is easier said than done. the highway patrol knows some of you have to get out on the roads. that is when it is helpful to remember the best driving practices so you can stay out of trouble. >> we're live in greenville with more. >> reporter: tom, amy, we know we can sound like a broken record, right? stay off the roads! it is probably the thing you're going to hear most from us as these winter storms hit. the highway patrol tells me this is life-saving advice. way. of course, sometimes it is necessary to drive and we and dry. we talked to the experts and decided to bring you your own experts at bmw. it is one thing to hear your tires squeal on the racetrack,
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is the last thing you hear before a crash. and with the threat of winter weather bearing down on us, ice can cause huge problems. >> you really, really need to stay away from it. it is very dangerous. >> reporter: the professional driving instructor. for 15 years he has worked for bmw's performance track. his best advice is not to drive at all when ice hits. >> the patchy ice is a real danger because you're going to have grip and then you hit that patch and you don't have grip. >> reporter: he is also realistic. if you have to drive, you should know how to handle your car when trouble strikes. >> initially people will tend to look where the car is going, so if it is pointed towards the tree, they are looking a the tree. >> reporter: don't put on the brakes, instead, steer into the slide. >> you counter steer into it. at some point you have to take the steering out again. >> reporter: he says too often people panic. >> they will counter steer. i got it, oh, but look.
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>> reporter: h e he says knowledge, power, a sentiment echoed by the highway patrol. this includes knowing that just staying home can make a huge difference for first responders on icy nights. >> if they stay off the roads, they don't end up in a ditch. if they don't end up in a ditch, we don't have to respond. it is as simple as that. >> giving them more time to get to emergencies. >> it is amazing the calls for service we get in a 12-hour period. it is an amazing thing. >> reporter: they agree no trip is worth endangering yourself or others. >> that little trip can cost you your life or damage your car severely. it is a high risk thing to be out there on the icy roads. >> reporter: corporal tells me just a hundredth of an inch of ice make as difference here so while the d.o.t. is out treating the roads and every highway patrol trooper in the state is out working, they say if you don't have to be out on the roads, again, maybe a broken record, but stay home and stay safe. i'm reporting live the
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a hundredth of an inch. thank you. the threat of the winter storm has meant a lot more customer traffic at area stores as people rush to stock up just in case. there is an upstate business that is seeing quite the boom. 7 news reporter dave jordan is in anderson county. >> he is outside the happy cow creamery and we ulz that has been a really -- understand that has been a really busy place. >> reporter: snow storms send people running to the store for the milk, the bread, the eggs that is definitely the case here. >> in the happy cow creamery, this is the last batch of cows that are going to be milked tonight to meet the demand for people wanting to get their hands on milk. this is here, this is what we're dealing with at this hour. the video, you can see exactly what the afternoon was like. we have been here for several hours, and there was a steady stream of customers coming here to get their hands on milk. the farmer who owns this form
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buying two to three gallons at a time. the reason they're coming directly here is because some of the stores in the area ran out. >> we have actually had to run out two times. some of our customers have already sold what they were delivered yesterday. they called for more. >> reporter: and back here live, you can see these cows lining up to get milked. we have some numbers to tell you about. there are about 90 cows here on this farm. they are each producing 70 pounds of milk a day to meet the demand for people who want it, and that is in addition to the 500 gallons that this farm has on hand. a lot of it has to be shipped out to stores, second order, as i mentioned. many stores in the area are running out. creamy. dave jordan, 7 news. >> thank you, dave. ive lights go out, -- if the lights go out, how much you
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>> in addition to knowing where your working flashlights are and making sure your cell phone is charged, it is also a good idea to set your refrigerator to its coolest setting tonight so food will last longer if the power goes out tomorrow. >> if that happens, you're going to want to open the cabinets up so that the warmer air can get in there near your pipes and turn your faucets that are near outside walls the a trickle. also, keep a number of your power company close by you oso you can let them know if the power does go out. duke, 1-800-power-on. for lawrence electric, 1-866-9- restore. and for broad river electric, 1- 866-coup-out. and if your number has changed recently, call your utility and update all of your contact information. it is important because that is how the automated system recognizes your location in the outage. you can certainly count on us to be here for you bright
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we'll have a weather update for you at 4:00 a.m. and then at 4:30, the entire daybreak team will have the latest on closings and delays an your forecast. don't fertility, you can -- forget, you can up to date by downloading the all new 7 news app. you'll find that in your app store. >> oh, man, that is a waste of money. tonight as people in an upstate community get ready for the storm, their main place to get supplies has closed. >> they're really upset about this. wal-mart express is one of many around the country that has shut down. we have been there all day finding the impact of this closing. >> reporter: good evening. we're right here in front of that wal-mart that has closed its doors. it has not even been a week and the impact has been felt here in the community, and there have been a lot of people driving in and out of here trying to get their last-minute supplies that they just can't get because this store is closed. the store closed sign actually
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it has only been open a little longer than a year before the store was closed. the people in the area say it was the most convenient place to shop and added something to the community. many are frustrated it will be another empty building in the town. >> and why would you build something like that and then you shut it down? and it hasn't been open that long. >> reporter: another big problem in the area is that this was the pharmacy a lot of people used. now all of those prescriptions have been rolled over to the spartanburg wal-mart on the east side, but this is the problem because we're getting this big storm and people may need prescriptions and they're going to have to travel another 15, 20 minutes down the road to make sure they can get them filled in time. 7 news. >> thank you. that is not the only community upset about this. and another is losing a wal- mart on the 28th. tonight they had a protest and asked people to sign a petition to keep that store open. next on 7 news at 6:00, south carolina lawmakers are reacting now to governor nikki
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address. what some are saying about her plan to improve rural schools. plus, a line of infant car seats is under recall. the made in south carolina grand that is involved and the
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officials say has already left south carolina lawmakers... are still talking today... about governor nikki haley's "state of the south carolina lawmakers are still talking about governor nikki haley's state of the state address. >> as the capitol reporter found out, there is a lot of optimism about her plan to reform rural schools. >> reporter: teacher turn over in rural districts is hurting students and she wants to pass insenttives to attract good teachers and keep them there. >> if a teacher agrees to teach in a challenged district for eight years, we will cover their full cost at a state university. for recent graduate whose agree to the same commitment, we will repay their student loans st. >> reporter: the representative thinks it would make a big difference. >> if we can get those new and qualified teachers to go to those lower performing districts and stay for a period of time, and as you and i were speaking, if they're for eight years, they're going to dig in, build roots, it is going to become their homes.
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state to borrow up to 1% of its capacity every year to repair and replace school buildings. the representative chaired the task force that looked for ways to improve rural schools after against the state. >> there are a lot of schools in our area, not only in the districts, but there may be some outside of that that are having difficulty with old buildings, old structures possibly some mold in them, and that kind of thing. >> reporter: she also thinks the governor's plans would make a big difference in our schools. in columbia, 7 news. the governor says she would not support a bill to borrow money for college buildings, but she says our k. through 1 schools need it. a recall is expected to begin tomorrow on more than 7 1,000 infant car seats with handles that safety officials say can crack and break, possibly because you to drop your baby. the be safe 35 and be safe 35 elite car seats are sold under
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mill, south carolina. the federal safety officials say will there have been 74 complaintsened at least one baby has been hurt. registered owners are being notified and free replacement kits are available. fewer people are showing up at local and doctors' offices with the flu.
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they say a "7 news" medical watch now... this flu season ... a 7 news medical watch tonight. and this flu season hasn't been as bad as last year. the season has had 10 reported flu deaths, and that compares to 74 at this point last year. >> it was a bad year. >> and 7 news reporter laura thomas takes a look at the reason behind the decrease in cases and why the doctors say you shouldn't let your guard down just yet. >> reporter: she always makes sure she get as flu shot. >> i always say, yes, as soon as it comes, flu season, and they start telling you to get it, that's when i get it. >> reporter: and the experts say the vaccine is helping.
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season the virus mutated making last season's flu shot much less effective. this time last year, the south carolina department of health and environmental control tells us there were more than 2,000 hospitallations. this year they report a little more than 200. >> so we know the flu is out there in greenville. we're not safe from it. >> reporter: at st. francis health system, they have also seen a drastic drop in flu cases. this time last year they had about 577. so far this season, only 11. >> where the flu season can run as late as april. so we are not out of the warning zone just yet. >> reporter: the experts say because flu season is not over yet, it is still a good idea to get a flu shot. and don't forget covering your cough and washing your hands. >> the difference between a cold and the flu is you can die from the flu. cow can have serious respiratory complications and end up in the hospital. we want to keep people healthy this season. >> reporter: all steps you can take while we wait for the flu watch to end.
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>> reporter: the greenville, laura thomas, 7 news. well, our terps are -- temperatures are about to get colder and that is going to be the main player in what type of precipitation we see for this big winter storm that will be moving through the western carolinas late tonight and through the day tomorrow. we are looking for some freezing rain and some ice to accumulate on trees and power lines. in addition to that, it is going to be windy tomorrow and that could increase the power outages. mountain snow, upstate rain will be increasing after 8:00 tonight. an ice storm is going to be likely near i-85. and some lighter icing will take place south of i-85 as well. heavy north carolina snowfall and upstate snow will be in the forecast very late friday night going into early saturday. here is the storm system that we're tracking. this main area of low pressure is pushing eastward tonight and that is drawing in gulf moisture so the heaviest rain is actually out to our west, but we have lighter showers
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georgia and all of that is moving our way. so we're already getting light rain falling now in stevens county. lots of clouds after clearer skies earlier today across the western capables, and all of that moisture will continue to move on in. friday, 8:00 a.m., we'll be looking for a mixture of rain and sleet across the northern part of the upstate. sleet and snow across western north carolina, and the snow will intensify in the mountains during the day tomorrow, and then we'll expect the sleet to change over to freezing rain for a large part of the day, especially over the northern upstate, even the southern part of the upstate will get at least a little bit of icing. but i think from gaffney down into union, pick bs, those areas have a better chance of more substantial icing that could cause power outages. and by friday, 5:00 p.m., we're still looking at activity around, most likely freezing rains. friday, 7:00 p.m., the main system starts to move past us so colder air will filter in. and by very late friday night
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upstate will have a chance for snow, and that could accumulate to one to two inches across the upstate. and here is how much ice we're expecting, and this is through the day tomorrow. from rock hill into pickens and northern anderson counties, a quarter to a half inch of ice developing on trees and power lines is very possible, and that mean as the we are going to be dealing with some power outages points south, west and you the north, we'll have lesser of the icing around, but still some, and as far as snowfall accumulation goes, we could have over a foot of snow in this bright pink area from brevard into the northern mountains and an inch or two of snow possible in the extreme northern upstate that expands friday night into saturday as that system pulls away and colder air moves in. so for the next 72 hours, we have a lot of changes ton way. we're going to be at or below freezing during the day. that's why the temperature is key here. left over snow early saturday.
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dry. we'll get above freezing on saturday. so some improvements and road conditions will take place for the first half of the weekend and sunday, a lot of sunshine and 40s for the high, and there is your mountain forecast. lots of snow and also some sleet in the mountains and some of that will try to wrap up into saturday. >> thank you. still ahead at 6:00, will this panthers' star from the area be in the center of the storm sunday? >> and this driver off season
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he has found in a week where several top 10 teams have been ups in a weekend with several top ten teams, north carolina just keeps on purring. wake with a huge game out of palmetto state. good evening, everybody. as we get set for sunday's showdown in charlotte, one of the intriguing battles, how the panther also defend the cardinals' spectacular larry fitzgerald.
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he won't necessarily draw carolina's top corner josh norman, but instead he'll see plenty of nickelback finnegan. but norman is excited about the opportunity when he gets it. he took over in overtime last week with the huge run and a winning touchdown. >> i think big players make big plays in a big game. she a big player that made a big play in a big game. and he won it for them. i'm looking forward to playing against him. i like guy like that, come and make the games fun. >> we're going to do things according to situational football and we'll see how it plays out. there are some things in talking to him about what he wants to do and other things we have to take a look at. >> and maybe the secret weapon is luke who has become great covering underneath. well, we're less tan a month from the daytona 500, the start of the nascar season. denny hamlin is a guy who is anxious to get back. of course, he is still recovering from knee surgery. he finished last year in
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kyle busch is somebody he could lean on because all that busch had to overcome injurywise in 2015 on his way to a title. >> we're kind of comparing point? where were you? i'm not as far along as i hoped, for sure, but i'm very confident that in the next three weeks i'll be, you know, back where my range of motion is good, i'll be walking normal, and everything should be fine. >> of course, hamlin would love to get himself a trophy. he has come close before. he finished second back in 2010 and third in 2014. needless to say, the weather playing havoc at the sports schedule. >> we have come pressed a whole lot of weather in a few seconds. >> watch out for freezing rain, sleet and snow starting by tomorrow morning, so we'll track that for you. >> thank you for watching. a lot more coming up at 7:00. >> back here at 11:00, too, and we'll see you at 7:00 tonight.
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7 knewing is always on, on
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we're proud to be >> pelley: d.c. deep freeze going nowhere fast in the ice capital of america as the east
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