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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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part of georgia. but it continues to make progress across the upstate, 1- 4 inches of additional snow is possible overnight going into tomorrow morning. and then another 4-6 inches in asheville and we're below freezing and we have windchill too. >> what about the ice? >> you said 1-4 inches of snow. >> we've had minimal ice which is good. no more than 2/10 of an inch. most of it will be snow. >> way better news. >> stick around and i-26, back open tonight, this is a huge back up, it happened this morning, and there were several 18 wheelers jackknifed and it was shut down for hours. we were able to see it and
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>> nothing is going anywhere. i might try to go somewhere if i had a 4 wheel drive. seeing people going around like that. the big certain can the roads tonight and we have team coverage so we can let you know where the problem areas are. >> that was a mess this morning on i-26, and it's cleaned up now. not many cars on the road now and most people are home. on 85 and in those southbound lanes on exit 30 and 35. they've cleared now and looking at 85, that camera is iced over
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14, you can't see it with the ice. she's monitoring the roads from there. >> and here's brianna. >> good evening, front seat passenger view to the roads and my photographer and i have been traveling along and been able to see what's going on out here, we have seen cars on the road just like emily was saying and which want to give you a live look. going to switch the camera so you can see where we're. we're on whitehorse rd., and these conditions aren't favorable and the traffic lights are out because of the widespread outages. weaver seen many accidents as well. the later it gets, the icier
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this is actually slush on the road, but once it gets colder that turns to ice. we're going to monitor out here all evening from whitehorse rd. which is a secondary road and they're not getting as much ice as some of the other roads. we are going to go to spartanburg as well so you can see what the roads look like in our area. and safe driving out there. here is just a look at how much research has got into keeping the roads clear. 700 workers have working on this task. 130 tons of sand and 300 gallons of salt brine. you might want to wash your car when this is over because this can lead to rust.
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down, let's show you video shot by the sheriff's office. this saturates the ground and loosens the roots. they've had calls about downed trees today and they're problems out there in greenville county. >> and that was expected with the weather we're getting. the temperatures and rain makes for a nasty situation as it pertains to the trees. i want you to look at this video. you can see what i'm talking about. this was the scene all over the metro, trees down and blocking roads and affecting homes, a nasty situation out there. a lot of people trying to figure out what they're going to do and we caught up with a owner when a tree fell on her home. >> the stairs and our back deck
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>> she said it could have been worse, many here will be doing cleanup and speaking to contractors about making repairs in the coming days and weeks. >> very busy for a lot of people. when they fall they take power lines with them. what about power outages? >> the woman you spoke to, her home suffered a power outage and one of her neighbors was going out to check with other residents to see how they were doing and fairing. you'll hear from them at 6:00. the power was flickering on and off at my home when i left for work. a lot of people dealing with issues today that are weather related on the roads and inside of the homes. >> we're rooting for you.
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>> if falling trees are a problem, first, the person whose property it lands on is responsible for cleanup, there has to be damage other than the tree for insurance to kick in, so if it's $5,000, insurance companies aren't going to touch that, it has to land on and damage something else. >> power outage, these utility trucks are out and hopefully they're going to fix your outage. they fluctuated all afternoon. and greenville was hit the hardest but they brought in personnel from florida to help
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and they even called in more crews. spartanburg saw 1,000 outages today at the peak. others like greenville had 14,000 outages earlier this afternoon. >> if it's 1, that one is your house, it's a disaster. >> that's what makes all of the difference. i'll talk more about the effort by the city of greenville to bury the power lines and how people who live there can get involved. >> i look forward to that. and while the updates are ice and here comes the snow. north carolina countries have had a bit of snow. >> and meteorologist is on snow patrol and joins us with conditions there. >> we're up in polk county and the snow has quit right now. the snow that we're seeing is just blowing snow.
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rearranged where the snow is. just within a circle of where i am, i've seen 3 and a half to 6 inches. but some places reported a foot of snow and more on the way, maybe another 3-6 inches. and i was going to make a snowman, but it's powdery snow. as we've mentioned, not done with the snow yet and that's going to cause issues for the roadways. we want to keep moving to some of our other crews. >> let's go to spartanburg, laura thomas is standing by. >> you guys have been talking about the power outages and this is where those crews and extra crews they've brought in
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across the carolinas have been fairgrounds. there were hundreds of trucks here this morning filling this lot here but as you can see, it's mostly empty and that's a good thing if you're waiting for your power to come on. they're making sure they're working hard and those crews are out there for you. we checked in with the spartanburg emergency management office, they said there are not too many problems. it's been worse in other places but the roads are their main concerns. they're worried about that ice and that ice refreezing and causing problems for drivers. >> thank you, laura. i don't have to work at
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students are the only ones excited by snow days. a funny video next. >> this is causing trees to fall and this sleet left over, that's going to be ice after we lose daylight tonight. what you can expect for the overnight going to the weekend, coming up.
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that's a we're "live at 5" .. and the only story that anyone's talking about tonight is what' welcome back, the story is the weather. that is what we're talking about. let's take you there.
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the look at the conditions there. >> >>reporter: it's cold, big surprise. 28 degrees, and feels like 18, this is 276, that's the main road that goes into travelers rest. we've seen plows treating the road and keeping it in decent shape, you can see these guys, they're having fun, probably going too fast for conditions, but people have been driving the road. want to show you instead, this is what an untreated road looks like. it's a parking lot but made of the same materials, you can pan down and see snow and ice and it's a slushy mess. you get deeper, it's water and the colder it gets the more it's going to freeze and become pretty bad. want to take you to video that we shot through the day. this is snapshots of the road
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drove we saw roads get worse the longer we drove. we saw trees down and you're looking at trees that were in the road on 276 and a truck there stopped to get them out of the roadways. we saw businesses that were shut down completely or closing early and a mcdonald's here closed at 1:00 p.m. one business that stayed open is the bp and they're getting those supplies and propane tanks. we talk to one man who got one and said he wanted to get home for a specific reason. >> we have to get on my 4- wheeler and play like a kid. that's what i'm going to do, don't tell my daughter, she wanted to go with me, but had to stay at home, make sure she's warm. >> sounds like fun, i might want to stay inside by the fire
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just want to show you, this is just a sampling of how cold it is, it's windy out here, i think anyone that stays still is going to turn into an icicle or popsicle or a dip dots ice- cream cone. >> i'm glad she's heading back inside and we've been talking about how much the viewers have helped out because people have sent in great photos and videos. >> we count on them to give us that firsthand look of a what you're experiencing, nothing tops this one. amy white, she lives in kentucky now but she sent this, the dinosaur shoveling the snow. another use for your halloween costume. and another one. here's an olaff.
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record it and then report it using our app. if you have the app, you'll get the latest updates on the new us and weather right here in the palm of your hands. very simple. >> we showed you this before the break but winter weather is exciting for the kids because school gets out but teachers wish for snow days just as much if not more than their students. >> why does it have to be so cold? the least it can do is snow, because i have to keep my students inside, i have no time for recess, going to lose my mind she's good, she's great. she's a third grade teacher in tennessee who put her own spin
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>> i had someone on my life chat who went on saying, i want this snow out as much as the kids do, i want the day off. >> teachers spend their snow days at home watching netflix all day. >> we want to know what your favorite way to spend a snow day is, you're voting on our facebook page and >> you sleep in and watch netflix and only 11% said sledding and 5% snowball fights. sledding. >> another look at the weather. >> i wanted to come out and conditions. i'm standing on a very icy step and i've almost fell twice.
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can zoom in on the tree here, this is what we're worried about, not the snow, but this quarter to a half inch of ice on these tree limbs, they formed today and that is what we're keeping an eye on because it's slippery outside and if you're playing at home and your local news bingo. i was the first one to show out without a hat and gloves. that was me, i'm the id i one on that one. >> you're out there at a good time. but you can borrow my gloves next time. >> we'll do what we can. >> it's always a balmy 75 until the studio. we have another round of snow on the way. it's going to be moving in from the west and it's impacting
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and scattered snow showers will be around overnight and so we'll get additional accumulation and we could have a thundersnow shower, and that can enhance the snowfall amounts and then into tomorrow morning, it's going to end early on saturday, icy roads are around and road improvements on sunday. plenty of moisture from the south and lots of cold air and that is freezing rain and snow across the western carolinas and especially in the mountains. in the northern part, here's the 2nd of the last of the two waves we're expecting to move on through. the first one is making its way through the western part of the upstate, and that's in pickens
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county and farther to the south, pink is freezing rain and sleet in greenwood. so, it's a cold rain but it's due west and a light wintery mix. far as the additional amounts, 1-4 inch locally and higher across the upstate. 4-6 inches in addition in the mountains. 24 in asheville and 29 in anderson. temperatures, well down to the 20s and that's in a lot of areas and that stays steady. it has been a windy day, gusts are sustained out of the northeast at 21 miles per hour. and winds out of the north/northeast out of spartanburg is 15. and it feels like 13 in
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our storm system pushes out and that's high mountain snow and afternoon. sunday, a cold start to the day and milder in the around with some temperatures trying to get into the 40s. the sun's energy goes into melting snow so it will stay quiet chilly and we stay in the 30s for tomorrow. 37 is the high tomorrow and down to 23 for tomorrow night. 46 on sunday and monday it will be 51. we'll get up to 50 degrees on tuesday. the high tomorrow in the mountains, stay below freezing so road conditions don't improve and black ice is an issue and some mountain temperatures should be able to creep into 40s by the afternoon. that wind is for real.
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you enjoy a snow day, many like
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the arizona cardinals plan to fly into charlotte tomorrow ... despite the winter weather. we're back, the arizona cardinals plan to fly into charlotte tomorrow despite the weather. it's important the panthers don't miss practice. check out this practice in the snow this morning. the weather may give them an edge, the cardinals have played just a handful of cold weather games this season. >> and we're here in our mobile
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