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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the very latest on the roads, live from the news station, live at 5:00 continues. good evening, our coverage of winter storm 2016 is just getting started. >> let's get latest from our chief meteorologist. >> we're looking for a few other rounds of snow to work their way through into tomorrow morning. the other thing, after sunset, we lose radiation from the sun and we'll see slush or loose snow turn into a sheet of ice. it's dangerous to be out even in the morning. it may take to midmorning to melt that. last wave is in alabama and it form of snow. it has freezing rain in
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pushing to the east with time. here's a look at upstate from greenwood county. it's windy. suad eo at 23 miles per hour. and that makes it feel like it's in the teens out there. actual temperatures are 26. we've got 1.1 inches of snow, do you think it's a record? >> yes? >> it's not, we got 10 .6 today in asheville, do you think that was a record, it was! >> little trivia. >> we thought we'd get more that not that. >> we had an inch of snow early this morning and we'll add to it. overall totals are going to be higher and we had less freezing rain. >> and the main time it's supposed to taper off?
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>> and now, let's continue our team coverage by showing you what's happening now. checking in with our reporters in the field. >>reporter: looking in western north carolina and that's columbus in polk county. we're in that gap, but there's plenty here, from 4-6 inches, good news, the trees don't have anything on them. roadways are going to be a mess though, still, and anywhere that there's been precipitation. >>reporter: live here, not seeing much but gosh, it's cold, 26 degrees, and with the wind, it's pretty severe out here and it feels like the
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this is 276 and it's been treating with sand and salt, and we've seen crews coming through and so people have been able to move throughout here good, we've been to those secondary roads and it's a bad scene. looking like sheets of ice and we've seen snow and rain and sleet. as it gets colder, it will be more ice. >>reporter: yes, thanks, i'm live in spartanburg county. along with the road conditions they've been monitoring the power outages, i'm live at the piedmont fairground. they're here with those branches or tree problems. this where the duke energy crews have been staging and
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quickly as possible. stay warm out there, tonight travelers all up the east coast are trying to find out what the winter storm means to them. >> mark meredith look at the travel nightmare starting in our nation's capital. >> bundled up and ready to go, inside washington union station, travelers are in long lines. >> i rescheduled so i can avoid the blizzard. they stayed mostly delay-free and telling us they're optimistic that rail service will stay on track. >> they plan to operate here straight through the weekend. >> there's a storm on the way and plenty are getting out of the city and amtrak is making it easier and waiving the change fees. >> at reagan national airport a quarter of the flights from
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cancelled their flights in advance and taxi drivers said they're going to stay off the roads. >> district of columbia declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm and told residents to prepare for the worst. hunker down and shelter in place. >> while it's stopping the plans, they realize they have no choice. >> yes, i'm disappointed but what can i do? you just have to go along with nature and this is winter. >> in washington, mark meredith. and we know, the roads a mess tonight. we hope you plan on staying put. >> it looks like people are doing that, as we go to brianna smith, carefully navigating the roads, how does it look? >>reporter: jason is doing
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14 people went to the hospital because of traffic related injuries. we got back on 385 and want to show you this, these roads look like they haven't been treated but the salt trucks have been out here all day. they've been going over these interstates. they're not using salt brian brine. that is because as soon as night falls, that's going to get worse. we're seeing less cars out here and you can see that car up lights. we'll be out here showing you what's going on and getting on the i-85, so our next shot will be another interstate and hopefully better than this.
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light, i know emily has been watching for accidents, are you roads? >> well, we have been seeing that, but it's been less and less throughout the day. earlier, we saw people, trying to get to the store for the last minute item. but every road, we saw at least one car stranded or a wreck somewhere, know if you go out, something may happen, highway patrol asks you to stay at home. make sure you're safe tonight. >> we hope you're safe too. as we continue to follow winter storm 2016, download our 7 news app, it's free and helps
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next, buttermilk may be bread and milk may be the go to
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>> there marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty...
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and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. forecasters - including our very own christy henderson - have been warning about this winter storm for days. it quickly led to the
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henderson has been warning us for days. >> empty shelves in the grocery stores but some have a unique list. >> i hit the grocery store, but honestly when we're being truthful, the most important thing is wine and whiskey. >> i got bacon and hot chocolate. >> no comments, i'd been depressed if i didn't have chocolate. >> you have to have everything you need and you've got the batteries in case the power goes out. even bj is celebrating this day with a snow day. he opted to watch the news instead of his favorite cartoon, because he's a huge fan of malachi, maybe for bj a future in forecasting.
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>> we have had an active day
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and take a look at your the national weather service says the blizzard thats hitting the east coast could rank near the top 10 ever to hit the region. national weather service says the blizzard could be top 10 to hit the region. 77 million people in the path. we'll show the map, 5 states and washington, d.c. have declared states of emergency. here's our national correspondent. >>reporter: this is the beginning of a blizzard. we've gotten not that much snow compared to what we're projecting. i'll show you only the ground here, maybe an inch or two
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getting up to 2 feet of snow. they've said stay off the roads and the sidewalks and yet we saw two joggers, not sure why, you can't take a deep breath. you can see the snow is horizontal. on the roads, i can give a look behind me, some people are able to walk through, that's about all you're going to see as far as traffic. some drivers, still driving way too fast and they're probably taxiing or uber drivers. and they want to make money. they're going to be in business here, the mayor said this was a life and death situation. most certainly, some people will die whether that's because of crash or the cold, they haven't determined yet. don't let it be you and that's up and down the eastern seaboard. you can see in any number of cities.
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inches. it's about safety and we're getting ready for more to come and we'll monitor it here live. >> thanks, chance. >> we've had freezing rain in the northern part of the upstate and into the mountains and more on the way. in addition, strong winds and ice has built up and that can cause trees to fall. now dave jordan is in greenville county and he's been looking around and the trees have fallen thanks to the strong winds and the tree limbs have been heavy due to ice, how does it look now? we're having technical problems. we'll get back to him later on. take a look at how much more
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across the upstate, that's right, more on the way for folks that haven't seen much. 1-4 inches with higher amounts will be a possibility during the evening hours and through the overnight. we'll have a couple of waves of snow and it continues to pile up and we've had a report of foot of snow in addition to what we've gotten. we have dave back now. >> this is better, you can hear me, it doesn't look as bad here, but all throughout the upstate, and greenville county, we've seen downed trees and really ice-covered limbs that fell on homes and the roads and crews were called into move them out of the area. one woman was in here home and
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can tell you, this has been a difficult day for people having to navigate this and dealing with the damage to their homes and to their decks. a lot of people are keeping a close eye and hoping that the worst is passed. >> i think it's possible we can see more trees coming down and power outages, we'll stay well below freezing overnight and we'll add to that with the additional snow. several waves moving thg here's the first one and here's the second one over the western part of the upstate. and moving over the mountains. this bun is going to swing through overnight. here's a closer look at the
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and that's pickens county and the darker blue is higher snow. better chance of snow than sleet. tomorrow morning, our many storm system pushes out and of course it's going to leave us but approaching the mid- atlantic and causing problems. snow ends early and breaks in the clouds across the upstate but that sun's energy goes into creating flush and working on the ice and snow that's on the ground instead of heating the air so a cold day and freezing cold on sunday morning so black ice is an issue. tough to be out driving and milder in the afternoon. scattered snow overnight and additional accumulation is likely so stay home if you can and fast road improvements will happen sunday. >> for the next 72 hours, cold tomorrow and beautiful weather
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monday with a high of 51 and next system is tuesday and brings us rain and we'll see mild temperatures up to 50 for the high and there's your mountain forecast and that snow isn't going anywhere. >> next, do you want to build a snowman? there's a right way and a wrong
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>> more on 7 news at 6:00, an "live at 5" is back with the latest results from our web poll .. how do you very latest results from our web poll. how do you most enjoy spending your snow day? can we see the results? the question was, how do you
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watch netflix, go outside and play in the snow. who is winning the poll? all right, i was outside and we wouldn't want anyone to miss it and hopefully diane is filling it out right now. are you building a snowman, i know you're not watching netflix. >> i got frozen in my head. my favorite thing is it go go skiiing my husband left me snow ours shoes. i haven't in my 6 years needed to use these. maybe tomorrow morning i'll get up and try them out. >> be careful on ice and snowshoes. be safe out there. >> is there a right way to build one? now back to the poll. you know what? all of the wires have gotten frozen in the cold.
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sleeping in and watching netflix, it would be better to watch 7 news, most of you would do that and a few would be outside sledding and then the occasional snowball fights. and we found this on "usa today." a british mathematician devised this formula. it must be 5.3 feet in height and 3 balls have specific die diameters. that's the point of going out, to do math. they're on >> next, we know it's freezing outside and everyone is trying to stay warm, we'll show you pretty interesting ways that folks are trying to do that coming up. live look at the roads, our 7 news crew very nicely and
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and keeping an eye on the
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with the weather being so cold and wet ... some people are looking for any way they can think of to warm up. with the weather being cold and wet some people are looking for anyway they can to warm up, in columbia we found what people are doing. >> when it's raining and barely above freezing, it's like a sunday from heaven. it says hot and that's enough for a day like this. >> once you get out of the car, it hits your face and it took him by surprise. >> she took her son george to krispy kreme to meet friends. >> and with the heat rising from the donuts, and the coffee, the plan worked.
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i'm all warm now. >> pull it down now. >> she doesn't like this weather. >> it be really just makes me want to curl up and not move. >> if you're trying to warm up, what's better than the beach, she works at a tanning salon and tans once a week to brighten their mood. >> i spoke to others and they said the same thing, they come here to get out of this. >> i'm playing on the beach and i think i'm there, and i just go to sleep. >> it's a good way to imagine yourself some place else, some place you can feel your fingers and toes. >> and then i walk back out in the awful, wet, rain and go home and get in my be bed.
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>> live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. thank you for joining us. the carolinas are not alone with the messy winter. 75 million people are bracing for the massive storm system. 30 million of those people are facing blizzard including north carolina are under a state of emergency. winter storm crews are plowing the roads and you see it here where state troopers have responded to dozens of accidents and the panthers stadium is blanketed with snow. >> this one here, with the slush that means ice for the roads as you drive. this is a live look, if you're
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