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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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power outages, we've had reports of power lines and trees coming down. a car owner there with a new ride on the way and it's an insurance claim, and it's only 6 months old. >> we saw power outages go as high at 14,000 in some counties. tonight we have several of our crews spread out and they're checking things out. >> that's right, we're going to see a couple of waves of snow moving through and everyone has a chance of it. and the amounts vary, we do expect a good chance of that going into early tomorrow morning. a winter storm warning continues until tomorrow morning so it continues to be dangerous on the roads through saturday evening. we've got colors on the radar.
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is freezing rain and sleet and a second wave moving through the upstate now and the third wave is moving into the western part of georgia. and these areas are getting the more widespread snow and you can see the purple represents freezing rain and sleet that's light but still may accumulate and temperatures are well below freezing there. it feels like 17 in asheville and 14 in spartanburg. dan bickford has been out, and here he is. >>reporter: and the big stuff is farther to the northwest. we're in polk county by
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it depends on how you measure worth. this is a 100 grand bar, if we stand here and look at the snowfall totals, we're talking 50,000 worth but that's only the concrete, if i go back here, we're looking at ground disappears. the snow is priceless then, more snow is on the way in polk county and areas farther north another few inches of snow. we'll keep an eye on it tonight and again, no matter where you are, watch those roads, they're freezing up. >> reporting live, meteorologist dan bickford. >> how cold does he look? >> he's got the red nose. >> it's a slushy mess out there.
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don't have to get out on the roads, the highway patrol urges you not to. how often do you see it this empty? this makes it easier for your emergency responders to handle things. >> our brianna smith is in spartanburg county with a very cool vehicle. she's traveling the roads, is that a flashing light? >> we just passed a highway patrolman pulling over to check on a vehicle on the side of the road and that's what we're seeing here when we have these winter storms. vehicles that are abandoned and have to be picked up later. we're here in spartanburg county and people are moving slow along here because the roads are wet.
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it's pushing snow over the to side, and it's trying to get all of that wet, icky mess off the roads. all of those people who are stir-crazy, don't think you can get out on the roads tomorrow, it's going to be a mess again. we can see the slush here as we get onto business 85 and you see another snowplow with the blinking lights. they're out here in full force to make sure you're safe and we're here from greenville to spartanburg. >> i've interviewed them, and they're like please stay off the roads, it makes it easier for them to do their job. >> from icy roads to downed trees.
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county, falling trees and branches are piling up in spots. >>reporter: i can tell you, when this storm is over, there's going to be a lot of cleanup in greenville and greenville county. definitely leaving an impact on these neighborhoods. this is what people are contending with, and the trees are coming over the homes and into the streets. and crews are being called into remove the limbs and they're dealing with power outages as well and we spoke with one man who was on his way out to check in on his neighbors. >> we have a neighbor that's 91, and i'm sure he's fine but we're checking on everybody. >> he said he's not worried,
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happens during the summer and during the winter. and the power is generally restored in a few hours. again, once it comes back, a lot of cleanup in these neighborhoods and mess going on with these downed power lines and trees all over the place. utility crews will have their hands full all weekend. duke power is ready to roll and we've been there live. >> very busy, ts crews have been working hard all day, you can see some of the tree trimmer trucks behind me and duke energy trucks. when we got here, this parking lot was filled with hundreds of trucks here and as you can see the parking lot is fairly empty as those crews are out and about doing what they're supposed to be doing and trying to make sure that power is back on.
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working hard in spartanburg, this is along highway 29 where they were making repairs to the line. and in downtown spartanburg, it was like a ghost town, not many people out and that's what officials were hoping for and that you would stay home. >> it doesn't matter if you have 4-wheel drive, in ice, you can't go and it takes longer to melt the ice than a normal snowfall. >> and that's their message for you to stay home, they're trying to get that out so that these crews who are out there working can get to where they need to be and keep you safe at the same time. live in spartanburg, laura thomas, 7 news. >> it's been more snow and less ice. that's very good to see. during winter storms, it takes a quarter inch of ice to bring a power line down.
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our diane lee has been keeping tabs on that, so you're standing by live, what's the latest? >>reporter: my heart goes to the people who has lost power, it's cold out here. i checked in with duke energy and they brought in 1400 extra personnel in florida and that's on top of the crews they have and they had to call in more reinforcements, that's how bad it got. the height of it, it was about midday, mid afternoon, and south carolina has 25,000 outages and it still does and north carolina has 80,000, we checked that within the last half hour and if we checked locally in the upstate, you can see here, greenville county,
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little over 10,000 but earlier it was 14,000. i checked on status to bury power lines after a storm in 2005 where there was ice and people were left without power for a long time. i spoke with them and they said, since the project began, they've helped to bury 1,400 be done. the city wants more people to apply and you know, one of the people, one of the things is that anyone who lives in greenville is paying for this program through a fee that appears on their utility and the city helps you out.
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you get a 1,500 dollar subsydy to make it happen. if there's money, why don't more people sign up to get that done? >> well it's a great question, two reasons. one is that sometimes it's more than $1,500 to get it and some people don't want to put in the money but the bigger reason is people don't know about the project. i put up a link on so if you're interested and you live in greenville, check it out. >> people think about it when the power goes outs. >> and you can stay up-to-date by downloading our app. you'll find it in app store. >> some are unaffected by the storm. we're talking to you, one of the areas that have been
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>> and take look at this, the roads... are really getting dangerous for drivers ... in areas like travelers rest. crews were the roads are getting dangerous. especially as the sun goes down and crews were called to clean up downed trees and addy is standing by live. guys, what a difference an hour makes. an hour ago, the sun was setting and we didn't see precipitation, now it's snowing again, and blowing sideways and very cold. windchills make it feel like the teens. we had, see this gentlemen, he's called for help. he was stalled on the side of the road and we're seeing more spin outs. >> i want to point this out, this is a treated road, you can
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roads are turning into. a reminder to be careful, if you don't have to get out, stay at home and stay dry. it's cold out, so you might be safe. i'm reporting live. the wind makes it super cold. straight ahead, some people are dealing with power outages and others are having fine too. a lot of people glad to see
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i'll let while scdot and utility crews are at work the winter storm... many people like wayne henderson in utility crews are working today and many folks had fun. is that darth vader? and now madison in blue ridge inspired by the movie "frozen"
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latching onto his big snowman. >> wow, that's great. >> throughout the weekend, we would love for to you share your pictures. shoot us an e-mail and submit it through the report it icon on the 7 news app. if you don't have it, get it for free at the app store. that was a huge snowman. that took a lot of work. >> for those that had lots of snow you'll add to it and in the upstate, more is on the way as well. aside from the extra precipitation, now the sun has set and with each passing minute the slush turns to ice. we've been telling you to stay in, that's the best advice. >> scattered snow is on the way and the snow is ending early
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home if you can and faster road improvements happen sunday and that' better chance to get the roads on the course to drying up. busy radar, in tennessee and back to georgia. the first wave brought us sleet and freezing rain and a third wave is moving into georgia and that moves on through late tonight into early tomorrow morning. here's the closer look. over towards these county in northern sections and pickens, there's know moving to the east and the pink indicate freezing rain and sleet and we're seeing that in laurens and into abbyville and here's that look at temperatures. and we're at 30 degrees in greenwood. below freezing all of the way across the area. and so the snow and ice that's
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anywhere and it's going to hand up through the overnight. the windchill temperature is 14 in spartanburg, it's brutal, the winds are sustained out of the north/northeast at 16 miles per hour and 18 miles per hour winds in greenville and breezy into tomorrow morning so temperatures stay steady overnight and start out in the 20s and see a few breaks in the clouds and hoping to melt the snow, so another cold day but above freezing across the upstate and by the 30s by the afternoon tomorrow. 72 hours, it's beautiful on sunday, and we'll warm up it on monday, highs in the 50s and the next system is on tuesday. and there's a look at your mountain forecast.
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few locations have reported a foot of snow today and could pick up another 5-8 inches in some spots. 30 is the high and the snow isn't going anywhere. and the weather looks milder into next week with highs in the low to mid 40s. thanks, ahead, the weather outside was frightful for the panthers, and the head coach has perspective.
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giant leap and their final practice before their sunday night showdown had them working in a winter wonderland.... final practice before the showdown have them working in a winter wonderland. he should be used to that. panthers got set in the chill. here's what with the stadium looked like this morning. a field that is suspect to
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and everyone is talking about the elements. he sounded like the postal service in terms of guys going out and focusing on the task at hand. >> we've practiced in the rain and snow before. >> if i don't make a big deal, and the players don't, it's nothing to worry about. we do the best we can. >> after the injury list, jonathan stewart is clear but jared allen is and no-go because of the broken bone in his foot. the swamp rabbits, that game is still on. >> basketball on saturday, college wise, usc goes to tennessee, and frank martin matches wits with him. and here he is, the primary
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comeback win at ole miss and he's enjoying being at the centerpiece of a magnificent turn around. >> i'm trying to help everyone on the court, and that's how i am. i love to win and after the year we had, we have the opportunity to keep winning. >> meanwhile, the women kept winning and she had 17 points in the conference. coming up on saturday. a key game in the southern conference on the furman campus and clemson picked a good weekend to be off. >> rivals get together and they battle for the final minute and
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cam puts it into and it's like lorenzo charles all over again. sparb survdby 2 at the home of the in indians. you think people are glad they got bread and milk. >> we're adding to 1-4 inches for the snow totals. toast and cereal for everyone. >> or wine and chocolate too.
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>> pelley: the snow's coming down, the warnings are up for the blizzard of 2016. >> they said it's coming. i'm trying to get out of here. >> pelley: also tonight, a new air bag death, for the first time not in a honda. the recall expands by millions. the conservative "national
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donald trump.
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