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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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don't can to download our new and improved "7 news app" so you can stay up to date wherever you up to date you can stay up to date wherever you go. you can download it for free for apple or android devices. just searc7wi youp sr yathe late any school closings and delays. roads across the upstate
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and conditions are getting worse. that's causing some people to seek alternate shelter. 7 news reporter "eryn rogers" is live in gaffney at one of the shelter's that's set up for the winter weather. i'm at encounter church in's one of three shelters across the upstate that the american red cross set. up. right now they have cots laid out..and snacks on theur they've onlanpercin s f.ttheeexpectini to tcocrowded. crowded.get much more crowded. people are coming here.. because of the roads. driving around earlier this evening..we saw a lot of cars running off the road.. neighbors having to pull oeo and plows doing the best they can to keep up
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.. and slush now turning to ice. we talked to the lady who's in the shelter now.. she was driving from pennsylvania back to atlanta.. got right outside of charlotte..and decided it was too dangerous to go any further. elaine pechnik/seeking shelter at red cross: "it was a whiteout, my car was slipping and sliding, and i ayhad nol gand the police came and brought me here to the shelter, andm g dau becs'h be ulosrt iw red cross volunteers tell me they're preparing to be set up at least for the next two days. live in gaffney, eryn rogers, 7 news. tonight...the red cross says they've opened two shelters... one at "pickens presbyterian church" on "west main street" in pickens... and at "encounter church" on "north limestone street" in gaffney... also....the spartanburg county "community emergency response team" opened a shelter at "duncan uniter methodist church" on "west main street" in duncan...
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limbs down in "travelers rest"...this is one of the hardest hit areas in the upstate... "7 news reporter tony cedrone" joins us live from travelers rest... tony what are you seeing? we've been driving around the northern part of greenville county all afternoon... it's been a mix of freezing rain and snow.. we've seen several tree limbs down along the side of poinsett highway...power crews trying to fix fallen power lines ... intersections with stop lights haven't been working for a few hours...many businesses around here had to close early because of the power outage.... russell watson, fire chief, duncan chapel: "we've seen a lot of trees down power lines down people without power.some stranded motorists, but for the most papeople seem b staying fe road,a helped o a." brett "it's awesome i love it. it's kind nice to have the day off from wori'm usually ov
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off is pryc looking forward ... we might see an additional 2-3 inches of snow overnight...if you have to drive tonight... lookout for black ice... and be safe out there. live in travelers rest, tony cedrone... 7news what a mess in greenville county... this winter blast... knocked over trees, brought down limbs and blocked roads all over the area. these were just some of the images our cameras captured of what greenville county residents had to deal with this afternoon. crews had to be called into remove some of the trees out of street. one neighbor was inside her home when the tree came crashing down. whitney jones, neighbor, tree fonou: 1- " nbkeo onetets andca fiel so.tub. "jones" says she's counting her blessings that
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the room where the tree fell. also around noon in greenville... a power line came down and shut down "pelham road" at "lexington place way"... the "boiling springs fire department" says a tree knockedthe lines into the middle of the street... get this cleared. i-26 in north carolina is back open tonight .. after this major back up .. on the "saluda grade". several 18 wheelers jack-knifed .. causing troopers to shut down the interstate for hours. one of our hours. one of our "7 news" photographers captured the mayhem and talked to some of the drivers that found themselves stuck in it. edward & natasha powers: "been sitting out here about an hour and nothing's going .. getting up there." a tough situation there... again... i-26 in henderson back
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in spartanburg county.. we found power crews.. staging .. to get ready to respond.. across the carolinas. they filled up the parking lot.. at the piedmont interstate fairgrounds. we checked with spartanburg county emergency management..and their main concern .. is the roads. check out how slushy highway 292...was.. outside lyman... 01:08:08:16 "it doesn't matter 4 wlon ' oyra t a or lc hi sl" downtown spartanburg... looked like a ghost town this afternoon.. and that's exactly what they want .. as they encourage folks to stay home..during this weather. state emergency officials...are also monitoring the entire state..from the headquarters in columbia we'll take you there next. and we're one of several states dealing with this massive winter storm... how those places ...including the nation's capital...are
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emergency officials suggest you stay off the roads...because driving conditions are only expected to get worse this weekend. "derrec becker" of the "south carolina emergency management division" says ice is accumulating on roads and powerlines making conditions dangerous especially in the upstate. "becker" says the state is anticipating heavy snow freezing rain power outages and more accidents on the roads until sunday. the state is monitoring the situation in columbia ... they ask you to listen to local emergency you can take action ...if needed. derrec becker: ""we want people tth,ay a y fan dyla9-1 o lifte emergencies." almost 30- thousand power outages already happened today the upstate has seen the most so far. if you lose power and
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emergency management will post shelter locations you can find a link to their website on w-s-p-a-dot-com. here's a look at some of the power outages in our of 6-40 tonight... greenville county tops the list right now...with around 10-thousand without power... buncombe county has around 16 pickens with 19- hundred... and anderson and hundred... and anderson county with just over 5-hundred... here's another look at the numbers for the power companies in our area ... for duke energy customers that is 1-800-poweron for laurens electric it's: 1-866-9 restore and for broad river electric its...1- 866-co-op-out. if you missed any of these numbers.... you can find them on our website....wspa dot com...under "links mentioned"...
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north. washington d-c could get the brunt of a
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already there have been 5 weather related deaths from this storm.
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next on 7 news...we'll look at some of your snowman photos from today...
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watch their some primetime tv
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the cold weather didn't keep the "carolina panthers" from preparing for the "n-f-c championship game"... they practiced today in the snow... the "panthers" were outdoors in the snow and sleet...preparing for their game with arizona cardinals... the forecast for sunday calls for clear skies in charlotte... but coach "ron rivera" took no chances having his team work out in the wintry weather....just in
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many of you are taking advantage of the snow in our area to build a snowman... this is "colleen casey" in "mayo"...her snowman has a very stylish hat and scarf .... and.... michelle gosnell of "boiling springs" sent us this adorable picture of someone getting to know her snowman... we want to thank you for sending us these pictures... you can send us your pictures by posting them on our facebook page or sending them on our "7 news app" using the "report it" feature... and see a slideshow of your snow pictures...under "links mentioned" at wspa dot com... next...christy will be back with a final look at our weather....
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with this cold weather... the red cross says they've opened these shelters... one at "pickens presbyterian church" on "west main street" in pickens... and at "encounter church" on "north limestone street" in gaffney... we've just learned a new shelter has opened at the "first baptist church" on "cleveland street" in
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spartanburg county "community emergency response team" opened a shelter at "duncan uniter methodist church" on "west main street" in duncan... let's check with "24-7 chief meteorologist christy henderson" for a final look at weather... thanks for joining us i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w.. and we'll be back here at 11. until then you can get the latest updates by logging on to wspa dot com. we're sending it over to seven on main, where scene on 7... is starting... scene on 7... is on main, where over to se
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