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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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you may know he as they prepare for the trip one of the big concerns a player injured in yesterday's game. and we have an update on line backer davis. >> that's right, it was confirmed today that he has a broken arm. we understood he had surgery this morning and that will be -- it was repaired this morning, and then eventually he'll continue to try to go through practice and play in the game with a soft cast on it. do we have sound we're going to hear at this time? >> my understanding is everything goes well it is something he'll be able to play with. so we're excited about that possibility but again ale see the doctors ask trainers tomorrow morning and we'll see how he is come wednesday, thursday friday. >> so they'll put a soft cast on he should be able to play. it's not that uncommon.
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a surgically repaired broken arm. >> interesting story the sue bowl that took place in 1980, super bowl xiv a player played that game with a broken leg. >> so it can be done and i suppose it can be done well. that's for a different time. so any way davis a big part of the defense. keep in mind he knows about overcoming injury. pain in the arm, how about threee major knee surgeries he's had to come back from and he's been around for about decade and many people wrote him off. >> panthers look so good right now. >> they're playing as well as anyone and easy favorites so far. several lawmaker placed bets on yesterday's game of the senator tom tillis and john
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each other's team and now he has to give a speech on the senate floor. arizona's first dog will have to parade around in a panthers outfit. production began minutes after the panthers won last night. so now they will say panthers and broncos. wilson not the only company of course getting the work to make sure everything is ready. >> 7 news reporter joins us live and you spent the day actually talk to go someone who's going to benefit a lot from this. >> reporter: absolutely. his name is bill fowler. he's been the team official dry cleaner for more than 2 # years and this is how he spent his afternoon
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to par first one cam newton will be on display super bowl sunday. >> it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it and this 82 is more than you up to the task. >> his number, his name, whatever. they want to see nothing by white, the number and the name. >> he is the official dry cleaner of the panthers, a job he has held since 1995 before the team's first season. we were there when the dirty uniforms were dropped off. it happens every monday. they're quickly sort and separated. pants go in one washer, jerseys in the other. they will be ready no later than wednesday a hard deadline that must be met with very few by weeks. >> you have to hurry. if they wore white yesterday and black
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>> just off to the side there's a jersey that headaches as a standard. >> everything we sent back will look like this right now and that's the way they want and that's the way they got to get it. >> and on more than one occasion that number goes missing and that's when he throws his challenge flag. >> this week newton's jersey is included with the rest of the team and it's likely it will be on fool display super bowl sunday when they take the field. >> and back here live as i mentioned getting all the uniforms ready for the big game i just confirmed within the last five minutes that they will be the official uniforms they will play at super bowl l. cam newton's uniform here, a couple of guys everyone is getting these uniforms prepared. this
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>> all right. hang on. i know you're a complete oa fanatic, dave, you love the nfl and standing next to a bunch of game worn jerseys. >> you must be thrille>> this is super cool. a really rare opportunity to see this kind of stuff. >> you know, this is a good assignment. i'm not complaining at all. my squad isn't in the team but i'm in the carolinas so you have to represent and i have to tell you they don't't just clean the player's uniforms they clean everyone's uniforms and this is the coach's jacket. so they have a very busy job here, and this is one of the more sought after contracts and it's of course stayed local and they've done a good job thus far and will continue to. >> all right trying to play it cool. by the way, if you are a huge football fan this is the place to be for super bowl l
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following the team on the road to california like the one dave just brought you coverage all next week. kick off is february 7th at 6:30 p.m. . >> all right to the big thaw ought began or has been going on. all i've been hearing top is drip drip drip drip. >> and the closings keep coming in on our website as the closings for tomorrow come in not for a storm but still in the aftermath. doppler shows that we have the high and thin fair weather clouds coming through. the certain will be tonight the temperatures that you see in the 50s upstate and 40s mountains go down into the 30s, and that will cause black ice to be a concern. here's your greenville zone planner, 53 now, lots of sunshine and melting the spice snow. we'll be down around 38 tomorrow morning so watch the secondary roadways and then the clouds increase. it will be a wintry mix for the mountains and
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help wash your car possibly. >> and a lot of the closings might be if the form of two hour delays. so check out our web site and also of course our 7 news app. and tonight if you're dinner plans include a side salad you're going to want to stick around for this, the details of a new investigation of the we're going to do it right away. tonight at 6 we're talking about putting for weapons in the hands of school officials in south carolina. there's a new plan that would do it trying to keep students safeful we'll tell you more. and i want to let you know that a portion of business 85 southbound will be closed as they repair a bridge there. this will reopen on january 31st. so until then that will be blocked. you can take 176 to 85 south and get back on business 85 but drivers
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because there will be heavy "live at 5" is back with a 7 news consumer alert. you might want to check that salad package in your fridge. the c-d-c is investigating a listeria you're going to want the check the salad package in your fridge. >> a listeria outbreak is being investigated. one person has already died and 12 have been hospitalized after getting sick with listeria. the salad was
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including dole fresh selections choice. ride sharing service uber preparing to launch a full service male delivery service in ten cities. it combines menu restaurants. the food is then delivered as you would guess by an uber driver. >> chipotle wants to cater your super bowl party. it's part of the company's strategy to win back customers after outbreaks last year. it turns out all day egg mcmuffins was a good idea. sales jumped nearly six percent last year after they started is serving all day breakfast. investors do appear to be loving in.
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adopt a child but cost make it sometimes an impossible dream. >> but there is another way how one local couple found a perfect match. and signs of change, how the department of transportation is preparing for more olderrr
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temperatures and a black welcome back to live at 5 .. if you or anyone you know has ever been interested in adoption ... you know it can be a long and costly process. but some organizations in the upstate are coming together to make that process easier. in a minute ..we'll tell you about an event this weekend ... so grab a pen. but first i want to introduce you to a couple who found their son first i want to introduce you to a couple who found their
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marketing and help from a local support system that they never knew existed. >> it's okay. >> you couldn't find a more natural mom than jessica even though nature was working against here. >> we've been told by three different physicians that we would never conceive on our own. >> and so she and her husband looked into adoption. >> i knew that i had a heart big enough to love any baby. so i just started asking god to make me a mom. >> at first they were overwhelmed about the projected cost of adoption but then they discovered the concept of self matching. they learned how to market themselves through social media raise funds and cut costs by more than half. it turns out sailor was an extra order near match. he was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that left him blind. she is a nurse with all the resources to care
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>> he is blessed recordless of what his perception of life is sad about it. >> that led them to another couple we told you about the boltz. their daughter has a degenerative disease, the families met at the doctor's office and became each other's support. >> sailor become her first boyfriend and we took him over for her first date. he brought flowers, and we just wanted to, you know, to love on them through this process. >> she died in december, a week shy of her first birthday and since it was a genetic disorder they are on the same paths. >> it also reminds you every day that like i really want to be a parent. >> they're hopeful a birth mom will reach out to them. they
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she just learned she is 9 weeks pregnant. >> i tell sailor that there is no difference, that there's a baby in my item me that he grew in my heart and the new baby makes mom throw up a little but that's the only difference. >> it was such a joy meeting them. >> cute kid. >> well both going to be at a special event called families forever going on this weekend. it will connect families with all the resources that we mentioned and more. it's saturday from 10 to 1:be 30 and ii is complete free. more americans driving than ever before and it includes a growing number of senior citizens. there are an estimated 38 million on u.s. roadways right now and that number is going to jump to 55 million in four years. so the department of transportation planning to start installing signs with larger letters making it easier to read.
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add warnings for upcoming intersections or stop signs. speaking of drivers here's some trivia. 60 percent of drivers don't know how to do this, what is it? think it over, the answer right after we he get the latest on your forecast. there's a live look at spruce pine into the mountains. see all the snow from the weekend. it's a great sun set now over the mountains as that melt continues. the next couple of days we'll see -- well, at least the sun ask warmer temperatures coming our way. increasing clouds tonight. we've got another storm that will be rain for the upstate into tomorrow and then a wintry mix in the mountains. so potentially a little bit more snow for the mountains and a warmer weekend really going to turn the thaw on as we get to
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60s and plenty of sun and a light breeze. temperature 52 in spartanburg, 53 in greenville and we're going to see a temperature climb down to the 40s and 30s, so secondary roadways a little bit of freezing going on, black ice a threat again. plenty out in the parking lot of where i live. it could be very dangerous you're walking outside and come to a patch of ice. so be careful headed out tonight and tomorrow morning. 40s up in the mountains and watch the forecast showing 30 and the 40s by 9:00. and then we'll be flirting with the freezing mark tomorrow morning and you see the 30s popping up on the map of some of the higher clouds help to keep us insulated just enough. now, 24/7 live doppler showing a clear sky. no storms in the immediate future, however, off to the west there is a front that will eventually make its
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out and we'll see rain in the forecast. and tomorrow by dinner time and after seeing showers come into the area, some snow along the tennessee line, and then a bigger batch of rain comes through during the overnight wednesday morning and then clear by wednesday average at 3:00 the sky is clear and by 6 a great sun set and no problems on any of the roadways precipitation amounts for the upstate very small, about a third of an inch or less for the most part and here's that 5 zone forecast 50s across the board 60ss in greenwood, 50 in the mountains with the light showers and next 72 hours showing 56, 49 and 49, rain upstate from the next storm, and then we'll see 60s for the weekend, mid-60s, with lows in the 40s and 50s and for the mountains we're going to see a wintery mix as we get into
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rain and then 60s next weekend with the january thaw, very typical this time of year. late january we thaw things out and then we're going to take the polar plunge in february. >> oh, no. >> february will make january look like a shadow. >> you know this already. let's focus on the thaw. by the way since you mentioned the ice outside pickins now on a delay. let's talk about the question of the day. 60 percent of drivers don't know how to do this, what is it? >> when i thought about it this revealed my hidden road rage, a turn signal. >> that's what i was going to see. >> get out of the far left lane. >> so i looked it up it happens to be jump start your car and i was laughing at myself because i tried to do it the other day and don't know how to do it it. >> that's it. we're having a
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to work on that. here's what's coming up live at 5. >> while many hunkered, many were outside saying let it snow. a lot of upstate schools
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many have and check this out .. its not everyday you can snowboard through the streets of manhattan. that's what it's not every day that you can snow board through the streets of manhattan. police did event stop him but the officer was cool about it. >> wow. maybe twice as adorable
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to help get through the snow. kids being pulled around by the family pet. the family last seen praying for summer. >> and check out this snow man, the good family used food coloring to make their favorite meteorologist, and of course it's a spitting image. next this had little boy
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in handy when his mom had a "live at 5" is back with the story of a four year old .. who used a tablet to save his mother's life. david a story of a four-year old who used a tablet to save hesitate mother's live. >> why the family is emits grateful for their touch screen technology. >> the four-year loves using tablets to play games. >> what's your favorite game? his mom was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 6 years
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>> i was talking to my mom on the cell phone and she heard me starting to slur my my speech and i started feeling a little sleepy. >> soon after she went unconscious. >> she called her husband and was working at the time. he tried calling the house phone and got no answer of that's when he called the tablet and guess who answered. >> daddy was calling me and when i saw that green button i pushed it. and had the cell phone on it. >> his dad told him to answer the door when 911 arrived and he did that. >> a common complaint is that today's youth getting too attached to them of the however, in this instance a child pro fishes in technology saved his mother's life. >> i think that him using the tablet is the reason why she's still with us here today. i had no idea he knew how to unlock the tablet even get on face time. that was the first time
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>> having the presence of mind to stay calm in that situation. >> he realized what was going on and he could get help from his daddy. >> this is a scary situation in general and puts me more at ease knowing that if something were to happen at least i can rely on my son. >> and not many kids that age can say they saved their mom's life. stay with us. federal authorities now looking into a scam hitting at least one part of the upstate taking advantage of people trying to find a job. how this works just ahead. 50s in the upstate, 40s in the mountains. following temperatures and the black ice threats coming up next. it is or responsibility to keep kids safe. first at 6 the winter storm is gone but what's left is causing problems for our upstate schools. many students in the
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