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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the temperatures are warmer. >> what do we expect tonight as it cools down >> the rain will move in it for the mountains of freezing rain advisory. northern mountains up towards hayward this is midnight until 10 in the morning. black ice threat, roadways bridges and sidewalks less than oen of an inch of ice. along the tennesseli border counties heading up towards tennessee. nt mninh te see this look at the rain moving in and that will change to freezing rain and for the upstate seeing the rain continue. temperatures are in t and dropping down to th40s for the mountains. your forecast showing petus at 56. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. overnight we have a drot the 40s and 50s by the afternoon tomorrow.
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in some parts of our area. tonight asheville poli wi the dangers of driving. >> i'm surprised thi nhbeen more. >> sophie -- sometimes you just want to head out. this vio was ten in massachusetts. incidents like this have been reported or the weekend. thrt sa is miertole othe snow off of your car before driving and if you are behind the wheel keep a safe distance -- distance from the car in front of you. >> it's a definite danger. wth always changing and we make it easy for you. download the "7 news" app. it's free and we will give you access to all the latest news and weather whenever you want. > crt order will force
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of force policy. we are talking specifically about picus tasers. it starteditthe case in north carolina. offics d puesn our arare affected. >> 50,000 volts run through tasers. thanks to the fourth circuit court that tool is under scrutiny. all officers ste le prove that there waan immediate safety risk if they decide to use it making an already stressful situation even worse. >> in the current climate of law enforcement i think eve man and woman here has realize they are under more scrutiny than they ever have been. >> the sheriff is one of hundreds that have to evaluate their use of force policy. >> later this week our training division and our officers at are certified to be taser instructors, they will sit down
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>> the ruling comes after a died. the ruling states thatheesve u ofceite e personsadditional righ u efourth amendment. deputies say this weapon has the escalated countless situations. >> often that can convict -- that can calm that person down. policy that will give a template for every situation an officer may encounter. >> every situation we report on is different. it's the fourth circuit -- circuit court of appeals meeting every department in the states issaffected. ryeptt every state. >> this is everyone in south carolina. they call it less lethal. does already got to be a standard for when you use it. ou imagine most
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>> every time we go into a stressful situationehave t into it, if you pull it out you know you are going to use it. >> and people do die as a resulof it. thank you for that period. >> new details in the micel slager case. udntup ernie -- his attorney to independently te evidence. sisorr police officer charged with murdering walter scott he ran from a traffic stop. state police have until the end of this month to send the shirt and pants and his taser to an independent lab for testing. a north carolina man killed a good samaritan and may face charges. people caldep realizing lee may have been
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out of the car and shot a man. >> i just stopped to see if he needed help and everything went wrong. you can't help a days. leis chd murder bbecause othnuer of st fired and thpotentia that others -- that others could have been hurt more charges could be fired. >> the anniversary renewing calls for juste r kobe smith. "7 news" reporter addie hampton standing by. >>reporter: lt g ndd family gathered for candlelight vigil on the anniversy his dthtat 6:00 that remembrance parade and all of these events having won single purpose, the hopes to raise awaresabt hise and
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loro his home on january 25th of last year. he was -- lord from his home on january 25th of lasyr t greenville police have designed a special detective and they want the public to know this case hastgrown cold -- lured -- >>reporter: the tip he' talking about we have learned who gave the tip. we talked to him today coming up at 6:00 you will learn why he believes this will bring family. >> you said the investigator thinks the victim was lured out. doesn't that help them narrow down the suspect >> it does.
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moments before this live shot and he said they're still working this but at this point all they want to get out to the public that is -- if anyone knows anything call crime stoppers. whiley sslno t ty esayinthey are still tito gatmore information. president obamais pushing a ban and an op-ed he walked would -- he wrote he says a justiceas it lowers chances for successful rehabilitatn.ip wdf 10,000 federal inmates and limit solitary confinement. >>epresident's limit --
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and he wants americans to defer taxes on retiremtsavings. it will bin a detailed next month. south carolina is onf the best places to retire the annual list based on afrdily aly of f in georgia by the way came in at number 20 north carolina 22nd. tonight we get a betrt of the job market. the unemployment st the same. 5.5% ce ntharthjobless rate dipped to 5.5%. numbers are slightly hig than the natna is 5%. new polls show hillary clinton far ahead of r competition nationally but it's not the same story in iowa and new hampshire. the first two stateto vote. for look at where things stand
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national correspondence -- correspondent mark merideth. joke they're fighting for the same job and the three are ready to talk about their differences. >> we need tos k on concentri cpoter street -- >>reporter: hillary clinton, ernie sanders and martin o'malley need their own pitches . >> i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think that you are dishonest. >>reporter: happy tsee young people involved in any way. that's what we want and we want to have a good primary to pick the nominee. >>reporter: wi dlast minute push do anything to shake up the rates? the latest poll shows bernie sanders had in iowa which leaves the race a tossup. to keep thseshtvehe senator's campaign is getting help from ben and jerry's.
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clinton is relying on billy g -- billie jean king and actress jamie lee curtis. >> you can expect more of these big-name events. foerrede t b -- willamigfohis wa susan sarandon will try to get o ot the vote for bernie sanders. a u k the boat. with voting beginning next week we want to know the best way for candidatesto wio your votes. is it the debates or t political ads that we seem floating the airways. to endorse pyou to dede or i your mind made up? let us know and we will check back in. >> i hope people voted. some folks around heldprd toalcam newton a carolina panther.
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next we will tell you how far
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of some football live at 5 is back .. with cam newton news .. a seattle seahawks fan is fed up with the panthers quarterback .. andrew tilton says new we're back with cam newton news. the seahawkiet up with the quarterback. they said newton is the most unprofessional individual on the face of the planet. >> give me a break. >> has drawn up a petition to have them banned. supporters. >> co wtthe would feel like that because newton beat the seahawks. >> we've got sour grapes. >> basically, they sa the way mmh.
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wit the wine. panthers have bigger things to worry about like super bowl 50. usually they have several key players that emerge certainly that's the case for standout need of just norman. >> norman has bec favorite. sports roejs with more after visiting with norman high school pope -- high school coach. pet eerseonhas alldhim ththat personality evidence by the other night when he said hello to the guys on fox. his high school coach who guided his 2016 to state title in greenwood wasn'so sure that he would see this out of norman one-day but new he had a pretty special competitoon this team playing on both sides of the ball he was the only two- way starter on that chamoi team. earlier today the former coach of the guy who was a high school star and then went on to
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about joshback then and what brought him to now. ti fooalplayer. he wa leader. everybody liked him. hwhy go lucky. you could see that on tv he comes up. he's alwayb y tg and happy-go-lucky. at e same time a find young man that carries himself and certainly represents greenwood i ypositive way. >> during our visit today the coach kept talking about what a hard worker and dedicated worker -- josh's position coach talked about what a competitor that he and another fellow made were. there'an et esschool career and theshameless sfrio f nsit six and we will be feel that and it was an interesting way how he elevated
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ended up with the panthers. not necessarily johnny four star or five star guy. he really did not get on the radar for a guy that be someone to watch until la season but he is anhexample of thi ntrseath mbeoe no hho names but it -- >> this blowback about cam newton dancing and ue norman celebrating. tysoirwe t stilt the clock. they are a loosemycelebrate. >> they are encouraged to cet oethe money, right? limit. >> ben revere says it long as it doesn't get away -- get in the way of their day job they don't care. i'm sure therarpelwho do not lewhathehave the naetttof hand -- whe it got out of hand they said they had put in some restrictions.
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dance, don't let them score. >> don't let them win 17 games. panthers fyou do n the super bowl. don't eto go all the way there. the game. watch"7 news" and see the game for free. with got thea right here on this channel. you wah it sunday, a week from sunday at 6:30 p.m. >. cubs seats near midfield have already sold for $12,000 each. so far that's jutgame ticket. you also have to -- until then to think about tnoand from california. it a sup but you don't have to spend a dime to get a great view of the game. watch "7 news" for all the anticipated commercials and of course all the action on the field. we are your home for super bowl
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tuning on safebruary 7th. pretty afternoon yesterday, pretty afternoon today but teis more rainfall on the weight. >> tdpushed in. increasing cloud cover and temperatures geg the 60s which will keep our temperatures and pciton the form rain. name tonight and into tomorrow we will not see any freezing rain and the upst at won't be until you get to the mountains and the northern mountains at that. clear and cool and if the week in the forecast and that's when the 60s is widespread and as far as the mountains we will see 60s to melt a lot of the snow that is still up north. 53 degrees tomorro54 a angand greenville. shower activity left o
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nblack ice threat and the upstate or the mountains i believe is temperatures stay above freezing especialon this -- on the main and secondary roadways wwi s a bump to close to 60 in lawrence and eventually we will see it dropped down lower. with the clouds minwe will say generally where we are for now. shower activity coming at asheville just northwest of marion. this is light shower activity. the upseoh mos, still dry. ha to zm out to show you the rain cominand associated with this cold front checking south and east. eventually the dair will get out of here. it's a slow-moving frontat that. we will do it hour by hour and show the rain coming in from the west and move into the upstate by 11:00 tonight
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mt railwhile ywere sleeping. won't see much before that the sky begins to clear at 7:00 a.m. a chance for shoby 10 and it's pretty much over and the sky clears in the afternoon and we start to see mostly to cloudy conditions.rihoa l1/1oan inch for all five zones as precipitation ends around 5:00 tomorrow. we will be coolethan it has been but generally we will still be right about average. next three dayshowing mid- 50s, lots of sunshiand wash the car. why not? get the salt o a65. ce the 40s. black ice threat goes away. mountain seen 60s and 50b tsswith sgetting
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a sheriff's deputy is run over by its semi truck. the good news is he lives to tell the tale.
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> wallr "live at 5" is back with amazing video of a close call .. it's not you are going to wa see this. vide z close call. someone is about toei by semi. this is cab moore directing traffic.t he's going to do is motion r ibig to go around the crossing arm and it's going to get hit by the train knocking the truck into captain more. >> he saw me barlland it
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i'm lucky, that's for sure. he's got some pretty serious injuries. a lhand. bettet the alternative. the good news is the captain will get back to work. >> it's amazing. timing was everything and it was for a couple this week. >> a recent change to their house is credited with saving their lives. the irs is reminding people to be on the lookout for scammers. new law not make it easy so just may not make it so easy to
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