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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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meteorolijnknapp be is here with what you can expect -- jason nappi -- colder temperatures coming in. roadways bridges and sidewalks. for the upstate and for south of interstate 40 this will be rain. here it is on 24/7 live doppler the first line of rain comi into asheville, brevard, northeast gei as well. seconds out in these slowly is temperatures are welb freezing in theuand also the upstate. here is spartanburg's own planner. 53 and clouds. training for -- ifor the morning commute by4:50 wit passing clouds. iihave more coming up. >> i've got one message.
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rest of his life. >> killers still on the loose 1 year effort -- after teenager was gunned down. now we have learnednew tips are coming into a crack the case. >> tonigh"7 nse addie hampton is live. >>reporter: the paradicd off a few moments ago. they are releasing hundreds of balloons tonighterhngh could be a happy event in an otherwise had in over three. we are learn new ti are in. green investigating those and while they don't say anything about those there is at least one person who believesthat this will bring justi kobe smith. >> i do believe there will be justice. >> reporter: for a year the family has sought answers. january 262,015th they would
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death shot and kille the night before on the traijust feet from his home, the victim of a targeted attack. >> cobi was stout. twice. heartbreak. sii sa my brot is wnhe died imy arms. it fuels them do whatev they can to find the killers but they strongly believe that the killers dave -- days on freedom side are numbe i've e tough onthem about thisca with me getting a tip on sunday and i do believe the tip that i received is that two people who pulled the trigger on kob smith and i want him behind bars. >he took the tip straight to the chief.
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solid and they'reoiit and thankful new tips are coming in. >> you never know whic one will pan out but at the same time having a lot of tips can help up the case. >> as for logan he says it's no time to rest instead calling out smith kille i wathem behind bars for the rest of their life. >>reporter: policem they want to hear from you. if you know anything about this case -- tell me they want to hear from you. that number 23 crime. live from greenviladdie hampton. poli loif man wh broke into a church just before noon yesterday. officer say this man was caught on surveillance videothey brokethe glass and stole to let screen televisions. if you have information call the spartanburg pole department.
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mnr into lakeside baptist church ito 0in cash. the pastor beleit had -- it happened at 11:00. four envelopes taken from the drawer. the teltdto break
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sfar no ae h spartanburg man faces multiple charges .. after deputies say he kidnapped and assaulted his ex-girlfriend according to the sheriff's office..terry waddell made threats as she left her job.. saying he would kill her if he didn't get in the vehicle with him. they then.. drove to a nearby grocery store where she says he hit her several times.. after taking her back to her car.. he then followed her along highway- 585..near u-s-c upstate..trying to run her off the road. the victim was
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tonight a local neighbor.. is using her experience... to warn you to put smoke detectors.i every room of your home. it comes... after her home caught fire ... last week. "7 news" reporter dave jordan... spoke with that woman tonight... he's live in easley... with details of what happened to her... dave: ----- irene miller says this smoke detector could mean the difference betweeniand dea.. d esays it saved her life last week. miller had just gone to bed when a fire started in her bathroom. she says the smoke detector went off and woke her up. her husband put out the fire as she called 9-1-1 . miller believes the entire home would have gone up in flames if that detector hadn't gone off: ----- "and that's the ontt seui.vo mtoee lpdbd have ---- miller had smoke detectors in every room in her house... but one that
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installed by thre departme p i et effo. i e s r department davon new. today... law enforcement agencies celebrated 30-years... of the "south carolina sscial olympics" the "torch run ceremony"... in columbia. last year... the "law enforcement torch run for special olympics"... raised over 775-thousand dollars... to support the athletes in the state. josh myers... is a special olympics athlete... who won -4- gold medals recently ... in "power lifting." he said... thanks to these officers his athletic career: ----- "i am now 28 anp ceipaop u a at least 100 years old." ----- 100-percent of funds raised... by the "law enforcement torch run for special olympics"... go directly to athlete programs.
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agencies ... were represented ... at the event. next... on "7 news at 6"... we've t you about scammers..trying to trick you out of you money.. by using bogus claims about working for the i-r-s.. and now new laws .. going into affect.. could make it determine who's telling the truth.. then later at six ...
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if you owe money ... to the i-r-s...expect to hear from debt collectors. a new law requires th-r-s... to use tax collectors ... to make people pay up. but that same law ... may give scammers ... a leg up. we've told you...bogus i-r-s scam calls ... are rampant... so we want know the difference. before you get a call from a real debt collector... you'll always get written notice from the i-r-s ... saying it's turned over your debt... to a collection company. also... and this is key... real debt collectors will never accept payment... over the phone... and they will not request... a bank or credit card number. all
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through the i-r-s. the upstate lawmaker who wants journalists to have to register with the state ... explained his bill today. laurens republican.. mike pitts filed the billtweek ... and it got immediate attention across the country. critics say would be an unconstitutional . critics say it would be an unconstitutional reef -- restriction on fof the press. kids tolet sbill was to call attentionas to what he sees as a bias. arecent event prompted it. >> the president particularly --raiow a rsg. iha heardepress rmothau i heard them scream when it affected thftamendment rights. >> he says the bill would require journalist t do the
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do to practice the first amendment rights. eidoe not have a chance this year bhe thinks san impoawto educate bc istuwork is condition -- is continuing in the dot cruz repair the bridge deck. this work wi lai through sunday and ther going to be tfethey are 85 will be closed on the southbound side between avegyt cut road. traffic will bdu b o still ahead the miracle of birth in the middle of the snowy interstate erof local.
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>> the program thacould mean new at -6-... last weekend's wintery weather... was no match for one upstate mom... and her newborn baby girl. a lot of us...stayed off the icy roads... saturday morning.. but one anderson county woman... was forced to travel interstate-85... so her baby could be born a lot of us stayed off of
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fcto travel interstate 85 so her baby coube born. christine browshows you the baby had other plans. >> with the weather and the ice we would not have been safe at home. >>reporter:lw upin pain and she knew her baby was on the way. her fianci helped her and they headed as quickly as they could to the hospital. but when they got on interstate 85 paula knew something was wrong and her fiancicalled 911. the baby decdshe d not wait. she was readto come into the world. >> it's a girl. >> i just looked and there was a baby in the front seat of my car.
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that she was okay. she delivered the baby while she was still moving. >> the baby's godmother was driving 35. >> dispatcher told them to pull the car over. they wrapped the baby girl and blankets while they waited to kpher warm. >> she made a grand entrance. it's somethingwill never be able to live down. >> now that the snow and ice is cleared she's ready to get her back in the car so she can meet the family. >> from anderson county, christine -- chribn "7 news." the baby was born a few
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are well and healthy. i'm checking rain moving in and then willie -- we will see cooler temperatures iohn the upstate and freezing rain advisory along thenorthern mountains and you can see less tnthe tenth of an inch of ice and not anywhere else. ca and cool and then we warmed things up fthe weekend. 60s a tpuy go out and wash the brine and salt of your car before it's too late as we get into saturday and sunday. 53 and 54 spangd greenve crinoih forecast tomorrow and we will s 4 to 45. close friendlyofreezing so there will not be black ice threat tonight or inttomorrow morning.
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ptsdhare in the 50s. 53 at spartanburg with temperats and gnte dhha moves in for two, four, and 6:00 before tmorning rush- hour. the cold front will come through itemperate dnb. gnl w temper l othe 40s. you have the r by midnight amo it while you are seg the time ywake up if you're headed to work certainly a chance forhr at daybreak. heaa at showe ifor now and it's very widely scattered. le wnow o e ns georgia. take time but it will move southeast and move i mild air out. carola t npoerie of the wadoww to alabampi ltfu heade southsouo towards
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potentiallyr oshower activity. the raisso of 85 dmostly in franklin, brevard and asheville anby 11:00 it's 85. if you leave n and hto atlanta at youfine. iyleave late you will run into some showers. snow and freezing rain along the tennessee linan 3:00 a.m. the front slswnand this -- it doesn't quite stall out it's definitely slows dow and we will v showe the upstate my morning by 8:00. the rain continu just e of spartanburg and cagout eventuallby0or 2:00 and we will see the -- we will see the sky clear from rest -- from west to east. spartanburg, unionwc the ehbeen trenn
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over the past couple of runs with the computers. your en forecathe 50a4tomorrow. so w this is abig story. we areoi frin upstate the mountains. have to go wel northn the northern nno that. h'henau sdnwatch everything. sag train, ice and snow by tuesday 65 in the january the is on in a big way. we will see 60s from saturday through tuesday and the upstate a t mountains. itnenhandle that. >> still ahead. trit another far working towards the fact --
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what clemson's 2016 acc schedule is out and it includes the program's first
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clemson's hsout and includes the first regur sorynight game that they will play and boston college. league a gs the thursday in late september. a gesn tay includ neat auburn which was ncawhile ago. peyton manning may be in the final days of a storybook ending tohicareer. n trs added reasto belieasuthe case. manning was heard saying tt patriots that this mighbe his last rodeo and if nothing else it provides athstoryli dgfor discussion leading up to the showdown with the panthers. suiiosay that josh normahasd a splaw the panthers. he is certain become quite the nfl star.
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this man where he was a vital part of the eagles 2006 state title team. wevit li today t talk uhit was like bein utfuture std t c got out so interesting points. >> he grew up in a family with four other brothers so he was going to get heard. he's alwayse tway. people gravitate h hpybelhe ran track but e just like gravitating to him. he was a good widereceiver, a good dev back but we didn't really pl him in the corner. a in strong safety banging in eof position. >whlrhe was. the only two-way player agreed won state title team and wide receiver and the c at greenwood says he was just a
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and he is now inthe nfl. a couple yeaago grew ghf y nfl rosters. they we up there in the nation. there's eagrew players including roberto credited for the lambealeap when hwas with the packers. new usc coach hiremike petenoilinebacker coach. some playat florida and for many years in the nfl. hot stove event tonight h sc guest gm mike cayson. they announced the manager will return. the gameco kbounce back as they take on mississippi state at home. usc is for-to and the lead -- and the league. right now home game or two
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right up there at the top of the standings. >h tweather? yes. it will wa up in abig way. 60s and rain will mein tonightn otomorro tlt0 we awith u
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