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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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a court order will force local police... to re-examine their own policies... for the use of force. this all started ... with a case in north carolina... and as "7 news'" briannasmith reports ... now... officers and deputies in our area... are affected: -- *nat of the electric charge* 50 thousand volts of electricty run through tasers... 02:23:27,25 "it's a sh lethaloi avaa o
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circuit court of appeals ruling...that tool is now under scrutinty....all officers must now be able to prove that there was immediate safety risk...if they decide to use their taser...making an already an already stressful situation e w. 021 siy l ere te awnuo scrutinhe v espartanb tsheri' office sno hundreds deparn.wvg evalu i uofe policy. 02::5 "later this w saing officers lo down and see ac n to made .aiomake those changes. the ruling comes from a lawsuit filed in north carolina...after a mentally ill man died in 2011...after officers tased him. the ruling states that the excessive use of force violated the person's consitutional rights under the 4th ammendment. deputies say that this weapon...has de-escalated countless amount of situao 027 f tncalm that ps d. bn mhthe pcchange to. sheri' office says their depe will b prepared. "the'oy to write a poythat would
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situation that an officer may encounter." fo7 news, b of course... this ' affecting...just the upstate. it's a 4th-circitour of appeals ruling.meaning every department in the states highlighted onm new details in the michael slager case .. a judge has granted his attorney permission to independently test evidence in the case. slager is the former north charleston police officer charged with murdering walter scott as he ran from a traffic stop. state police have until the end of this month to send the shirt and pants slager wore that day .. along with his taser to an independent lab for testing. six cleveland, ohio police officers ... involved in a 137-s barrage...that killed -2- unarmed people... have been fired. it happened in 20-12... when officers mistook a backfire from a car... for a gunshot...
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turned into a high-se chase. officials say...the fired officers broke department rules ... including joining the chase... leaving the city without permission... and endangering other officers with crossfire. -6- more officers ... were disciplined. "i got one message for em': i want them behind bars for the rest of their lives." ------ strong the killers of a greenville teen. they're still on the loose tonight one year after the 16-year-old coby smith teen was gunned do... on a trail... near his ein nicholtown. tonight... we've learned new tips are comingn that could crack...scase. "seven news" reporter addie hampton spoke to the victim's family and friends they remembered him on the anniversary of his death.----- "i do believe there will be justice." for a yearactivist jack logan and the family of cobey smith have sought answers. january 26th2015the upstate would learn of the 16 year old's deathshot and killed the
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feet from his home the victim of a targeted attack, according to police. " cobey was a child. cobey was stalked. he was baited. he was shot once. then he was shot twice." a community grieved along with his family recalling their heartbreak "he took his last breath in my arms. the last time i saw my brotheswhen he dien my m h words fueled jack loganwho vowed to help the greenville policeand chief ken miller do whatever they could to find the killers. he sayshe and volunteers have been relentlessbut strongly believe thatthe killers' days on freedom's sidofhac are numbered: "i've been touhnmothis cetimeen sunday, and i believe the p t got anri the two pelhue eon cobey t and i wantebehind ba" logan s took the straight to chiem. the greenville police will not yet say if the lead is solidjust that they' working it.and thankful new tips are coming their way. " you never way. " you never know whichn is going to pan out, but at the same time, having a lot of
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as for logan.he says it's no time to restinstead calling out smith's killers: " i got one messafe iwant them behind bars for the rt their f newsa greenville police want to hear from you if you know anything about this case they urge you to call crimestoppers 1- 888- crime- sc. you can stay anonymous but they say anything helps. a spartanburg man faces multiple charges .. after deputies say he kidnapped and assaulted his ex-girlfriend. according to the sheriff's office..terry waddell made threats as she left her job.. saying he would kill her if he didn't get in the vehicle with the vehicle if he didn't wu if he didn't get in the vi with him. they . drove to a nearby grocery store where she says he hit her several times.. after taking her back to her car.. he then followed her along highway- 585..near u-s-c upstate..trying to run her off the road. the victim was able to eventuall call police. tonight spartanburg police are looking for a man... who broke into a church.
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yesterday ... at "st. matthew episcopal church" w-o ezell boulevard. officers say...this man was caught...on surveillance video. reports show...he broke the glass out of a door... to get in ... and stole -2- flat screen televisions. investigators are now working... to identify the man. if you have information... call the "spartanburg police department." and another church bre- in...this one in union... police say...someone broke into "lakeside baptist church" last night...and took 800- dollars in cash. the pastor believes it happened ... around 11- o'clock. -4- envelopes...containing about 200-dollars each...were taken from the pastor's desk drawer. the thief also tried to break into a filing cabinet... in another office... but was unsuccessful. so far... no arrest has been made. in spartanburg county... work continues on a portion of business interstate-85... shutting down lanes...while d-o-t crews repair the bridge deck ... over the "nork southern railroad." the work will last... through sunday ... near hearon circle. business-85 will be closed... on the *southbound*
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highway... and new cut road. traffic willbu off... and then... back on. president obama is pushing for a ban on solitary confinement .. for juvenile and low level offenders. in an op-ed he wrote for the washington post... the president says a justice department review showed it lowers their chances for successful rehabilitatio if passed.. the move would affect ten thousand federal inmates .. and limit solitary confinement for the mentally ill. presidential candidat we falpri" presidential cani "sswuheh ihright." ---- there are just six days to go until the first votes are cast in iowa - and the latest poll out this morning shows donald trump has now regained a lead there. but ted cruz is within the margin of error .. the democratic side is just as tight .. a new c-n-n survey show hilary clinton with a 52-percent to -38- edge over bernie sanders. but this is her smallest lead.. since the field was narrowed to -three- democrats. clinton also trails sanders for young voters - but historically that's a group
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tonight an upstate woman is using her experience ... to warn you to put smoke detectors... in everof your home. it comes.. after her home caught fire ... last week. irene miller when a fire started in her bathroom. she says the smoke detector went off and woke her up. her husband put out the fire as she called 9-1-1 . miller believes the entire home would have gone up in flames if tha detector hadn't gooff: ----- "and that's the one that seolevo minutes, i odhaven aslpand probably would not have heard it." ------ miller had smoke detectors in every room in her house... but that one that went off was recently installed by the fire department as part of a fire prevention effort. community growing more impatient with the handling of the flint michigan water crisis. what people want to see happen now..and the biggest concern that have for the future. and a georgia community upset after little lie...goes a long way. how investigators say a woman tricked people for years... cunning them out of morethan
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it's a program..that could mean..second chances.. for young people around the upstate.. all new tonight at 11 -- the team effort.. between police.. judges.. and churches.. that you'll want to
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the poisoning nightmare from lead-tainted water is far from over tonight for families in flint ... michigan. the e-p-a is preparo collect flint water eto confirm that lead is being removeby filters millions of dollars in federal aid .. and bottled water has poured into the city.. but as reporter mara mcdonnld found...people in flint say they're tired of political grand standing... now they want to e a tangible
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at least 10 people have died in that the nearly two year old flint water crisis. several lawsuits have been filed and now the f-b-i is investigating how the problem went undetected for nearly two years.. after a city water source switch. there have also been calls for michigan's governor to step down. he's been subpoened for his handling of the crisis. a federal judge has given preliminary approval... to a re-worked concussions settlement. the n-c- double-a would create... a multi-million-dollar fund... multi-million-dollar fund... to test current and former college athletes...for brain trauma. the new deal expands the plaintiffs ... to athletes from sports... beyond football, hockey and other contact sports. it comes after the u-s district judge ... rejected an initial agreement back in 20-14... that would've allowed blanket protection for the n-c-a-a... from class-action concussion lawsuits. tonight... a story that will make you more hesistant
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your money to. georgia investigators say this woman --- mary bennett faked stage -4- ovarian cancer and accepted up to 25-thousand dollars in donations ...which she used to take trips to l-a.. and new orleans. investigators say the lie dates back to 2010. so far only one man has come forward to press charges. curt mcconelly says he threw bennett a says he threw bennett a spaghetti party... raising about -4- ta doa "i'm a lnbu'moredisappointed." "it's just very dihtnosee someotgain financially as a result of these actions." ------- investigators say bennett went as far as to have people drop her off at the cancer treatmentcenters... but she never allowed them to come inside with her. she's out on bond tonight... after an arrest...earlier this month on felony first-degree forgery and misdemeanor theft. tonight...california authorities say... a search continues.for -3- ed prison inmates. orange county officials say... the suspects range from age 20 to
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extremely dangerous. the escapees are charged with crimes...ranging from murder... to attempted murder... torture... and kidnappin. -2- of the men...are suspected vietnamese gang members. people in nearby communities... are terrified: ----- "i'm scared" "if these people are thaaho did they get out of j? - investigators believe... the men escaped from the central men's jail friday... by cutting their way through a steel screen... then entered plumbing tunnels... and went down -5- stories... using a rope made from linens. investigators are trying to figure out the men got their hands on the tools... used in their escape... and if they hd inside help.
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next on "7 news" ...
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u-s history... is getting ee larger tonight. the latest victim killed... by faulty japanese- made airbags ... and the pick-up trucks... now included in the recall. but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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the takata airbag recall... is back in the spotlight tonight ... after the death of a gegergia man... who was driving in south carolina. the "national highway traffic safety administration" says ... the airbag inflator in his "ford ranger" pick-up...exploded... and showered him with metal scrapss his death last month... has sparked an expanded recall...of nearly 400-thousand "ford rangers." the ford rangers were sold between 2004 and 2006 the u-s and canada. the faulty takata airbags are now connected to 10 deaths and about 24-million vehicles sold under 13 other automakers. federal safety officials say... even more recalls... are expected. visit w-s-p-a dot com... and click "links"... in the big blue box of our home page. you'll
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you can check to if your vehicle is listed in... the takata airbag recall. "wow! even better looking than on tv. eww! i mean thank you. oh, sorry i meant the new buick casd -- a first a new "buick" ad...for "super bowl 50"... it promotes "buick's" first convertible... in a quarter-century. it'll be in showr within a few weeks. it's the latest ... inseries of new"buick" designs..aimed at shaking the brand's outdated image ... long associe. with older drivers. over the next 3-year.. "jetblue" plans to res its airplanes... to give you extra leg-room...and more modern entertainment. all of the airline's a-3planes ... will get l-e-d lighting... seats with adjustable headrests ... power outlets... and u-s-b ports... to charge wireless devices. other upgrades: free "gate-to-gate" wi-fi ... and bigger h-d seatback screens ... with hundreds of viewing options. next on "7 news" ... if you can't afford a 5-star dinner for your sweetheart...
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... see how "waffle house"...
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a "valentine's day" tradition...continues... for the -9th- year in a row... "waffle house" restaurants in the upstate... are giving lovebirds... a low-cost option... for their "valentine's day" plans. the restaurant chain... hopes to save couples a little money ... this february -14th-... by offering candlelit dinners. the "it's a waffle house love story" couple's event ... is available by reservation... at -24- "waffle house" locations in south carolina... including spartanburg...greenville... inman...and laurens. thanks for joining us i'll see you at 1ne carolinas c-w... and we'll be then... you can the latest updates... by logging-t w-s-p-a dot-com. stay with us for "sceneo7"... coming up next. have a great
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