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right here in back." ----- the suspec has not been identified... but greenville countnt deputies tell us... he'll be facing 2 counts of attempted murder, possession of stolen goods, and failure to stop f police. authorities say ... the suspect... and the deputy involved in the ain. a both in thehospital ... but they're expectedo okay. neglect... that's the charge tonight... for a mother and son... who greenville police say ... allowed an elderly disabled relative to sit... soiled iher bodily fluids... in a chair... for -6- months... and slowly die. the victim.82-year-old barbara beam...dieds january... in the home where she lived...with her sister and nephew. beam's sister, carole howell... and her son, david... were arrestelt week. their neglect charge comes... after a nearly year- long investigation. tonight... we'veee that there will be no jail time ... for ahendo county couple...charged in the deadly shooting of a toddler heather and james stepp... both pleaded guilty... to
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received 1-year probation... after pleading guilty ... to "negligent storage of a firearm." police say heather was babysitting...2-year-old abigail newman... at their home on golden eagle way... in october. investigators say ... the child tried tpkup a loaded shotgun... from a table... when it went off. james wasn't home ... at the time. after 7-months of negotiations... the- jusc department and ferguson, missouri ... have come to terms ... on systemic changes in that city's police department...following the 20-14 police-involved shooting... of 18-year-old miccel brown... who was unarmed. the agreement... which must be approved by the city council...would avert a federal lawsuit. the plan calls for more thorough training of police officers... and changes... to the city's "use of force" procedures. the police department... would be monitored... fcompliance. tonight... the death toll in the east coast snow storm has reached at least 50. the powerful storm system is blamed for numerous car deadly car accidents...carbon monoxide poisonings... and
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... while shoveling snow. virginia and pennsylvania were the hardiest hit with 21 deaths. and -10- people killed in the carolinas... however...things have certainly thawed out.. in the upstate ... hestorm seems a distance memory.. but parts of north carolina are still seeilingering effects. let's get over to 24-7 meterologisdan bickford. it's been ahot topic for onths..with some
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allowing syrian refugees into our not dangerous... while others say ... there's no wato be sure. so... south carolina lawmakers are working on a take action... at the -state- l. robert kittle tells you... what the bill... would do: --- u-s congrs jf dcand mkmulve dfr washio.tlostate lawmakers about wathee the poithr i us "radical islamic terrorsi they will trtpo hmigrant crio europe, andhrefuge siuitenter into this folks are safe.'" president obama s that states -ntht hto refusee s. and te administ says tg through a rigorous screening
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years. "congressmaua s he bme itn' irm sn refsydo rrni a stattts alhlere y refugees to register with the state ... and for the state law enforcement division shi a ef pa tnthere's anoverenoutcry, and i thk the pubconcern. when you see what's goino in europe, we do'want that on the streets of america.": "they do hav to go it thessystem. so we are able to identify theassn athey get heeidentify where they live and tv our beionwhere te vthat's impot us to eoeand law enforcement so they know exc who is therbecause the fe rogu that infori the bpeeal.i only the tdemsthe commi voting agit. "they're trito escape terror, not co rand cause ter" o johnsou minority report on the bill ... which blocks floor debate and action on the bill. in columbia, robert
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that bill also says... no state money or benefits can go to refugees... until the state legislature approves it...separatey. and if a group sponsors a refugee...who later commits an act of terrorism...that sponsoring group ... coulbel legally responsib in another "statehouse watch" tonight... a bill protecting people... who film or photograph officers... without threat of arrest... is now in the state senate. the measure approved yesterday...follows the officer-involved shooting... of walter scott... in north charleston... former officer micheal slager... is charged with scos death. the charge came ... ae bystander's video...showed slager...shooting scott in the back. the bill protects bystanders... who are in public... where thea be standing. some senators are concerned... about the possibility... of bystanders getting too close. tonight... we're learning more about the trial odylann roof... the acedcharleston church shooter. the "post and courier" repot.around -600- people will besummoned
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jurors. that's double the number brought in... typically... becefthe nootof t e roof... facingmultiple murder charges. he's expected to go to trial.. in july. turning to campain 2016... donald trump didn't get his way -so he's skipping thursday night's republican debate in iowa. trump is refusing to participate in the s debate because the network rejected his demand to pull megyn kelly as a moderator. ted cruz - ump's closest rival in the ps mocked the businessman when he tweeted a link to a monty python movie. some voterer we talked to in des moines say they were disappnwith trump'sds. "what message do you thin sends to iowane candat decidaminute to poufhdebate?" the debate.thh shu oag pedperc and- he sl oreioani ut ump mes."hearsgettin hea hsmessage.hers getintot mgetting to hear his meg trump put out a twitter poll asking his supporters if he should attend -- 56 percent responded saying he should go through with the debae and on the democratic side - hillarclintos pushing back on the no that bernie sanders will be tougher on corporate america.
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"lvohbet deas to why my plan to go after wall stt toughest planit's because the republicans are advertising against me." ---- sanders left the campaign trailthis mornigfor a private meeting wihpresident obama at the white house. dema aren't having any fights over their debate schedule. in fact, all three candidates have agreed to add another debate in new hampshire ahead of the primaries. tonight... this mauldin tonight... this mauldin man -- zachary ferguson -- faces charges ...accusopulling o knife on a walmart employee...when being questioned about shoplifting. fortunately no one was hurt. greenville police say it happened yesterday atthe walmart on white horse road. police were called.. officer quickly arrived ...and arrested ferguson he faces three charges... including armed robbery. anderson county teacher... and long time school board member.... margaret mack ...passed away this week at the age of 78. she began teaching at t.l.hanna the 1960s .. becoming the school's first black teacher. thousands of former students and
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trailblazer ... but her biggest fan? her husband of 57 years....roy mack... i'm not braginabu r t hahyo nloud l m vw r s,e so, ipin oaitsaa e e mis omy. ------ services for ms. mack will begin this friday....with the rosary at st. mary's of angels catholic church. the funeral service is saturday at noon at st. jospeh's catholic church in anderson. next on 7 news .... michigan officials working to end the deadly...flint water crisis. straight ahead... outlii and... new details tonight..following in the high- profile staged suicide of an illinois policeofficer under investigation for embezzlement. the new legal trouble his
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welcome back... turning to the latest now in the deadly... flint water crisis. today...michigan's governor rick snyder announced a series of steps to help the people of fli. as we've been telling ythwae the h ee io nearly two ye. adriana diazhas mor what michiga officialy will
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tonight... there are felony charges for the wife of a northern illinois police officer...accused of staging his suicide to look like a murder. illinois officials say lt.joesph gliniewicz .... killed himself after learning that he was under investigation for embezzling
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illinois officials say his wife melodie gliniewicz she served as the adviser for the youth program. she faces felony counts of money laundering and disbursing charitable funds for personal benefit. an oregon sheriff is making an emotional appeal for the armed activists still occupying a nationalwildlife preserve in oregon to move on, saying the standoff "has been tearing our comtapart." the sheriff who polices the region where the refuge is located, told reporters today that "there doesn't have to be bloodshed in our community." a traffic stop outside the refuge last night night ended with the arrests of leader ammon bundy and seven others ...and the death of one man. an attorneyfor 2 anti- abortion activists... facing charges... after making undercover videos about "planned parenthood"... say the activists were indicted... by a "runaway grand jury." a houston grand jury cleared "planned parenthood"... of mis-using fetal tissue .. instead... the g jury indicted the -2- activists... for using fake driver's gain access to a "planned parenthood" facility
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says... the charges...won't hold up. he says... he's making have the activists to turn themselves in ... in tx officials say france has asked theeuropean union to consider new sanctions against iran over recent missile tests. two officials from eu nations say the request was made last week at a meeting of european foreign ministers. the request came just two days after the european union ended sanctions over iran's nuclear program. word of therequest emerged even as iranian president hassan rouhani visited paris today to bui post-sanctions business and diplomatic ties. his four day trip to europe this week... also marks the first time that an iranian president has met with the pope in 17 years. yesterday ... he sat down with the pope in vatican cit a texas dad .. is finally off the hook .. nearly three years after he was charged .. for taking his daughter's phone away. it happened in 2013 .. when th nan inappropriate text on his year old's phone .. he confiscated the phone ..
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called police to get it back. even after the cops showed up at his door .. refused. "i didn't a tpolice detttel ht parent myi.made se me for them toshow up and make a big deoo something that aa small thing." ---- dad was charged with misdemeanor theft. but this week ..the judge found the man not guilty .. saying there wasn't enough evidence.
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next on "7 news" ... devry... a well- known.for profit university ... facing a federal lawsuit tonight. find the lies that devry officials are accused of telling potential students. but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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you've seen the commericals...encouraging you... and yourcollege- children... to enrol tonight... "devry university"... a for-rt being suing by the government. the school is accused of misleading consumers... about graduate jobs... and earnings prospects. the federal trad commission says it was deceptive for devry tocm that 90 percent of its graduates actively seeking employment landed jobs in their fields within six months
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also accused of fabricating its claim that its graduates had 15-percent high incomes... one year after graduation on average than graduates of all other colleges or universities. another driver has died... in a crash ... involving a takata air bag... that exploded. it happened last year... in india...and involves a 2007 honda civic. but the victimdhwas ruled...undetermined officials found that other injuries...aside fromt faulty airbag.. most lik killed the victim. had the air bag been ruled the cause of death... it would mark the -11th- person killed... takata air bags. so far... in the u-s... 2007 honda civics have -not- been listed... under the takata air bagrecall. next on "7news" ... it's enough tmsomeone... wet their pants where florida veterinarians say... this exotic animal..ended up... and how it took a senior... by surprise.
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"not expecting ayn shosrensees lying there." --- a 99-year-old woman... insouth miami... awoke to the shock of her life. and thank goodness... her heart ... was up for the task. lying on her chest... this
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the woman got out of there as quickly as she could... and called her daughter...who helped calm down t frightened animal ... and took it to local animal hospital. "kinkajous" are usually found... in the rainforests of central and souamerica. so... how did it end up... at a home in florida? it turns out...someone was keeping it ... asa pet... and the animal...had escaped. thanks for joining us. i' at 1 tcarolw and e back he 11. until the latest updates... by logging-n w-s-pdcom stay with usr c
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