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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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confident he is but it's not without risk. >> without trump his rivals will be looking to have a big moment and gain ground. the latest poll 32 percent of likely voters in iowa support trump, cruz is in second place. during breakfast we spoke to undecided voters who plan to watch very closely tonight. >> i am open to both parties. i want to hear what everyone has to offer. >> it wod be nice if i could hear the truth. >> donald trump won't be watching. s hosting an vent here with veterans on the campus of drake university. he says iowa voters already knowb m >e ha bee the most visible candidate out there talking about his policies we're convinced most voters know where he stands >> his event is even attracting his competitors, huckabee say
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undercard debate. >> now, trump tweeted out today that advertising rates were dropping for tonight's debate. >> that's not really how advertising rate for these things work. the network issued a statement saying the debate is already sold out and the prices did not change. let's check in with our reporters in the field to find out what they're working on. >> reporter: live in spartanburg county where earlier this month a man said he came outside to fd his wife shot several times in his driveway including in the head. he also told deputies that their suv was missing and he believed she had carjacking. l, now law enforcement isn't buying his story and he's the one charged with attempted murder. he was just inside here at the detention cee front of a judge where he was denied bond. he'll be staying in jail and his wife is still in the hospital. three weeks later she's just able to speak again.
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district 7 will be changing their polics regarding sexual harassment. this comes after a mother complained to the department of education's office for civil rights that the district didn't protect her daughter after a video of her performing sex acts was passed around the school. we have the new procedurepe on wspc > reporter: all right thanks. i'm live ihe county where there is a rotten smell in the air. neighbors say it's coming from the twin chimneys landfill. it's gotten so bad they've demanded a meeting with state and local lawmakers. tpn tonight at 7:00. we'll have a team there and they're hoping that they can find a solution. >> reporteri in spartanburg ash panthers get ready for supe bowl 50, this excitedment is also growing in the summer home of the team
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college. erer fans come here to see the players extra and the city thinks and the chamber think tht is going to grow even more with the success of th season. 2015 saw a record year and this year they expect the numbers to keep growing. back to you guys. >> thank you for that. speaking of the super bowl obviously bec wr covering it a lot and it's on this station we are sending crews to the super bowl and i remember you asking one of the reporters who was going before this newscast is anyone driving. >> yes. >> it's a long drive. >> it's in california, people who want to save money there are some people wh are going to drive all the way across the country instead of paying for a flight. >> so triple a has come you up with a special route for fans. it takes you through several places with significance to the team. we've linked you up to the entire drive planned at
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detour today because of this, a truck stuc under a bridge. this is new cut can road at howard street tr had to be shut down while crews tried to yank this truck out of there. some drs will no longer have to go to the dmv to get new licenses. s they'll come to you. the agency rolling out new mobile office to say help people who live in a place that doesn't have a permit office. the first stop is in polk county next month. lady years most popular scams and more than 3,000 reports were received most of them included the popular irs scam.
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demanding people paying taxes ohhed or face arrest. it's so funny because it feels like it was so much longer than just a week ago that we were talking about the snow. >> it does, doesn't it. >> my son looked out the window is was like it's so sad they are gone. >> ye sti som snow left on the ground in the mountains but around the upstate we've had a lot of clouds today even a little light rain. western north carolina has been dry but overnight goin t tomorrow morning the high mountains the ski resorts may pick up an inch or two of snow. everybody else is going to stay dry. we've got mid to upper 40s as well across the upstate a the trend is going to be for all the clouds to go away. so for the morning it's going to start out cold. well, we've been chatting how it's been a week since winter storm 2016 hit but snow
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northeastern sts and n 'e headace of law enforcement goin the extra mile to help those in need. >> it's ten to 15 pounds for a shovel full. you do that for an hour and you'll feel it. >> just when this 73-year old thought he couldn't do any more a helping hand showed up. >> i love it. >> this is a great photo, a police offic saw him shovelling snow in front of his business and came by to take over the task. this wasn't the only person that the officer stopped to shovel snow for that day. and in kentucky troopers helped make sure a cancer patient was getting the medication that he needed. couriers were unable to make deliveries in the snow so the troopers jumped into make the trip instead. it took five hours because of the snow but they made it. restaurants in the upstate that specialie in suites baking for those in need. the salvation arm second annual sweet desserts program is next month. businesses bake their favorite desserts.
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benefit local families who need help. if you'd lik to help you can go to a participating resta who found out with the full list at a local barbecue joint is in the national sth >> it's listed as one of the 20 most legenda barbecue joints. the owners say they owe all their success to founder jack odell who started the business 50 years ago. >> it's great to be rewarded to say hey, you are doing something right. and that makes us -- it's great fridaying to let us know all the hard work is paying off. >> and for a closer look at the food that's putn mid-way barbecue on the map and also more on the story just watch seen on 7 tonight at 7:30. it's one of those moments
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where they we i know i do. up next we'll ba years to the explosion of the space shuttle challenger and the south carolinian kil in that disaster.
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stench around a local l this jusion live at 5 .. we' learned this truck has been removed from the bridge .. it got stuck under earlier this afternoon .
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has been removed from the bridge it got stuck under earlier this afternoon. it happened at new cut road and howard street. officials tell us the road will be shut down for several more hours and we'll be sure to let you know when it reopens. so it's be 30 years now and you said this earlier that everybody remembers where they were. the challengr when it went up had a schoolteacher on it so all of us in elementary school watched it live. >> we all saw it happen live and the shuttle challenger exploded just after take off 30 years ago today. today nasa paying tribute to the lives lost with a ceremony. l 7 of the crew members died when an engine failed and caused it to break apart.
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own dr. mcnair one of the 7 astronauts onbd a memorial will be held tonight. people very proud. >> you know, he has grown through his death, you know, there are many folk that we know if he were alive that he would have tried to reach but look at the young people that he reaches every day now. >> there is also a banquet being held this weekend in his honor. more than two dozen veterans received a special honor. peace medicine deals were awarded to the men and woman who served in the korean war. >> a lot of clouds across the area today and cool temperatures, m bigger changes on the way for the weekend. i'll tell you more about what to expect in your
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live look the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs,
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and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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"live a" back with a 7 news medical watch .. we have a warning fmworld heal officials tonight. they say the zika r we have a warning from world health officials tonight. they say the zika virus is spreading fast. they believe there could be up to four million infections in the americas over the next year so they're planning to hold an emergency meig monday to decide if it should be declared as an international health emergency. > . a officl don't think we'll have many cases here though. >> our fingers crossed. almost ought the u.s. cases so far involve people who traveled abroad. the ps has created a task force that will tackle curing cancer. joe biden just
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lead that panel. speaking of which a man to who beat canc is now head today super bowl 50. he's getting an all expense paid trip to the bay area courtesy of the fill your bucket list foundation. grantsis to adults with cancer. he says he's taking his mom with him because she droe everything in her life to take care of him when he was first diagnosed. pretty good mom right there. as we told you earlier the upcoming super bowl has sparked a new outbreak in the carolinas, pantheritis. lots of fans skipping school ask work. v also been talking about other things that might compel people to skip school or work. >> you know, we had some slimitis goin on. >> but tonight we're asking what sort of events would make you skip school, skip work, maybe
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family trips more than half say yeah, you'd do that for a family trip, 30% for a sporting event. 16 percent saying maybe a concert. >> i let my daughter miss schol -- h a school day to go see the weeken in concert. look at the look on your face when you tell you that. you silently judged me. >> i was thinking about someone i know who skipped work to take his family to an event. he got in trouble, he got caught. >> fired. > in that case if any of my daughter's teas watching i made that up. >> maybe just be upfront about it. even pel who show up to work now come up with some crazy excuses for why they didn't show up on time.
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include my hair got caught on fire from my blow dryer, a truck overturned on the highway and cars were slipping left and right. and i was detainy homenei m sure that's what you want to tell your boss. well, the thing is more than a third of employers say they don't care ie lae every once in a while. >> that's good to hear because i showed up late today, that may be because more than 60 percent of workers say if they arrive late they'll stay late to make up for it. all right. and some folks might use their cars as an excuse it was so cold to warm it up. it's kind of chilly out there today with the cloud cover we had but no rain to worry about today in spartanburg in that live shot task is moving along well. temperatures tonight will be seasonably cold, kind of what we would expect to find on a normal winter are night. you'll definitt to bundle up early tomorrow
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minutes so you're not late to work. in general we'll expect low to mid-30s across the upstate and the mountain lows going to dip down into the mid to upper 20s by tomorrow morning. for now we still have quite a bit of cloud cover around and earlier today we had some light rain falling, all of that has been pushing farther away from us and even though we're overcast right now the trend is going to be for skies to clear from norh to south during the course of the overnight hour d to our south is the reason for the cloud cover, the tropical jet stream, a big disturbance here usinga lot of moisture to create a lot of rain, again some of that into the carolinas but as thats continues to push farther to the northeast it's going to take the cloud cover with it. the exception of the high mountains tomorrow, a front that will be moving on through we'll have some winds to squeeze out some showers in the high you
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uu weatr through the cre of the afternoon. as we get into the day on saturday we'll start o wilt winds with high pressure nearby. so a cold start to the day. winds pick up to help us to see warminger weather for the afternoon compared to friday. so skies going to clear tonight. it will be breezy he and cold, what we would expect to see this time of year sunny skies for the next three days on the way and temperatures will be getting nice and warm. we'll expect mid-60s in the upstate by sunday. winds pick you up later tonight. watch out for some gusts close to 40-mile per hour. right now 57 in asheville. 48 degrees in greenville and 48 in greenwood. into tomorroyour five zone forecast calls for a lot of sunshine mainly mid to upper 50s across the area and over the next 72 hours you see that warming trend 64 degrees by sunday. we'll carry 6 into
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look for our next good chance for rain tuesday night going into early wednesday. there's your mountain forecast for tomorrow only the high mountains will see a chance of some snow. we'll expect all that to kind of wind down during the day but ski resorts love to see it and going through the weeken 50 and the 60s. should be a great week toned get out and hike if you want to. any kind of exercise you've been putting off. >> sounds great. maybe a little bit of yard work. next, an unusual animal and not just because this turtle has two heads. we'll tell you the other reason that say it's so special. >> thes a new program at a local jail and it's using less officers.
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will cut "live at 5" iba
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stolen police car in oklahoma ended with the suspect saying "sorry" an unusual apology. >> a stolen police cars we understand the suspect saying sorry to a dog. while the man's car is being searched he takes off in a trooper's car with the police dog in the back. you can hear him apologizing to the dog for the rough ride. he eventually crashed and ran away. he was picked up. it happened about an hour later. here's an animal you don't see every day, it's a two headed turtle. its owner brought it for a checkup and the vet says the six year old is surprisingly healthy as similar turtles don't live too long. >> simila meaning two hd i guess. well it is now headed to a new life to a zoo. win a wedding for free. there's only one catch you have to let someone else make all the decisions including a what day
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we'll explain this unusual offer next. first let's take a look
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how pretty is that. south carolina couple ... is going to get -free- wedding this spring . worth more than 38-thousand dollars. one south carolina couple is going to get a free wedding this spring. >> but there's a catch. they have to give up control of their students. >> one of the biggest days of your life can have one of the biggest price tags. according to wedding professionals internanl t average wedding cost $17,250. these wedding were staged by hospitality students and have an average valve $38,000. they didn't cost the brides and
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>> we get the dress, veil, the shoes, jewelry, cake, reception, rehearsal, th ring, the mother of the bride, groom, you name it whatever goes with the wedding comes with this even transportation an or band. >> the catch is the couple has to give up control of planning their wedding,toetg >pu like to open my own business once i graduate. >> p appl to win the free wedding with either a five hundred word essay or a three-minute video they get narrowed down to three couples. it has to have a connection. >> we want to keep the u.s.c. affiliation. the deadline to apply is february 1st, the wedding will be march 21st. >> the dinner will be here on the u.s.c. horseshoe. >i not just a free wedding for the couple, it's priceless training for students.
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definitely something that you can't get anywhere else. >> you like the dress. >> yeah, i lee e did a good job at the other weddings. it' good dl >> if you want to enter for a chance to win a free wedding head to we'll give ets. tonight a seah for answers after a high school sex video, next how it's changing rules to protect future students. >> and te weather is changing again just in time for your weekend. i'll have your forecast. it was just pretty much a phone call that turned into a nightmare. first at 6 an upstate mother is searching for justice after she says a local school district let her down, but now there is a new recommendat m from a
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this mom feeling like other
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