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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this mom feeling like other children will be protected. we have been digging into the complaint and what's next for the district. >e this mother tells me that the video of her daughter performing sex acts was shared with other students in the district, and when they didn't protect her the mother took it into her own hands. we've hidden her identity. >> it started with a cell phone that turned i a parent's nightmare. a video that was shown around the school of her doing some sexual acts. this woman says her 15-year old was video taped without her permission and the that boy showed it to his friends. so that mom went straight to administrators >> and i wanted to find -- bullying intimidin and so on and so forth. >> but she didn't get the
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daughter deserved. >> she told me the most harm was he human lated her. >> she went to the police department and filed this report but no charges were ever brought. >> the district not responding doing anythi a then the police departme nrond and do anythin. so i had to take it to the next level. >> that next level was a letter to the department of education's office for civil rights. >> and i just did the research and went through it and everything that we had experienced fell up under those laws and violations. >>s office started an investigation into the policies. any kind of sexual discrimination d haram. they un the district to issue a statement saying they don't tolerate acts of sexual harassment and adding policy and procedures to their handbook. steps that this mother hopes will protect the next child
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will's child me female. you know this is reality, this is something that's going worldwide, nationepi sparb tt 7 wasn't able to do an interview on this topic. they did provide me with a statement saying that they have already implemented some of the recommendations and will be complying withh resolution agreement. we have a link to the entire resolution for you on >> thank y we have more tonight an police chase we told you about yesterday. a man faces two charges of attempted murder. police say this started yesterday when he stole a woman's handing bag and then drove a stolen car into greenville county. air 7 was over the scene just moments goodwill store. investigatorsay during their pursuit he hit another. he faces several charges including attempted murder, possession of a stolen he's being held at the greenville he
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new information tonight after a husband was arrested, he's accused of shooting his wife in the head. >> brand new video just in as jonathan bachler was denied bond. he faces attempted murders charg after investigators his wife was able to talk to them. it happened earlier this month the at a home. when deputies arrived they found the woman covered in blood and she didn't know what happened. we're following the store for you tonight and we're live at the detention ct with more. >> reporter: it was very powerful and emotional inside the family's attorney, the victim's attorney asked the judge dic to please deny bond and he said it to two main reasons, one he said the victim, this man's wife is the only witness to this alleged crime, and secondly, he said if he isn't forc today stay in jail he could quote try to finish the job that he started. now, before this hearing tonight before he was arrested last night this is what he claimed
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ahead and take a look at video of the couple's home. he told deputy that is he got out of the shower and he found his wife outside on the ground shot several times incli in the head and according to reports he also told deputies that their suv was missing an that he believed she had been the victim of a violent carjacking. well, it took three weeks for his wife to be able to speak and help investigator h case but when she did on wednesday deputies were able to find evidence charg her husband with attempte murder. >> you know, we're proud of her too for not quitting and giving up. and she needs to know and her family needs to know that we're going to speak for her. >> now, today we learned the couple does have t young boys together. they'rb und the age of 4. as of this afternoon they were still in dss care but we just learned that they have been taken in by the victim's family. for now live in spartanburg county, 7 news. >> thank you.
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say two armed robbers out there somewhere tonig investigators say the crooks held up the cash express store. it it happened last week. deputies tell us they don't really have a lot to go on but they believe the men in there their mid-20s. nobody likes the smell of rotten eggs but that's what families in an upstate neighborhoo den with because of a greenville county landfill. the sml has gotten so bad it's prompted a meeting with local and state leaders to find a sotn. . >> reporter: we are here at the baptist church just about a mile or so from the landfill. people living in in th area and as far as five miles away say the smell is getting so bad that they're starn to wonder how it's he affecting their health. they're hoping that this meeting tonight between state and local lawmakers is going to shed some
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and how they can put a stop to it. >> what does it smelling like? >> rotten eggs, lots of them that's been rot ago long time. >> a smell that is often unbearable ss scott. the greenville county runned facility hasn't been a bad neighbor he says. >> i have to give them credit for doing a good job with what they have, but what they have is a monster. a monster that's grown out of control in the last six months so this man who's taking the community concerns to state and local leaders >> they'd like to know if there's a health hazard, what's happening to ground water and breathing the odad the the fumes. so i think most people concerned about the quality of life. >> he will moderate a meeting thursday night. representatives from the landfill and officials from the department of health and environmental control. >> the purpose is to see what
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>> the cocift she know he what the problem is. >> the problem has been the unusual and very heavy amount of rain over a short period of time. this has accelerated the amount of gas that's produced in landfill. >s for a solution he says it will soon capture the levels of gas onsite convertin it to th could do that it had to reach a certain level. >> reef that capacity so whether the staig july we've who have had this up and a matter of fact the contract was signed yesterday. >n this meeting tonight is going to go in-depth into how that collecti sys gg to work and just how long it's going to take until residents of community will notice a difference ie ********x
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thank you. dm yie henderson who's back after a coup of days off. it's going to be sunny, a couple of clo ds around here and we had a little bit of beautiful colors coming in with a few breaks in the clouds up towards the mountains but overall cloudy skies still holding on. the trend will be for to see things clearing out. a wind advisory will go into effect at midnight the northeastern motas. as far as the upstate goes there's what your temperatur o like if the morning clear skies to start the day. things going to warp up through the weekend and i'll talk about that more in the forecast comin up in a few minutes. > excitement is building building at the team's summer home. fans from all over the country come here each here for the training camp. visitors spend money lots of it in
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the convention ask visitors bureau keeps a raising its expectatn >> now, remember to stay with us as we get close tore super bowl 50 we'll have crew necessary california coverig the panthers all next week as the team prepare to take on the broncos and coming up a week from tomorrow we invite you to joins us for our super game preview special. we'l hav sto about the team you may not have heard, and stay with us for the game on february 7th. kick off is at 6:30 right here on 7 news and cbs. next rememn some local heros. we'll tell you about a special honor for these war veterans.
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overcrowding in more than 2dozen veterans...received a special honor at broomehigh school... for their military service. the "korean ambassado for t more th two dozen veterans received a special honor.
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today men and women who served in the korean war. >> a great honor because i was there three-weeks before it started and three months after it was over. it's a great honor and i'm grateful to the lord. >> a korean delegation was on hand for the ceremony and to thank them for their service. >> around 600 tons of dirt, roughly 100 truckloads is covering the arena in greenville to get ready for this weekend's monster jam. it starts tomorrow at 7:306789 two more shows scheduled on saturday. and
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at a local jail "new at - e spartanburg county detention center remains overcrowded and understaffed. now jail officials tel7ns. theehiring new
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detention center remains overcrowded and unstaffed. >> and now they tell us they're hiring new staff but they don't wear a badge. christine scarpelli shows us a new attempt to make education availae the inmates. tsn has been in and out of jail for the last 16 years. he says he couldn't pay his child support and when he did see his kids they spent their time teaching dad how to read. >> i owe it to them to stay in school. i took my ged and failed, and next thing i know started going downhl > a new partnership he will give them a chance to take their exam for free and may even save you money. but it costs a lot of money to keep somebody in jail. we've got to get smarter with what we're doinad pt thit ken i think so it's our duty to offer it to them >> the idea came from operation educate a proht giv
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after release. many don't have turn them down. >> when they are ipo many tim it is as a result of a lack of things like education. so if they have that ged, it certainly opens more doors for employment. students will get class credit for tutoring inmates. the city council approved funding and made the jail a test site. they'll hire four educators. >> it's more about learning the skills needed to set a goal and to accomplish it. >> as for students he says there won't be a lack of you qualified participants. >> they said first what, 100 points is putting your name on the applicati. you got people that don't know how to spell their names write.
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through, nine week programs a year and tutor five days a week. if an inmate is released before they finish the program they get 30 days to take their test. well, if you want three nice d a you'd want friday, saturday and sunday, and don't you know it's going to work out that way. skies going to be much brighter for the end of the week and we will carry our nice weather through the weekend. very nice weather conditions on the way for friday, again the next three days going to be nice and sunny around here, and it looks like we'll expect warmer temperatureso sundayte upstate is going to see temperatures i the mid-60s for the high, well above average for this time of the year. here's the satellite map tonight. we've been socked in with the cloud cover all across the area today. earl this morning we
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of that has pushed far away as the main disturbance that helped create that is moving and making progress tonig to the northeast acs fl. t wet weather has been able to stretch as far north as carolinas, t gi getting some rain now as well. it's going to carry these clouds with it. so the trend will be after midnight for most areas to see clearing conditions. to the north we're also tracking a front and that's a fairly weak system that will arrive early tomorrow morning to reinforce the dry weather. there might be just enough moisture for the western slopes of the mountains to get a little snow, not looking for too much and across the rest of the area we'll look for clear skies and a cold start to our day. it will be breezy through the morning hours with lighter winds in the afternoon and overall lots of sunshine area wide boot evening hours, and as we get into the day on saturday a center of high
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region, so we'll look for light winds, a cold and clear start for saturday and warm weather for the aften hours. temperatures be above average for saturday and sunday. right now we're at 45 in asheville, also 45 in laurens, 46 in anderson and 48 in alberton. injure planner calls for a slow cool down for the evening. 45 by 9:00, clear conditions and 35 to start our day tomorrow. a bit of a breeze will make it feel colder than that. there's the rest of your 5 zone forecast overall looking good. the snow shower you see really confined to the northeastern mouis tomorrow. highs will stay in the mid-40s. looks like mainly mid to upper 50s across the upstate. so the next 72 hours looking very nice for us, a lot of sunshine, 54
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mid-60s on sunday, just a few high clouds at best on sunday, lower clouds come in on monday and that's ahead of another system that will aft our weather by tuesday night. that's going to be our next good chance to get some rain around here and depend on the timing that could you include a few thunderstorms tuey night into early thursd it looks like highs will be a little cooler behind that f gen into thursday. we'll g from 60 on wednesday to a high of 52 on thursday and there's your mountain fores overall kind of breezy and cools but the weather clear up nicely even in the mountain locations for the weekend and warms up there as well.
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and still ahead this panther thomas davis was asked about his arm today.. he was availlo the
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going to be asked about it ask davis said his broken arm will be just fine. he doesn't anticipate getting hurt or hurting anybody with the protective cas he'll have on. good evening. well their work continues before they head west on sunday to eventually meet up with the super bowl. norman as you know has established himself as a tough tough guy in the league. he is a corner back but back in his days at greenwood high maybe his toughness is they played him at safety. >> i was a safety so that's pretty much the mindset of that position. he was a play maker of he was playing down in the trenches. he got dirty. >> and he certainly did. i have a feeling are more about this store and much more is coming up a week from friday because we invite to you join us for our 7 p.m. hour long preview special as we've got a lot of stories to
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to play in their second super bowl. whereve norm is playing in a few years he could be reading the movement of current clemson qb watson who made some news last night. watson indicating for the first time that his jump to the nfl could come after his third season next fall. one of my goals before i come to the school is have my degree in three years and i'm going to try and do that. i'm graduating december so if i have the opportunity t go to the nfl i'm going to take it >> one of his goals next year to guide the best offense in college football history. clemson had a team on their mind last night and they got back in action after a week off in style. third straight game of 20 or more points, 22 tigers build the early first half lead and went up by 14 at the break
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controlling an important part in the stat category. >> cch really emphasized rebounding we had a couple drills and practice and the guys stepped up and did well tonight. >> tigers have won six of 7. if they win saturday it will be the second time. what do you know, of course very much firmly in the conversation. clemson at this point a bible team. u is sc women play tonight. they're trying to get to 19 and 0 on the season. finally kids everywhere today at the women's game. it was kids day. they were cheering and clearing loudly for the women who lost but still look at that. wow. a s.nwh.more coming up at 7. >> we'll be he at 11 too. you can always get the latest at our brand new nea
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>> see yt .
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online >> pelley: more americans come down with zika virus as the world health organization warns...
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