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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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by a certain kind of mosquito, the three samples that were sent off for testing were from people who had traveled to one of those countries where the virus is spreading. sr for pregnant women who are now being told not to travel to areas affected by the virus that has moms to be cancelling i yeah, tonight we have more on the impact those cancelations having on the travel industry. >> reporr stephanie code is 24-week pregnant and planned to take her babymoon trip to puerto rico but the virus forced her to cancel. very grave. >> it can cause fever, rash and joint pain but appears to be dangerous for pregnant woman because it's been linked to babies being born with the
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their come pan i don't understand a refund or re booking. united says its offer is not only for those pregnant but also those who are attempting to become pregnant. jet blue and delta say they'll work with any to accommodate conces. usa todayv reporter says so far the virus has not had a major impact on the travel industry. >> there's not a big fear that this is going to cause widespread tv cancelations. it's not an airborne virus. >> we kind of decided not to risk it. this woman is five months pregnant and swihd her babymoon to disney world. >> i think we'll have a good time. >> the world health organization announced it will hold an emergency mt monday. >> i feel dumb for not knowing what a babyo was.
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of the meeting is to decide if the virus should be declared an internationalet emergency. >> and moms to be will also want to hear this, a new study suggests that some risk factorers r a similar may be preventable. woman that are obese four times as likely to have a child with autism. >> i think it's very clear actually th the processes that underlie autismn a large majority of ss at least start before birth. that's true for genetic factors, true for things like positi pollution exposure>r say it's important for moms to maintain a healthy weight befendun pregnancy. > mow group of lawyers is trying to make the adoption process easier for families. they'll host a families forever fair. the young la
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questions and provide resources about foster r and adoption. >> all right of it's time to talk about the weather and who doesn't want to talk about it today as beautiful as it's been. we've got 40s, 50s and 60s on the map tonight. 44 in asheville, 57 in spartanburg and 61 at clemson. we're going to keep our clear skies and we're going to see the dry air helping our temperature to drop fairly rapidly this evening. so if you're heading out to dinner get an inside table. we'll start out at freezing in the morning but all day sunshine is going to warm us up nicely in the afternoon.>> it's not a patio kind of night. >> before you go anywhere let's show you some really cool videos that we've seen from around the country. a group of church
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with a tornado, surveillaemchh he very quickly and smartly gets inside. officials say about six trees were destroyed. check ots video, this is a sinkhole in oregon, actually it is sinkholes. look at attachment two massive craters formed side by side. authorities ble the rain that they've had there for that problem. makes me not feel so bad about the potholes i've seen on 85 every now and then. >> we saw not too many sink holes but we saw a lot of bridges give way. the water has a scrubbing effect. it can wash the roads right away that's why it's so dangerous. when we do get these rainy situations you have to recognize the danger even
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at first glance. starting tonight in henderson couny drivers may experience a few slow downs, air 7 got this video over the bridge on highway 1911 this afternoon of crews doing repairs on the bridge and that means lane closures tonight tugh wednesday morni if you're going that way just know it may take a little long tore get where you'r going. >fb to go beyond social media and maybe look at an idea that will have it competing against lyft and uber. it would help users share vehicles or find a travel buddy to get to events that they're plaig to go to. it would also connect with someone you can travel with on public transit like the subway. two pope mobile that is shuttled the pope around last september on the auction block. pt cool cars actually.
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auctioned off today at the black tie tailgate. those fiats? the other wldl . proceeds benefit select ministries and missions. monster are jam back in the upstate. favorites like the prowler, straitjacket and grave digger ready to rev their engines for the crowd. >> drivers say they have some surprises planned for the fans as well and rookie drivers lynn see reed makes her first experience in the show. >> it gets me excited to want to come out here and do better. >> it is tonight at 7:30 and
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and 7:30. tickets $10. who is stealing everyone's favorite dairy product. tonight at 6 local churches, the target for an upstate criminal. coming up we have the latest on a possible arrests and what the thie were after. i want to let you know about a road closure on monday the 1st. thiss doww greenville, this will be closed they're trying to get crews into
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news south laurens street will we're livt 5 .. and we're getting our first look at a frhischool bus crash from earlier this month in texas. we're tu first look at a school bus crash from earlier this month in texas. >> it's a video from the -- actually it' aldine independ school distri. look at that it shows theio the road. the hood pops to an open and comes to a stop. six statutes were on t bus and all of the kids were okay. a car being chase booed police in atlanta crashed into other car killing an elderly couple late last night. is it it started when the driver refused to stop for officers. a 77-year old man and his 78-year
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>> they were arrested and now facing charges. > straig off the best seller list who moved my cheese for the second time in a week police in wisconsin h recover stolen lead of cheese worth tens of thousands of dollars. a tip led cops to this 41,000-pound load of stolen cheese yesterday. you need a lot of spaghetti, it's worth $90,000 by the way. monday police found $70,000 in stolen cheese. police still trying to figure out if the two cases related. well as the panthers head west fans posted -- hosted a huge send off. > and the panthers hope to spend a lot of time in the end zone during pr bowl 50 if they can find it. we'll show you why the end zone is not so clearly marke > well, we've had lots of clear skies around the area today, all that sunshine helped us to see mild temperatures.
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hint it will be warmer t it feell everyone in the carolinahas super bowl fever.. today some panthers it feels like everywhere we go somebody has a serious case of super bowl fever. >> and today fans celebrated in a really really big way. >> a sea of black and blue wished th team off for super bowl 50 in style. >> are you ready for some -- >> football. >> we will rock you. >> it didn't take long for the crowd to grow friday. thousands clawing their way showing their panther pri ts y claw for the opponent. when we done with them i lick my fingers and throw
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>> this guy spent hours on his hat alone. >> how long did to take to dry. >> well it takes all night. >> between 25 and 30,000 carolina fs showed up in downtown. > extt se the panthers. >> we don't want to sound like we're getting big heads but fans say they'reo in the outcome of o like weoi " . >> i feel like we got it. >> they'reg to completely shut them down i think, because of the team work, unbelievable. >> even north carolina governor is placing game day bets hoping to deflate the governor of colorado. was mayor of denver when i was mayor and now we're both governors. these fs looking for them too and some players made it to
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wait to see their favorites until game day. >> thousandlo . >> the guys who paint themselves from head to toe that's dedication.> i would say so. that. today's raly is considered a send off party. >> but the players won't be leaving and heading for california until sunday. >> so retired panthers fans prove you're never too old to dab. seniors living in this retirement ho enjoyed dabbing. they say they don't only dab for fun it's part of their daily exercise rou > the nfl wants levy stadium to be perfect but workers forgot two important details this week. workers accidentally painted both end zones in broncos blue and orange. they ended up
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putting the panthers end zone paint down yesterday. >> i liter walked in right now just to join you. >> how do you forget to put the panthers in the end zone? >> people l about it on facebook as you can imagine. there's their is one guy a denver fan like we're going to win but all the panthers folks have quite another story to tell. one is postih' okay we will be glad to remind them who's going to be in the end zone and another is saying they just wanted denver to feel special becaus carolina is going to run all over them. >> that's what the betting line has moved to to 6 points. >> fingers cs.> well president obama was recently asked about the big game. >>'s chio so with his team out of the mix everyone wondering whh pick. >> i think it is a great story
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towards the end of his career in a super bowl again, and you know, the defense that the broncos have is unbelievable but carolina lko this is going to be a close one. >> that's such a politician answer. i'm sorry. who's goin u does look tough. >> welyu 7 news of course is your home. we're committing everything related to the super bowl. we're going to have crew necessary california covering e panthers all next week and one week in today we'll have a one hour special previewing the big game and bringing you stories about the team that you may not have heard. you'll also see the game only here on 7 news on february 7 now, we wos going to win. asheville stayed in the 40s,
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but overall we saw a lot of sunshine. this weekend you can expect mild temperatures but starting out seasonably cold. just bundle up early on across the upstatl expect low temperatures to range from the lower to mid-30s by morning, and in the mountains it's mainly going to mid-20s to start our saturday. clear skies l stick with us all the way into tomorrow. high presr is quickly building in behind a front that's been making progress south ward during the day today. pretty weak system no moisture to work with and that area of high pressure will ensure light winds and a fast cool down later tonight. we have clear skies really from the carolinas all way back into the central plains states. look for very quiet weather to continue right through the weekend. in the morn high pressure will be centered just off to our east so look for light winds, a cold start to our day but a fast warm up and feeling very nice in the afternoon as winds pick up getting into sun morning
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but a quiet day for us. temperatures getting a little warmer. south wi going to increase the moisture in the air so we'll see a little more in the way of cloud cover but a beautiful weekend both days looking very nice. a clear night tonight. warming trend with mid-60s for the upstate by sunday. next chance of rain just a few showers that will be possible very late sunday night going into early monday. right now in asheville the temperature is 44 contrast that with greenville temperature that's 63 and 59 in greenwood. we will look for a fast cool down so about 9:00 greenville is going to be down to 42, 32 for a low and we'll expect a high temperaturea tomorrow with all day sun. next 72 hours looking pretty good, 60 for tomorrow, quiear through the weekend. there is a chance of rain just a few showers going into very early monday morning, the rest of the day should be dry, and we'll hold onto the
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the middle par ever next week. that's about when the stronger system arrives. right now the better chance of rain will be tuesday night into wednesday and that could include a few thunderstoso early to mid-week is the time frame to watch for our next round of active weather. look for a high of 60 degrees on sunday. thank you. the queen of soul hopes to become the queen of social food. the latest on what's trendingo >> and back with what's on the way for 7 news at 6, the players aren't the only ones getting
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5 trendinnow on "live at 5" arethfranklin is launching heown food line. it will incer own brand of chili, gumbo and baked chicken. the brand
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the brand will also feature desserts which will do nothing to quash the beef with fellow singer patti labelle. her pies made headlines when wal-mart couldn't keep them on the shelves. she tweete she's going to have to move that pie to the side. the oscar winner is expected to win gray's first lover in the sequel. her characr is the one who taught him everything he knows. she's no stranger to spicy roles. running more than 90 marathons sn like quite a feat. >> we'gg to take a live look outside righto. we're glad your joining us.
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the usa fit marathon in sugar land, texas this sunday... it will be the 92nd marathon for one runner.. so runsersibns marathon this sunday and it will be the 92nd marathon forerunner -ooe runner. >> the jogging trail filled with the fit the and healthy, young and strong and the strong of heart this man is on track to complete his 1,100th marathon this year. >> i like feelingly the scenery float by me. >> remarkable for anyone especially especially him with blood cancer. >> back then his life expect tan see was five years. patients often have severe back and
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or fractured bones. about 12,000 peop die each year from the little known cancer and they're not just numbers. >> i've known 37 people now who have died. >> existing drugs work but only for a while. >> it also advance and the it always figures out an answer to every treatt >e has run 91 marathons at least one in every state remarkable fo a man doctors thought should have died years ago. >> n fact, i have lived to meet my grandchildren and they -- they know their grandpa. >> wow. >> yeah, well the minnesota lawyer's daughter runs with him but only the half marathon. he advises his kids to get off th cc of worship... being targeted by thieves... and deputies now say.. they're all connected. next.. the search for the people responsible. .
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tgd thieves and deputies say they're all connected. plus we are head nothing the weekd witr quiet weather. i'll let you know if it's going to stay that way. we want you to know we love you and we forgive you. and we know you need help. this is a cry for help. >> first at 6 an upstate pastor makes a plea to some thieves. >> deputies telling us someone broke into multiple churches recently ani still out there. >> two of the churches on the same road and hit the same night. a thirbe into earlier this week but all of them sharing one common detail. we're following the developments and we're live in union tonight with the very latest. >> reporte wel that pastor you heard from is from one of the three churches that were
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