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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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break ins the focus of a joint investigatintn the police office. >>gt here where they pried the door op. had is not one of the church visits he loo forward to or gets to see because it happened around 1 a.m. on thursday as thieves decided to break in. >> they went into my office, went through my desk looking for money and then we want into another office looking for money >> investigr say the thieves cut the power to the church and entered through a back door. that's similar to what happened just you up the street and on the same night and another break in monday night. the thieves ended up empty-handed at two of the churches but managed to walk away with $1,700 from the other one. wilson says he's fortunate. >> we're thankful that nothing was taken, damad but we're
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happened. >> union county sheriff confirmed the break ins connected. r workig the cases jointly with the city and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this pretty soon. >> wilson says he has for given the thieves. >> even though this person has broken in and violated a trust i am still command today forge them. >> and he says he is now looking into adding extra security in and around a scam... in union county... using the cub scouts. we new detai about a scam in union county using the cub scouts. we first told you about this earlier this week. the sheriffs office says dozens more charges have been filed. jeffrey henderson is accused of going door to door with his son collecting donations. he is charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. the sheriffs office originally got
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67 additional charges. three h killed three people in three different county necessary ou area and they all happened in a matter of minutes. the first was on i-85 in anderson county and a half an our later crews were called to two separate accidents on white horse road in greenville and i-26. a man dief a tow truck he was driving went off the road in anderson county and um an embankment across a church parking lot andvuy hit a tree. he was not wearing a seat belt. 30 minutes later officers say the driver of a pickup turned left onto white horse road into the path of a big rig. the crash killed a passenger in the pickup jose bryant. he was 27. he was not wearing a seat belt, the driver was injured. third ch killed a truck driver. this is footage from air 7. the wreck happened
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bound side of i-26. the highway patrol says a truck driven by herst went off the road and the truck overturned. the cause is under investigation. tonight a greenville county man faces criminal sexual conduct chs for possible 25 years. is facing two counts. the 62-yea old is accused of inappropriate touching minors in 1989 and again in 2010. he was taken to the detent center and given a $30,000 bond. deputies a believe that there could be more victims. so anyone with information should call crime stoppers at 23 crime. now, in henderson county deputies lk for two people responsibl for a break in that caused a schol tock locked down. two men went into an apartment an one of the men had a gun. deputies thk the suspects were dropped off in this car. you see it from pictures. the sheris office
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suspects ln the scene. if you he infort on this crime you can call the henderson county sheriffs office. big smiles everyone because we're delivering the perfect weekend fore. >> today was beautiul and we're going to carbo copy that. you see the 70s out to the west well, we're not going to have those but we're going to have more 60s, 40s and 50s right now. 60 in union but down to 54 degrees in greenville. so we're cooling off steadily. about 11 o'clock the upstate will be in the 30s and tomorrow morning we're going to start out at freezing with all day sunshine the way we're going to warm up quickly. so we'll talk about a warming trend for your weekend and the forecast coming up. now those some proud fans, an estimated 25 maybe 30,000
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afternoon for a send off rally. the crowd made sure to send them off to california the right way. look at that. although it wasn't cam some players did interact with the crowd. the top cats also performed along with perci but perhaps it was the crazy cost types out there that caught the most attentionh is my claw, when we he done with them i lick my fingers and throw the rest away. >> mad cata he calls himself self. the panth take on the broncos a we from sunday night. now, coure you can watch the big game right here on 7 news and cbs. and new at 6 when the panthers play in that big super bowl the cheerleaders will also be there. intrc y to one of top cats from the upstate. > she gr up in pickens county
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student at so i was on the dance team. i was very involved on campus and then i recently moved to north carolina. from a rally cat to the panthers top cats she says being on the sidelines in the nfl is a dream come true. >> it's a feeling like no other. it's exciting. it's just a lot of fin especially since we've been winning. the crowd is crazy, the fans, cam runs behind me and hypes up the crowd. >> she's now a high school science teacher. and she says it hasn't quite sunk in yet that she will soon be at the big game. >> it o so well this year and now we're headed to th super bowl. during my first year has a top cat going into cheer leading i never thout that that would be a reality bue we are.
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years to come and says she's grateful for all the pride she's felt as the upstate roots for its own hometown girl. >> i am a small town girl, and i'm doing big things pursuing my dreams andeise o they'll be flying out... to . >> sys th top cats have a ready. th the end of next week and if they get the w next sunday she can't wait to be part of the victory celebro when the team returns home. a week interest today we're inviting you to join us for our super bowl 50 preview special. we'll give you stories about the team that you may never have heard before. it all airs next friday from 7 until 8:00. here' news that will help your crews have finished up work on a portion of business intt 85. workers ei the bridge deck. air 7 was just over the area. the
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and traffic should be moving normally nd next it is one of the certainty te necessarle filing those taxes but you may be eligib to have them done for free. we'll tell but that service. later we've been telling you about the zika virus and the in south carolina. we have the he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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how wouyou like to get your taxes done... for free. more pethan you y think...qualify fo that... how wlu like to get your tax done for free. more people than you may may qualify for that. the first session kicked off today in spartanburg. this is the 11th year for 24 program. people who earn less than $54,000 a year qualify for this free pep ration. there are more than 30 locations all over the upsta y can go to but
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appointme visit wspa and if you're lucky enough to get a g return maybe one of these can be in your future. the annual boat show is underway. no, through sunday you can see the newest boats and technology on display. tickets $7 for adults, students get in for $6, anyone younger than 6 gets in free. well thi is your last weekend to visit the greenville zoo for a while before they close down for some maintenance. beginning on monday greenville city workers volunteers will be cleaning and painting and making other repairs. they'll do that for about two weeks. it will reopen on february 13th and the timing ld be better because right now we are all on giraffe watchin 2016 we're told she could give birth in the next two to three weeks. this is a live view, you can't see them they're apparl doing
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they've been separated until the baby arrives. the first calf was born october of 2012. straight ah the virus spreading acrsho and you may not know you have it, next the zika virus and the latest on any possible cases in south carolina. power bi you will not believe, e a problem again in a small upstate town. we're
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the faspread of the zika virus.has wmacross the globe... worried. that's because it's being the fast spread of the zika virus has n across the globe worried. it has been link today birth defects. blcas e being checked. >> reporteooa has had three case so far where the state department of health and environmental has sent
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testing for the zika virus one was not and two pending. >> at this time we don't have any case here in south carolina so the threat is very low for any transmss > th people whose samples being tes hd ave to one of the countries where the virus is widespread. the cdc says that's 24 countries right now. the cdc is warning women of childbeari to consider not traveling to those countries. it's not confirmed ye but there seems to be a link between the virus and babies born with abnormall small he brains. consdnr to one of the areas of the countries where there is widespread transmission she shoul talk to her provider and be educated on the virus disease and have that discussion withu door orah possible link to birth defects the disease itself is pretty mild 80 percent of people have no symptoms and if you do have symptoms they
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and red eyes but there is no treatment or vaccine and a diagnostic test is i'm perfect. it's transtmoui. . the world health organizatio says the virus is spreading o civil in the americas and we could see up to four million cases over the next year. well now that we're heading into the weekend evrd wants the kind of weather we had today to stick around and it is going to do that. so if you haven't made some outside plans it would really be a great idea too to do that. w have clear skies tonight, and that's going to result in a light freeze across much of the area by tomorrow morning, ra a moderate freeze in the mountains but with all day s tor again we're
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by sunday we'll be looking for mid-60s for the high across the upstate, no rain in the forecast for the weeke but showers chances do start to increase by very late sunday night going into early monday morning. so the week ends overall looking very nice for us across the region. high pressure centered just off to our north. the front has helped the winds to be gusty during some parts of the day across theun locations but reall no moisture to work with. the air is already dry by the time the front got here. that's going to reenforce the dry area and with clear skies we'll see the earth get rid of the heat that we got during the day today. clear skie from the carolinas all the way back into the central plain states and there is a disturbance a prettyw bun you by that will be on the way for tomorrow. that doesn't have much to work with either so just a few high clouds at best
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the northeast is where the main area of low pressure is producing yet more snow. so for us no snow in the forecast all day sunshine. we start out cold so put on some layers if you're out for the ti day. we'll see a huge range in the temperatur btwn the low and the high ending up in the 60s in many parts the upstate getting into tomorro afternoon, and into sund anote chilly start to the day. the south winds also going to gradually increase the moisture in the air. so we'll see a little bit in the way of cloud cover during the day on sunday but overall still heavy on the sunshine. all in all looking very nice and getting a little warmer too with highs around the upstate in the mid-60s. a few spots of rain showing up in middle georgia by sunday afternoo right now it's 40 degrees in asheville, 52 in spartanburg, 55 degrees in
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we he got into the lower 60s today offl and we'll be right back into that neighborho tomorro eo starting out freezing. we'll be down to 41 by 9:00. expect the temperatu to continue to tumble. for the next 72 hours a warming trend is on the way. 65 on sunday. more clou a chance of a light shower early monday but still up to 65 for a high, a bigge system arrives tuesday nighn wednesday. that's your time frame to watch for our next good chance of rain including the ot of a few thundersto and we'll cool off a little more behind that system by late next week and there's your mountain forecast, a beautiful weekend to go hiking if you can, 56 the high tomorrow, a few rain showers possible early monday but a better chance of wet weather coming back by tuesday night. >> thanks.> still h so what are the panthers up to on the friday of their off week.
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been like from legend to new head coach at clemson. >> and sitting around playing those vide games, lots of the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs,
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and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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of guys contribu you need a lost guys contributing and playing well z these kinds of games being acc games and the tigers have been doing great. when they play tomorrow they'll try to achieve something they haven't done since the 1970s. other action includes the
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panthers set to head to the bay areaen sunday that's when they fly out to get ready for the super bowl. back at it going to work today once more practicing -- practicigtt game this weekend but what are they workion >> te biggest thing as we've been trying to really focus in on the game plan in preparation for denver wat we've really tried to doed and keep it the same. >n keepn fingers crossed. davis still coming back from a broken arm. those guys and others have have been banged up hoping to play. a week from tonight we invite you to join us for our hour long super bowl preview show. got a lot of stories to tell you. >> there was a super bowl theme this morning. they honotheir prized alumshell. he was part of a great team in pittsburgh many years.
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games for the steelers all of which the won although getting to pro football really wasn't his main gin life early on. >> i wanted to be a teacher and coach and into my influence of coach johnson and because mainly because on the football field but he helped us so much off the field. d today he presentd a golden football to the gentleman who was the principle. next week spartanburg is doing something sa >> area college baseball teams had a great to begin their work for the upcoming season. sunshine temperatures in the low 60s, tigers getting ready for year numbe on er the new head coach h about the transition from a long time head coach and hi getting used to his new players had >e r s basebl you catch it, throw it, hit it and run the basis and try to get your guys to do it at a high level. he developed a lot of
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>> they've also developed the latest pha renovated morris stadium that' ready to roll out this seas as the second base man has been moved to center field. holbrook begins season number 4. not the standard they're used to so a lot of competition for jobs.> yo' got some competition going on out there between some ptope and i look forward to watching them perform. and meanwhile lt h in college hoops they were trying to distt the free throw shooter t is michael phelps as arizona state loved having him help out at the home court. >> oh my god. >> the g mies two free throws by the way.
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>> see yt >> pelley: for the first time, the state department confirms some e-mails on hillary clinton's home server contained top-secret information. also tonight, we ask donald trump about his debate counter-event. >> reporter: some veterans groups have said that you usethe veterans as part of a political stunt.
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telling the citizens of flint
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