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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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18-year-old savon allen was gunned do. christinnlive. >> reporter: investigators say the drugs are the root of both violent .t follow drug deal and a shooting. here in mauldin outside of the bojangles they said it was a deadly ard robbery that was drug-relat. pes tell me this kind of drug related issue is not uncommon to lead to violence. they say s kind of behavior could be on the rise. >> it was senseless. >> after tve s are lost in the up state the same night stemming to drug-related violence and three more teens are arresqus ise on how it cou be prevented. >> it's not surprising and it's the tip of the iceberg. >> rich jones, executive drek director of favor, a teen addiction center, said drugs is corelatedh use.
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see it happens other places. >> unfortunately he said teen drug problems seem to be becoming more problem. >> we've had teens come from backgrounds that you wouldn't expect. they will be obsessed with thstyle. >> it's not worth deals it. you -- it's not worth doing it. you have yose >> they hope it will raise concerns about red flags teens might show when first getting involved.>> behavior change, more isolated. >> in our technology age it may be harder catch. >> boys will be boy, girli be girls. i get that and understan t that would be somethin think but you don't want to go there or
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>> reporter: now, in anderson county we have not been told of charges yet here in mauldin there's been three teens charged and still remind behind bars. they were given no bond on sunday. m chris 7ws. you. onttwe had a gloriou weekend and the week is starting ce> not bad. we got to >> i worked outside today in short pants. >> i'm sure the trees are getting confused. >> yeah tomorrow will be cooler than today. we're tracking some rain out there across worn north carolina t 's moving east ward. we have shower activity around at asheville, back into jackson county and into swai county as well. the
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low int tomorrow and then we'll look for spotty light rain. this one out to our west is going to move through on wednesday d has the chance to bring heavy rain and thunderstat tuesday night into earlyed. a isolated severe rib possible r this evening unless you're in the mouai most of us will be okay through 2:00 a. loing for dry weather few lht rain showers will be a possibility by 5:00 a.m. in the up state as temper s out at 50 degreest'sose to our average high for this time of the yearing up in a few minutes we'll talk more about what to ewi changing weather. > thank you. we areowa matter of days away from super bowl 50 between the carolina panthers and brco >> the teams are now in california g ready for sunday's big game. 7 sports director pete yanity is there joining live from san jose. pete, good evening. >> reporter: tom, they're actual calling this today the kick off to super bowl week.
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here in san jose the behind us the arena where the shas play but today it's going to be the site for media day. they will talk to players and coachesbo all kinds of tng ist b kaner f bi saorthnery see on our channel as cbs getting rey do another superow the last one had the broncos playing the ravens. the whole gang are excited about this weth also of course will not only televise the game but the nfl today will be a marathon g to it. one of the guys that will be front and center, tren green, the former quarterbac he talked about how exciting it is for a guy like him to be part of an epic telecast. >> 's only the super bowl it's the 50th super bowl. it's a lot of excitement around cbs and thco. it the biggest game of the year. it's pretty muc its own holiday. it
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it is going to be exciting. i'm lookin forward to and am excited about this opitnisi to great. >> do you expect your social media to blow up when you're on the air for the first time on sunday? > that'rt it. i wasn't aeaalmmia media guy. i'm starting to learn and become more involved with that. i aic tha happening. >> reporter: but that question is petty important because as the years have gone on since social med edh super bowl is one of the big days. you'll have to see how that trend this sunday. we look forward to that. coming up, the guys who catch the ball from cam. for now live from san jose, they already have ar line playi. >> we can hear those drums.
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beginn of a terrific week. pete yanity and brianna smith will be in california all week covering action bringing you stories about the panthers and their fans as everyone tg ready for big game. >> coming up friday night we invite you to join us for our super bow 50 preview special. we'll take a look at how the panthers getting ready for their shwnst the broncos. you can see the game only on 7 news and cbs, super bowl 50, this comin night febrry the 7th. the kic off is at 6:30. a sl t campus of usc in columbia has women upset and not just because of the crimey nt to know why the school didn't send it an emergency alert after it happened. a studentol police a man was talking to her about 3:45 nr capstone house. he told he had a weapon and took her to an area and sexual assault her.
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crime bulletiabt 12 hours later.>> i feel like an alert that even if they don't know exactly what's goi od have been nice, like a warning. i wasn't out that night but i know a lot of my friends were and that kind of scar m that it could have been any of them. >> usc said it didn't send it an alert because thenmo at the time of the po was not specif enough for people to act on. dozens of workers are fighting t get paid. visions of greatness is a mental health medicaid paen. the sout carolina departme of health and human services said it placed the any on payment suspensi made a referral to the attorney gener' medicaid d control unit. that means the company can no longer bi iw sblg come up with a way to pay th employees for their prior wor >> disappointed, angry. they lepeo e d to us and
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i just feel betrayed. >> she said she's one of nearly 40 work nob paid in full. the atty general's office is saying it cannot confirm d the investiga and would not be able to comment on any specifics. today nsonre began work on a new camper down developmenwnwn greenville itill be the new home of greenville news. also in the works a hotel and parking adding to the current greenvil news buildin project did back plans to make a $100 million economic footprinn in jobs in greenvill a grv company is expanding with a new state of the art distribution facility. green co bench announced it plans to build a 130,000 square foot building. it will be the flag shi distribution center. t groun breaking is planned
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they start in greenville 100 years ago and contributoywn cola. the new plant is set to open later thisr. next on 7 news at 6:00, a
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a preview of construction work you'lwork begin soon... on t largest traffic project...ever... in the upstate. the you'l see work begin soon on the largest traffic project ever t u state. >> the department of transportis gearing up to give the 85 and 385 interchange a big mak over. they wil start with a ground breaking this friday and the construction wbenti19. the d.o.t said they have to make these cha more and more pee are moving into the area and aa lot more cars the road. >> we hav 200,000 vehicles coming through the interchange.
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number wl be 350,000 cars. just baseded on that the need is immense.> no lanes will be closed during daytime hour. most of this work will be done at night. as you drive thrg morgan scare in downtown spartanburg you will se work underway on the clock tower. they are replacing the mechani of the clock with the electronic versio. they will keep the hardware because of their historie the clock's wooden faces will be replaced with metal ones. it will cost $23,000. these days it seems like there's an app for everything and now this one could help the victims of domestic violence. it's being developed by two local high schoolers. hoit works next. >> power bills you will not
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"new-" for domestic violence victims, a
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new at 6:00, for domestic violence vis a cell phone can mean the difference betwe life and death. >> now there's two grnvl high school students who are working t improve on this technolog 7 news reporter dave jordan tt story. >> you are looking at the bluepri of a live saving app. it's from unix major marty ad shannon johnson. >> there's a ton of people who suffer from it so we wanted to do somethg benefit someone. >> it's part of a world innovation contest through a class at greenville high. >>h quickly advanced and are now in the top three of their category. >> i'm verea i departme k n -- i didn't any it was going to get this far. i'm surprised that it
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>> for johnson it's personal. some of t fmeer have been abused. >> it inspired me to keep working. >> it's now in the final stages and put before the puic for a vote. the one that gets the the reshbe he. >> family, friends, pel i don't even know all are so, yeah, le vote, let's get this up and running, let's do it. >> one or lose both students will move fwa with this app. >> i'm hoping it benefits people not only in south calb li as far as it can go ani betters someone's life. >> voting ends at 11:59 at greenvli, dave jordan. >> if you'd like to vote go to and click on the links mention> well,tt like spring
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we got up to near 70 degrees. not jus at gsp but also up into asheville. 67 was the high there. a lot of folks out enjoying that wear of course, in the mountains we're tracking some shower acvi that we'll get do in t a second. i want to here. clouds arein to areas where they cleared out temporad we'll expect mild ter over night. as far as the rain coverage goes, thasng to stay low for the up state but there will be a few showers around tomorrow. all of those on the light side. a stronger storm smn th way for the middle of the week that will bring us heavien and a few thundst oo trs later this week will b tbe one to give us all a better chance for some rain. e meant here's what we're tracking, sw moving to northeast during the cours the afternoon hours. gt some rain on the increase in heyw county. heavierrs e morning
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are trying to make their way south ward. so from bed to hendersonville. not much as far as coverage goes. it's even less of a chance of that reaching the p state where we've had a chance to see more breaks tu so far today. out to the west is where the next systes this is going to be the stronger one, the main area of low pressure that will bypassso the north but this is boeing draw in a lot of gulf moisture. while many of us may get a quarter of an inch or less of n tomorrow with this system many of us may pick up well over an inch of rain with some amous os to 2 inches in some of the mountain areas. here's the timetable. tuesday at 8:00 our first system will be the up state. ' e reason why just a few showers will be aroun m. pretty we system but lots of clouds. about 10 degrees cooler tomorrow than we have been today ttedainue of the afternoon and the evening hours f drive home. we get to wednesday at 7:00 a.m. and this big system starts to approac the area.
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chance of more widespread rain along with chance of thunderm in western north carolina tcowto the metro atlanta area. by wednesday at 11:00 a.m. the front as the area with the showers and storms. t north winds will bring in drier air so we'll see our skies clearing wednesd night. right no59 i asheville, the low to mid 60s across the up state. feels very nice out there in spartanburg, 64. of 57 and a few showers in thees for us during the d tomorrow. next 72 hours, again, cooler compare today wh we saw today, heavy on the clouds tomorrow, a few very light rain showers, not much tomorr late tuesday night and during the day on wnahr chance of some heavy rain including some thunderstorms we'll up the temperature again and then behind it those readings drop, 43 wednes nt sunny and 57 thursday your e of
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7-day for looks like sunny skies with highs in the lower to mid 50s. that's we supp to be for this time of year. there's your mountain forecas rain chances for a couple of day, storms early wesd and then quiet and co fhe end oh of the -- end of the week. ahead at 6:00, the baskelnre out. >> as the panthers get ready
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with a handful of wide petb about fans that havealready arrived in the bay area super bowl 50. >> repo evoe is excited he in the bay area as we get do the super bowl. they're calling today the super bowl 50 kick off day as the fans have been bustling around san francis throughout the
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as they ready for the eyes to be on their area in the days ahead. we're ri outside the sap arena, the home of the nhl sharks. today it'she home of media daye broncos and panthers will be there there talkin vu folks. it's going to be a whole lot of nonmf media d folks too. we will visit on that later on. you size up the game for this weekend, if you look at denver on offense they have paying mag on quarterback and the emanuel sanders, players t people know about. for the panthers wide receiver it's a group that's probably more anonymous than known if you will. a group they have collected 22 touchdowns and four guys with 30 watches or for. it's something they have worn as a badge of honor. >> this receiver core is more
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we live from the oldest youngest. w look for each other and it helps us on the fiel >> people know that we have a bunch of guys in our room that can make ps just bec you don't have the big named guy supposede mean that crow ca be effective. when the ball is thrown to us we make plays and the most of our opportun. >> we don't need a superstar. we're alenwe going to make the plays. >> reporter: greg olsen is the kingpin with a tight end, more than 30 catches, r than any of the wide receivers. he's cam's prime target. a denver team that plays a three-four will be him. now speaking cam newton, what's better than to get a set of expert on him.
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visited with trent green, a former qec that playe with a lot of teams and i asked for his assessmentf cam newton and where he is at this point in career in his break out season. >> we all know he can run and has the size and athletics. i think we needs some work on his funmealyo ahis foot work throwing in the pocket sometime steps one way and throws another. he still has a strong enough arm to do that so i'd like to see his progres eoward. they were limiting wt he did mentally, it would be one, two, check down, one, two, take off and run. s year it's become more a > ret of cour by next week we should have learned that cam new won the mvp and the super bowl championsp because h pa going to get the mvp and the panthers are favored to win the game. friday night at 7:00 p.m.
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as we say good-bye from here in san jose we know the gamecock men are in 25. >> thank you, pete.
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