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"issenseless." after twoteen lives alost in thupstate..t same nightstemming to drug relate violence ..andthree more teens are arrested... questirise..on how it could ha been prevented. "itssurs a omt ttohr rho.exe director of favor.. a greenville recoveryorgination..that helps teens with drug addictio says violen. is oftencoorelated with drug use. "we a stthe beginnin this type of u. you look arodhe country. happening in h places and y n see how it uniitr areas." dunfortunatey .. he s drug problems seeto omore common.. "we'v more ando teens showu t c mall no backgrouu ay majtfkidsof backgrouuwou' expect.""tbeco md with thet. he's hon etragic events.. will raismore concern.. about red flags teenmay show..when they're first gettiinvolvedidrugs. "yougfriend l see behaviac e isolitive tis wl yobvious sis becausu technology age.. hesit may be harder tocatch. "boys wilbo i girls. it tright of
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understanthat woulde something think but u donwant gh. you dotnignort": "before it. n whdoin.ha got toroc yos so stupidb s so f.o one has be charged...the anders county incident. the tn chargedn deadly ar robbery..happened i mauldin...remain behdbars... with noon we know when a teenager.arrested during a scuffle "spring val high scho resource officer..lface a judge. niyaewill be in court onmarch -28th-.after being charged with "disturbg schools."deputies say. she encouraged classmates t film thialteanlast octobe.betweenrichland county d... and a student. if convicted... she coulface a fine up to a thousand dollars... o9- days in . tonthe pickens
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a man killedndeadly morning wreck in easley. it hejust o630 ... onhi--at irelan road. troor say an -wheeler... crossed in oncoming traffic to avoid hitt tuc when it hi dp pick-up tru head on. epps s pronounddead on thscene.. no yet if chae will bei teh 56-year- old's dt frustrated. dozen o workerempty-handed... without paycheck....after a greenvlcoawfoed to stop sservices. "visi greatness" is mental acare provir that hamainly medicaid patients the sou carolinadepartment ohealth andhuman services ssit placed agency on payment suspensnand m referral to the attorn general's medicaif control unit. that the company can no loebill... now it' scramblicomept way to pemployees foprior work. "i'm dn,m ang ole peo ate, theawe wnggya eld betrayea ---
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owed about 45-hours of back pay. she say. she's one of nearly -40- workers... who have nobeen paid... ifull. thattorney general's office sa. it cannot confirm odeny the investiga.and would not be able tcomment on any specic it'l si. e past e days... but racould be closing in. let's get over to "24-7 chief meteorologist" christyhenderson... christy:
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ton. make up days have beenannounced for upstatestudents after winter weather caused them to miss schoola few k ago. in greenvillcounty... makeup days are set for april 22nd and25th. in anders county... there will be on make upyon march 25th. while spartanburg districts one three .. fiv. six and seve.have scheduled februaryand march 11th for itsmake up days with onlfebruary 15t set aside as make up day for spartanbdistrict fou. you canthe fls make on w-s-p-a d com. tn medical watch... an extraordinary event... worthy being label. international emergency.. that's wh the "worlhealth organizati.. has decla tonight.concerning the spread thia virus... between la america... e caribbean.and recent travelers those areas.
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disease .. transmitted by mosquitoe affects pregnant women. though no scientificyproven ... k is linked abirth defect.. that cau infants to be born with brain problems... and small hd- "aleneg nd ra intaoo unrnhrs bt"------- lash.the c-d-c issued analert ... warning pregnantwomen... about travelinareas r zika is spreading. there hav been documented cases... in 12 u-s states... an the district of columbia... an -22- other countrie but all patientshave b travelerreturning from affected countries. in south carolina ... -blood sampl have be tto the c-. foren. : " eno energize of all of y. worker: "we'regonna win!! *applause* ---- turning t campaign 20-16... tonig the clock is tickin on the fil w caucus voters ... get cast the fsbal presidtrace nt
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in .some last-minute campaii today.. democrathillary clinton deliverebreakfast... and thankedher campai workers. desos and in waterloo ... go-p frontrundonald trump... also tha supporter --- "hoynhe ggo vhbegni w is goiei certain ypositive revot ----- trump leadthe g- pack... polli7- points ah of senatorted cruz. on the democratside... hillar clinton adead heat... with sen bernie sanders... in the latepolls. as caucuses wrap up... nearly 17-hundred precinctwill use an report the results. the pesay ... thr tryingavoid... hunerror. youo see ... more candidatcoming area. the "conservative leadersproject"...has invitedrepublican and democratcandidates partici in the "2016 faith and family presidential forum." 'be held at b jones university ... on febru-12th- . before t-p pintl debate.. greenville. we'sthan e away fmsuper bowl 5 .. and bthe anticipation
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7 nsports director pete yanity has been in san jose.all day for the panther's media da and joins
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and gup friday night... invite you tjoin us ...rour "super bowl 50 preview specl we'll take otw the "carolipanthers" ar getting ready...for their show-dowwith the "denver broncos". and we' give you stories... about the team... ynotv hea anda see the big game... here... on " news" ans. "super bow 50" ... ish coming sunynightfebruary -h kick-it6- he.3 ieaein greenvie. it'sheadache whether you're a traveler oa commuter. now..h departmenttrston is gearto give i makeove under e improvemen the department of transportaon is plannin anew.. -3- lel gateway. those ovs will replace the tigl ramps.. helping traffic flow. therelalso befourth
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woodrufapelham roa. and of i-3.ibe wideneo3- lanes. as for woodru road.. thel is to impintersectis.. and dturn le. jackei 10991; "tee elerlr t t ure goiteisg the dai-- you'stseeing cre out very soon.. thel begin on ro mountain roaand chrome drive... construc will last through 2019. -says they ha to make the changes to make tsy tdtsaysh to make changebecause more peoplamoving in .. adding emore cares onthe roads. and spartanburg city officaikicking out - thousanddollars to update the clock toin downtown. it wasiin the 1800'. and has faces... onen each sidfaces... oneneach side. bunfthem ... hasbeen coe with plywoo for mons today company charleston.. came and replh original mechanicwith a moder electronone.
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sexua asault reported on campus ac columbia. hear t one safety precaution that schoffiafailed to usthat ha students upset...aftetincident. a v teen found dead...daftesneaking out of her h the suspects charged death ... and reacorpeople who knew the won't believe.. ee problem again.. in a small upsta town.. all new a 11 -- wely so much peoare paying..
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a seaassault...on the campusofccolumbia... hwomen there upset...and not j be the crime. thento know why the schoo.d dout an emergeytext alert .after it happened. a studen told pi man was talkint around 3:45 saturd morn near
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her... ha weapon... and then tooto a nearby area... sexualassaulted her. u-s-c... send ou crime bulletin... about 12- hours la--- : "i feelkuan e tvt' oet tgoingn jusodvn jus n.n w'ut b kno mn attnf t cdv any ofh ----- u-s-c didn't senout an emergeyalert...because the informi the time report.was not specific enough.people to ac on. hh principals ....for tcoe freshman... charged iconnection .. with t of a 13-yr old gi their shocked. theuvictim-nil lovell-found dead more than s he virginh...after sneaking o wind..da earlier. eignyear old virginia thstudent davi eisenhauer charged withmurder and kidnappinthe case.. his rtech classmate ... natalie keepers is accused of body.
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a gunsnot- ud the teen' murder... an aupieconducted. rignmotive is unclear.. iegoare lookiinto whetherlovell and eisehauer met online... through a teen dating group. fed investigators say an engineer in a deadly amtrak crash ..year in philadelph. has been cooperat but that claimsnremember anythi about the crash. eightedied more than others werhurt ... in the macrash. feder investa told congrs that therwe -issues witthe trk. brakes. locomotive. the ar train sgoing -- me than twice speed limi. at 106 mi-hour...whei entered ashprand flew o the tk. todaya 13 years sc the destructioof the spa shuttle columbia. -7- aso died... as columbia broke aparduring re- entry... february -tof 2003. columa.was the firstof nasa's orbiter flt itss missions.. starting -81... help "nasa" prthe concep. of a reusespaceship. on itflmission...
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damagduring lifoff... and icausedh shuttle to break apain mid-air. as it came ho. "i' s weather nothing k i"--- "it loo lemany global warming event..what it lookle tme." ----- the eas coast i getting back to normaafter a dead snow storm. now... winter stormsystem... is dumping heavy rain, frigid temperatu and snow... parts of west coast...and from wyoming... tnew mexico. floodwaters in one californcommunity. froze...and createan ice dam that cuoroads...and left people trapped in their neighbors. crews spent most the day. n heavy equipmenom
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nt news" ... areas lik your nec legs... none o.are iut it. see new tool... constai b here's a loo at youprimem lineup
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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"th unbearable. it very difficulta to do eve things.driving waexcruciating-- 24-7 deat pain... is a proble.many people. but afapprov l is shonrerl result. those struggnfind relief. it's u stimulatiimplant th' placed.your back.. it repain transmissi from the spine... to t brain ... causing patients to feel less c areas. doctosthe nevro stimulatiimplant has been
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o- patients. and it's eve covered by major health insurers medr. doct unlike medicatio.ase. it has liside effec and no recovery time. the imadevice is sbeing test to see if n provide relief... osome cancep. toni.federhealth officisdespite -n- e-colioutbreak " chipotle" restauranappears to be over. dozens customer i severastates... reported getting si.after eating at "chiprestaurants. to wincs. "chipotle"offering discountduri p bowl" weekend. next monday...chiplibriefly closall of its restauran for an employee safety meeti afteothan a decade... u-s airlin are resto... some sl perks ...passengers crammed incoach. you'l f improsnacks... larger selection free movie and the return of free meala few select routes. most airlines... dropped complemay goodies..after the 9 era. "dea"wasel major air... aei througho nex7news.. a remarka story of
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loses everything..ia house fir.but walks ouwith the mosimpathing..his life. how able ... t escape.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions,
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fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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loospicture ... ahouse virginia. a soicounting his blessingsafter his bl father...made it out alive. and iwasn't easy. he says hfather was home alone and upstai. when he smelled t smoke. once downstairs.bliegheat prevented from getting to the frodoor. armed with hope ... blind man slowly made itout the back door... and collaps the ground. neighbsquickly cameto his ai.before e-m-sand fire officials arrived. thao joining us. i'll se at 10 on the carolina and we'll be back her11. until t you can get t e uptblgt a dotm c7" coming unext... be sure
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