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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they y after the victory in iowa last night, there is nothing but excitement filling this cruig did talk to people working for the campan d they tell me that the victory last night really h catalyze the campaign south carolina. thesay just today, they have signed upa ton of new people to helpwith the campaign just weeks before the south carolina primaryop tald to that you see in the crowd, they say that they do a tort eto pm etythns fr nsnnc j y,nnncayatea setngll ts mpgnlssathat it is cruz's relian the voters, the ones filli this room, that really ma campgn stand out. ieach county for the first three states of the primaries, that ground game showed itself
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that ran where it was all grasit was all ground g ror there are quite a few hundred people in the room right noas i said. senatorted cruz will be taking the sta at 6:30. i tried to talk to his campaign managet his message here in the up state in greenvlwould be tonight but they wouldn't give me any clues. will keep you updated tonight a:0and 11:00 on 7 news. eryn, thank you. continuing campaign 2016, we havelearned iowa democratic party derhillary clinton the iowa of iowa caucus by a very narr margin in what was the closest race in caucus history, she edged out bernie sae snight was the first time we saw how voters feel about the candidates i26. altrump came in second in iowa caucuses to senator ted cruz. oethat mean he has what
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d jordan is live in greenvillewith more about that. p tom, obviously ted cruz is riding a huge wave of suppo after the win in iowa. a lot of supporters in south carolina believe he can perhaps duplicatett at home but one political watcher told us not so fast. >d bless the great state of iowa. reporter:tessenator ted cruz dwhat many a few weeks ago said was impossible, stopped dd csuedo ttop of the list in iowa leaving the new york billionaire in second place. s litscien professor doesn't think that will workwith south carolina primary voters. >> they would be comfortable with rubio and that is likely to be the future in south carolina, there will be movement td rubio. >> reportosenator
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caucubsesays he has a strongeground game in south carolinthan cruz. that could push trump to third. >> if he is seen to be wounded, south carolina voters will dept from trump. >> reportetoday trump's campaigedowntown greenvilluand running in the south carolina chairman for his aiinsists there is no change in strategy and trump wiwin the primary. >> the strength and support has grown. substance of this campaign is serioand it is a serious ground gaitserious team that is going to win and do very wellscarolina. >reporter: as for the democr,ahillary clintonhas reason to smile. this after she was declared winner at iowa caucus in a tight gee se doesn't believe he can win a naelection. >> he is a self labeled
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th'sot nto play on main st in america. hilly cawin nationwide. iam not saying she should. i am not saying i would want her, but hillary can win nationwi sde cannot. >> reporte back here live, it is heating up outside the td arenauthe ted cruz signs back to bacefhis supporters put a sign out and then a marco rubio supporter a sign in front of the ted cruz sign and then they mod r sign in front of that. it la dualing sign war going on outside of this arena and just across the street, you see some of marco rubio's supportteay fosogwhe said we can expecngprimary season. ven, 7 news. >> dave, thank you. more candidates will start to showup as we get closer to the prima. ri santorum will be in
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bee can at 11:30. bill clintonwill stop at allen university teth we donald trump is expectmake a stop in florencea hngfriday. democrat bernie sanders sganother endorsement from a c m. j lis the third state lawmaketo endorse sanders this pasek sdmain reason for his endorsemes e the middle class is in deep troublepeivneal believes sanders'i education, heahce,social security sk to the middle class needs. it7 news as we bring covera oca2016 on the airand online. log on to for the latest ocandidates, important elti dpolling locations.k dethnews tab for our specialesand politics sectio>nfmaonn a sexual assaultthe usc campus in columb. cea this man is someone they would like to talk to.
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before4:00 am saturday near the capsthouse residents hall. u know anyone that has informanthis or knows who thimight be, you are urged to call 1-8isc. we s want you to stay on top of the weather. christydoa wonderful job eye on in > y. t wlopen the door for thunderwa major cold front tthe west. you see the red polygons. those are tornado watches from kentucky te gulf coast. whave no watches in effect for us wbut you will want to keep alercin the morningr inthe first half of tomorrow, that chancof thunderstorms with a small chaof severe thunderstos e with us. now we've got temperu that are cool ithe northern up state i the mountains but warm over tsouth with 61 in greenwood.f your morning drive tomorrow expect rain, increasing
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midday and for the drive home, expect sshowery conditions, again isod ser storms will bepossible tomorrow wi have more on the timing and tchanges that front will bring to our weather coming up. thanyou. s bowl sunday now is just fivedays away in santa clara.we have live coverage from california as the team gets ready. iis joining us from the stitonight. >> repo: right, amy. we are in santa clara. let me r a little bit of the wehscene from out here on behalf of hearing from chrissatold us that down here in santa clara san josar we are it is significany enwehe sh50 miles north in san francisco,ic different to whereit is usually warmer here. avblowing winds off the bay, probably in the high 50s, low 60s, really pleasure abilia probably know it was what use to be called media day.
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nitw see video of the star power and all kinds of charactand that kind of thing, tsof glits. a primetprti last gh see all kinds of things. i is not only in the bay area but at the nfl opening night. you menti star power with cam newton ftcenter. intsghas taken some of the attention away from peytomawhen you look at two bigmquarterbacks. ae the what he is like awayfrom the field. >i think people see exactly wthbrings off the field and whahe does on the field. he is the same guy week in and week out in his personality and hi somebody who is really passio about life, loves the gamand his teammates. the best wto describe c is he is one of the biggest kids you will might. >> he really is like a big kid. he's go a foundation
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around ki he blends in. it's almost like the antics ae c is doing the same thing around young kids when he sees the cin his a guy that as noted has gotten a lot of attention rwe will dial in on point of context for cam talkinh about what he is all abouand also the other guys plgquarterbackand a futurh famer in his own right,nmanning. see you in sports. 7 sporilive just outside of the stmin santa clara. >> thank you. rememb and brianna will be in california all week coverthe action and bring you stories about panthers and their fans as everybody gets ready for the game sunday. you can see that big game only on 7 news acbs, super bowl 50 is this coming sunday night febrythe 7th. kick o is at 6:30. we will be here with you to watch. >on 7 news at 6:00, rememberivictims of the charlesn crshooting.
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hintilives. insurance fraud is big business south carolina
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the vi of the mother emanuechurch massacre in charlestonlast sur . were remembered today at benedictcollege thvictims of the church massacrin charleston last summer were remembered today in benedicein columbia. benedicvm members to talkabout what they've lost and how they're coping. they tothe students it's been thfaith that's kept them goin new exciting addition at the grelzoo. they weld baby giraffe. we ha video from when the calf tmfirst steps. autumn birth did 6:00 this morning after 14 months of pregnanoe say the calf is doing vwl and they'll do a physion the new giraffe soon to deteinif it's a boy or a girl> st ahead on 7 news at 6:00, staleaders say it's a
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and it is costing "new-6.. from fakecar crashes to bogus medicalil state leads say insan frofake car crashes to bogus ll state leaderyinsurance fraud is a growiproblem in south caro. eris why you should care. it impacwhat you pay in terms of premiums. leaderssc how to combat insuc at a summit in greenvilld explainswhy this affes your bottom line in a 7 news consumer watch. >reporter: top leaders in crime hand prosecutio yit is time south carolina does more to stop the growing probleinsurance fraud. the at gen allen wilsosa state is 7th in the country for the number of staged c dead last in the resouraput there. reportethe told the crowd today that boardering states spen1525 times what south carolinaecs investii like the one that just closed hit
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againsthclaimed he went blind from falling luggage on an airplane.>he makes claims against insurana $00anafter investignwas determined that he was blinded by a bar fight in 1987. >> reporterthe ag's office says it is not just lone crimiufraud rings that we have to crack. >> these are people working toghbecause they see this profitable. the rea is profitable is because is no one out thereonot sufficient people out the trying to stop it or even finit. that is why the rings are growing reporter: why should you care? sof fraud trickles down to your premiums raising them as much as 10%. if fraud went down, would we see a ch in our bill? >> certaat some point because losses that compani cu if they decrease,h,your premium would dee as well. it'sup to my office to make sure thathe rates that are
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>> reporter: in the meantime, the 'office is pushing for new legathat would give the statemore teeth to fight insurancaacross county lines and stop repeat offendedee 7 news. weehad a chilly day across of our area. we had a cold air wedge that's been focuin the northern part ofthe up state. that's weaewere fallingduring the day instead of risima of us are still around 50. southn up state to the midlandgets warmer. ovel we expect steady to rising a ont anorain chances are going to contto increase as well becoming elikely into tomorrmorning along with some thuntthawill be arounandthen we'll start to dry out by this time tomorrow and cli for latter part of the week. your weekend is looking cool and quiet as well heis a look at what's going aerof the area
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conditiont substantial rain is mongfrom the south. it's br in elbert and that is pushing into anderso edry in anderson now. look tto change in the next ho or so. stormytis farther to the west d on a front that will arri ow t ma area of low pressure is to ournoh the margwith the system is gointo bypass us but we will have enough warmth buildi wand of coursa moisture that the system is drawing in to where wlfor a chance of thunrherby tomorrow mni s te codbe strong to sevew have the potential of severe weathertonight, even tornadoes from ke into southeastern louisiaris the timetable for us. wednes8:0am all the moisture wbe moving in. we expect rain likely over much of western north carolina where we mayend up seeing the highesttfrom all this and an increasinge rain acrosparts of the up state. einhd just
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onyou drive to work, expect to useyour windshield wipers, tcfor ponding on the road. allow ratime to get to work. stay in during lunch. by 10the mainline should be push the heart of on you are area and continuing eastwarthrhthe afternoon. wsd a3:00 p.m., if this timingstthe same, a lot of the main action will be moved out and look for cloud cover and may few showers bu north wil pull in the drier air anthat will set us up for a nice thursday with maybe soleft over early with overlmostly sunny skies anr weae coming back. far as potential rainfall amn southweste mountains and nohup state have the best ch of the highest rain totalfrom two to three inches from northern greenville to northeastgeorgia, southern sections k
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with 70s in atlanta, towards jacks with the threat of severe have showers on the increase in elbert, 62 there. 50 in greenville and 49 in ashvillee x2hours shows a warm up. lback in the mid to upper 6with rain likely the first part of the week. showers ldi. were do yoknow to freezing ts night the end the week and your weekenhis always in view on our seven-day forecast is looking. lfohighsin the mid 50s and ovehlows down to or below f th is your mountain forecast wi thunderstoson the way tomorrewith the weather through ws thsudown and cool off fthe end of the week. mountai temperatureover the weekend will be right around > thank >ogup in sports, we will aat some of the
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bowls' openi supew opening night supb super bowl opening n wasui site last nigh n s panthestdenv c.josh jono g io the fun of superw opening night hnto the days of the movie nacho libre. all kinds of interesting sights last night as the nfl kind of has itsvaudeville night if you wlleading to the super bowl. go evenin various points of news were also made last night. suffeto say a quarterbac in this game is getting attenti his great play and all thgreat things he has done. not talking about peyton mannisoff the bat as we join you from santa clara in the area where the ball game will be waged sunday. cam newtc out with the fans in the arena and giving all kinds of attentau week ago cam drew atten on himself when he made co about his race
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he waasked to clarify last night. r is what he said. >> i just think it's been a limitedceoo from as far as people you can label a specii'nothing personal to the peopleddsd i am ina position where a lot of people critique every single thing i yet i will be first to tell you i make mistakes. >> i was just happy that he -- >> saturdanight we'll find out if cam wins mvp. he prob will. sdwe'llfind out if he gets hifirst super bowl ring. then theris peyton manning. when he came down the stairs of his intarea he was asked the questio everyone is wonderiand it came from marshfaulk. is sundayit for you?
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done wethis season and this team hasdo well allllthis season is in the moment and focus on the task at hand, take it one week at a time. there are aboo ten other cliches y can use there. it h serme well in the unique shsoccurred tsyear but with the injuri> thank him foraging the clichese to think if he wins sunday, he is probably gone. friday tsay the broncos will be a side appetizer, a focus for the panthers getting ready rthe show down. tomorrow el afternoon, cswilfind out if they got the top prospect with gary picking from tigers in michigamo on the road at geg night louisville and north carolin colossal show down ithe acc. cardinantar heels 12 game winning st north carolimaintains one game lead insts. w hav much meto come as
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califorawe are live in santa clara. we'll syou later on. >> see at 7:00. >> have great night.
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o a,online, and on the
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>> so what a victory last night. >> pelley: for the republicans
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