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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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midlands and pushing in the low country tonight. left over showers remain in cherokee county and spartanburg the rain will be here for the next couple of hours, abbeville and greenwood counties. this evening, a drying out process, holding on to the cloud cover and overall mild temperatures with patchy fog in the morning starting out around 50. the weather is looking brighter for tomorrow, though. and we'll update you on that and the weekend, too. >> i misspoke and said severe, it did reach severe levels, but we got a ton of rain. >> we got a lot of moisture, the typing worked out, the system pushed in during the cooler part of the day, it got organized in the #34id land and there was -- midlands and there was the severe weather. we had ponding on the roads, but things will improve overnight. christy is watching the weather on the inside. we have crews outside, tracking today's storms. >> and 7 news reporter laura
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henderson, some of the places were under water, laura. >>reporter: yeah, we're near one of those areas that is still causing issues for drivers tonight. take a look right over here. you can see these cars that are in the intersection right now, but just on the other side of that, there is a big pool of water. at least a couple of inches or so, the drivers are having to get through now, they're having to drive through it. many of them have been trying to avoid this area. we've seen similar problems just like this across the city today. determined drivers didn't let the flooding keep them from getting out and about. in some spots, crews put up barricades. along greenville highway you can see how much if water covered the -- the water covered the road. >> pretty bad this morning. >>reporter: business owners tell us this kind of flooding happens
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>> closing everything around us, really can't even get to your -- even though we're open. >>reporter: a few miles away, joyce was at work. >> a lot of commotion inside of the building because we actually had a little problem with our roof leaking, so we knew it was -- the rains were pretty steady. >>reporter: looked outside and saw the rising in the parking lot. her coworker took this video. >> this is the parking lot. >>reporter: police put up caution tape to keep people out, joyce saw one driver take their chances. >> we had a van to got stuck, couldn't get through. and so we r were stuck in our building for a while. >>reporter: from flooding to what's left of the wintery weather, folks in hendersonville are hardyier than most, some offices closed for the day. joyce stayed and worked. >> we're an insurance agency so we have to be here to take those claims when they happen.
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>>reporter: and you can see some of these cars having to make some fancy maneuvers to avoid the water. earlier today, this water was higher, so it's a little bit better and we've seen these conditions get better throughout the day. but again, still some problem spots in hendersonville here tonight. live in henderson county, laura thomas, 7 news. >> laura, those places where the water is pooling, is that a drainage issue, just low-lying areas on the road? >>reporter: it's a little bit of both. some of the drainage areas couldn't keep up with the amount of rainfall that happened this morning. and then in other areas, some of those business owners say they do know that they have the business in a floodplain area, and they're used to this kind of thing happening a couple of times a year. >> all right. thank you. laura thomas live in north carolina. another side effect of the storm rock slides here, crews are working to clear one on town mountain road near asheville
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of the day, but expect to reopen the road around 6:00 tonight. the swamp rabbit trail closed tonight at the cleveland street bridge r it got washed out because of erosion around a storm drainpipe. this has been an on going problem. city crews will begin repair work tomorrow and hope to reopen the trail by friday night. don't forget, you can stay up to date with the forecast, wherever you are, just download the 7 news app. we have updated it with even better features now, including one that lets you customize your location for weather updates, it is free for apple and android. we've got a story about a dog left for dead in anderson county, on the road to recovery now. but the 2-year-old boxer was found starving with a gunshot wound between the eyes. 7 news reporter christine brown bringing us this story of survival and how it sparked a community's call for justice. >> good girl.
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>>reporter: the name is fitting for this tough pup. >> good girl. >>reporter: she was found in townville as a stray, overbred, a gunshot wound to the head. >> greedy people are getting the money. >>reporter: the gouns wound between her eyes had left her blind with partial hearing loss. >>reporter: she was taken to the nonprofit rescue in western north carolina for emergency care. they want to give her every shot at a second life. >> it will take a while to get her strength back. >> it's okay to trust people. she's very leery of loud noises. i suppose if i was shot in the head, i would be nervous about loud noises, too. >>reporter: spreading quickly online, thousands of people are calling for the person responsible to be found and held accountable. >> has to stop. this is uncalled for. >>reporter: they're calling for people who bought a boxer puppy in anderson to come forward, so they can track whoever is responsible down.
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cut down on the number of animals abused in south carolina. >> no dog deserves this. >>reporter: x-rays show bullet frag pts left inside of her face, the rescue says it could be months before she gets better, but they believe she can make a full recovery. >> she's going to really start to shine, in my eyes, she shines already. >> they hope to have her adopted by family, who will give her the love she needs. >>reporter: in anderson, christine brown, 7 news. >> so skinny, that poor dog. the rescue group taking care of her is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. you can find out how you can help with the recovery on new details on the greenville county deputy who was shot in the head while responding to a robbery call. this is video of dave dempsey as he left the hospital last month. we're told he met with a neurosurgeon and learned it will be 3-6 months before he's ready for surgery to fix his skull. supporters have raised more than
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for his hospital bills. a friend of the accused charleston church shooter is asking that his trial be delayed. attorneys for joey meek filed to have it pushed back until may so they have more time to review evidence. the trial was scheduled for next month. investigators claim meek failed to tell them what he knew about dylan roof's plan, a hearing will be held next week to discuss the status of both cases. columbia police have made an arrest on the -- carlos hernandez is charged with criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping. he turned himself into the police this morning. a judge set bond at $300,000. here's a big change, soon women might have to register for the draft. right now, it's just men 16-26, but the defense department lifted the women in combat roles. so every american who is
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available if a draft is needed. last time we used a draft was in the vietnam war. donald trump claiming ted cruz won the iowa caucus by fraud. he says the candidates came pain put out a release when the caucus started saying ben carson was dropping out in order to sway voters to cruz. the cruz campaign says is it was a misunderstanding, but now, trump is calling for a new election, asking the results from iowa be nullified. cruz's camp not taking any accusation too seriously, he says, quote, reality just hit the reality star, he lost iowa and now nobody is talking about him so he is popping off on twitter. end quote. >> there's also no precedent for redoing a caucus. >> battling it out, they are losing some competition. rand paul decided to end his white house bid today, to instead, focus on winning another term as senator in kentucky. this after a disappointing 5th
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caucuses. >> another republican rick santorum is dropping out of the race as well, the announcement coming a few hours after he cancelled fight a few campaign stops in the upstate today. democrats are campaigning hered to, bill clinton is preparing to speak at allen university in columbia. tonight's event starts at 6:00 and we'll have a live stream you can watch on we are about to be ground 0 for all of these candidates making stops in our area, as their campaigns gear up for those votes, you get the latest on where they're going to be, and election dates as well on you want to look under the news tab for the special elections and politics section is. next, national signing day, we'll show you how successful usc and clemson -- straight ahead. >> a good resume and solid
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things that job 7 news is "live at 5" .. with one of the biggest days of the year for college football fans. 7 news is live at 5:00 with one of the biggest dates of the year for college football fans. >> national signing day, the day the top high school prospects make their college choice official. local players are headed. todd. >> gordon, we've been all over the upstate, today one of those crazy days on the sports calendar. we are going to highlight a couple of guys that are going to two of the top schools. clemson signed a top ten class that included 3 five stars and 10 four star, one of those guys, spartanburg high running back. four guys from epps's top 300, among the 24 signees, 14 on
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wide receiver. we spoke with both upstate athletes early whyer this afternoon. >> i prayed on it, was hoping that everything stayed the same, you know, throughout the year, last year, which i committed on signing day. seeing those guys go to a national championship and knowing they had every coach had a plan for the player, that was big for me. >> i've always wanted to go to south carolina, a dream come true. i've always wanted to go here. once i got it, i gist had to go there. >> -- just had to go there. >> again, these are just two of several dozen area guys to sign college scholarships today. check out the website for much more on national signing day. we hear from dabo swinney. >> thank you. the other big sports story is sfil still football, the preparations in california for super bowl 50. >> did you know the super bowl is coming up? >> i hadn't heard. and sports director pete yanity
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the action for us, hi, pete. >>reporter: i'm trying to figure out who drove more miles today, todd covering the signees back there, or us, out here in the bay area. and i'd also like to know if we traded paint, driving and todd, who would have won that race. so here wre in downtown san francisco, today. outside of the nfl fan experience. the hustle and bustle of the daily lives of san fran, with the super bowl sprinkled into it a little bit, folks will be going into the fan experience to enjoy all that's going on. one of two here in san fran. another one on the other side of the downtown area. earlier this morning, we were down in san jose, throughout the week, they have media sessions with the players and our never ending question to show you what's mind the scenes. fashion, cam newton set the ball rolling and today's media farthering, some of that continued. >> they assembled the media throughout the week, and among
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is that cam newton is not the only one who made a fashion statement. let's put it this way. just about all of these fwies wear pants to this kind of event. >> yeah, not a surprise. that's luke's style for sure. if any. >> if he was playing golf, he's on point right now. but you know, he doesn't change. >>reporter: fashion talk aside, it's just plain good to be talking in general about a game they get to play in on sunday. most of only been spectators to that and all that this week includes. . >> i think the media day the other day was pretty special. i know the this is my 9th season, the last 8 years i've watched this game at home. for us to be there, that was a pretty special experience. i forgot about that, until i got here, and so, it was fun to see, obviously be a part of that. >>reporter: and a great story in the fact he's been in the league for about a decade, and yet he's
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who have been around that long that have never been to the super bowl. among the roster that play. head coach ron rivera who in game super bowl experience, but for the most part, this is one big field trip for all of the guys on the roster. we see you at 5:30, interesting back story, and how this week might expose him to his past. for now, 7 sports is live, here in downtown san francisco. thank you, pete. we're going to have much more from pete and brianna smith all week long as they give you a front row seat to all of the action california. that airs at 7:00 o'clock this friday night. it all leads touch the big game, you'll see -- up to the big fwal, you'll see only here on 7 news and, is cbs. we want to know why you watch, is it that you want to see who
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the ads and the star-studded half time show? let us know on or the facebook page. and then the next half hour, we're going to share the results along with the sneak peek at some of this year's commercials. let's turn to the weather now and it was overnight tonight -- last night, i heard the rain waking me up, it came down so hard. >> that was the first wave, then we had the main action roll through earlier this morning. throughout midday. so we got a lot of rain, fortunately, we stayed out of the severe weather. but had some flooding to deal with, especially in some mountain areas. and so we've got some elevated river and creek levels that will stay that way, continuing to rise in some cases. the main action has pushed farther away from us tonight. so we're looking at left overs right now, and the trend is going to be for the weather to dry out, but we are going to hold on to some cloud cover overnight. and then in some cases, we might see some fog develop, that will
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have the drier air in the area. so right now, you can see that we have rain falling in spartanburg county, all of the showers are pushing northeast ward, some rain also coming down in cherokee county, western sections of union county, the widespread rain is out of here, very spotty at this point. a little more coverage down to the south and to abbeville and greenwood counties, also in laurens county, looking at quite a bit of light rain, that's filtering to the northeast there. and a shower as well over towards anderson. well, the front that has helped to cause all of this is moving through the area right now, we've got the thunderstorm activity that stretches over the eastern carolinas and back into georgia. the drier air will try to filter in, and that will ensure some sunshine for us weather. freezing conditions, chilly weather, getting into tomorrow morning, some patchy fog on the way. but it will be a dry day for us. and can we'll see increasing sunshine with temperatures that will be pretty mild for this time of the year.
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sunny and cool for friday afternoon. overall, the end of the week and the weekend looking good. so showers are going to be ending, patchy fog overnight. breezy and cooler tomorrow, we'll expect a quiet and cool weekend ahead. with temperatures a little bit below average in some cases for this time of the year. right now, quiet warm, 60 in asheville, 63 with rain in laurens, and 64 now in greenwood. here's what to expect over the next 72 hour, things will get better for us. 59 is high tomorrow. freezing for tomorrow night. 53 and sunshine on friday. not bad on saturday either, a few high clouds around, and a little bit more in the way of cloud cover sunday, but temperatures overall will still feel pretty good and it looks like the weather will stay dry and there's your mountain forecast, some early clouds tomorrow, then some sunshine, a high of 50. we'll only stay in the 40s on friday. thanks, christy. a store clerk's quick actions may have saved his life. see how he used a 99 cent drink he just bought to protect
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>> here's a look at your closing
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"live at 5" is back with these 7 news "hot shots" a gas station clerk fought live at 5:00, back with the 7 news hot shots. a gas station clerk fought off an armed robber with a cup of hot coffee. he's throwing the coffee into the suspect's face. the suspect turns skarnd walks back out the door. the police are trying to find this gunman, who left empty-handed. but probably in a lot of pain. >> that is quick thinking. now, watch this, a trailer comes loose from a truck, ben then rolls right into the path of a school bus in oklahoma. luckily, no one was on it. police discovered this was actually a theft in progress,
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the trailer was stolen just minutes before this crash. police are now using this video to help track down the driver. scary stuff. crews helped rescue a driver who got trapped in fast rising water officials say the woman lost control of her car, into the river, it is upside down. somehow this woman managed to downstream. firefighters then were on scene to get her out of the water. some parts of the south is still cleaning up after we got powerful storms in the area. >> we'll show you what people there had to deal with and the damage that that storm left behind. >> forget the game, super bowl 50 is about commercials. from the creative, the entertaining, we've got a sneak preview of some of the best
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live from the news station, 7 news live at 5:00 continues. it is 5:29 and some of you may be feeling a little water logged after f the storm that moved through our area today. >> when it rains it pours, take a look at this rain pounding our area, this is from earlier this afternoon, some areas did report problems associated with flash flooding. the system is moving out. not everybody in the clear yet. >> we are bringing you live team coverage. christy henderson has been tracking this storm all day. >> all right, dianne, we are still tracking some light rain, the good news is that it's kind of the left overs, on the backside of the main energy that pushed through earlier today. as a matter of fact that strong line helped to produce severe weather in the midlands, but because it moved through our area earlier in the day, we didn't have any severe weather. we just had some heavy rain with
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spartanburg and cherokee and
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