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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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at video, this is not file footage, all of this video was shot today along i-85 and you can see just what drivers have to deal with. now, that of course is one of the major routes in and out of the state. some of the potholes have been around for quite sometime and there was even a portion of the road that was washed away after the recent rain this week. now, i spoke with the chamber as i mentioned and the vice president there says good infrastructure is the key to a sound business environment, and that's why a lot of business owners may not consider moving here. >> if we don't have good roads and a good infrastructure and a good infrastructure to do that, then, these folks can't get their goods to market and they won't locate here, they'll go other places closer to, new york, atlanta. >>reporter: i spoke with the maintenance engineer with the department of transportation, they have been getting a lot of phone calls over there, crews are working around the clock addressing some of the worst potholes in the area, we'll talk
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6:00. dianne, gordon. >> one the interesting things about your coverage of this, dave is you talked to the chamber of commerce and it's unusual for them to ask lawmakers to raise taxes, but it sounds like what's that dang roar. >>reporter: yes, chambers of commerce, basically support candidates but you don't really hear them talk a lot about policy and the legislation enacted. what they're saying now, they want the gas tax to the raised and governor nikki haley has says she supports that as long as the income tax is cut. the reason they want the chamber wants the gas tax raised is because that's a dedicated funding source going directly to the problem of the roads, instead of taking that money out of the general fund. a lot to discuss here. >> yeah, it can get complicated there. thank you, dave. here's the simple part. we asked you what you think about the roads in the upstate, do you think they've gotten worse recently?
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better? this thing blew up online. we'll talk about that a little later in the newscaa. >> check out this crash in spartanburg, police say the driver of this white pickup truck was on the phone and distracted. you can see she ran right into the pole on the u poer truck. and it -- power truck and it crashed through the cab of the pickup. okay. a 4-year-old mother is facing charges tonight, her husband hit the child in the face, leaving her with a bruised and swollen eye. greer police think tina roebuck faces 3 counts of child neglect. greer police say the abuse came to light after an elementary schoolteacher reported it. we've learned a federal judge has granted a delay in the trial for joey meek, the friend of accused charleston church shooter, the attorney ak asked for the delay until may.
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all he knew about the plans to shoot 9 people at emanuel ame church last june. a hearing is scheduled to discuss the status of both federal cases. michael l sleigher's attorneys also want more time, they filed a motion yesterday, asking for additional time to examine evidence in the case, specifically fibers and expert found on the taser. those fibers could give clues as to whether walter scott was in contact with the taser before slager used it on him. the attorneys want an extra 35-40 days. > the school district where a school resource officer was removed after tossing a female student from her desk is setting up a school advisory county. they're listening to the students and school board members. superintendent says it will get students ideas on policys is,
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the deputy was fired and banned from school properties after the confrontation you just saw that sparked state and federal investigations. well, today, crews have started repairs on a closed section of the swamp rabbit trail. it got washed out because of erosion. this has been an on going problem but yesterday's rains didn't help. city crews hope to reopen the trail by tomorrow night. we talked a lot about the rain we've gn getting, finally that has started to move out of our area. >> it's been all focussed to the east, some of us getting sunshine. a narrow window of shower, but we're tracking an area of low pressure that's along the same floont brought us the rain yesterday. -- front that brought us the rain yesterday. swing the moisture in our direction, we're dry. and again, clearer skies farther tore the west. we have lower 40s and windy weather in asheville right now, temperatures closer to 60 in the
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we will see our skies clearing after midnight, area wide, and many of us will be down to or below freezing to start our friday. all right. christy, thanks. clean up in parts of north carolina will take more days after severe weather, the rare february storms hit donaldson and randolph counties hard. gusts of winds blew up to 50 miles per hour in some places, so far, no reports of anybody getting hurt, but a alot of trees down and power lines. as many as 2,000 people are still without power. i intend to follow the advice of my council, not yours. >> a pharmaceutical chief grilled on capitol hill today over severe price hikes. martin refused to testify to congressional hearing, he told the congress, including representative trey gowdy, he was exercising his 5th amendment right against self-incrimination.
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price of drugs by 5,000%. >> there's a pronounced skrelly? >> yes, sir, see, there, you can answer some questions. that one didn't incriminate you. i just want to make sure you understand, you are welcome to answer questions, and not all of your answers are going to subject you to incrimination. you understand that in. >> he faces security fraud charges, involving a biotech company that he ran several years ago. today's hearing was unrelated to those charges. campaign 2016, donald trump pack in new hampshire today, he does have a packed schedule. >> after a disappointing schedule in iowa, the businessman is stepping up his efforts in the first in the nation primary. daniel reports, his campaign is promising the voters will notice the difference. >> we're at the beginning of a very, very important last few days. >>reporter: donald trump took a break from his attacks against rival ted cruz on the campaign tril, one day after slamming
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accusing him of stealing the iowa caucuses with official looking campaign mailer, trump tweeted, this is the cruz voter violations certificate sent to everyone. a misdemeanor at minimum. cruz said trump was just angry. >> i have not responded in kind and i do not intend to respond in kind. >>reporter: trump was leading in the polls in iowa before a last minute surge from cruz. trump's campaign is trying to avoid a second loss in new hampshire frmg we do have more volunteer, more active in the call centers, more people out there knocking on doors, going out in teams now so they can have a lot of fun doing it. >>reporter: it's too late for trump to build a ground game because it's a strategy that's months in the making. andy smith is a political science professor at the university of new hampshire. >> if donald trump can continue to be donald trump the brand, and not donald trump the politician, or donald trump complaining that the election was rigged in iowa, then i think that he's got a really good chance of winning.
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agree. >> he's not afraid to rock the boat, and the boat needs to get turned over. >>reporter: the rep en field will have its last debate before the primary saturday. democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton hold their first one-on-one debate tonight. daniel nottingham, cbs news, durham, new hampshire. >> you know, the gop candidates still fighting for the white house in the greenville soon. they'll debate at the peace center saturday, february 13th, the day before vtd. . the ringling brothers circus rolled into town today. the circus will feature a legends theme, which includes mythical creatures, crowns, dancers and animals will perform and this is the last year that you'll be able to see the asian elephants before they retire
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dog trainer hans and his wife maria will have pigs performing. >> that's good. >> it is. with their canine crew here, here. you meet him and other performers by going to the show an hour early. >> the way of life, i'm a second generation circus performer, my parents were both in the circus before me. they trained dog, you know, just a way of life, it's not really work. >> and the circus will run today through sunday. and sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon at the well. still ahead, live at five, super bowl 50 is soon. the players spent the last day with reporters. we'll bring you a special appearance. >> a super bowl party, we have things that you may want to keep in mind. we'll share that with you, coming up. >> a quick check of traffic before you head out tonight, 85 at 385 in greenville county, a few moments ago we talked about
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trail that had been temporarily when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabineteti served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights.
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and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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counting california to super bowl they are counting down inca l cal and frankly, in the -- in california and frankly, in the carolinas for super bowl 50. for the folks covering these, it is exhausting, there's so much work throughout. the carolina panthers are getting ready to take on the denver broncos. >> pete yanity is live there, covering all of the action for us tonight. and joining us now, hi, pete. >>repopoter: doing a lot of work. a lot of work. i just sprinted about 50 yards, guys, my time wasn't that bad, i should have timed myself. let me tell you something, though, it is a fun week for the player, it's one of -- they're around each other, at practice and they go home. this type, it's like an -- time, it's like an extended road trip. one group on this team has bonded. so we hear all about the team harmony and that stuff, well, jared allen put his money where
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all of his fellow defensive linemen got a gift this morning and they were custom fitted. . >> this team net morning, they gifts for us. these are pretty sweet. what are these called? os tritsch >> are you accusing him of regifting? >> no. but i wouldn't be surprised. >> they were not regifted, no. no, they're not regifted, that i promise. how could i regift if i had to know all of their sizes. >>reporter: other position teams are close, too. >> we did that. thievery travels. and i got something for the guys, thieves on defense. and you know, that's who we are. that's what we're trying to do.
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boots. >> a gift for being in the super bowl, and they are rocking, they are dominating those boots and that's what cowboy boots are made to do, we dominate it. >>reporter: the joy of giving the gift is as much for the gift giver. jared allen didn't get to this team, but charles johnson and others have welcomed him with open arms. the biggest moment of the day was snoop dogg. well, he is a folks icon among those in prosports and the music world and a big football fan. there he was today, hovering with a camera crew, and all of the guys. just couldn't wait to see him. he visited with michael,, snoop and michael are famous, snoop doesn't have a movie about him that's as good as michael.
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today. out in the bay area, santa clara, 7 sports is live here at the stadium. back to you. >> pete, we were hearing that sthoop dog was more pop -- snoop dogg was more popular than cam newton. what were you seeing. >> cam newton did the big room today, they had three different ball rooms, basically at a conference center lobby, and they put cam newton and ron rivera at different times and the podium in there, this was the third straight day that cam did that and maybe some of the attention waened a little bit in that room, but it was so funny watching snoop dogg walk around, he first visited the room with cam newton and ron rivera and a middle room and the back room, where the rest of the team was. but as he moved around, it was like this crowd following him under cameras and media people, following, seeing what snoop dogg was doing.
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mobile army of ants. >> definitely unexpected. >> pete is a huge snoop dogg fan. >> we'll have more from pete and 7 news reporter brianna smith leading up to the big game as they bring you a front row seat to the action in california. a one-hour super game preview ahead of the panthers-broncos sxhaup that airs at 7:00 o'clock this friday night. it leads up to the big game that you'll only see here on 7 news and cbs, super bowl 50 kicks off sunday evening at 6:30. >> that is the affordable affordable thing for so many of us, seat geek is predicting this super bowl will be the most expensive ever for resale ticketings, the lowest price runs in the $3500 range. a listing on the 50-yard line as much as a new car. $16,000 for a ticket. forbes says overall, the super bowl is the most valuable
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the nfl is expected to rake in 620 million dollars. >> if you're hosting a super bowl party this year, and want to save money, preparing your own food, one of the best ways to save, skipping the costly premade platters also money says buying in bulk can save you money, it won't go to waste. alcohol, of course, gets pricey, so if you'll you'd rather spend your money on food, consider a byob party. the athletes in our area choosing where to play ball, this is the best of these signing day things we've with ever seen, to announce your plan, this is anderson, he's from texas, and he made the announcement, there we go, makes the announcement after sky diving. at the end, anderson said he'll be going to ole miss, don't know how his future coaches feels about this stunt. yeah, concerned about injuries, might not have been happy about that one. but that's cool. the weather today, nice and
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some clearing and some locations, there's a live look at downtown greenville, temperatures top out in the upper 50s today. we expect a cold night ahead, as skies are going to clear, but before na happens -- that happen, we have a small window of opportunities for a few rain showers to develop later this evening. i don't look for coverage to be high, but just keep in mind, it's dry out there right now, and we could see an isolated shower, a little bit later on this evening, after midnight, our skies are going to be clearing, and that's's going to allow the temperatures to drop below freezing and a lot of locations, but not everywhere and then for the end of the week and the weekend, our weather is looking sunny and seasonably cool. the same front that brought us the rain yesterday is just off the east coast and an area of low pressure is moving along that front, and that area of low pressure will intensify later on this evening and that could actually help to bring in some showers from the northeast into parts of the upstate. so for right now, we're dry. but we do have a few little
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more widespread rain along the coast, clear skies in oconee county, even western section of north carolina has had a chance to clear out as well. so this is where the main action is, we'll track that upper level energy, later this evening and the whole system is going to pull out, that will allow our skies to clear, in the morning, we'll expect a lot of beautiful blue skies, a cold start to the day with a freezing temperature in many locations. sunny skies, cooler temperatures versus what we have seen today. saturday, another freezing start to the day, a quiet one, and so we'll look for light winds and sunshine to help us to warm up in the afternoon, we'll see a little bit in the way of cloud cover, mainly high clouds during the second half of the day. temperatures will be seasonably cool, pretty close to where they year. right now, across western north and hendersonville.
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that gives us a wind chill temperature of 32. in up the state, still looking at an easterly wind with temperatures now in the upper r 50s, close to 60. here's your greenville zone planner, right now, at 57. we'll be down to 45 by 9:00 o'clock. not everyone will get rain. but there will be a few showers that try to form. skies clear after midnight. sets up for a beautiful day tomorrow. 31 to start the day, 52 to end it. close to average for this time of the year. plenty of sunshine all across the area tomorrow. in the mountain, we'll stop in the mid 40s. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours, low 50s tomorrow, and in into saturday, warmer into sunday as a westerly wind picks up. 57, the overnight will be cold, and then into next week, we've got a lot of clouds and a big dose of cold air on the way. tuesday and wednesday, we may spend most of the day in the 30s with a lot of clouds, right now, the chance of a few rain showers on monday. the mountains will see snow
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next week. stopping at or below freezing tuesday and wednesday, so enjoy the mild weather we have right now, it's about to get a lot colder into the weekend. in the mountains, 40s and 50s. christy, thank you. straight ahead, live at five,
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we're back on live at five..typically.. playboy models are not known for what they *wear*. but that we are back on live at five, typically, playboy models are not known for what they wear. >> someone thumbing through a playboy magazine on television. that has changed in the latest issue. >> we're going to add more mystery to the pages of playboy. >> in this case, more means some, the thing that has changed is the models keep their clothes on. the magazine is bigger, it's thicker paper, the photography does leave something to the
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struggling in the recredibility years with circulation -- recent years with circulation. the new look of the magazine is on news stands. your facebook page may have seen a little busy year today, did you see this one, did you see this? i did. it turns out i don't have that many friends, founded 12 years ago, mark zuckerberg was the attention focused on users, today is friends day. zuckerberg says facebook's mission is to have the power to share and make the world more open and connected. just ahead, now for more than a day, the irs e-filing system has been down. next, we talked to experts. >> and later, from store front signs to flags and banners, fancier screens as well, people in spartanburg showing off their
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we'll the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you
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