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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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crazier, the fact that we had a whole starting group and then another whole starting group. >> just looking at roman harper you can tell he's been safe. really just take a look at how old and wise he appeared to be. >> i called him roman the wise just like on lord of the rings movie. >> i've had it for a while actually. the thing is i've been a pro for a long time. i get the touch of gray for free. if i died it which they've been trying to start a go fund me to get my to die my hair black and i won't do it and the thing is i'm just like, dude, if you saw me with all black hair you wouldn't recognize me. >> i would love him to die his hair black but he's not going for it. >> it's been said that a wise man is superior to any insults. >> i look young in the face and
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i look distinguished. >> he must be smart. look at him over there doing tv. >> reporter: i think it's fair to say that based on how he presented himself he has a future not only in football but in this business as well. he'll be that guy that they look to on the panel really to have all the answers for obvious reasons. he's part of the secondary that leads the nfl in interceptions and a defense that leads the league in forcing turn overs. they'll be keeping an eye on peyton manning on sunday. he's had a rough year. more as we continue leading up to our 7:00 special. for now 7 sports is live here at the stadium in santa clara. >> pete, we just have to ask for the record, was this bias reporting or not on you part? >> reporter: it was. in many respects a man that i can identify with in some ways. although i must say, a man in
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may remember because i was on this fine channel then as well i had dark flowing locks and sadly for me in present day many more flowing locks back there although i could see the future if you know what i mean each day that i comb my hair. >> you got the hair of fabio,pete. >> 7 news is making sure you're ready for super bowl 50. catch our super game preview tonight at 7:00. pete and 7 news reporter brianna smith will continue bringing you more coverage from the bay area all weekend long. to make sure you don't miss any of the action leading up to sunday's show down, 7 news the only station where you'll see the game, the commercials and the star-studded halftime show. it kicks off sunday at 6:30 on cbs. the governor's of north carolina and colorado are placing their super bowl bets right now. >> not that we're condoning gambling here but if the
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hickenlooper has to donate salsa to a north carolina food bank. if they lose governor pat mccrory has to donate to a colorado food bank. governor mccrory is launching his first campaign ad this weekend. >> keep pounding, panthers and have a super day. >> mccrory is hoping to get reelected. he's facing two republican challenges and two democrats as well. some new hampshire voter will spend the weekend deciding who to vote for in tuesday's first nationwide vote. the new poll said 1/3 likely republican voters are still undecided. nearly twice the amount of democrats haven't picked their candidate yet. >> voters are trying to decide am i more angry, do i want to
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party or am i going to step back and say who do i want to be president. >> several candidates including donald trump had to cancel their campaign events of a serious snowstorm in the new hampshire area. trump will be in florence, south carolina tonight and he's scheduled to be in clemson next wednesday. new numbers in the 7 news job watch. hiring slowed down in january. the labor department said the u.s. economy added 151,000 jobs. that's less than expected. the unemployment rate still ticked down to 4.9%. if you're looking for work get your resume better. the tucano brazilian grill is set to hope this spring. first they need workers, everything from servers to cooks and bartenders and bakers. they set up a hiring and training space and will begin interviewing interested candidates on
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as predicted last night meteorologist it did get wintery feeling over night. >> between 1:00 and 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning we had a quick shot of winter weather. a little bit of sleet, a little bit of snow and then it was out of here. it came in a couple hours later, which helped the atmosphere to cool off. you woke up this morning and the sky ts were cleared. it moved out as fast as it moved in. high pressure is moving in tonight. that's going to keep our skies nice and clear. we have quiet weather and of course cold temperatures are on the way too. right now upper 30s in asheville and 40s across the upstate and parts of northeast georgia. we expect the temperatures to get down blow freezing by tomorrow morning but over all looking nice for our saturday. looking great for us on sunday but it's not the case statewide. low country showers with another area of low pressure that will be offshore. too far away from us to have an impact on the weather. if you're heading to the coast you can expect some rain on sunday. >> we'll keep it dry. this is a look at
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busiest area this time of day, 85 and 385 in greenville county. actually, traffic is moving well right at 5:00. man, it's going to slow down as we get a little past people getting off work and they are hoping to make avoid some of these traffic headaches. a ground breaking held this afternoon marking the kick off of the new gateway project that will include new over passes to replace the tight loops that you have now, adds a fourth lane on 85 between woodruff and pelum roads and widens parts of 385 to three lanes. >> some capacity will be added and hopefully when the project is done and operational it will clear up the traffic that you sit in every day and every night. >> we keep telling you how exciting it will be. prepare to slow down for years. this project is not going to be finished until 2019. most of
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>> we're asking you to weigh on this. do you think the changes are enough to clear up the back ups? if you head over to our facebook page or you can weigh in. we'll go through some of you responses on facebook. officials at the university of south carolina say they're now better prepared to handle situations like last year's on campus murder-suicide. professor rajad fayad was killed by his ex-wife in the arnold school of public health. buildings are campus are more secure. there's more emergency management staff to operate the alert system. the university is no longer limited by the number of e-mails it can send to students over the course of an hour. a henderson county man is behind bars charged where his father's death. deputies say they found 66-year-old terry butler dead yesterday morning. after an investigation they arrested his son, joey, for murder. they say he hit his father in the head with a wooden baseball bat. a judge set bond at $200,000.
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bill is headed to governor nikki haley's desk to protect children and you if you ever see one in a hot car. >> this will be interesting to see how it shakes out. the bill said you would not be legally responsible if you break into someone else's car to save a child. 7 news reporter robert kittle explains. >> jennifer fletcher does everything she can to make sure her 13-month-old son is safe. she hopes governor haley will sign a bill that says you cannot be charged if you break into a car. >> if it was my child in a hot car and i had a moment where i didn't remember, which i don't know where that happens, i hope that someone would bust the window or do whatever they could to get it. bill. he doesn't know where could happen. he thinks this law would encourage people to
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>> whether they pass the bill or not if i saw it i would rather pay for the window later and make sure the child is all right than to worry about a law and not break the window and the child die. >> south carolina already has a good samaritan law that protects you if you try to help someone. that would make it crystal clear that you wouldn't be liable. >> according to since 1997 ten children in south carolina have died in hot cars. robert kittle, 7 news. >> it's not just every day people who could be sued now for damages. first responders could be held liable for breaking a window too. >> act first and worry about the consequences later right now. the bill got final approval in the house yesterday with a unanimous vote. next live at 5:00, they're the biggest football fans around. they are making picks for the game on sunday. who do they think will win super bowl 50.
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with people no interest in the super bowl. straight ahead, some local players who america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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7 news "live at 5" continues now with a breakdown of just how much americans will eat this a break down of just how much americans will eat this super bowl sunday. >> a lot. >> yep. fans will chow down on 1.3 billion chicken wings, more than 20 million pounds of chips and don't forget the guac. they eat enough to fill the field from end zone to end zone. pizza is popular on game day too. 40 million people will order take out or delivery. the average person will eat an estimated 2,400 calories just during the game. >> when it comes to eating super bowl sunday is the second biggest day of the year.
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first is thanksgiving. >> chicken wings aren't the only thing people buy in bulk. >> sales of something else triple during the week before the super bowl. maybe if you think about it you will guess what that item is. stay tuned, the answer is coming up after weather. the circus is in town with some super sized football fans. the elephants on display this afternoon. experts from ringling brother and barnum & bailey welcoming folks to learn more about those animals. they are the asian elephants. it's the big reveal. they made the big for sunday's super bowl winner. you better pick the panthers. they pick the panthers to win the super bowl. >> by the way, i saw the circus last night and it was terrific. >> were the elephants good? >> they were amazing. a couple shooed on their head s. >> elephants on their heads? >> pretty much. it was amazing. all eyes are on the super bowl this week. there's another big game going on that may steal the show. >> okay.
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laura thomas introduces us to the local stars drafted for this year's puppy bowl. >> it's an all star line up of puppies ready to play. this year four from if asheville humane society were selected for the 12th annual puppy bowl on animal planet. >> she's the one that you'll want to watch for and vote for for mvp this sunday. tape.. her cuteness factor... is off the charts. >> this is bella's audition tape. her cuteness factor is off the charts. some of the dozens of dogs you'll see sunday are available for adoption. >> the asheville humane society is one of about 40 different places chosen to participate this year. >> heather brannon travelled with the group for new york for the filming. >> they have puppy play pins to get used to the puppies they will be with on the sleep. in the afternoon it's a pile of sleeping puppies. >> those adorable faces were just too hard to resist.
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was scooped up right away. >> the volunteer who took us to puppy bowl came home and adopted her. she had a good trip. >> but there are mren mren -- plenty more puppies in the shelter. meet mufasa. >> support your local rescue organizations that may have a puppy that could be a super star. >> laura thomas, 7 news. >> i'm in favor of any story that gives us an excuse to put a puppy on the news. >> this is the second year dogs have been selected from the asheville humane society. >> if you'd like to meet the local stars or adopt another dog there's a puppy bowl viewing party at asheville pizza and brewery. you know it was a good day
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dog if you could. blue skies light winds. all in all it's been a beautiful day compared to the clouds that we've had to contend with and all the rain. as we head through the weekend that's almost here the weather will be nice and quiet area wide. we'll expect mostly clear sky, it's going to be cold as you would expect for this time of the year. we'll dip down area. over all a beautiful weekend on the way. lots of sunshine, seasonably cool sunday. almost a rally of the temperatures for the second half of the weekend before we see a big push of cold air arrive for the first half of next week. here's what's happening out there tonight, not much. across the carolinas very quiet conditions. a cold front is well offshore now. that was producing rain at this time yesterday but that's pushed out. high pressure is out to our west. that will build across the area to ensure mostly clear skies. we have a few clouds out here to the west but those are
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staying out of the area tonight. into tomorrow light winds, a breezy start to the day but over all lots of sunshine, maybe a few high clouds moving through from time to time. it's looking good here. if you're going to be out, temperatures will be cool but not terribly cold. over towards the coast an area of low pressure that will form just off the coast of florida. that's going to bring the low country a chance of some rain but it's going to stay too far east to have an impact on our weather outside of breezier conditions on sunday with winds trying to come in out of the pressure. just the same i think in the afternoon. we're going to be warmer sunday versus what we'll find tomorrow. showers will continue from charleston over towards myrtle beach by sunday afternoon but we'll bask in the sunshine here with temperatures close to average. actually, it's going to be nice and warm out west. in northern california for the super bowl on sunday fans will expect a lot of sunshine with temperatures in the 70s. light winds. beautiful weather for the west coast for the big game. 70 to
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right now we're at 39 in asheville, 47 degrees in greenville, lawrence at 46 degrees. we'll check out your spartanburg zone planner right now. 47 right now, down to 38 degrees by 9:00, 31 in the morning. we'll look for a high temperature in the lower 50s tomorrow afternoon. below average but not too bad. we will be heavy on the sunshine tomorrow. for the next 72 hours, warming up into sunday, 56 the high. still starting out below freezing. above freezing going into monday morning. a lot of clouds as that front arrives. chance of some rain. we'll track the potential for a few snow flakes mixed in with that on monday. other wise the main story will be the big push of cold air stopping for a high the mountains will have a better chance for snow next week especially in the higher elevations. >> you made me jealous talking about the weather in california. >> i know. almost makes you want to be out there reporting just to be in that weather.
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speaking of which, that's a good segway, we asked you what item triples in sales the week before the super bowl. >> chips. >> i bet that's like tenfold. the answer is recliners. the question is -- >> and tvs i'm sure. >> that's probably huge. >> so a good seat is important. people are seeing red all over the up state including the lovely degrees that diana and christy are wearing. how that's raising awareness about a health issue next. >> the math is different but the results aren't what they seem. schools poverty reports aren't coming back honest. it's a 7 news investigation at 5:30. >> the closing numbers down across the board.
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after this. when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability.
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don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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you may see a lot of people wearing red today - including us! you're going to see a lot of people wearing red today including both of us although i'm not matching you. >> it's still red. it's to raise awareness for women 's heart health. even babies at greenville memorial hospital are going red. so cute. the american heart association donate ed d a bunch of red hats for all of the babies born today. you can see some of them wearing these hats. the newborns and their parents received red blankets and an infant cpr kit. there's some new troubling investigation on the zika virus. researchers in brazil found it active in saliva and urine samples. the study suggests more research is needed.
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south carolina seven samples have been sent to the cdc for testing, two of them came back still pending. when it comes to the school report cards not all the numbers are exactly accurate. we will tell you how the wrong numbers dollars. >> if you need a ride at gsp you might have a new option. who else will be offering you a airport. >> here's a live look outside
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5:00. it's 5:29...and we're back with this warning about the school report cards sent it's 5:29 and we're back with this warning about the school report card. don't trust
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>> some of the information that's supposed to measure how many children struggle with poverty is bogus. we're exposing the problem in this 7 news investigation. silver spoon... >> the students at grove elementary weren't born where a silver soon. in fact, last year 99% of the kids here were schooling up free or reduced lunches because their families were poor enough to qualify. this year this principal debra powers said the number of children has gone up. >> it's gone up noticeably. the involvement that we have through our mental health councilor and our guidance councilor and our social worker is much more intense. >> student poverty went up which is one reason the school report cards didn't make sense.
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the poverty index, the statistic
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