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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the poverty index, the statistic used to measure the percentage of students in need went down at every district in the up state. >> i'm not sure they visited grove elementary. >> the problem is the poverty index is more than a simple statistic. it's also tied to millions of your tax dollars. getting that number wrong puts schools and students in financial limbo. >> for example, if it goes above 70% in any south carolina district the state kicks in more money for early childhood education. anderson district 5 is one of three in the upstate that met that mark for the first time last year. ..suddenly had state money for these 4-k classrooms...t >> so schools like north point elementary suddenly had state money for these 4-k class rooms that enrolled 400 kids with more on a waiting list. >> i didn't realize that great of need was there. >> now anderson 5 is below that
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it appears to have had miraculous news. news that doesn't make any historical sense. >> we went back and looked at the state's poverty index in every upstate district for more than a decade. you'll see it steadily rises every year in almost ever district. experts from the national center for children and poverty at columbia university said there was no reason that trend wouldn't continue this year. so what happened? >> it turns out those school record cards get it wrong. poverty index didn't go down, it just looks that way because the department of education is doing some new math. >> until this year the poverty index was based on the number of students getting free and reduced priced lunches. this year some of the state's poorest schools started feeding free meals to all of their kids regardless of income. so the state came up with a complicated new formula adding in a half
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totally new statistic with the index. different results and put millions of dollars in doubt. >> state superintendent of education molly spearman said they were working to protect districts like anderson 5 who is already spending money under the old formula. >> we're going to go to the legislature so no one will lose funding. >> it's too late too late for thousands of other upstate students like anderson 4 and spartanburg 1. they were within 2 points of getting all that new money under the old math. now under the state's new formula 4-year-olds in this districts won't get a dime. >> there's a pot of money that has to be divided up and there has to be some perimeters for that money to be sent out.
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is one of the programs tied to it. now we have to see if lawmakers will act to change the law to accommodate this suddenly very different statistic. if you want to see the school report cards it's at a former teacher of the year is suing spartanburg district 1. michael cash said they changed the grades of failing students after backlash from angry parents. he claims he caught two students failing and gave them failing grades. the district forced him to give them a new test and they failed again. after that they allowed them to get a grade of their choice. we called the district but we're getting to get more information. a greenwood county student hoping his art work will end up on google's home page. emerald high school senior khalil lake is a finalist in the doodle for google competition.
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prize winner will head to california to meet with the team of professional googlers this spring. someone else needs special recognition today. >> it's national weather person's day and we have our favorite meteorologist here, christy henderson. >> it's odd that it's in the same week as groundhog day. >> you're the expert. >> i don't know if i need flowers or what. >> it's appreciated. >> you know plan ty -- plenty of people will send you some. >> it's better when i work with people like you. it's not just for the professional meteorologists too, for everybody into the weather. >> that's right. i think everybody will be in the weather this weekend. look what we have in store, all day sunshine saturday and sunday. it's going to get warmer sunday verses tomorrow. not bad. in the sunday mid 50s for the high. out there tonight if you're going out you'll need
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asheville and 40s across most of the up state. thank you very much for doing that. that's nice. >> you're our favorite meteorologist, that's a fact. >> y'all have my favorite anchors and tom. >> we have lots of favorite around here. if your favorite way to get from gsp is an uber you can do that now. a new agreement will allow the ride sharing service to drop off and pick up passengers at the airport. airport officials said it made sense to give passengers another option to add convenience to traditional ground transportation. it will still be available for non-uber users. now to air 7 at a live look at 385 and 85, that interchange in greenville county. thousands of drivers pass through this area every day. major back up here as we look at this section. it appears to be a little further away from the interchange itself. many times it can be a source of big frustration for folks. today work to fix those problems did just get underway. looking at that you can see why.
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>> those changes include everything from over passes to extra lanes. >> so you see tom crabtree joining us now. you've been monitoring people's responses as to whether or not they think the changes to fix the intersection will actually fix things. >> we waited a lot of days for this plan. do you think this plan is going to ease the traffic problems. we're just about evenly split here. the yes at 53%, the remainder said no. this is a 3-year project here. >> do you wonder if people who are saying -- half the people who are saying no, it won't fix things it's not like they don't lack the design of a project, they just don't trust the government. >> a lot of them may be in that video sitting in the traffic jams.
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need for years. >> we had facebook comments to show that show long all of this will take. we'll get to some of those later in the newscast. this could be a setback... see what happens whe driverless vehicles becoming more popular. this might be a set back. see what happens when an atv with no driver goes on its own straight ahead. >> from homeless to homeowner. a woman in the unstate is upstate is
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real phenomenon in 2016. it sounds great and very high-tech -- but just watch what happens when driverless vehicles are a real thing in 2016. >> watches what happens when someone losing control of a driverless atv. it barrels through an empty parking lot, starting doing doughnut with no driver. this thing is going out of control. >> out of control. >> the man handling the atv stopped it from running into a power line. they couldn't keep it from ramming repeatedly inside the side. nobody got hurt. huge construction crane collapsed on to the streets of manhattan this morning and the story was quite different. this happened during the height of rush hour. the crashed injured several people and kill add man sitting in a car. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash and if any buildings suffered any damage.
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death of dave mirra. he was an iconic figure in extreme sports winning 24 medals. he hosted mtv's real world road rules challenge the voice actor behind bugs bunny died. joe alaskey voiced several looney tunes characters including sylvester the cat. he won an emmy for his performance on duck dodgers and alaskey was 63 years old. next in in newscast live at 5:00, back to california for more on the latest of that super bowl preparation. we'll talk to one panthers player about making his mom proud. that's coming up next. a prodigal cow returns to the fold, with a calf. we tell you about her long journey tonight at 5. >> we tell you about this cow's long journey tonight at 5:00. >> and we've got clear skies across the area, cool
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will not get in the way as long as you have a coat on. it's going to be a great evening out there.
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sha the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather,
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to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. 7 news is "live at 5" with the latest on super bowl 50 .. it's not just football fans who are proud of their teams .. making it to the big game. players' *parents are pretty excited the latest on super bowl 50. >> players parents are excited too. pete yanity has more on that from santa clara, california tonight. hey. >> reporter: diane, anyone who has ever been involved with a -- let's take gordan back in the days when he was growing up on a little league team that team probably had a team mom. the panthers have a running back named mike tolbert who is a good talker to say the least. he
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it comes to talking about his mother who accepted that very real of panthers team mom the team mom of an nfl squad brings back memories of donovan mcnabb's mom in all those soup commercials. >> it's hard to explain because she does so much. every time she's around, you know, whether it's thomas davis or cam newton or luke kuechly or greg olsen if they see her they don't see me. >> reporter: that's very much true. they refer to her as mama c. coming up tonight a story about tolbert's mom. tolbert ready to go. all is well health wise. everybody who was boarding lines including guys
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davis are good to go for sunday. we are live and we will move forward. >> for that record my little league team made the state. the gym at spartanburg high was packed with over 1,000 people honoring four former athletes who play in a super bowl. howard williams in super bowl 2, steven davis a super bowl veteran from super bowl 38, landon cohen part of super bowl 49 last year. each one got a golden football which they handed to an athlete to be displayed at the school. >> just happy to be a part of it now. the fact that they brought us back after such a long time has been great for me. >> you know, steven inspired me through some of the things that i do in going back to the schools and hanging out with the kids. i remember steve taught
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grade. >> you pass it forward. don't you pay it forward? spant the former athletes have played in a super bowl. that's the most in the state of south carolina. what is this? >> i don't know. >> oh, wow. county >> my gosh. >> this san diego county sander -- this sanderson fan is pleased. her grandson got her cam new ton's jersey. she credits them with bringing her family together every sunday to watch him play. 7 news making sure your ready for super bowl 50. check out the super game preview tonight at 7:00. we'll have it live right here. pete and 7 news reporter brianna smith continue to bring you more coverage from the bay area all weekend long. make sure you don't miss any of that. 7 news the only tv station where you'll
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the star studded halftime show and the national anthem is lady gaga this year. super bowl 50 kicks off sunday at 6:30 on cbs. and we're going to have a great weekend to enjoy with quiet weather as folks make their way to watch the game. you can see in that live shot of downtown greenville we have clear skies and we expect to keep clear skies through the over night. we're already chilly. that mean it's going to be colder going into tomorrow morning. in the mountains we'll see the low temperatures from the lower to mid 20s. across the upstate those lows are going to range from the mid to upper 20s. a cold start to our day. won't feel too bad tomorrow afternoon with lots of sunshine on the way. of course that's what we saw today, clear skies across the area from the western carolinas to the coast. the weather is quiet. the front that was close to the coast and bringing them rain yesterday is offshore.
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pressure out to the west that will continue to push in our direction to keep our weather on the quiet side. so into day. over all light winds, temperatures in the afternoon. we'll be tracking an area of low pressure that will be impacting the eastern carolinas by sunday to bring them some rain but for us it's going to be too far away. so our weather is going to stay quiet on sunday. once again we'll start out below freezing. a few clouds here and there and a decent breeze, especially during the morning hours associated with that strengthening area of low pressure. sunday full sunshine across the western carolinas. more clouds and still some rain coming down though over the eastern carolinas. no rain is in the forecast out west. in northern california for the super bowl weather it's looking great for the fans out there. you can see a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. so here's what we're expecting here at home, mostly clear, quiet and cold tonight. a beautiful weekend on the way.
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sunshine and cool afternoon temperatures. turning much colder for the first half of next week. here's the planner. right now we're at 47 degrees . we'll be in the upper 30s by 9:00. just below freezing into tomorrow morning. some 20s in the area as well. we'll warm up to a high of 52, which is a little below average but still not too bad for this time of year. we'll see a lot of sunshine throughout tomorrow. highs in general will be in the lower 50s across the upstate and the foothills. the mountains will stop in the mid 40s for tomorrow. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours. a bit of a warming trend on sunday before the bottom drops out going into monday. we'll stop at 47 degrees as a stronger front arrives. that will bring us a chance of some rain. if everything cools down fast enough a few of us could see snow mixed in that rain. we'll continue to track that. tuesday's high only 40 degrees, down to the lower 20s tuesday night. there's your mountain forecast. 46 for tomorrow, 50 on sunday. high temperatures
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tuesday as snow will be likely in the mountains possibly for the first half of next week, especially in the higher elevations towards the tennessee line. >> mental note, better weather on sunday. next on live at 5:00, a sleepy eyed intern gets shamed
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on the job. on.. for 7-news 7 news is "live at 5" with what's trending now .. an intern 7 news live at 5:00 with what's trending now. an intern who nodded off at work learned a valuable life lesson. if you fall asleep on the job then you get photo shopped. he fell asleep sitting in his chair the first day at a tech start up. after he has colleagues gave him this light hearted shaming the intern posted the pick on redit and the internet does what the internet does.
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for him to get a job. the internet going crazy over this photo. kaitlyn posted the car selfie on twit we are the caption twin and me. because all three look so young everyone is dying to know which one is the mom. the photo has been retweeted more than 18,000 times since it was posted. still no one has solved the mystery. next on live at 5:00, a moving story about an unusual homecoming. >> they didn't know whether or not the cows were coming home in this case. a cow wandering for 5 months. we'll show you where she's been. >> first a live look outside.
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rushville you're probably heard of the cow that jumped over the moon. but what about the marietta moon boom? cow who jumped over the moon >> . >> but what about the cow that escaped? it's a true story with a happy ending.
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>> i gave up on her. >> roy wilson had listen reason -- reason to lose faith. july 4th weekend this cow move away at the moon boone event in jimmy turner park. he brought patty there to take part in the game when he turned her loose she took off. >> attempts to corral the cow were unsuccessful and searchs turned up nothing until patty was spotted 4 miles away. >> on the way back i tried to see if i could see here. >> that's where he found patty and another stranger. >> her and the baby and the deer. >> patty was pregnant and delivered her calf while on the run. the new addition has no problem fitting in.
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farmer and the town breathing a sigh of relief now that the cows have come home. dave jordan, 7 news. >> that's a happy ending. >> congratulations to pat ty ty and her new child. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. nightmare for another. but the trading won traffic nightmare for another. the timing of all the barriers and cones might be ease your pain at one of the busiest interchanges in the upstate. >> your forecast is next. first at 6:00, get red ady for the construction. it's the second largest project in south carolina history. today was the official start of the 85 and 385 greatway as they're calling it for greenville county. this is a live view of that area. you can see traffic back ups part of the problem right there on the
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>> this is a $231 million project that the department of department hopes will ease the traffic problems. >> drivers are hopeful it will stop the slow downs where the two highways meet. they're adding a fourth lane to part of 85 northbound towards spartanburg and widening some of 385. all those tight traffic loops will be a thing of the past and crewing will be adding 11 new bridges. krystyne scarpelli digs deeper into the plans for 7 news. >> the state department of transportation officials are anxious to get traffic flowing smoothly at the 85 and 385 interchange where drivers say standstill. >> yeah, i generally try to avoid it. >> i do try to avoid it just because of the traffic. >> the interchange is one of the busiest in our area. the state transportation secretary stopped in greenville friday to help break ground on the project after a year of planning and
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understands the frustration.
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