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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the news station,s 7 news live at 5:00 continues. 5:30, back to talking about some pretty cold temperatures tonight. >> yeah, christy, you told us winter wasn't over and you meant it. >> all of this week, it will feel like it, i mean, colder than we're supposed to be, even, getting into record territory, not quite. but farther away from the average temperature. today hadn't been that bad, but the process is underway, 42 in asheville, 49 in greenville, 50 degrees in anderson, so this is going to really look nice as we take a look at what to expect over the next few days. here's what to expect tonight, in the mountain, 18-23 will be the range on the low there. and then in the upstate, we'll see lows in the mid to upper 20s tonight. a hard freeze area wide. a wind chill advisory will go into effect tomorrow evening for the higher elevations. minus 5-minus 15 tomorrow night. and the rest of the area, dealing with wind chills as well, not as severe. what we're tracking is a very
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we're tracking snow that will stay in the mountains. we'll talk more about the snow amounts and when we might get milder air back here in a few minutes. >> cold week got an exclamation point. serious here. >> the people who love to ski, are happy about it. >> the snow resort also love it. because it will be so cold, hillcrest baptist church will set up a shelter to make sure you have a warm place to go to, tonight at 6:00 and close at 9:00 tomorrow morning. but the church says it will reopen again tuesday and wednesday nights. race to the finish line for the country's presidential candidates. >> a 7 news national correspondent. >>reporter: on this cold and snowy night in new hampshire, the weather isn't slowing down any of the presidential candidates, they're still out on the trail, despite what the polls show, with both bernie sanders and donald trump in the lead.
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it's make or break time. not wasting a minute, governor chris christie spend the morning hearing directly for voters. >> do you have a clue for the thousands that are drowning in college debt. >>reporter: straight talk about with the people who could change the race. >> what we know is that no one knows what's going to happen in this race. nobody. it is completely up in the air. >>reporter: will it work? the latest polls show a tough climb for christie, who is polling in single digits but the race for second remains open, and could be a break-through moment in the race. >> this is -- this lacks discipline. this is a a a a ah of people who are not doing their jobs. >>reporter: ohio governor john kasich is hoping his persistens in the new hampshire will keep his campaign alive. >> campaigns and elections are about vision and hope. and if you don't feel it or you don't sense it and if you can't communicate it, go to the circus. >>reporter: but convincing new
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through a single town hall, the next few hours, the ground game matterings, but won't be the only factor. the bus tours are going to be happening throughout tond tonight and throughout the day tomorrow as voting continues. >> speaking of blankets, that was quite a bit of snow for new hampshire. >> you wonder how that will affect voting. after new hampshire, the focus shifts to south carolina with the debate this weekend and the gop primary the following saturday. >> yooulg see a lot of the can -- you'll see the candidates starting to make their stops along south carolina, for a full list of who is stopping where, go to the website president barack obama is asking congress for 2 million dollars to fight zika virus. he wantsthe money for emergency response in the sxus overseas virus. zika is transmitted by mosquitoes and linked to birth
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administration says 50 americans have returned to the u.s. infected with zika. meanwhile, the cdc just raised tivation of the emergency operation center to the very highest level, and that indicates a serious need for the u.s. to prepare for the spread of zika on u.s. shores. we are also getting new details in the events to keep a coal ashland fill out of pickens county. the north carolina company got dhec approval touilt the dump near liberty, but the senator larry martin has introduced a bill that would prevent that from happening by changing the requirements for coal ash dumping. represent i plans to introduce a similar bill in the house tomorrow. food is fuel for a child's education, an upstate organization is getting meals together for hungry kids. >> 7 news reporter christine brown explains what you can do to help students succeed. >>reporter: so important for our children to be successful, and
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of helping to make them success. . >>reporter: every week, united way of anderson packs up meals for 1,000 students. they're for young kids who have to go home from school without a meal to eat. all weekend. >> we're amazing to find out how many children would leave school on friday with little to no food. >>reporter: each hungry student is identified by a teacher or counselor, many of them faced troubles in school with grades or behavior, and organization believes it's because they don't get enough food. >> we have learned when children are hungry, they're unable to focus, and they're unable to pay attention. >>reporter: every bag is filled with 4 meals and 2 snacks and it's sent home with each kid every friday. each food item can be eaten warm or cold. they are in their backpacks. priceless for every child who finds it in their bag. >> they are ecstatic. >>reporter: each bag costs $4, totalling $4,000 to reach the need every week. so they're asking for donations
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they're hoping to collect during their buy a box blitz. >> older children tell me that my little sister gets this and she loves her food, thank you guys, for the food that she gets for the weekends. so any time we can bring a smile to a child's face, it's a wonderful thing. >>reporter: united way wants to raise $150,000 to give the kids that smile for another year. in anderson county, christine brown, 7 news. when you talk about cost effective here, here's the pricing on this. for each box in the blitz fund radz raiser -- raiser, it's $32, but it feeds 8 kids for an entire weekend. >> every penny goes to buying the food. to help, head to to find the link. there are plenty of upstate families who can't afford to put a meal on the table, greer community ministries is kicking off the fab five campaign. fab five are the items they say they run out of the most.
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tomatoes, canned fruit, spaghetti and other dried pasta. to help drop off your donations, extension in greer. un security council is condemning north korea's latest rocket launch. un officials are promising new sanctions for the country. john kerry reaffirmed the united states commitment to security and defense in the region. interestingly the satellite they launched passed right over the super bowl stadium. just an hour after the game ended. if you're wondering why military planes kept flying over the upstate yesterday, you're not alone, i know tom saw these outside. we got a lot of facebook asking about it. it was the north carolina air national guard showing the panther pride. they say cats have nine live, up next, live at #5shgs we're going to produce -- live at 5:00, we're going to introduce you to a lucky dog who
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>> i'm tom crabtree, going to the hospital for observation, being admitted as an inpatient.
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7 news is back, live at 5:00, as thousands gathered to parade around their favorite 4-legged friends this weekend in spain. it's all part of the annual canine carnival dog show. the competition concluded with a
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dogs, dressed in range ofs costumess, including historical figures such as al capone. >> why is he dragging a stage around with him? this dog is living with the kind of luck cats are normally known for, this is maverick, he's su vooifed being -- survived being hit by a car and walkink into a raccoon trap. he pushed past the fence anan fell into is a crater. he's expected to need therapy, but maverick is fine. >> wow. after an exhausting social media campaign to name a new baby polar bear t voted have been tallied and the results are in. >> wow. >> can't get any cuter than that. meet nora the fuzzy new addition to the ohio columbus zoo. voters chimeded in from 115 counties, but what's in a name? well, the name nora is actually
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speaking of naming cute little baby animals. the giraffe was born last week. the zoo is asking for your help to name the little giraffe. you have until thursday at noon to make your suggestions. zoo keepers then will pick their favorite from your suggestions and announce it on friday. now, for the fun tact of the day. the average american spends $6 a week on these. >> what are they? think it over and we'll bring you the answer right after the break. . >> it's much more than a greeting card now, we're going to break down the bottom line on what americans plan to shell out for vltd. >> the snow showers will be on inthe crease and the cold air will be as well. a live look at
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camera shaking, indicating the 7 news live at 5:00, hopefully, you've been thinking about the question we asked and hopefully you have an answer. the average american spends $6 a week on what. >> time is up. the answer, a lottery ticket. >> i never would have guessed at. >> someone is holding a $20,000 ticket, that won't be worth anything if it's not claimed very soon. if winning boubl was sold at the little cricket in august. and that means there's only one week left to claim the money. there's a look at the lucky numbers, 6, 8, 43, 48, 50 with the powerball of 7. americans are planning to shell out a ton of money for valentine's day, spending expected to top 20 billion dollars. that averages out to $212,000 per person. it is still 28% than americans spent last year. fat says a third of
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a dinner out. that raises the question for today. what do you most want for valentine's day? tom crabtree joining us now. >> this is one of those must not mess up events. >> i always mess it up. >> what do you prefer? jewelry is high on the list. >> you picked the expensive one, guys, come on. >> flowers got a quarter of you, candy, roughly 15%. >> why, because flowers and candy are fleeeeing, they don't stick around. so really the jewelry is a great investment. think of it that way. >> a great pitch by you. >> what women want. something together, something memorable, something fun, something you planned just for her. >> you've gone in the opposite direction. they said they wanted the jewelry, we think you want nothing, just to hang out with us: this might have been guys, but i don't think the guys would have said is jewelry.
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him a week ago, he has planned everything. >> all set. >> i believe that about you. good planner for that. there's a live look at spruce pine, you can see the camera shaking. things are starting to cool off. a lot more snow is expected up near the tennessee line over the next few day, thanks to a cold pattern that has said up. it will continue to bring in cold air and also some moisture and energy and to help the snow showers to impact western north carolina. and we have another system here that's swinging in our direction. from kentucky into tennessee, and that will help the snow to increase in the mountains later tonight, on into tomorrow. in the meantime, we've had spotty snow showers mixed with rain and rain showers across the upstate of south carolina is.
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drier weather compared to the mountains, all going to see a big cool down, right now, we have snow shower in buncombe county. more will be on the way. for the upstate again, mainly rain showers, more showers are a possibility. as our front is, woing through the area -- working through the area. it will turn colder behind the system for the rest of the week. tomorrow morning, going to be windy outside with the winds out of the northwest, gusting to over 20 miles per hour at times. really going to help the snow up near the tennessee line to crank up and pile up. 6-10 inches before it's all said and done in this higher elevations. snow showers possible farther south, but not into the upstate. overall, quiet weather, just a cold afternoon, going through tomorrow. the winds stay up into wednesday morning, so the snow showers continue, a hard freeze will be on the way area wide. less snow for the mountains in the afternoon. more sunshine for the upstate.
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strong winds. mountain snow through midweek. and that cold pattern is going to stick around, not just this week, but all the way through the weekend. temperatures will be even colder than they should be, for this time of the year. here's a look at the possible snowfall totals through wednesday. again, the highest amounts up near the tennessee line, lower amounts farther south. right now, we're at 42 in asheville. 49 degrees in greenville and 50 degrees now in anderson. so here's what to expect over the next 72 hours, going to get colder around here for the upstate, the weather stays dry. but we'll expect gusty winds tomorrow, a high of 40. 21 tomorrow night. only 39 in is the high on wednesday. 19 degrees wednesday night. lower 40s for the high, for the end of the week. and a quiet weekend, but a cold one, will be on the way with highs in the lower to mid 40s. and there's your mountain forecast, below fleezing tomorrow -- freezing tomorrow, a good chance of snow showers, especially in the higher elevation, windy and it will feel a lot colder than that 30 degree high. >> plenty cold as it is. doesn't need to feel colder than
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>> wind chills will be in the single digits in the mountains. dangerous cold is setting in. thanks. next live at 5:00, we'll check in with the crowds welcoming the nfc panthers back to charlotte. >> more news at 6:00. have you ever had a car repossessed? the laws are clear, but sometimes the circumstances can
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tonight, advice to save day after 50, disappointed panther fans, make their way back to the carolinas, the team is expected to land in charlotte, a few minutes from now. many fans are hoping to welcome them home. take a look at this aerial view, outside of bank of america stadium in charlotte, the team should alive there around 7:00 o'clock, and even though they lost last night, people are
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still a great season. a lot of people still discussing last night's loss to the denver broncos. >> and 7 news anchor amy wood is here with the chatter that people are talking about on facebook. >> one of the big pieces of chatter was what happened after the game, when cam newton did his press conference with the national and local regional media. this is some video of it. it lasted # 3 minutes and he stood up after giving one-word answer, yes, no, we lost, that kind of thing, he left the scene. well, that has had a wide variety of action online. some folks like ang i have worley are saying 49 other quarterbacks have done the interview before you and managed to find a way to handle it. with some humility and dignity. she felt more sympathetic here, he was hurting last night, and who can blame him? so, you know, a lot of people understand that you know, a loss is tough to take. when you are the bigger than life guy and you don't lose very often, it's a little different, i guess, to try to face that moment.
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in the spot he is. when people say you know, what, you're going to be a loser at some point, you have to lose at dignyty. >> he's won for a long time. >> amy wood, thank you for that. a couple pulled over for speeding has a good excuse. we'll share it with you, coming up. >> and first, a live look outside, thanks for joining us
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across the there's a couple in alabama that got out of a teed spooeding ticket -- speeding ticket. >> i did not think i was going to have a baby today. >>reporter: but this little guy had something else in mind, his mom shauna says she woke up around 3:00 a.m. sunday morning, with what she thought was just gas. but to her surprise, it was actually contractions. >> when the contractions were less than p five minutes apart, i new wee had to get in the --
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>>reporter: they hit the road. >> she started grabbing the handle on the truck. >>reporter: as luck would have is it, alabama state trooper mike took notice of the speed. near lowe's in athens. >> we stau the lights and i knew it was going to be bad from there. >>reporter: it was then with his parents facing a speeding ticket, that little barrett decided to make his big entrance. >> there was no time. it just happened. in a matter of seconds. >>reporter: danny jumped into action, delivering his own son on the side of highway 72. >> grab his head and pull him out. >> the trooper was right there with danny to help out and in the end, danny and shauna drove away way with a newborn baby boy and a special ticket from the trooper. >> this was the official birth certificate, this gave us the time, and in the details, he wrote, that i was speeding, and wife had a beautiful baby boy. >> oh. it's great. my dad got out of a parking
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>> yes, he did. >> one mother in this studio, said it would save you a lot of money. live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. first on 7 news at 6:00, so young, an upstate community is mourning tonight after a crash killed two high school students and two others are hurt. >> plus, as they campaign in new hampshire, republican presidential candidates are preparing for the next debate. >> more stories in a few minutes sglchlt kid humane society to go -- kids had to go home early today. >> we captured flurries today in the spruce pine area, but that's not all. we've also had reports of light snow around the asheville area. a view center us this video about an hour ago. a mild weekend, it is getting colder. let's find out more now from 24/7 chief meteorologist christy henderson.
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hin crease in coverage and intensity, for the mountains. possible with the strong winds tomorrow, the snow flurry could blow across the state line in south carolina, but not likely. the winter storm warning is in effect until 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. for the tennessee border countiess. and it's primarily because of the winds. farther south, again, asheville, had a little snow, more is on the way. a winter weather advisory in effect until 7:00 o'clock tomorrow. slick roads and keep in mind, any moisture out there now will be refreezing overnight. very spotty action for now. but we dppt snow to increase in north carolina tonight and tomorrow. meantime, in up the state, we've had rain showers around, but right now most of us are looking at dry but chilly weather, it is 46 now in spartanburg, 39 in asheville. we look for freezing temperatures area wide by tomorrow morning. there's a look at the next several hours, we'll be below freezing by 2:00 a.m. in the upstate. starting our day in the mid to
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weather that will stick around
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