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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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video of what it looked like earlier today when that snow was really coming down, especially here in spartanburg. this is a look at some of the video that we got this morning at converse college. it was such a beautiful sight as those flakes were falling on the campus. we were there as crews cleared the sidewalks, getting t snow out of the way. we talked to students from states like florida and california and they said it was only their second time to see snow. one was so excited she decided to leave class early. >> last time it was all nice. this is real snow. i have dates to go and do sledding and stuff by the athletic building. i'm so excited. i hope it stays. >> reporter: yeah, not sure about that sledding. she probably had to change her plans this afternoon. it was fun this morning. they had a little window of opportunity to enjoy that snow here in spartanburg. live in spartanburg, laura thomas, 7 news.
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as it came down you may have snapped some pictures and sent them to us like these folks did. at times it was coming down well. these were sent into our facebook page. here's another one sent from a viewer in gaffney. this one came in from the lake lieman area. here's one sent in of big flakes in gap creek road and lieman. the viewer said there was about and inch on top of the beehives. you can send in your pictures by using the report it feature on if you haven't downloaded it yet this because we have more winter weather possible on monday. we updated the app so you can customize the forecast from where you live. you can also get the latest on the school closings and delays. it took deputies just 24 hours to find the body of a missing teenager and now they believe they have caught her
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>> brianna smith has been following the fast-moving developments and all day and is live from the spartanburg county detention center tonight. >> reporter: good evening. that girl is you tim hunt -- is aitem -- she died from a single gunshot to the head. her body was found last night and with some quick police work they believe they found her killer. >> as snow blanketed the area where autumn hunt took her last breathe neighbors start today worry about the police presence in a normally quiet area. >> i was like what's going on. i'm just shocked. i'm just dumbfounded. >> crime scene markers were laid today where evidence was found that could possibly tell police who her killers were. >> there was a single shot 40 caliber found beside her body
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been matched up to the glock. >> we learned these details from barry barnette during a bond hearing for alfred caldwell and akello jeter. barnette said it was a search warrant of their home that led to the connection along with leaning that jeter dated autumn. >> they are actually talking to the individuals about that incident also. there will be a murder warrant if not two murder warrants coming soon. >> while deputies continue their investigation friends of the spartanburg high graduate continue to mourn their friend they lost. >> it shook me up. i checked the link several time s to make sure it wasn't a sick joke that people were playing. it's rough on everybody. the shell casings ... and >> reporter: we did learn that both of those suspects today were denied bond for the armed robbery charges. we mention
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big connection was the gun and shell casings found next to hunt's body. they have been send off for testing to make sure they positively match. they will take time to make sure they have all the facts in this case. >> thank you for that. the body of a mis sing north carolina man, jeffery scott turner, was found in northern oconee county. they said turner's body was located just before noon in the big bend area. rescue teams and volunteers have been looking for turner since his vehicle was spotted in the upstate earlier this week. we're waiting for more details. this weekend all eyes will be on greenville as millions tune in to watch the presidential debate. preparations are well underway where the gop candidates will be facing off tomorrow night. a fictional candidate is threatening to steal a little thunder here. fans of the
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lined up today to get a glimpse of the fake campaign headquarters of the fictional president underwood. some could not help but realize the words colliding. >> it's cool, especially with this event happening and the tie in to the debate tomorrow. it's fascinating. >> downtown greenville restaurants are seeing a spark in the dae bates -- spark in traffic. we're just about 24 hours away from this big debate hitting television for the gop presidential hopefuls. lots of the line. >> the forum wrapped up just moments ago. addie hampton is live. good evening. >> reporter: earlier today we
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and dr.en carson. just meant moments ago ted cruz wrapped up his talk. each candidate got 40 minutes to sit alongside allen wilson and dr. oron smith. they asked each candidate questions from public prayer to planned parenthood to gun control. senator ted cruz drew a large crowd. he's visited bob jones university before for a faith and freedom rally earlier last year. sources within his camp said they're hoping to hit the state hard and pull out a win over donald trump. cruz is currently in second place in polls. he told voters why he was the best man for the job. >> i planned to descend every single unconstitutional action
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>> reporter: donald trump could not attend and sent a local pastor from easily and vouched about his heart for god and conservative principals. they could make a tough decision when the going got tough. >> that's jeb bush talking about the importance of experience today. the location was changed to the civic center as the number of supporters out grew the original venue. senator lindsey graham was there as bush focused on fiscal and foreign policy. he said he was proud of his father and proud to be george w. bush's brother. one woman jumped up to give him a hug. >> i'll take the combination of having the experience of being, you know, the son and the brother of a president and a successful governor.that's the case i'm making in south carolina. >> he has a lot of experience
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>> after this rally that lasted an hour jeb bush stuck around and shook hands, signed autographs and took a lot of pictures and asked undecided voters for their commitment. >> you can learn a lot more on saturday night during the debate in downtown greenville. it begins at 9:00 you will see it only here on 7 news and cbs. our special coverage will begin at 7:00 p.m. as our crews follow the candidates at the peace center. we'll have complete coverage right after the debate. next on 7 news at 6:00, we told you about church vandals causing damage. now police have tracked down one of the people possible. >> how about winning prizes for something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we n nd investments in
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to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror.
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experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. an 18- year- old faces charges tonight ... in connection with church vandalism... in the upstate... and there could be... more charges. an 18-yeaaold is facing charges for church vandalism in
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junior was tied to other vandalism cases. they were hit around that same time. you can see the damage in this video. no other arrests have been announced. today we learned chrissy adams will not return for office again. she said the decision came after talking to her family and doctors. she had cancer and is now dealing with an infection. she's been prosecuting cases in anderson and oconee counties for the last 12 years. how about winning vacations or prizes for using your savings account. how that is happening. >> are these faces familiar to you? maybe some of them at least.
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take new at -6-... if you liked playing the lottery last month... you may love the sound... of this.
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lottery you may love the sound of this. >> lawmakers are paving the pay for banks to offer prizes to people who save. it's already happening at some federal credit unions in north carolina. this list shows you the ones that are participating in this save to win program. basically the way this works is customers who deposit money qualify for drawings or raffles. it's trying to encourage sound financial behavior. you can win from $100 to $10,000. an amendment seeks to expand that to the banks. the south carolina senate passed a bill to make it legal. 44% of us don't have an emergency fund that meeting the three months of expenses. lawmakers are hoping it will help change those numbers. there's exciting news from
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baby giraffe born is a boy and his name the tatu. they combed through 300 submissions from around the world. it means third child. >> tatu is a word that means third child. very fitting for the third birth. that will be the name for our new giraffe e decision. >> i believe tatu has already grown a good bit. he was born 9-year-old giraffe autumn. it reopens tomorrow after being closed for 2 weeks for maintenance. tatu may be on exhibit depending on the weather. there's that pressure again on the weather person delivering good weather for the giraffes. the greenville zoo posted a picture of some of the animals enjoying the snow that came down this morning. a lot of folks, even animals enjoying it. there's no snow left. we are
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going to be pushing through the western carolinas tonight. that's going to usher in some very cold air for the weekend. we want to make sure that you check on those that you love and the pets make sure they have a warm play to stay. livestock, make sure they have water that won't freeze. protect those pipes for the next three days. this is a bona fide cold wave that's going to stick around into the early part of next week. the next system that we'll be tracking that will bring in some moisture does have the potential to bring in some light winter weather early on monday. right now that will change over to a cold rain during the day on monday. we'll be tracking that. here's the satellite map. some cloud cover over north carolina and parts of the upstate. you can see that upper level disturbance that we tracked yesterday coming down from iowa and missouri. it made its way across the area earlier this morning. spartanburg got quite a bit of snow. the front
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tonight. temperatures behind it drop down into the 20s and ahead 60s. mild ahead of that's system, colder behind it. we're developing. over all the weekend should be a pretty one especially on saturday. it's going to feel colder than the actual temperature. we'll keep the chilly weather right through the afternoon. getting in on sunday look for high clouds to start to increase and even colder start to our day. not record lows but a hard freeze area wide. less wind but the winds will pick up out of the east and that will start to feel the next system that will be approaching from the west. some snow will be coming down in kentucky and northern parts off tennessee by sunday afternoon. that moisture is going to move in by early monday. so we'll still have the cold air in place but that may try to leave us during the day on monday so we see a change over to rain. here's the latest time line on
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going to be playing out. getting into monday there will be a chance of some very light snow, sleet or freezing rain. we'll call it a light wintery mix up until about lunchtime. after that point we should start to see the warmer air trying to take over and change any wintery mix over to a cold rain. it's very possible there will be heavy rain too monday night into early tuesday. this system will be mainly a wet system rather than a wintery one. we will continue to monitor that and is the very latest on what to expect as we roll through the weekend. right now it's 36 in asheville, 47 degrees in greenville and 50 degrees in anderson. temperatures had a chance to rebound after the snow stopped. 41 in spartanburg. we'll be down to 39 by 9:00. mid 20s in the morning. high temperatures to reach the upper 30s tomorrow. lots of sunshine but it's going to feel a lot colder than 38. bundle up right through the afternoon. here's what to expect for the next 72
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bottom line here. highs in tup the upper upper 30 -- in the upper 30s for tomorrow. the other big story warming up next week back into the 50s for the high by tuesday. we could get up to 60 for a high by the end of next week. there's your mountain forecast. only up to 26 tomorrow, down to 13 tomorrow night and a high of freezing on valentine's day. >> thank you. still ahead, this may joy major leaguer just made history but probably didn't strike this pose
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>> they don't get much bigger breaking news...we need to tell you about... just in.. two people are under arrest... charged in connection just in, two people are under arrest charged in connection with the discovery of a body last month. dale mathis and daveon smith are charged
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>> investigators say a hunter found the body near taylors. this is video from the night of january the 29th. the body was later identified as belonging to jamie howard. we will let you know what else develops in this investigation. there's a first for everything and baseball wasn't is concerned. he's kicked out for good under the new drug rules. he's the typical violation in the case of the mets former closer. good evening. six days after the usc women played their most anticipated home game south carolina's men now one of their biggest ever in columbia saturday. number 18 kentucky rolls in. the other night the gamecocks had a big one and won against lsu. the gamecocks,
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together on top of the league. it's obvious to what happens to the winner. frank ellis had a preview of the rest of his week. >> i have to go home and i'll be up all night watching kentucky on film. that's easy too. let's watch kentucky. they're no good. how do we guard him? i have no idea. how about that guy? i have no idea. >> the wildcats have won eight of the past nine. clemson is home to georgia tech in the well at 2:00 on saturday. tigers coming off back to back losses. tough ones indeed. look at the acc. they're still in the hunt for one of the top four slots and bye in upcoming acc tournament. >> let's not worry about the outside, you know, things like ncaa tournament talk and, you know, trying to finish in the top four and get byes to the acc
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focused on what we can do individually and collectively as a team to play better basketball. >> tiirs haven't lost a home game to tech in a decade. a couple of big wins for wofford and ferman. they knock off mercer 79-70 and stay tied for third place. they doused it easily. the two women's teams from the area with top five rankings taking care of business last night. south carolina stays unbeaten in the sec. they beat florida and limestone goeses to 22-0. tony stewart confirming that brian victors will be his replacement at dayton that p apz apz -- daytona. the greenville they have a new video board.
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>> cold for the upstate. in the morning the mid 20 s. >> and then things will heat up with the politics. >> good night.
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>> pelley: republicans fight for the christian right and prepare for our cbs debate. tempers flare between the democrats. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> pelley: also tonight, a low blow of cold in much of america. the pope's pilgrimage to mexico. greyhound racing may be neither the end of its run. and steve hartman at a museum of love. >> i built it for other people to see, but it's for me, too. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: now, there are six. the winnowing of republican candidates continued today when dark horse jim gilmore headed
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so a great deal is riding on tomorrow's debate. can anyone catch trump? can an establishment republican break out? the stage is set for the contest hosted by cbs news in greenville, south carolina. today, the candidates put their faith in christian conservatives eight days before the primary in south carolina. and here's julianna goldman. >> i think that life is dwienl inspired. >> reporter: in a state where faith is central to many voters, republican presidential beliefs on the stump-- >> i'm a christian and i converted to catholicism. >> i discovered my purpose by discovering the lord. >> reporter: on the airwaves. given. forum. >> reporter: and at a religious forum where today jeb bush, marco rubio-- >> faith is the most important influence in my life. >> reporter: and ted cruz addressed the faithful. >> i am saved by grace and it family's life. >> reporter: can you talk a little bit about the role of


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