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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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27 in spartanburg and 28 in gaffney and 28 in rutherfordton, and it's those area that is may be those areas that will be the most stubborn to get over 32. the temperature trend will be up and the rain coverage, too, heavy at times after midnight. until midnight. >> it's too warm to be too big rainfall? >> well, the amount of the precipitation has been low. we talk about the temperatures being critical, and we talk about ice being bad news and it has formed ice, but you're right. the heavy stuff with temperatures like this, that could have been bad. >> let's continue our team news with dave jordan. >> dave? >> reporter: christy talked
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and it's coming down lightly, not heavy. and we are at pleasant burg and east north street with commuters making their way home. not a lot of incidents right now, but certainly that was not the case earlier. earlier in greer, there was at least one accident that involved traffic and weather conditions. a lot of people are pacing themselves as they make their way home this evening, and the inclement weather we were expecting earlier doesn't seem to be showing up, and that's good news for a number of reasons. as for the temperatures, it's pretty cold so whatever does fall will likely stick around and that will be felt throughout the evening. back to you guys. >> dave, i know you have been driving around today. have you seen any spots that were glazed over?
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and for the most part, the drivers in greenville and greer speak. whenever there is a little bit of snow, a little bit of ice, a little bit of sleet, they are on their guard. we did see one accident in greer that was weather related. we didn't check what was going on but pretty clear from my view. >> we send you to cover the dave because of your fantastic selection of hats. [laughter] >> it's important to stay warm and speaking of the crashes, the weather is to blame for several accidents. this one is to blame for three cars on i-26 in polk county. nobody was hurt but caused a backup, and troopers say there were other highway crashes and four accidents on secondary roads. but sometimes, you can't avoid getting out on the roads. we have an interactive map on
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conditions you will be dealing with. from fog and ice to ponding on the roads, you can see what you will be driving through and you can get the latest road conditions on our 7 news app. it provides easy access to school closings and delay information. so download it today. it's free at the app store. this past year has been a deadly one in anderson county. the number of homicides from last year is up from previous years and at the same time, the numbers are dropping nationwide. today, krystyne brown is sitting down to get answers. >> reporter: from the body found dump -- dumped in a well at the beginning of the year to the quadruple homicide, it's beg your pardon deadly in anderson county. >> we hate to see the violence increase.
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we're not only working for the citizens but ourselves. >> reporter: there were 25 homicides in anderson county last year and already they've responded to 3 this year. >> you can't mark it for a specific cause. >> reporter: investigators say at a can't pinpoint why the homicides are up in different parts of the county. >> the state is doing everything possible to bring the numbers down. they're out there every day. >> reporter: the homicides in this pendleton home was a big factor last year with the sheriffs office saying they haven't had a case like this in a year. >> just trying to get them off the street as soon as possible. >> reporter: gang investigators are doing what they can to get criminals behind bars.
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and i have my kids and my grandkids and consider anderson a quiet town. >> reporter: while they are trying to get the homicides down, they are saying that the county still a safe place to live. krystyne brown, 7 news. >> and the sheriffs office needs help to solve the violent crimes including the pendleton quadruple murders you just heard about. you can call crime stoppers and livan anonymous tip. and an asheville man is accused of stabbing a woman to death with a screwdriver on friday. she died at the hospital. madison county deputies have charged james norton but say they don't have a motive. new numbers show a growing trend in shootings involving officers in the area, 48 last year. and that's the highest member since they started keeping
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more than half of those involve suspects pulling guns on officers, and one officer and 19 suspects died. preparations are underway for the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia who died while on a hunting trip last friday. this leaves the court evenly split. president obama said there is time remaining in his term to appoint scalia's successor, but many republicans say they should wait for the incoming president. >> scalia died and they are already fighting about politics. folks, this is not helping our country. >> justice scalia is a big
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this is john kasich in minnesota. marco rubio had campaign events in florence and lexington and jeb bush was in columbia today and in the lowcountry tonight, he'll get help from his brother, former president george w. bush. meanwhile, ted cruz's wife is attending a meet and greet at lander university this morning, and we have more. two more republican presidential candidates will be in the upstate tonight with ben carson at the marriott in spartanburg at 7:00 and donald trump with an event today in hendersonville. >> trump has 42% of the vote and has closest competitor, ted cruz has 20%.
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over bernie sanders with 42% of the democratic support but many south carolinians are still undecided, something we are discussing today. >> i bet this week, there will be a lot of table conversations across the area in the kitchens saying who will we vote for? we would like to know where things stand with you? when did you make up your mind? last year? the results from ohio? new hampshire? theenext choice after the candidate's most recent debate? or maybe you're still in the "i'm still deciding" territory. >> whoever is undecided, getting the phone calls and mail. >> we had half a dozen calls at my house. >> we had dozens at my house, too. >> don't get a home phone.
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you can get the latest here on and on the air. the clinton city council is discussing an issue that might show up on a future ballot, alcohol sales. leaders will hear from grocery and convenience store owners talking about a possible referendum during the council's regular meeting at 6:30 at the city hall. the supreme court is trying to decide if lawmakers can strip away job cuts from teachers. they heard arguments about a 2013 law that would trip tenure and some say it would allow them to just fire teachers they don't like. just a reminder. the decision on whether to close three schools in pickens county has been delayed. instead of meeting tonight, trustees will 8 another week before deciding to close the schools. and that vote will take place february 22nd.
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stars come out for music's biggest night. we'll have a preview of what to expect for tonight's grammy awards coming up. plus, more tests ordered to find out if south carolinians have the zika while some candidates suck up to trump...or run away from him in fear... jeb bush isn't afraid. jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions. calls out trump for insulting women, attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush. the better man. the real conservative. a commander in chief. right to rise usa
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the wait is almost over, music fans! the 58th annual the wait is almost over, music pans. the 58th annual grammy awards will be handed out tonight. >> first, danielle nottingham has a preview for us from the staples center in los angeles. >> reporter: the stars are arriving on the red carpet as excitement builds for the agreement awards. taylor swift opens the show with a song from her grammy nominated album "1989," one she never performed live before. swift is up for 7 awards. rapper kendrick lamar leads the field with 11. >> i respect kendrick so much as an artist. i love the incorporation of
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and not shying away. >> reporter: andra day will team up for a duet and adele will give a much-anticipated performance from her record- smashing album, "25." the grammy awards will be filled with contribute to the music legends who passed away in the past year. lady gaga showed off her new tattoo of david bowie ahead of her contribute to the late music icon and honoring blues legend bb king. >> he has meant so much to so many people. it's nice to have this moment to honor him. >> reporter: and the eagles will honor their cofounder who died last month. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> we were playing the game
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those entertainers do we recognize? feeling pretty good. >> yeah. >> we're dialed in. >> the coverage starts at 7:00 and the awards start at 8:00. kanye west dropped a bombshell saying he was $53 million in personal debt and saying pray to overcome. this is my true heart. it's not clear whether or not he was serious but twitterverse was skepticle. and pat conray made an announcement about his personal life. the 70-year-old was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and said on facebook, i intend to fight it hard and i'm grateful to my beloved leaders for their prayers. i owe you a noferl -- novel and i intend to deliver on it. four people are being
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now, and the mail reports that there were negative tests already in the state, and that the zika virus are being tested on those who have traveled to areas recently impacted by zika. for brazil, they mobilized their military and hundreds of thousands of health workers over the weekend to fight the mosquito that carries the virus calling it operation zika zero. the country's president said it will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio de janeiro. so we're watching the winter weather coming in a bit, and we have school delays for tomorrow. madison county schools, a 2- hour delay tomorrow and anticipating a little bit of ice that might form, the glaze. it's in the area where we expect the highest impact and hold on to the freezing rain
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>> it doesn't take very much to cause a problem. >> it doesn't, and .05" in henderson county and mountain home and near charlotte, but we still have freezing rain coming down, a quiet period for us across the up say the and into parts of western north carolina with freezing drizzle out there that will keep the roads slick, and later tonight, we'll see the temperature go up, and that's a good thing with the heavy rain on the way moving through in the overnight hours and we can see this in the middle part of tennessee and even into alabama with a few tornado warnings in the southeastern part of alabama. the severe weather and thunderstorm chances will stay to the south. that's the good thing about cold air wen -- wedges. when they built in, they kind of protect you. here is the timetable, tomorrow at 2:00 a.m., the best time
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from across the area, asheville, gsp and greenwood county with the heavy rain marching to the east and we'll see the conditions improving. by drive time, we won't look for frozen roads but wet roads and break out into sunshine. but don't let your guard down. we have a fast-moving upper- level disturbance to impact the weather tomorrow. mountain snow showers on the increase and upstate rain with the fast-moving system and temperatures above freezing across the upstate and just rain around by 11:00 tomorrow night and you can see that has quickly moved out. wednesday morning, a chilly start to the day and beautiful weather, and it looks like that will start a nice stretch of dry, comfortable temperatures for us and increasing readings, too, close to the 70s by the weekend. as you can see outside of the cold air wedge, it's warm. 51 in atlanta, and 63 in savannah and temperatures in
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onto 20s and 30s and 29 in asheville and 27 in spartanburg and 29 in anderson and as we head through the next several hours, we'll have a better chance of melting ice south and west, and a better chance of the slippery conditions holding on from the northern part of greenville and spartanburg and cherokee county, the foothills and watch out in the evening. here is a look at the advisories in place, a winter storm warning until midmight -- midnight and a freezing rain advisory that will last until 7:00 tonight for some of the upstate counties. for the next 72 hours, a look out for the chance with a possibly ice the storm. a high of 57, and 58 on wednesday and beautiful weather for the rest of the week and most of the weekend and more cloud cover and increasing rain by sunday but highs in the 60s,
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forecast, 48 the high tomorrow, freezing tomorrow night and 50s on the way and 60s for the mountains by the weekend. >> all right. thank you. and there is an easy way to help us report the weather in your area. amy woods explains. >> reporter: it involves our fabulous report it app. and we have this shot from the website, an icy bridge from anderson. but we want to tell you that that automatically sends out the email address and where you are located. we know your information automatically. you push report it on the bottom row and tell -- it will ask you to put in specific information like the town, and you can fill in anderson, bridge, whatever details. we are getting a lot of information and a ton of information but people forgot the picture or tell us where they were. so that's helpful and the way you can help us out in the next
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>> and when the weather happens, that's when we get the best stuff. >> and we really appreciate the viewers sending that in. >> where is it? >> click report it and it's at the bottom. flying is safer than ever with numbers to prove it. we'll share that with you straight ahead. and the numbers from wall
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live at welcome back to 7 news .. live at 5. flying the friendly skies is now the welcome back to 7 news live at 5:00. flying the friendly skies is the safest it's been for five years. the airlines reported -- let me get this right -- 4 deadly airline crashes in 2015.
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the good news is that's a huge drop from the year before when 641 people died. most aircraft accidents were not deadly with 68 total accidents last year compared to compare 77 the year before. a man in oregon is expected to survive after he was pulled into a working wood chipper. the man's hashest was -- harness was stuck in the tree that was being fed in. and thank goodness, he got not safety bar. he had injuries but he will survive. and a man was lost for a week in the desert. the 59-year-old's truck broke down leaving him stranded. he stayed in the truck with seven days and melted the snow and rationed the food he had. it's a remote area but the highway patrol stumbled across
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next on live at 5:00,
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it's 5-29 .. and we're watching the weather tonight. it's a nasty day outside... it's 5:29, and we would be watching the weather tonight if only we could see out of this camera. that's, i promise, i-26 at biltmore bark and -- park, and i don't know if that's frozen but it looks miserable. earlier, it was raindrops and the higher you go up, the warmer it gets.
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the roads and loved ones on the way home. what do we have to watch out for? >> there is not a lot of precipitation coming down but we have drizzle and foggy conditions and roads will not improve even thouou they may not get much worse. we are watching precipitation out to the west and once that pushes in, areas below freezing including the north carolina counties will see additional ice accumulations. right now, 27 in spartanburg and a lot of treated roads are okay, but watch out for the exits and bridges and elevated surfaces causing a problem for later tonight as temperatures go up with heavy rain on the way, and it will be just in the form of rain but heavy centered around midnight to 2:00 a.m. and temperatures rising and we may be near 40 by daybreak. instead of down, the temperatures are going up. >> the weather is still fun. >> gross and crazy.


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