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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the varners weren't alone. over 200 other vehicles had been in accidents across spartanburg and greenville counties causing delays in response for police. they weren't the only busy ones. >> i think the phone never stopped ringing. it was one after another. >> reporter: today the havoc of last night's storm is still evident from the crashed cars abandoned on the side of the road waiting for owners to retrieve them. the varners were never able to leave. >> to file a report you need the report from the highway patrol. then the wrecker driver informed me he can't legally pull the car out until highway patrol okays it for him to do so. >> reporter: we checked with highway patrol on what responsibility the driver has after they're in a wreck. if you are in a single car wreck that doesn't create property damage or damage to your car that's more than $1000, you can leave the scene. you have ten days to report the wreck to highway patrol through
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website meaning the varners wouldn't have had to wait but the wreck made them reflect on what matters most. >> i thank god that i am okay. i know i am blessed. >> reporter: we actually caught up with the varners when they finally got home at 11:00. they said they were thankful for their house. obviously they had to spend the night in the cold in their car. we contacted highway patrol about the extreme long wait time. someone from the department called them and directly apologized for what happened to them. >> we're glad the varners are okay. what a night. thank you. if you were caught in the storm and weren't able to get a police report, you can print out a white form from the dmv. you turn that into your insurance carrier and authorities. we have a link on just as we say good-bye to one storm system there is another one on the way mainly with rain.
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>> this is going to be a short duration system and rain until you get into the higher elevations of north carolina, winter weather advisory for higher elevations. this is an upper level feature that's brought moisture with it. we've had rain andndsnow on the increase across western north carolina and around the up state as well. these showers are going to continue to work their way east and southeast ward. if you are around union or towards laurens you can expect some showers on the increase for you. here is what to expect through the evening hours. the chance of rain will be with us through 9:00. we'll dry out by 11:00. you see the slow decrease in temperature going into tomorrow morning. conditions will dry out and around up state we will stop above freezing. 37 will be our low. we have a nice warming trend on the way as we work our way through the end of the week. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. you have probably heard warnings that people have been hurt or killed meeting with
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items sold through websites like craigslist. >> that problem really hit home for one man. the man was shot while waiting on someone yesterday at the jockey lot. he was there to pick up furniture he had seen on sale through facebook. our 7 news reporter krystyne brown is there right now. >> this is scary since so many people are constantly looking for deals online. >> reporter: the victim told deputies that he and his girlfriend came here to the anderson jockey lot to meet up with someone they found on facebook. they were trying to buy new furniture for their new home in greenville but once they got here, he couldn't even get out of the cancellations before several gun shots were fired and he was hit in the arm. that's when he decided to leave the anderson jockey lot in his car and drive to the hospital. once deputies got there, they spoke to him about what happened.
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name of the person that was the suspect or even a phone number. law enforcement is now saying that these types of situations when it comes to online sales, it's better to meet a stranger in a more secure place. in recent years, this crime has gone up with these types of transactions. during the week the jockey lot is empty which isn't ideal for a safe meet up. >> it's a good landmark. people know where the jockey lot is. i guess they would think that all the cars passing by would be a help. >> reporter: the sheriffs office and police department do offer safe places for people to make these kinds of transactions. as for this case, no charges were filed and so the case is closed. for the anderson jockey lot, the owner i spoke to says he does not want these types of transactions happening here during the week. he said during the weekdays
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it is only open for the public for the flea market over the weekends. i am krystyne brown, 7 news. >> great information. thank you. we have new details on excessive force complaint against greenville police. the department offered to fix williams' teeth if he agrees not to sue. williams accused officers of messing up his teeth during his december arrest for drug possession and resisting arrest. president barack obama says there is more than enough time in his remaining nine months to nominate a new supreme court justice after the death of antonin scalia. he says his goal is to pick someone who is indisputably qualified. scalia passed away in texas during a hunting trip saturday. he was the court's longest serving justice. the unexpected vacancy launched a fresh political war. republicans say the task of nominating the replacement should fall to the next
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allows the current president to make the nomination. experts say blocking the nomination could back fire politically. four days until the republican primary, front runner donald trump spent most of the day in greenville. >> we were the only local media there invited to join. addie hampton had full behind the scenes coverage today. donald trump's popularity is undeniable with a lead of more than 20 points in state polls. when you watch people lining the sidewalks hoping for a glimpse you realize there is a celebrity factor to the campaign that is worrying competitors. perhaps the biggest example is this. you see mr. trump swarmed by fans wanting selfies or autographs but over his head the tv screams attack ads against him with senator ted cruz second on average in south carolina and released one today.
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the staying power his polls indicate adding the potential win on saturday isn't an open and shut case. mr. trump of course thinks differently rallying volunteers and urging them to push forward but not missing a chance to toss jabs at competitors like jeb bush. when he left he waved to a growing crowd of supporters. >> i really think he is the only candidate that's talking he cares about american jobs. i don't hear any of the other candidates talking about that. also the fact that he is self funding is a big deal to me. all the other candidates have donors they have to answer to, but not mr. trump. >> at 7:00, we are going to go behind the scenes. come with us as we get the all access pass and perhaps you can gather your perspectives on the front runner here in south carolina. the formerment bill clinton was back in the up state
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democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. the former president made a stop at the west end community center in greenville and highlighted his wife's background as secretary of state and work on healthcare and foreign policy. bill clinton said hillary clinton is not a single issue candidate and he said she would work on behalf of all people. >> you got working people saying what about me? you got millennials and college students saying "what about me"? the reason hillary is running for president is to make sure the american dream is available to 100% of the american people. >> at 7:00, dave jordan will have a report on former president clinton's remarks and you will hear from voters who were at the rally. cnn will host the first of two town halls in south carolina. three of the republican candidates will be featured at each event.
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thursday neither the conservative review convention will take place in downtown greenville. republicans dr. ben carson and senator ted cruz with senator marco rubio are expected to be there. it begins at 7:00. count on 7 news to bring you the highlights on the campaign trail. next on 7 news at 6:00 the
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history is getting even she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists
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standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. tonight...200-thousand more "general motors" vehicles... have been added to the deadly "takata" airbag 200,000 more general motors vehicles have been added to the deadly tact air bag recall that's connected with 12 auto makers. >> the latest recall involves 2003 to 2011 saab 3 models. to date more than 20 million vehicles have been recalled for potentially faulty japanese air bags. the inflaters can burst and
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you will find a link on the air bag recall on there is an option to search by your vehicle's vin number to see if it is included. click links in the big blue box on our home page. want to reduce the cost of college? there is a new way to track down school arrest ships and it starts as early as 9th grade. i will explain. >> the search is continuing.
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county looking for this man new at -6-... a tool that's re-inventing new at 6:00, a tool that is reinventing college scholarships aims to make tuition more affordable. this platform is called >> the biggest difference is students know before they apply how much scholarship money they can earn at each school. >> reporter: the average cost
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private is three times that. imagine shaving off 600 for perfect attendance, 2500 for each a.p. course and 4000 for just visiting. those are some of the micro scholarships offered through it's designed to solve the problem that haley thomas faced. >> some colleges didn't tell me how much they would give me until i would accept the college. that doesn't really help because you need to know how much you will have so you can see if it will work out. >> reporter: colleges partnered with award scholarships before they apply. >> by working with raise, we have the opportunity to give them much more information much earlier in the process. early in their high school careers they would get more information about colleges and it would really give them a better picture of how college can be affordable. >> reporter:
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9th grade to sign up. it is an incentive program. >> over time on average students are making $20,000 in guaranteed aid to schools and so that means before you even apply to that school, you know if you get in, that is a guaranteed amount that you are going to get against tuition. >> that is incredible. >> reporter: it's free for students and most qualify regardless of income. >> it's important to note the money you earn through is not awarded unless you go to the college offering the scholarships and they're divided over four years to encourage you to graduate. we have a link at we got to see some sunshine today which was nice. that helped our temperature get up to 60 at gsp. you will probably notice the clouds have rolled in. we are tracking some evening showers that are going to be around through the middle to latter part of the evening. we will see skies trying to dry
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mountain snow will be included. overall our weather will be quieting down with a lot of sunshine on the way for the next four days. a nice warming trend as well. it is looking like we can hit 70 around the up state over the weekend. our next chance of showers will be in the picture by sunday. here is what's happening. this upper level disturbance is working through kentucky and tennessee where a lot of rain is falling. it's been on the increase across western carolinas this afternoon. our clear skies have gone away temporarily and in the higher elevations we have some snow coming down in north carolina here but a lot of that is falling in the form of rain from transylvania into rutherford and marion. into the northern up state from cherokeeyou are covered in rain. it is mostly light rain with maybe a few pockets of heavier showers and northern half of spartanburg is looking at rain from boiling springs towards downtown spartanburg with light
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to the west across greenville, into pickens, we are finding rain. into north carolina, quite a bit of activity will take a little time to make its way through. a winter weather advisory is in effect for elevations above 3500 feet for our tennessee border counties. you want to watch for slick roads if you are traveling. that is in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning. here is the forecast time line for you once the system moves out of the picture. that will happen after midnight. we may have left over clouds in the morning but the trend will be for us to see sunshine and another mild afternoon is on the way. maybe not as many 60s showing up but we will be in the mid to upper 50s. into thursday we are starting nice and quiet with a chilly start to our day and a mild finish with abundant sunshine all across carolinas and into georgia. it is 42 in asheville, 54 in greenville and greenwood's temperature is at 58 degrees. we'll expect that chance of showers to be with us through
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37 in the morning and we'll expect a high temperature near 57 for tomorrow afternoon. here is what to expect for the next 72 hours. overall, it is not looking bad with 57 tomorrow, 55 degrees thursday, 58 on friday. we'll carry into the weekend and it is getting warmer with 68 on saturday. the first half of the weekend is dry and by sunday afternoon and sunday night we'll start to see showers on the increase. we may see mostly dry conditions during the daylight hours. our high will be 70. there is your mountain forecast. beautiful weather for the rest of the week and getting warmer too. we'll be in the 60s by saturday. >> thank you. still ahead at 6:00, todd summers will let us know why the gamecocks should have confidence going into the game tonight despite the poor
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>> why the daytona 500
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jeb bush isn't afraid. jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions. calls out trump for insulting women, attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush. the better man. the real conservative. a commander in chief. right to rise usa
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dale jr.super yanity super a lot of time on the racetrack between now and the race. still got some stuff to try and test and practice and see how that works out. >> two time 500 champ dale earnhardt, jr. talking about all that's left to do this week heading into sunday's 500. good evening at daytona where it was media day with a time to look ahead to the race and the season but also one to reminisce. for joey legano who won the first 500 last year, there he was in victory lane celebrating last february. it was moments that led to that that continue to be a recurring memory. >> you look at the way that the daytona 500 ended. we were three wide, six or seven rows deep. that's incredible. that's incredible that we didn't crash. we were bumper to bumper, cars moving and it is like how are we doing this?
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crashed? there are times when you are like oh i know we're going to crash. this is going to be ugly. we made it through. it's really cool that we won. i am proud of that, but it is last year. we have to look forward. >> he is turning this year's focus of course to winning a championship and he will do that with his crew chief of course todd gordon. to todd summers in the studio with more. >> thanks, pete. so far the gamecocks have lost four games and following each defeat they have responded with a win including last month when they fell to alabama and came back and beat missouri. it's a similar scenario tonight. they're looking to bounce back from the 27 point loss to kentucky and they get to take on a team in missouri that they beat one month ago. >> if we just look at this year, we have rebounded from poor games fairly well.
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i guess we're going to find out. >> tip off in columbia, missouri is set for 7:00 eastern and the game can be seen on the sec network. for decades the lady vols were standard in the sec but not anymore. in the process they secured at least a share of the regular season title for a third straight season. asia wilson led the way with a game high 25 to help gamecocks em prove to perfect 12-0 in league play four games up on the said place team. the shooting guard was named as the league's player of the week coming off a seven day stretch in which the senior averaged more than 23 points a game. we send you out with this play from last night. brook with the alley and justin
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you see how high he gets. he is looking eye to eye to the rim! we are tracking showers. they're going to increase. folks that are dry have a chance of showers later tonight. anderson and laurens. there is snow in the higher elevations. if you are traveling, watch for slick roads in the morning. >> we will do that. >> thank you for watching. >> we always have the latest for you on and our new and improved 7 news app.
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tonight. >> pelley: an election prediction from president obama. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> pelley: also tonight, violent weather in the south, including a tornado on an interstate. >> it was, basically, like the "twister" movie. >> pelley: extreme weather is being fueled by el nino, and tonight we'll look at the effects from the u.s. to africa, where millions are threatened with famine. >> people haven't been able to plant the crops they need to survive. >> pelley: and it's show time
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>> it doesn't get any better. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, the president weighed in on the political phenomenon that is donald trump. president obama was answering a question at a news conference today, and he did not mince words. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people, and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. it's not promotion. it's not marketing. it's hard. >> pelley: well, republicans were also hard on trump today. nicki haley, the governor of south carolina, said she will not endorse trump before the


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