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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we are following this story, live tonight in powdersville, dave jordan, 7 news. >> we want to ask you, a lot of people are wondering about the rules regarding the police chases, it's important to catch any bad guys out there, but hopefully not at the expense of innocent bystanders. >>reporter: right, and that's something that's been reviewed in a lot of departments across the country, are these police chases worth it when the public is often at risk? and many times hurt and injureded. these were the questions we wanted to take to the greenville sheriff's department. they are still investigating this case. they are conducting interviews with the office aers who -- the deputies who responded and once they get that together, they will make themselves available to speak to us. so we will be following that story in the days and weeks to come. aback to you. >> all right. dave jordan, r reporting live this evening. we now know the name of the driver killed in a pickens county crash, tiffany lovell
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car hit a pickup truck head on on lathe m road. an a 8-year-old was in the truck at the time of the crash and one of the three people who had to go to the hospital. the oconee county sheriff says he's fired one of his employees after a massive federal drug bust, near toccoa georgia. this bust led to six arrests in oconee county. he's under a federal gag order. now, turning to our weather, a live look outside, we hope you got a chance to enjoy the outdoors today. this is a view over greenville county. we hope you enjoyed it because the weather doesn't get much better than this, except christy tells us it might be getting better. >> you know, it's not grog to be bad tomorrow either. we're going to warm it up more. i hope you were able to stretch out the lunch break longer than normal because it was nice. check out what we have out there right now, temperatures today topped ut in the upper 50s, and that is right where we should be for this time of the year, 5 in spartanburg, we're at 57 at
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in asheville, not bad there. here's what you can expect through the evening hours. we'll keep those clear skies, 40 by 9:00 o'clock, down to 36 by 2:00 a.m. and we'll start our day once again near freezing, but a faster warmup is on the way for tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you, christy. senator ted cruz if you believe the polls is leading the republican presidential field. in the first time since campaign 2016 began. a new nbc news wall street journal poll says ted cruz has 28% of likely voter, that's a big shift from last month's poll, when donald trump had a 13 point lead over cruz. in fact, this is the only poll that has cruz in first place nationally. donald trump is in second place in that poll, 26%, followed by florida senator marco rubio at 17%. and ohio governor john kasich at 11%. if people used facebook to vote, this might be a little different, the lit cal landsce would change based on the number of likes people get.
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data, they look at the candidates likes on facebook and bernie sanders led the way, on the democratic side. beating hillary clinton 3-1. the republicans, it's ben carson sitting on top. 26% of the likes on facebook. donald trump a close second, at 23%. just over 48 hours, we'll know for sure which republican south carolina voters actually prefer. many big names are endorsing their favorite candidates. so 7 news reporter addie hampton is live at the with well in greenville. addie, we're getting a lot of endorsements during this final push now. >>reporter: well, gordon, we know in the last few weeks, senator marco rubio has picked up powerful endorsements, congressman trey gowdy and tim scott and the big one with governor nikki haley. it was this snapshot of the four of them campaigning this morning together in greenville that has many talking about star power,
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of conservatives, one that is diverse and self-made. rubio also doesn't just have political endorsements. today, former usc quarterback connor shaw took the campaign stage to show his political support and not the only football star supporting a candidate. boyd is backing ohio governor john kasich. i spoke with boyd today, before his town hall, in clemson. >> i think he's a very strong candidate, i think he is the candidate. because of what his morals are, because of his integrity, the way he carries himself. when he's on stage. he's very engaged in small time things. we're you're able to engage in small town things, that's how much more importance for how you care about a nation. >>reporter: well, coming up, at 6:00, you're going to learn more why these football stars are backing these candidates and why they say a little gamecocks
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>> i can't let you go before asking you this. are any of them really affected by a connor shaw or boyd endorsement? >>reporter: you know, you never know, doi know there were several people that were lining up to at least get his autograph today, so maybe a little bit star struck. we'll leave it to be seen is on saturday. >> that's addie hampton, thank you dpr that. candidates of course are not done yet. >> two big events happening tonight, addie was at the well, where the conservative review convention will get underway tonight at 7. marco rubio, ben cars sxn ted cruz will be there. cnn will be hosting a town hall in columbia. donald trump, jeb bush, and john kasich, will be taking part in this event. in the south carolina primaries, we want to hear from
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the website, also available on our sdmu improved 7 app. we'll reveal the responses we're getting tonight at 5:30. and make sure you tune in saturday, we'll have coverage of those primary results as soon as those polls close. and including live updates throughout the night on air at and also through the news app. >> it's worth watching, it's not who comes in first, but second and third will be very important in those polls. don't go anywhere, because tonight at 5:30, we have more from donald trump who spoke with amy wood. >> speaking of trump, a canadian island is looking to escape americas looking to escape the country if trump is collected president. he has set up a website. it's located on the northern tip of nova scotia where the site claims muslim people can roam freely and the only walls holding up the roofs are
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it's no secret, that the u.s.-russia relations are at a low now and this won't help. an anti-smoking ad, that is president barack obama, his image in moscow, the tag line, smoking kills more people than obama. no one haze claimed responsibility for -- has claimed more responsibility for the ad. and embarrassing. president barack obama will do something no u.s. president has done in 90 year, he is going to cuba in march. this comes after the obama administration formally reopened ties with cuba in 2014. cuba would need to demonstrate human rights reforms before the president would go there. the last president to visit cuba was calvin cool ij in 1928. a richland county man is suing -- his lawsuit says resettling refugees brings the potential for terrorism or other
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the suit names the governor, that the department of social services and two local non-profits. the department of social services is reviewing the lawsuit. 3 dozen members of congress will visit charleston. it is designed to teach lawmakers about race relations. then spend two days in charleston as well as attend services at emanuel ame. meanwhile, emanuel ame church has received all sorts of gifts from around the world, since the shooting there, some 8 months ago. the church quickly ran out of room at their building, because they received so many. the city ofs charleston is allowing the church to use st. julianne devine's community center for what's now being called the emanuel archives. >> when i see this, my life comes alive because it's history that's happened a tt church and
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want to make sure that what the people have sent to us, is treated in the spirit in which it was given. >> the committee is cataloging all of that stuff that they've received and that's been donated. it hopes to have a complete list done by the one-year anniversary of the shooting. which is june 17th. lawmakers agree, roadss are the number one issue in the state, but a plan to fix them is being blocked in the senate. we'll tell you why, coming up next. >> plus, potholes are all over the place. and produce nasty damage to your
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a car that mi welcome back to 7 news.. live at 5. state lawmakers..agree that fixing our roads ... is the welcome back to 7 news, live at five, fixing the roads is the top priority in south carolina.
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one senator is holding things up with a filibuster, a 7 news state house watch. >>reporter: you want protection from bad roads. but buford senator tom davis says he's trying to protect your wallet, too. he's filibustering a senate plan to fix our roads because it includes raising the gas tax by 12 cents a gallon. >> we can take care of our roads and bridges with resources. >>reporter: the state's 1.3 billion dollar surplus should go to roads. but senate leaders say the money is needed for other things, like fixing crumbling schools. raising the gas tax makes the most sensuous because tourists and truckers would pay their share. >> the gasoline that your person uses while driving to florida, driving to hilton head, going to myrtle beach, should they help pay for the roads? >>reporter: the plan includes some tax cuts, critics don't like the plan because the tax increases. but senator says when you factor in drivers from other states, paying a big part of the increase, you would sai money
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the d.o.t. commission to make sure roads are fixed based on greatest need, not which area has the most political power. >> still not having a roads plan has been frustrating for members of the house, they passed their plan last april and sent it over to the senate. >>reporter: senator davis ended last year, filibustering the bill, and doing it again. senators can vote to stop it but rarely do. >> i think it's time well spent, listening to him. if it gets tedious as we call it, then we may look at it. but right now, i think he's given us information we need. >>reporter: in columbia, robert kittle, 7 news. >> he says it could take weeks to get a final vote on the plan. >> there are more than 300 amendments to get through before the bill could be passed. yesterday we told you about an event being hosted by americans for prosperity. well, that was going to happen tomorrow, discussing the pitfalls of a higher gas tax, now, we're told that
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ford says it's come up with new technology to protect your car from potholes. it's apparently already being used on the 2017 fusion v 6 sport sedan. the company says the shock absorber system automatically stiffens when sen source detect one of the potholes, that keeps the wheel elevated instead of dropping into the hole. something we could all use for sure. nascar will step the rest of the field for the daytona 500 tonight, qualifying races, known as the can am duals, will tell us where the sprint cup drivers will start after the first row. chase elliott and matt kenseth will be at the front of the field sunday for nascar's super bowl. and today, marks 15 years since the death of one of nascar's best. dale earnhardt, died on february 18th, 2001 when he crashed on the last lap of that daytona 500. he was 49 years old. earnhardt won 7 winston cup
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other accolades. get this, there's a boxer with two state titles showing off his skills on valentine's day, bending off a rob -- fending off a robber. david west had to stop by to visit his girlfriend at the walgreen's, here's the video. the man showed up to rob the place, and west, is not to be messed with. knocked him down with a couple of punches and holds him there until the police arrive. a former waffle house employee is behind bars tonight accused of spiking her coworkers's drink with meth. deputies say it happened before christmas, the victim is still in the hospital. sarah evans lost her job and charged with aggravated battery. they don't know why evans tried to poison her coworker. this case is extreme. we would never endorse this behavior, but it got us to thinking about conflict with coworkers. >> my coworker drives me crazy, because they -- fill in the blank. head to to choose your
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for you there. or you can leave your own on our story on our facebook page, we'll share some of them tonight at 5:45. we had a beautiful day today, we're approaching the end of the week, and can wouldn't it be nice to hold on to this weather? there is a live shot of i-26 and biltmore parkway, traffic moving along well because the roads aren't wet. it looks like the dry conditions are going to stretch through tomorrow. and there's a good chance we'll stay dry on saturday as well. now, with mostly clear skies tonight, it once again will be a cold one, we'll expect a lot of sunshine through tomorrow. a good rebound on the afternoon temperature, readings a few degrees warmer than today. over the weekend, mostly dry on saturday. look for better rain chances to come back into the picture by sunday afternoon. and especially into sunday night. no rain out there tonight, as i mentioned, everything is very dry, just a few clouds at best across the region. overall light winds in the
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dry. we'll get rid of the heat during the day today as temperatures topped out in the mid to upper 50sings right on target for this time of the year. and weave got high can and dry conditions -- we've got high and dry conditions across the country, keeping things nice and quiet from the northeast all the way down to the gulf coast. high clouds coming in from the northwest across west virginia and parts of tennessee. our weather will be clear through tomorrow. friday, 8:00 a.m., center of high pressure will be nearby, but situated farther to our east. so we'll pick up more of a southerly wind during the day tomorrow. and that means even though we're going to start out about as cold as we were this morning, we'll have a chance to readings warmer. above average for this time of the year. quite mild. call it warm, getting into did afternoon hours, with temperatures up near 60 for the upstate. then as we get into saturday, notice we'll start to see an increase in cloud cover, upper level winds will be west to east, any rain chances will stay very low.
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moisture in the air, winds still out of the south, and some moisture coming in the upper levels of the atmosphere, we could find a spot or two shower activity in the mountains. just be aware, look for more in the way of cloud cover saturday. 53 now in asheville. here's your pinpoint planner, right now, 55 degrees, not a bad evening out there. we'll be down to around 44 by 9:00. 34 degrees in the morning and a high near 60 tomorrow afternoon. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours. warming trend continues, we'll be in the mid 60s on saturday. mostly dry. shower chances increase, though, by sunday night. a high near 70 degrees. man, i'm ready for this kind of weather. it's going to stick around at least until monday. but our shower chances really stay with us. for the first half next week. we will cool down again. as highs will stop in the lower 50s again by tuesday and wednesday. and there's your mountain forecast, expect quiet weather
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mostly dry on saturday. increasing rain chances sunday, overall warm weather into early next week. much chillier as the rain gets heavier on tuesday and the whole rain could ramp up as mountain showers by wednesday afternoon. >> thanks. thousands of troops suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder but not getting any help. hear why and what the military plans to do about it next on live at five. >> a 17-year-old shot here in the parking lot, his suspected killer is caught just hours later. wait until you hear the outbursts in court, coming up
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7 news live the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job.
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...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. live at 5.. is back with a 7 news medical watch .. thousands of active-duty tro live at five is back with a 7 news medical watch.
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with depression, but many aren't getting the therapy they need. >> february is national heart month, heart disease, the number one killer for both men can women in this country, claiming more than 600,000 lives a year. so, the heart to heart foundation, held free screenings at the well in greenville this morning. the test takes a few minutes and it might just save lives. >> it's extremely important because a lot of the risk factors that predispose you to coronary disease. high blood pressure is something. something. >> good advice. here's how to do it. community events will be held all month long to offer more opportunities for heart health screenings, a link to find one to take advantage of is right now on next live at five, a deadly shooting that left a teenager death and four others in
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>> you won't believe how the suspects were acting in court todayful we'll have a live update -- today. we'll have a live update on that investigation, straight ahead. >> and donald trump stops here at the 7 news studios to talks to news anchor amy wood, from the pope to the campaign. hear what he had to say.
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saluda, sky village and a z now, from the news station, this is 7 news live at five. >> it's 5:29, the latest on a murder investigation in easley. >> so a teenager is dead after a drive-by shooting, four others are behind bars, they are accused in the crime, let's go to 7 news reporter brianna smith, live from where the shooting happened last night. brianna. >>reporter: well, gordon, with one shot, 17-year-old brown was
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parking lot. police able to catch the four people they believe did it, just hours later. they were in court today. and had quite a lot to say. when the judge ask these murder suspects if they had any questions. >> any questions? >> yeah, i've got a question. what are these cameras for? they were more concerned with us. >> news media, what's up. y'all follow me on twitter. >> follow me on twitter. >>reporter: than the charges they were facing. >> snapchat. >>reporter: the judge, not a muzed, denied the -- not a mused, denied the bond. >> a great person, he was really funny, he was really energetic and people loved him. >>reporter: friends with the victim last night, tell me they were here to use the bathroom, when they came out, they heard a gunshot. >> the guys pulled up with guns and shoot him and drive off. >>reporter: the police say that that shot came from albert
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with the 3 others in the car, taking his life, and the future ahead of him. >> just -- it don't feel real, nothing feels real. everything is -- it feels like a big dream. i just want to wake up. >>reporter: and you noticed there were three suspects inside there, the fourth one is actually a juvenile, so they weren't in front of a judge today. pickens county deputy were able to find the suspects at a gas station down the road after they were able to identify the car that they were in. also, one of those arrested was actually out on bond right now, for attempted murder. live in easley tonight, brianna smith, 7 news. >> brianna, the behavior in the courtroom today, these suspects are appearing before a judge, and had the judge already denied bond when they started talking about snapchat and facebook? >>reporter: absolutely, she told


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