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and his two brothers were also there. it was standing room only at wade's restaurant. bush hit trump hard - for unstable views and not being a true conservative: : "this is a game for him and the press is like a moth to light thguy. it basiclmakes it hf us to have abroar conversation ab how we t sn washington." ----- my full interview is on our website. we talk about social security, education and more. and we check out the governor's cowboy boots... on w-s-p-a dot-com. marco rubio...had several campaign stops... across south carolina today. he started the day in columbia... and aveled with governor nikki haley... senator tim scott... and congressman trey gowdy. he told a "standing room only" crowd... that this election is important ... for the future of our country. he said... the most important thing ... is for republicans ... to win the white house: --- -- rubio: "we can't win if we're divided. if we're i ft aitct ctveni replnrt ghn wita et
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bhoih race." ----- rubio did not attack any of his republican opponents ... but did go after democrats "hillary clinton" and "bernie sanders". rubio is scheduled to make a campaign stop at clemson less than 30- minutes... at the "madren conference center". ohio governor john kasich...campaigned in columbia ... this morning. he held a town hall... and addressed the concerns of voters. a video of kasich ... embracing a young man... went viral yesterday. kasich's something that happens... often: ----- "for some reason people feel safe in telling me stuff. i know that there's a be message then abouteoet me, isoao us hoymore attei t ehpeople." ----- kasich... has been putting a strong emphasis on his faith and comforting others ... going through hard times. he said... if we don't grow the economy ... and create jobs there will be more people... hurting. here is a live look... at donald trump's latest campaign stop. he's inside the "north charleston convention center"...for a rally... that just started a few minutes ago.
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full day of trump visits... in the lowcountry. "donald trump" made stops today in pawley's island and here in myrtle beach ... more than 5-thousand showed up to see "trump" there ... among the topics he discussed in both places...having companies... like apple make their products in the u-s instead of overseas... and claims the republican party has a problem effectively using campaign money they raise to win elections... ted cruz has had a busy day... he was here in myrtle beach....charleston and west columbia today... campaigning with "duck dynasty" star "phil robertson"... cruz suggested robertson as the person who should represent the united states to the united nations. robertson officially endorsed cruz last month in a video that shows them duck hunting. tonight...cruz and robertson are scheduled to campaign together in greenville at the marriott... ben carson campaigned today in the lowcountry... and then... the pee dee. this morning...he had a rally in north charleston... and he campaigned in florence... this afternoon. clemson university released its palmetto poll
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survey of 650 people .. was taken the day after last weekend's republican debate. it has donald trump leading .. with 28 percent support. ted cruz was second with 19 and marco rubio just three percentage points behind that. jeb bush .. john kasich and ben carson received the least support. but there's hope yet. 13 percent say they're still undecided. both the democrats and republicans have been flooding the airwaves with their ads .. they're everywhere these days ...on t-v.. and your computer. "7 news" reporter laura thomas... is breaking down what works... and what you should watch for: ------ as the ad wars heat up.. in south carolina.. many of you..have seen them.. online.. on your television.. and in your mailbox.. 21:03:42:18 "you could poke your eye out, pulling some of these out of the box" doctor randy nichols.. keeps a close watch... on
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down with the chair.. of the department of communication.. at limestone college.. to break them down.. for you. nat nichols some of the attack ads.. it's clear who they want you to vote against.. but not for .. "donald trump is not a conservative because he's extreme o abortion" some.. rely on your emotions.. to help change your mind. "i was thinking in my mind, we need to make some changes" ..others use humor.. 0:04 "look, i got the trump action figure" 20:47:22:04 "nobody's going to question kids, they're kids, now if one of the other candidates said this about him, it would come off as mean spirited and we would say, well i wonder if that's really the kind of guy we want" so how effective are these ads? some studies say.. that answer... depends on your age. 20:55:27:08 "the older voters they've seen it all and done it all... so they're less likely to change their vote because of any media" and nichols tells us.. don't underestimate.. ads that make the candidate.. feel more like your friend. 0:48 "most important prep for big game or speech? make sure there's water nearby" ..that "likeability" factor.. can be pretty persuasive too..
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relate to the speaker or the writer of this message, and it's sometimes more powerful than we believe" laura thomas, seven news. nichols' best advice... is to analyze the ad... first... before you make a judgment.. take a step back ... and see what the ad is saying.. and maybe even most importantly... "who" is saying it. tonight the results are in for our two-day...exclusive "7 news" online poll. more than -13- hundred of you have weighed in. about two thirds of you identified yourselves as "republicans" we also looked at endorsements... specifically governor haley's support for marco rubio. but most of you ... nearly 90 precent .. said the governor's endorsement didn't matter. so...with a margin of error of plus or minus three percent... about 44 percent of you..said you're voting..for donald trump. marco rubio.. finished a distant 22 pecent. and ted cruz..the only other candidate in double 15 percent. last thing...the so called establishment candidates...rubio, kasic and bush...combine their support
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and can count on "7 news"... to bring you tomorrow's soon as the polls close. we'll bring you continuous updates here... on the air .. and at wspa dot com...and on the "7 news app." a reminder... keep up with the latest on "campaign 20-16"... by down-loading our "7 news" app... at your app store. you can let us know... about any problems... at your poll location tomorrow ... by using the "report it" feature. also... keep up with the latest weather forecast...where you live. if we polled most of you about the weather... you'd probably be in favor of it. but the nice weather and warmer temperatures... could give way to rain. "storm team 7 chief meteorologist" christy henderson is here... with a look at your weekend...
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deputies in anderson county are still looking for two people who robbed and shot a gas station clerk in pendleton early wednesday morning.. the victim was shot just below his chest with a shotgun and is in critical condition at an-med. bobbie warden was working alone at the "hickory point" off of 187 early wednesday when deputies say two men came in. you can see the suspects in this surveillance video. warden's mom says he wasn't scared because he's been through it before. but this time..she says.. the two took the money.. and then turned around...said some nasty words to her son.. and shot him. the family says the robbers only got away with 62 dollars. his family says his liver his family 62 dollars. his family says his liver was shredded .. and had to have part of his colon removed... they wish gas stations would do more for clerk's safety. patricia warden: 12:31-42
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that bui necessary, and tedsmost of th people are kids, are snh lives for m wage." ----- they say this was the third time warden has been robbed at that same station. if you have any information on what happened... call anderson county deputies... or "crime stoppers"... at 1- 888- crime- sc. in cherokee county...a young girl is recovering from a gunshot wound...after a home invasion and armed robbery. the cherokee county sheriff's office says it happened chesnee... at a home on "east julie court". investigators say two adults and a child in the home were forced to the floor at gunpoint.. as the gunmen demanded money. but investigators say a second child...a 13-year-old girl was hiding .. in a closet ...and struck in the leg by a stray struck in the a closet ...and struck in the leg by a stray bullet as one of the gunmen fired a shot at the home before leaving. the girl was airlifted to the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. the man accused of killing a driver..during a high-speed chase in
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jail. dexter reeves was denied bond by a judge in greenville overnight.. the greenville county sheriff's office says reeves was driving a car.. that hit and killed "stephen burnett".. at the intersection of highways 153 and 81 early yesterday morning. we now have the name of a man...killed in a house fire ... in spartanburg county. the coroner has identified the victim ... as roger coats... age -69-. the call came in ... around 5 a-m... on summerland drive. the roebuck fire chief says... flames were coming through the roof... when fire crews got there. the fire was out ... within 15-minutes ... but it was too late for coats... and his dog. the home didn't appear to have... any smoke detectors... and keep that in mind: ----- "as winter comes around... oc: losing your life." -----oc: losing your life." ----- there's no word yet... on what started ... this morning's fire.
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for you... expect lane closures... if you drive on interstate-85 through spartanburg county... this weekend. crews are rebuilding and paving ... both directions...from highway- 14... to highway-129. the work will happen... mostly at night. crews tried to do the work... last year ... but the road...had deteriorated...too much. this time... the re-hab work will happen... before the road is re-paved. all lanes will be back open... by monday morning. some of you are still looking for help to pay your heating bills this winter.. but it's not the qualifications that have them steamed... see the problem that has them left out in the cold...and if there's a solution... and many are paying their final respects to late supreme court justice "antonin scalia"... see how some coming to washington still admire "scalia" .. even though they may not have agreed with his views... what do you need to know... before heading the ballots tomorrow? we talked to election officials.. about common problems .. we'll tell you what they said..
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all.
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there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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harper of the classic novel... "to kill a mockingbird"... has died. her publisher said... lee passed away peacefully... and described her as an extraordinary woman...of great joyfulness. the novel... was lee's first... and it was... an instant success. it went on to become... an american literary classic. the story... of racial inequality and social injustice...was based loosely...on lee's life... growing up in the deep south. in 2007...president george w-bush presented lee ... with the "medal of freedom." after suffering a stroke later that year ... lee retired to her home... in monroeville, alabama. harper lee... was 89-years old. thousands are paying their last respects to the late "justice antonin scalia"... many are visiting the supreme court... where his body is lying in repose... president obama and the first lady arrived this afternoon see the flag draped casket... surrounded by his former law clerks... scalia's body arrived hours before ... then scalia's son ... "father paul scalia"... led a service inside the court chamber. visitors came from across the country....although many say they didn't agree with
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admired his work: ----- "i'm a lawyer so i really respect the justices and the offices they hold. he really, i thought, did a lot for bringing the public into the court." ----- "president obama" is unable to attend the funeral service tomorrow morning. the white house is sending "vice president biden"... to represent the administration... because he has a personal relationship with the "scalia" family. some people...needing help... paying their heating bills...haven't been able to get federal assistance. but it's not because... they don't qualify. it's because...they can't get an appointment with the new company... running the program... in spartanburg and cherokee counties. diane lee... met with the head of the non-profit... to figure out if there's a solution: ----- waiting in line for public assistance isn't unheard of. but what about waiting outside in the dark for hours just to make an appointment.:"it was really cold, it was like 20 degrees outside, especially that day, you know it's night time. "and you were out there for how long?" "2 and a half
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one of the lucky ones. but anyone past the 10th place in line is turned away. that's the story each morning outside of the spartanburg center where the non-profit gleamns is running the heating assistance, or liheap program for spartanburg and cherokee counties.: "it was horrible, because they wouldn't see me, they turned me away, i mean, and a lady with her child, everybody got turned away just about." we took that concern to gleamns ceo dr. joseph patton. :" "so is that something you might look to change?" "it's something i promise you we'll look at and make some adjustments there, and try to make adjustments for the better.": "part of the problem is the use of this building is temporarily. it's actually a community center that's used by children at 2pm, so all of the workers have to be out of here by then." "the other problem is there hasn't been a private intake room, so they've had to cut off making appointments at 10, but that might change." while there we noticed a private room that isn't occupied until noon... it
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intake another two hours. "that may eliminate some of the people that have to be turned away because the technicians that are actually making assessments in there can move much faster." "so we've got a possible solution." "i think that will work.""i hope everything does change and everything's ok and i don't have to worry anymore." in spartanburg, diane lee 7 news. gleamns took over the liheap program ... after a state investigation found... the previous administrators... "piedmont community action"... mis-handled federal dollars. for more information... on who qualifies for heating assistance... look for this story... on w-s-p-a dot-com.
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next on 7 news... the
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down on those hoverboards... how the feds are looking to ground many of those boards.... but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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a "7 news" consumer watch... the federal government... is cracking down... on hoverboards. if the "consumer product safety commission" has its way... you won't be able to buy hoverboards... that don't meet federal safety standards... this move comes ... after reports that hoverboards... sparked more than -50- fires ... in -24- states. the fires are blamed... for 2-million dollars in property damage...including -2- destroyed homes... and an automobile. several airlines and college campuses ... have banned hoverboards... because of the fire risk. next on "7 news" ... say hello to this new kid on the block ....this baby goat welcomed into the world at a new england zoo...
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a zoo in boston ... welcomed this super-cute character ... this week. the "franklin park zoo" says... a baby nigerian dwarf goat... named "chewbacca"...
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she weighed just 4- pounds... and was standing... within hours of her birth. the zoo says..."chewbacca" is bright, alert and active. according to the zoo's website...nigerian dwarf goats ... are noted for their wide range of color patterns... and easy-going nature. they're found all over the world... in both warm and cold climates. thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w... and we'll be back here at 11. until then... you can get the latest updates... by logging-on to w-s-p-a dot-com. up next... "scene on 7"... be sure to stay with us... for
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