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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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tomorrow. it's been coming down pretty good this afternoon. thank you. pickens county deputies are looking for clues f a body was found on a saluda lake boat dock. christine brown has been following this story. she's live tonight and christine, not a lot for deputies to go on right now. >>reporter: no, gordon, not right now, but we did just hear from the sheriff's office and they say that they have been able to determine after getting information from the coroner that she died from a single gunshot wound to the head. and they don't have a whole lot of information, they're trying to retrace her steps, so they need to know what happened, where she was, and who she was with just hours before her death. flowers are scattered on this saluda lake boat dock in memory of this mother of four, her body was found there by 2 fisherman
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>> so sorry for the children. >>reporter: pickens county deputies say she had severe trauma to her head with a gunshot wound. they tried to find answers. >> wanted to know if we heard any gunshots or any strange things going on and all. >>reporter: you couldn't help? >> no. >>reporter: the dock stays busy and day or night, the gate never shuts and they never heard or saw anything unusual. >> up and down the lake at night and all, it's a headache, worried about it at all, but now it's a whole different story. >>reporter: lived in townville, her family told me as far as they know, she had never been to this dock before. >> the family says is she went to the movies the night before and never game home. they didn't know what happened to her until the coroner knocked on her front door. >>reporter: deputies hope witnesses will come forward. >> it's scary, it's scary.
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feeshg but now you've got -- fear, but now you've got a reason to. they didn't run in here and find it, they knew the landing. >>reporter: now, that they know the cause of death, pickens county deputies say they still lack that additional information and so they're still considering this a homicide, and investigating it that way. they need to connect the dots and find the clues and answers they need to figure out how this happened to her, so they're asking for anyone with any kind of information that could help to call the pickens county sheriff's office. 7 news. sounds like christine, a long way from identifying a suspect in this case. >>reporter: right, without a weapon or anything to go on, no one saw what happened around here. so there's again not a whole lot to go on, so is without all of that information, it's hard to track down someone at this point, but that's why they need
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that night, if anybody maybe saw her at the movies or she was with or any kind of information like that can help them connect the dots and find out who the suspect is. back to you frpts christine brown reporting live tonight. crews are trying to figure out what started this fire at this business this morning. it started around 4:00 this morning on pile knoll drive. there is a -- it is a recording studio. that sign that identified. it was ard roed studio. this is not a typical fire. >> the building has had a roof put over the old existing roof and it was ak xhully in between the -- actually in between the two roofs and the bottom m roof was an old concrete roof and it made it hard to get to the ceiling fire.
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looking at the possibility that today's fire may have been electrical. sitting here on the floor and it just blew up. and sparks and fire started coming. >> the consumer products safety commission says hoverboards are responsible for more than 50 fires since december. the fires appear to extend from excess heat generated by the board's lithium batteriris and instruct toring the manufacturers to raise safety immediate sgli in tennessee, kay r car bust into flames, but it's something else that has everyone talking tonight. one thing was left standing in the completely burned up vehicle. a bible left untouched sitting on the front seat. >> it is a god, you don't believe. i don't know what to say. >> witnesses say the jeep originally caught fire after being sideswiped by another car on the highway. there's a cross controversy
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seneca, the pob is across the -- problem is across the stone wall on the water plant. they put it up for a memorial for a fellow worker who died during the project. but separation of church and set sent a letter of complaint. city council will discuss that issue, with thei tomorrow. the ku klux klan faksing off at the georgia department of transportation. whether the white supreme su jup should be able to -- sfl tomorrow, raleigh's police union will discuss whether to boycott beyonce's upcoming concert. sefrt departments across the kun -- several departments across the country are wanting them not to attend the shows. she alluded to the black panther movement. here in the upstate, one good samaritan is spreading a message of support for the men and women in blue. >> we got a tip about this random act of kindens, gone viral, leaving an impact on a
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brianna shith shows us how a -- smith shows us how a few words make a big impact. >> how are you doing today. >>reporter: co-owner of loss covos knows his food. onrd sa. they had a big crowd -- on saturday, they had a big crowd of local law enforcement from inman and surrounding areas. >> 12, 13 people on the table. with the police officer and family. >>reporter: as a officers and their family ate their meal, someone left a message. an anonymous woman picking up a to go order paid for the $200 tab, it was the message she left behind that meant the most. >> she's like, looking at me, are you kidding me? i said, no. and they asked me who was it, i said i don't know who she is. she just left. >> and says, we've blue lives matter. >> words that in the current climate mean so much to not only the officers at the table, but the entire inman police
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>> you hear so much negative and then to getting something positive, just a wonderful thing. >>reporter: without a trace of who did it, police hope she feels as thanked as they do. >> i would love to tell her thank you in person. it's just something special that somebody did. >> wow. >> it's a great story. i got to hang out in the inman police department for a while and some of the officers were there, they didn't want to go on camera, that they got the meal for free and they have been talking about it all day. >> it is a small gesture and had such a big impact. >> it's not about the money, we could have afforded the meals, it's not about that, it's literally the note that was left on their table. >> like you said, in today's climate, something like that really goes a long way because those people don't get thanked enough. >> yeah, itself a great piece of advice and gift. >> good story, thank you. >> police are investigating a drive-by shooting at chessny's city hall, around 11:30 this this
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-- officials say they heard a noise and saw a window shot out with a bb or pellet gun. the reported shooting at a mall may have not involved any shots at all. they have not found any shell casings and at the center. they aren't as confident about their stories. police are working with the mall to get surveillance video. michigan courtroom today. this man, jason dalton, attacks. he's accused of randomly killing 6 seriously injuring 2 more in three separate attacks at an apartment complex, a car dealership, and a parking lot. the judge has denied bail. investigators have confirmed dalton was an uber driver, the company says the father of two passed their background check and had no prior criminal
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police are still looking into whether he continued driving passengers in between the shootings. some of the victims families from the sandy hook elementary school shooting are suing the maker of the rifle used in the attack. 20 children, 6 educators died in the 2012 attack. their attorneys say the automatic weapon is too dangerous to be sold to the general public. >> they're not a man unless they have one of these weapon, by toing that, they are not -- doing that, they are not misleading anybody, but they are making that knowledge that likelihood of result, more likely. >> the families are speaking unspesed monetary damage, but the rifle maker says the case needs to be thrown out because there is a federal law profekting gun maker -- protecting gun makers from these lawsuit sgls it is the democrats turn. hear why our state plays an important role in that race, straight ahead. >> later, poly wild animal park
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hear how the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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the republican primary may be over ..but south carolina isn't out of the political spolight just the republican primary may be over, but south carolina isn't out of the political spotlight yet. >> the democrat's turn to rally in our state. south carolina has been a game changer in past democratic primaries. >> and 7 news reporter addie hampton looks into the importance of a win here for the clinton and saernds campaign -- sanders campaigns. >> the stakes are high here. >>reporter: a no non-- nons nonsense. the largest amount at stake thus far. the delegates. it's a chance at redemption after a loss to barack obama in 2008.
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does not want it to be a game change eshs she's got a double digit lead, and i think she wants to maintain that. >>reporter: more than 5,000 bernie sanders supporters turned up. a race where the senator has gained ground on secretary clinton. >> it will be huge for the sanders came pain. >> 24 points over sanders in south carolina but the latest cnn crc poll breaks down the key african-american vote. 47% have yet to make up their mind, leaving room for the sanders campaign to make up ground. >> we have taken on the political establishment. >>reporter: he's confident in his candidates, and and potential for a strong voter turnout this saturday. >> i think we will have good tourn out, because i think, you know, one thing you can say about the clinton-sanderss
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>>reporter: addie hampton, 7 news, in greenville. now, you want to talk about voter turnout, this past saturday in the republican presidential primary, the previous record shattered by 132,000 voters. >> the polls opened for democratic voters this saturday at 7:00 in the morning. for those of you who voted this past weekend, we wanted to know what was the biggest issue you faced at the polls if you did. share your experience and we'll take a closer look at what caused those problems and what's being done to fix it ahead of the next election tonight at 5:30. >> what you think about a plan to close some upstate schools. pickens was supposed to vote on a plan today but instead they're postponing it so they can hear from the community. this plan would shout done a.r. lewis, and ambler elementary. now at 7:00 in the district
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his redesign of the google logo was inspired by the theme what makes me-me. we posted a link where you can help him do that at, the winner gets their art displayed next month, and how about this, a trip to google headquarters. more than 81,000 people -- 18,000 people applied for nasa's as gnat class. >> you hear that? whoooo. what you're hearing there are new audio tapes from the apollo 10 mission that reveal an erie experience on the dark side of the moon.
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mission, the audio captures when astronauts recorded hearing space music, not dark side of the moon. the nasa technician believes it was interference between radios in two separate parts of the spacecraft. >> days before the oscar, a new study is shining a harsh light on the lack of diversities in hollywood. 66% of the speak roles were male and 72% feature white act tors. the same lack of diversity can be seen behind the cameras. women in minorities were -- about 20 minutes ago, in here in the news studio, it sounded like a herd of buffalo, the rainfall came down hard. >> no, we're not finished with the rain. a few other heavy showers are going to be on the way, too, so we're in a soggy pattern for the next couple of days. keep the umbrella handy.
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coats -- you'll want the coats, too. an overview, you can see that most of the action is foe kusd over the northern part of -- focused over the northern part of the upstate. plenty of rain also in northeast georgia that will continue to work its way eastward and northeastward into the upstate. here's where the heaviest action is now, the northeastern part of greenville county, very rainy drive now, through polk county, tryon through boiling springs, over towards i-85, so a rough time for folks trying to get home this evening, as that heavy rain is going to really reduce vis blt. the eastern part -- visibility, the eastern part, cheer ke kooun, gaffney county. and so downtown gaffney is going to get in on all of that and more showers will be on the way as we focus a little farther to the south into anderson county, we have heavy rain here in piedmont, and that shower is moving northeastward. other rain showers situated in the laurens county as well. northeast georgia still looking at rain and this rain backs all
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and so it's going to continue to string through at the same time, we've got a front just to our northeast that will make its way through later tonight. that will set us up with a cold air wedge. tomorrow, temperatures will start out right around 50, and they're not going to budge much through the course of the day. a rainy drive to work, most of that will be showery weather, we won't have the thunderstorms that some of us have had today, a little bit of a break in the action by tuesday afternoon, but we'll still hold on to the driz sxl chilly weather. -- drizzle and chilly weather. wednesday, tracking the main system that will help to bring us storms by the middle part of the day. 4:00 p.m., bg better chance of storm -- better chance of storms pushes out, left over showers, by the afternoon and evening hours. and then, our weather will start to dry out. so looking ahead, it's going to be rainy, turning colder overnight, soggy through wednesday afternoon, storms, first half of wednesday into the
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sunshine is back by thursday. severe weather risk isolated severe storms will be possible on wednesday, as that main system makes its way through the area, a little better chance over the midland and over to the coast. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours, showery tomorrow and cold with a high of 49 degrees. upper 50s on wednesday. with that chance of storms, and then drier and cooler for tend of the week, highs in the lower 50s by friday, the weekend looking good. and there's your mountain forecast, next couple of days, awfully rainy around here and chilly tomorrow, too, with the high of 48. >> thanks. next at 5:00, you'll soon have to pay more to earn awards at starbucks, the change will benefit you. we'll explain how, straight ahead. >> a substitute teacher gets busted for stealing from the school nurse's office. but because the school resource officer made the arrest, the case could be dropped. we'll explain why, tonight at 5:30.
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hillary clinton: i do not believe we live in a single-issue country. the economy is rigged in favor of the top.
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live at 5 is back .. with a 7 news consumer watch .. starbucks is overhauling its rewards program. under the old program, a 7 news consumer watch, starbucks is overhauling the rewards program. . many customers were asked baristas to ring up things under separate transaction. >> netflix also making some change, the company rolling out a multimillion dollar recommendation system for its new global audience. before, recommendations were based on where you live. going forward, they'll be based on the viewing habits from people around the world. saturday's primaries saw record turnout and some yof
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that was a problem for you when you went to the polls. >> what'sing be done to prevent them before saturday's democratic primary, next. every year, hundreds of thousands of patients pick up the po ten shlly deadly in-- potential ly deadly infections at hospitals.
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thanks now from the news station, this is 7 news live at five. >> it is 5:29, rain has been falling across our area today, as you can see by this camera shot. we could get a lot more before the night is out. >> the storm team 7 chief meteorologist christy henderson
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>> we've got a lot more on the way, it's not just heavy rain, but getting into wednesday, a potential of strong to severe storms. we have a rumble of thunder tonight. good action in polk county, in the northern part of spartanburg county, thunderstorms, i'm going to zoom in here and give you a better idea of who is getting the heaviest rain. this is right along 26. going from spartanburg through boiling springs all l the way up into polk county, as you can see, it's a rough drive in cherokee county. spots along 85 and abd county, a lot more -- anderson county, a lot more of the rain will continue to filter in and temperatures will be cooling off. 2-3 inches in a lot of spots, and in addition to that, again on wednesday.
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during the overnight, shower wi weather, and chilly. we'll talk about the forecast, coming up in a few minute, gordon. a substitute teacher faces charges tonight. she stole drugs from the school nurse's office. anderson county deputies say morgan kid is a teacher in iva, let go after the police say surveillance video showed her taking drugs from the nurse's office. she faces theft and drug charges. now, we're watching this story closely because the incident reported here cops from the storm resource officer name named eric newborn. . she said he was untrustworthy. that after new burn was involved in a chase and shooting in which she called his behavior concerning. >> we will not prosecute any


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