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tonight family and friends are mourning the loss of a townville woman.. who was found dead..sunday these flowers..were left on the dock .. on bucksin road..where that mother of four was found. family members tell us... reza farrah kahn... went to a movie saturday night..and never came home. two fishermen found her body yesterday morning.. then called deputies. officials say she had severe brain trauma..possibly from a gunshot... but they didn't find a weapon. now pickens county deputies say they're trying to figure out where she was.. .and who she was with... overnight...leading up to her death: ----- "it is scary.. it is scary. like i say..we never had any fear but now we've got a reaso had tofen someone that knew td they didn't just rover e a fdt -it." ----- over here and find it." ----- deputies want you to come forward... if you know anything about where kahn was ... or how she ended up at
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tonigh... an upstate story...that's going viral... a good samaritan ... is spreading a message of support...for law enforcement. some officers and their families... were eating at "los cabos" in inman... and a woman...paid for their meal. the bill... was nearly -200- dollars. the woman also left a note... that said... "blue lives matter." the officers say ... this made a difference... not only to them... but the entire "inman police department": --- --- 12:46:27,14 "he look at me and said are you kidding me? and i sa .th asked me ohsds ow.uslt -- 104i'l tk r r. ijmspia tebd.- the woman remains anonymous... but police say...they'd love for her to come by... so they can thank her... in person. tonight..prosecutors say an "uber" driver...accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan ... admitted to the attack... in court today. police say 45-year-old jason dalton... started at an apartment complex..and shot a woman multiple times....then killed a 17 year old and his father at car dealership... then killled four women at a
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at the apartment complex... came outside... when she heard the gunshots: ----- she was talking, curled up in a ball asking about her kids police say there is no connection between the they are trying to find out a motive. the man did not have a criminal history and uber says he passed a background check. he now faces six counts of murder and 2 count of attempted murder. the families of the victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting massacre.. and teacher who was shot but survived.. are suing the gunmaker. the gunman.. adam lanza used an ar-15 rifle to kill 20 children and six adults in 2012. the gun company..argues.. the case should be thrown out..because they did not sell the gun to adam ... the gun belonged to adam's first victim .. his mother. the family says.. the assult rifle is a dangerous battlefield weapon - marketed to men. "he didn't choose another weapon. he didn't choose manuftrs nd bhd respoi that." the lawsuit faces a challenge..
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law protecting gun makers from liability ... when their guns are used in crimes. nearly every lawsuit against gunmakes has been dismissed. the families are seeking unspecificed monetary damages. students going to public colleges or universities... may be allowed to carry a gun on campus... if they have a state license. the georigia house of representativ es approved the proposal today. and it impacts more than just students... the bill lets anyone with a state license to carry to enter a public university or college campus with a concealed handgun... the only exceptions - athletic facitlities and student dormitories. the georgia state's university system oppose the new bill. now it moves to georgia's senate for consideration. a cross controversy is stirring up complaints in seneca .. city council members could decide whether to remove a cross from the site of its water treatment plant. it was placed there to honor 54 year old chuck keeler... a beloved employee who died on site 15 months ago.died on site 15 months ago. but the freedom from religion foundation says the cross is
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belong on government property. it wrote a letter to the city of seneca calling for the cross to be taken down. keeler's daughter says it shouldn't be removed. "my dad was a christian, they placed this cross here or to honoilsel t ce thhsan bece res s mn. seneca city council will take this issue up in executive session tomorrow. a substitute teacher faces charges after police say she took drugs from the school nurse's office. anderson district three says it happened at crescent high school in iva. morgan kidd.. has been fired. according to the school district.. a nurse noticed missing pills while taking inventory.. surveillance video.. led to kidd's arrest. tonight a woodruff man is facing charges... after police say he gave a young boy cocaine...allowed him to smoke marijuana... and watch porn. david jordan is being charged with 2 counts to unlawful neglect of child...
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obscene material to a minor. police affidavits say.. the boy was under the age of 12.. and it happened sometime between july first and july 30th of last year... the man is in spartanburg county dention center..facing a 200- thousand dollar bond. saturday.. more than 700- thousand people.. showed up across the state to vote for g-o-p presidential candidates. although there were no -widespread- voting problems this weekend ... the state election commission says ... there were some isolated problems. most of those were in anderson county ... where some people stood in line for more than an hour. we got reports of long lines at several precinct.... and at one ...there was only one voting mmhine. "does it make sense for any polling place to have one machine, even f prima? oohdvth o ce oneod,obviously oaaea o for ack." he says part of the problem was a record turnout. and counties could -not- use -all- of their voting machines in the republican primary ... because of the democratic primary seven days later.
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switch all of them over. the republican primary may be over ..but south carolina isn't out of the political spolight just yet. it's now the democrats' turn to rally for support. despite it's red state status ... south carolina has been a game changer in past democratic primaries ... 7 news reporter addie hampton looks into the importance of a win here for the clinton and sanders campaigns... the stakes are highghere. a no-nonsense analysis from greenville's democratic party chairman, eric gra. f h the ta import. dgas epr grabs...the largest amount at stake thus far.... for the clinton's a chance at redemption ...after a gamechanging loss to then- senator barack obama in 2008. experts say it was that win here...that fueled the rest of obama's march to the whitehouse. for secretary clinton, she does not want it to be a game changer. she has a double digit lead and she wants to maintain that. if she does maintain a double digit lead and wins by that margin, then she will prevent south
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changer. more than 5000 bernie sanders supporters showed up at the bon secours wellness arena in greenville sunday... it's a significant turnout...says a race where where the senator has gained ground on secretary clinton. if he pulls off the upset, it will be huge for the sanders campaign. polls show clinton up an average 24 points over sanders in south carolina but the latest cnn crc poll breaks down the key african american vote... it shows 34 percent of likely black democratic voters have yet to make up their mind.... leaving room for the sanders for graben...h confident i hiscandidates....and the potential for a ro voter turn out this saturday i think we will h pretty good turt,ecseng clinton/scontest is isr contest. in greenville, 7s nearly 740 thouund people cast ballots on saturday - shattering the
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thousand voters. the polls open for democratic voters this saturday at 7 a-m. fresh off the south carolina primaries...the race for the rrpublican presidential nomination... heads to nevada... and donald trump ... is hoping to keep his hot streak...going. today.. trump..senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz ... all were campaigning in elko, nevada. trump is showing a strong lead of ahead of the caucus tomorrow .. so that means.. the pressure is on for the number two spot. "i think a lot of people are looking at whether it will be cruz or rubio that finisheds in second place. at this point, i don't think either one of them can close the gap on trump." today rubio is accusing cruz's campaig of dirty politics... after cruz's campaign spokesperson falsely accused rubio of insulting the bible. cruz says he asked for his spokesperson's resignation. meanwhile, john kasich is looking past nevada to super tuesday. he's campaigning in virginia which votes a week from tomorrow. if you're a woman looking
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done by wallet hub shows that columbia and greenville are not the places to do it. out of one hundred cities columbia came cities hundred out of one hundred cities columbia came in 97th and greenville in 98th as the worst areas for women to own businesses. the study ranks them on "new-business friendliness" "female entrepreneurship" and "business climate for women". according to the study. nashville, tennessee is the best place for a woman owned business followed by chattanooga and columbus, ohio. people... on a busy freeway... jump into action... to save a man... trapped inside a burning car. he makes it out alive... but that's not the stunning part. we'll explain. and... five generations..of breaking barriers.. as we celebrate history month... we'll take you inside one of spartaburg's oldest funeral home... as it celebrates 100 years of service to the
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much
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this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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people who helped a man... trapped inside a burning car ... are describing get him out. but also amazing ... is even though the car burned... one item ... survived the fire. witnesses say...a jeep was side-swiped by another car... and pushed down a hill...into a pole. moments later... the jeep burst into flames... and the driver...was trapped inside. people broke the window... cut the seat-belt... and got him out safely. the man was taken to the hospital... and is expected to be okay. but what brought tears to many... was a bible... sitting in the front seat...looking good as new. people are calling it... a sign from god. the oldest black family owned business in spartanburg.... is celebrating its -100th- anniversary. we got a chance ... to speak with the family... about their success. the "j-w woodward funeral home"...started offering services... in 19-16. at that time... a funeral cost only about 36-dollars. for the first 50-years... the family also provided services ... that weren't easily accessible to the black loans and an
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generations have now helped famlies... through loss... over the past 100 years: ----- "that's a question i get asked very often, how do you deal aea ant nseo help oeyoheus well." ----- to celebrate the centennial... the woodwards are hosting a series of community service events... from blood drives... to a gala. for more information... look for this story... on w-s- p-a dot-com. the battle between apple and the f-b-i... over privacy and security...continues today. the government wants apple's de-crypt the i-phone... of one of the san bernardino shooters... who killed 14 people... and a judge has ordered the tech giant ... to comply. but apple's c-e-o .. tim cook...says the fight could impact millions of law-abiding people...with smartphones. so he wants congress to create a commission... to review the issue of civil liberties... in the digital age. both cook and the f-b-i director... have been invited to testify...
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pop star "kesha" ... is getting support tonight... from some of the biggest names in music. a judge last week ... ruled she cannot leave... her recording contract. the pop star asked to be released ... from "sony"...after claiming her producer, "doctor luke"... sexually abused her. he denies the allegations... and has *not* been criminally charged. now... taylor swift... is donating 250- thousand dollars ... to help "kesha." singers "demi lovato"... and "lady gaga"... both sent out tweets... also showing support. in fiji... the death toll is rising from tropical cyclone winston. at least 20 people were killled as a result of the powerful storm this weekend. thousands fled their homes when the storm hit... and many now have nowhere to return to. those whose homes are still standing are without power or water. people are having a hard time communicating... and even food and basic shelters are a premium. people are being urged to stay indoors.
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next on "7 news" ... little girls...and doll collectors...get ready... for a new and unique "american girl" doll... that's giving you a history lesson. we'll show you what sets this one a part from the others. but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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the american girl doll is celebrating its 30th anniversary. this summer, it will release a new historical doll. check out melody ... the company's third
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be-forever historical line. comapny leaders says their dolls come with books.that tap into imaginationswhile providing a rich history lesson. so they say melody.. would be a nine year old growing up in detroit during the 1960's civil rights era. she loves to sing and uses her voice to make a difference. she even has her own bed and recording studio that plays music from motown.plays music studio that plays music from motown. samsung unveiled the galaxy s-7 and the s-7 edge during a tech conference in barcelona over the weekend... the camera is capable of taking 360-degree pictures and videos. it can shoot v-r images and transfer them to samsung phone for editing. phone for editing. the finished product can be viewed with a gear v-r headset. "the gear three-60" is set to go on sale this year. there are no details yet on pricing. "starbucks"... is changing its rewards program. starting in april ... you'll have to spend more... to get "freebies." under
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one "star" per visit ... and it didn't matter how much... or little... was spent. you'd get free food items... after earning 12 "stars." now... you'll have to earn -125- "stars"... for a free item... with each dollar spent... worth -2- stars. it means... you have to spend 62-dollars and 50-cents... to get a free item. get out the tequila... and limes ... today... is "national margarita day." the cocktail consists of tequila...triple sec... and lime or lemon juice. it can be traditional... or frozen. next on "7 news" ... a special treat for a woman... who's been trying to get to the white house... for years. we'll show you...the unique reunion.
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a 106-year-old woman... who got to visit the white house ... had an experience ... that got more and more special. virginia mclaurin ... not only got to meet president obama ... and the first lady ... she got to dance with them. in 20-14...mclaurin began a social media campaign ... to meet the obamas. she explained in the videos on- line...that she was so happy to see a black person in the nation's top job... mclaurin was at the white house... to celebrate "black
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thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w.. and we'll be back here at 11. until then you can get the latest updates by logging on to wspa dot com. stay with us for "scene on 7"... coming up next.
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