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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he's being held in greenville tonight. that is where news reporter addie hampton is joining us now. he waived his bond hearing, right? >> reporter: exactly amy. casey was out on a charge when investigators say he shot and killed a woman, taking her car and leaving her for dead. today pickens county sheriff clark said they don't after motive just yet but waldrop and con knew each other. they believe con was driven in her black dodge charger to the boat ramp when they say waldrop shot her once in the head. then they say he took off in her car leaving her for dead. sometime between then and last night when he was arrested they say tried to conceal that car by spray painting it silver and parking it at a greenville apartment complex. investigators were tipped off about the car.
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it, waldrop happened to show up. they chased him for a moment before arresting him and detained the people he was with. when they searched the car, they found that .45 caliber handgun they believe waldrop used to kill con. >> we believe there's no threat to the community, anywhere around pickens county. we believe we have arrested all the actors in this as far as the safety to others. we're still investigating. we're still pursuing some charges on a couple of other people. as far as a threat to the community we believe that we've taken care of that in this case. >> reporter: according to the sheriff's office they say waldrop will be brought back to the pickens county detention center once he is released here from the greenville county detention center. the live in greenville, add day hampton, 7 news. >> add day thank you.
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the saluda river was reported stolen. crass spent hours pulling this red ford explorer from the muddy waters. people work at a dam spotted it in the water. it took crewswsa lot of time to get this out. >> ruts in the road were so deep that our trucks are bottoming out, but thank the lord we got here, got it out, and we're all safe. >> deputies say the suv was reported stolen from a towing company. they're now looking for a suspect. one police chase is bad enough. but laurens county deputies say this woman led them on two in a little more than a month. kay thomas was arrested after deputies say she took off on a traffic stop last night. it ended in a crash. while beg arrested deputies say she spat on them. she bonded out late this afternoon. she led police on another chase. the fbi is get account involved in a possible racially in expired crime out of brevard. police say back in november
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students went to a home where they thought an african- american student lived. they made racial statements and had knives with them. these two, plus a 16-year-old not pictured here, were arrested. the five mothers would lost their children to gup violence and police brutality are uniting under a common cause. hillary clinton. >> the moths verse trayvon martin and erik garner announced they're backing clinton's campaign this morning. the women said clinton's message of gun control and support of the black lives matter movement resonated with them. >> secretary clinton was the first to mention anything about black lives matter, and she was the first to reach out to us. she was the first to even show that she cared. >> she's going to be my candidate. and i am going to endorse her because she endorsed me first. >> amen. >> all of the women on this breaking barriers forum panel
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violence or during encounters with the police. the mothers are planning to take their message to several south carolina cities all week. >> later tonight clinton meets her chief rival, bernie sanders, at a town hall hosted by cnn. this will be the only time they're face to face before the primary. polls say that race is not close. clinton holds a dominating lead. she's looking for redemption. clinton's loss in 2008 started to the dominoes that led to her losing the nomination. eryn rogers, tell us more about what could happen. >> reporter: this town hall starts at 9:00 but you can hear and see people behind me, they have been out here for hours. you can tell how excited they are. i'm going step out of the way so you can see and hear more.
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are cheering for hillary. they're cheering hrc2016, i'm with her. as my photographer goes over to the other corner across the street you can see the bernie supporters. they've been cheering. so that's definitely an excitement. if you look down you can see the hillary and bernie signs one after another. pretty much all you are seeing leading up to the law school in columbia. definitely an exciting time. both candidates have been going after the black vote hard. about half of the voters are expected to come out on saturday. i did talk with some voters just a few minutes ago. and they say that they understand the excitement, he is special for young minority voters with bernie sanders. they say some of his ideas are very appealing like free college tuition, but they say they're supporting hillary because they think she has the track trord get things done. of course as i said that town hall starts at 8:00. we will be giving you an update
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live in columbia tonight, eryn rogers, 7 news. >> the town hall begins at 9:00. the event. of course this is all leading primary. we will be covering the campaign stops all week. will you find the candidates' schedules on last night's rainy weather didn't deter vandals. the park that nearly 3,000 volunteers worked to renovate was hit with graffiti. briyana smith talked to a not so happy construction manager about moment he found this paint job. >> reporter: in just days the park and hundreds of volunteers put together piece by piece is expected to open. those involved realize the impact that this children's playground can make. >> getting everybody to come together and do something positive.
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was found on the sidewalk is so troubling. >> disheartened, coming in and seeing that. >> construction manager brendan has been behind this playground from the first bolt. and done the spray painted profanity. >> knowing the community has put all their community in it and somebody comes in, does something like this to vandalize it, take it all away. >> reporter: this time the criminal only left behind a can of spray paint but next time they will be able to catch his face with the security cameras. >> we're currently installing a gate with a lock. but it's been secured every night. the lights are on now. so it's not something that they done the dead of night. >> reporter: but for now they're left trying to get it ready for opening. >> we tried yesterday. we're putting a chemical on today and then pressure washing. this is a great project for the community, and we just take pride in it. >> if you have any information
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contact the spartanburg police. the park is expected to open march 12th. trading blows over guantanamo bay. south carolina lawmakers say they won't stand for president obama's new plan. we have the latest tonight at 6:00. plus -- find what you enjoy and go fort. >> if you keep hitting dead
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the and in downtown greenville... it might be easier... fill up. plans for in downtown greenville it might be easier soon to fill up. plans for a 24/7qt are moving forward. supporters of the plan say it will bring security to the area. opponents say there are better development options for the spot. >> if autoweek in the palmetto state makes you roll your eyes we want you to hold on. the car industry is trying to get everyone involved in talking shop. the industry supports tens of thousands of jobs in the state and contributes billions to the
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professionals in the industry are here to recruit students, specifically female students. >> they have lots of choices. everybody's path is different. it's okay to change your path. and to really just find your passion, you know, to find what you enjoy and go for it. >> so there are events that are going on for auto weak across the state. see what's happening near you. there's a link on we don't want them.
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>> the governor is talk about a new plan to close guantanamo bay ... has south carolina officials promising a fight. president obama announced the new plan today. a if you plan to close guantanamo bay. >> 7 news reporter robert
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governor and others say the plan is risky. >> reporter: the president has been trying to do that since first got elected but congress says keeping guantanamo open undermines our national security. >> it's counterproductive to our fighting a gains terrorists because they use it as propaganda in their efforts to recruit. whranchts has officials worried is he would move some of the detainees to prisons in the u.s. >> we're going work with congress to find a secure location in the united states to hold remaining detainees. >> his plan does not say where but one of the options is the charleston naval brig. he says the public would be safe but governor nikki haley doesn't want to take the chance. >> this is not the timetown settle people of this country or south carolina by saying we're going to set you a few more, it will be fine. no, it's not going to be fine. we've said that. they have been fine in guantanamo bay for a long time. we don't want them.
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delegation will also fight it. senator tim scott says i will use every tool to stop this illegal, reckless plan, period. it would be illegal because congress has already passed a law saying detainees cannot be transferred from guantanamo to the u.s. main land. congressman jeff duncan introduced a bill to give the house authority to sue if they try or break that law. in columbia, robert kittle, seven news. >> the president says closing guantanamo would also save taxpayers $1.7 billion. a bill to fund highway repairs remains at a road block. the chamber of commerce has been encouraging people to contact their senator to tell them to end the filibuster and vote on the bill this week. senator top davis started the debate on the senate floor. he blocked action on the bill last week in hopes of not raising taxes on gas. >> south carolina deserves to have us look at every single
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we assess what our road and bridge fees are before we go back and jack up their gas tax. >> the still has not come to a vote. there's an interactive link that we have for you on under links. we are going to be tracking a lot of rain over the next 24 hours. in fact, in some cases we may get too much. so we'll have an eye on the streams, creeks, rivers, and of course the roads that could get backed up with water. in addition to that we also have a severe weather threat going into tomorrow morning. but today with the cold temperatures we've had, it's weather. i think we're going to keep showers that will continue to increase coverage-wise overnight going into very early tomorrow morning. so here is what's on the radar right now. right now. we've got lots of clouds, still a northeasterly wind. we mainly have light rain with a few pocket of moderate showers, activity in polk
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from boiling springs back toward duncan on highway 29, also back into 26, downtown spartanburg finding late rain there. highland, travelers rest, marietta also getting some light rain shower activity, and from pauline to west springs and union county, we've got some showers on the increase there. mainly a line that's traveling northeast right now, and that stretches northeast into swain county over towards bryson city where we are finding some shower activity tonight. it will keep developing and moving through. again that cold air wedge will hold on until early tomorrow morning. that's a good thing because that will minimize the storms until our main energy gets closer to us. that's still pretty far out to the west. you can pick out a counterclockwise spin. that has been helping to produce severe weather back in the mississippi. those red polygons are tornado watches. and it's possible that we could have a tornado warning around here during the first part of the day, so it's important to keep up with the weather going
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this is midnight, and the time line on what to expect will still hold on to that northeasterly wind. so an increase in coverage of showers will be on the way later tonight. wednesday, 4:00 a.m., we'll start to see some thunderstorms on the increase from northeast georgia. that's going to continue to increase across the area. 7:00 a.m., it's probably the best window if you had to nare rote down of severe thunderstorms that could form across western north carolina and also for the upstate, but they will be on the move because by 9:00 a.m. out. as we get into midday that front that's helping to drive all this will be off to our east. will be. we may still hod on to shower chances but the trend will be for us to dry out across the upstatement cold weather arrives for the mountains with higher elevation snow showers for early thursday. and overall cool temperatures and sunshine for the upstate. as far as the severe weather risk goes from the storm prediction center we have isolated severe thunderstorms
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off to our east, thanks to that energy. so for the next 24 hours the main threats will be severe thunderstorms going into tomorrow morning, flash flooding, high winds. morning storms are likely. some of those could be severe. otherwise breezy and drying out. as far as temperatures are concerned, not much change from north to south tonight. it's 44 in asheville, 46 in spartan but and 48 degrees now in anderson. here's would to expect for the next 72 hours. the first part of tomorrow is going to be active. look for a good chance of storms. we will be warm we are a high near 63. tonight's weather cooler, highs in the 50s. beautiful weather for the upcoming weekend and warming trend, too. we'll get the high back into the sick by sunday. there's your mountain forecast for tomorrow. a chance of stores there. high elevation snow showers early thursday, quieting down and cooling off by thursday night. sports is on the way. just how tough has it been for
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he has the story.
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actually be ahead of the curve .. they say a pitcher's best friend is the double play. his worst friend is when his left fielder camps under a ball and can't make the catch. marcus mooney of the gamecocks were happy to see that today. 2nd inning, they built a 2-0 lead. they lead 5-0, usc trying for a 4-0 start. because on the road for clemson down to georgia tech where they obviously would like to get a win to help their postseason resume. they would also like to get some help for their leading scorer. more times than not he sees a variety of defenses thrown his way. maybe nothing to be overemphasized but still difficult.
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but sometimes he's guarded by a smaller player, and they'll come track with a five man or a four man. but they can always have a guy in there. >> first time i've seen something where i was double teamed. coach sat me down after that game and told me that's something i should expect moving forward in the season. and some teams have done that. >> tigers try to make it two wins in the regular season. a spokesman by the way said the well in greenville would be available for any n.i.t. home game they would potentially need to play host to. seneca and berea triad advancing while pendleton's girls try to advance.
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the upper state finals in geneville this weekend. last night christchurch jumped out to a 23-6 first quarter lead. shea la bennett, the north carolina-bound guard with the bucket. they roll over mccormick to move on. and wren moves on in 3a. we've had them in the cars we drive for several years. maybe you have. i haven't. but the digital dashboard has finally come to nascar. pretty cool new technology. ah yes, but bring out new technology and you will find a cynic in every bunch. >> so many different ways to tailor the dash, different adjustments, but does it make the car going any faster? no. >> yeah, but he probably likes it. does he say, and he makes a good point, he wants something that will help them gauge pit road speeds, because you can get penalized. finally usc's women winning
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check out the save, then the pretty pass to tiffany mitchell in the win at alabama. gamecock women keep rolling. >> keeping a close eye on the weather. >> a few showers but a lot of rain for your morning commute. so first part of the day keep up with the weather on daybreak. malachi rodgers will have the latest. >> we'll see you at 9:00.
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see i >> pelley: dangerous weather hit the south. millions of people in five tornadoes. also tonight, more cases of zika transmission. apple's lawyers say unlocking the iphone of a terrorist is a slippery slope. >> apple knows how to do lots of things, buof but it is not an employee of the united states. >> pelley: and who let the dogs out? wait till you see. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a tough day is turning into a rough night in much of the deep south. multiple tornadoes have been spotted, as well as a water
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we've been told of fatalities at an r.v. park in st. james paris in louisiana. as many as 10 million people in five states will be under tornado watches over the next 24 hours, and david begnaud begins our coverage. >> reporter: it started during the lunch hour in louisiana. triple tornadic water spouts developed over lake ponch train in new orleans. an hour west of here, in white castle, louisiana, a motorist captured what is believed to be a wall cloud with a tornado wrapped in it. another tornado was reported in praireville, 20 miles east of the capital baton rouge. a gold's gym took a powerful punch. building. this is what it looked like late this afternoon in assumption, parish, an eerie sight after a reported tornado plowed a path of destruction. >> look up. look up. >> reporter: southeast of baton rouge-- >> it's right in front of us. front of us. >> reporter: a tornado crossed


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