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this is a good time... to make sure ... you have our "7 news app." you can get updates on what's happening... where you live. we'll also send app alerts... to your phone or tablet...when there are to know. " it's hard to believe that a life can be taken and the evil that we see today in our society." ---- the accused killer... of a mother of -4-... is behind bars tonight... and more arrests ... could be coming. this comes after a 36- hour non-stop investigation in pickens county leading to his capture. kacey clayton waldrop faces multiple charges .. including murder .. grand larceny . pickens county sheriff rick clark say they haven't nailed down a motive but he say that waldrop and khan knew each other. investigators they believe khan was driven in her black dodge chargerto the boat ramp off buckskin road.where they say waldrop shot her once in the head. sometime between then and last night.they say
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spray-painting itand parking it at a greenville apartment off white horse road. investigators were tipped off about the car and when they were out inspecting the car waldrop showed up. they chased him for a momentbefore arresting himand detaining the people he was with. in their car was the .45 callibur gun they belive waldrop used to kill khantoday.clark.called waldrop's actionsevil ms. khan was the mother of 4 children. that's what makes this so's hard to believe that a life can be taken be some of the stuff and the evil that we see today in our society brss greatly by that. our prayers and our thoughts and our hopes for her children are with them and the khan family. more charges are expected in this caseagainst the people they believe were helping waldrop in the 36 hours it took to arrest him. a laurens county woman is in jail...after deputies say... she led them on a chase... ... for the second time... this year. deputies say...
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... was following a deputy's car too closely... last night ... on highway-76. when they stopped her... she sped off. there was a chase ... that ended... when thomason crashed... in clinton. she's now facing multiple charges...including "resisting arrest." authorities tell us... an s-u-v...found submerged in the saluda river this morning... was reported stolen...from laurens county. anderson county responders... spent hours today... pulling the red ford explorer ... from the water. people working at a dam nearby...spotted it... in the water. it took several crews... and lots of chains... to get it out: ----- "the ruts in the road were so deep that our truck bottomed out. halo tt g he d goi o a w e.- anderson county deputies say... county anderson are all safe." -----got it out and we are all safe." ----- anderson county deputies say... the s-u-v was reported stolen... from a towing company in laurens county. it was used... in a previous theft case. now... they're looking for a suspect. the democrats campaigning in south carolina this week... are both announcing endorsements. they're coming from key figures... in some of the nation's high profile shootings ... that left young black men... dead.
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came to the upstate today... with a group of mothers... who lost their sons to gun violence. more... from "7 news" reporter dave jordan: ----- the five mothers walked into rock of ages church in greenville tuesday morning. united in grief and now in support of whent to rutheu. sybri fulton, mothotrayon rtin6:9- awe d bt d oket dfent daat w rni, shwast f me sldsta hilnto s sh ileg double di rat bni de isouth carolina. clinton has repeateok o abo violcend icbrutit a message han with sybna tose ywa sh a killed by a neighborhd s 5159 secretary clinton was the first tn menoaclis tten whfst rchut tsev sw sc so of e erwon ad il eernce ect ilung gn case dihi esainbnew york police. sot :4- tis hai c't bthhencd ofce cho akhi l. t en cr he r 6:8: gng t mcaago end h bauhe ord irot deoicandaainouof iy urtla ve al a isourona le th are ckg in s imns. atrnajacn reesd mtis mi ed erl th dc rne dter t mothsiln te eimee te hesha it'll make dien sr cricriry.ree, er7 . in aboutn hour ... news.dave jorn grnvle sy enn m oth wk ih stesweek in the hopes
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joagreenville, dave jordan 7 news. in about an hour ... hillary clinton meets her chief rival ... bernie a "town hall" gathering... in columbia. c-n-n... is hosting it. this will be the only time... sanders and clinton... are publicly face to face ... before south carolina's
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"7 news" reporter eryn rogers... is live on the u-s-c campus tonight. that's where the town hall... is being held. eryn... good evening: ----- *ad lib* also tonight...the republican presidential candidates are watching... as voters in nevada... go to their g-o-p state caucus. donald the heavy favorite ... according to the polls. marco rubio and ted cruz... both trail trump in the double digits. but nevada voters ... have been unpredictable... in the past. political analysts say... don't count out john kasich ... and out john don't count analysts say... political . in the past. vshav beva gi.b doe . ie b tl d d uz. ar ru pos. agfari ...s thy p dold state caucus.thr o-p neda. o en arnndes psintl trlin tht ao *ad lib* evening: ----- eryn... gbeiel.yn
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also tonight...the republican presidential candidates are watching... as voters in nevada... go to their g-o-p state caucus. donald the heavy favorite ... according to the polls. marco rubio and ted cruz... both trail trump in the double digits. but nevada voters ... have been unpredictable... in the past. political analysts say... don't count out john kasich ... and retired neuro- surgeon ben carson...just yet.
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showing how north carolina voters feel about the candidates. the elon university poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton as the frontrunners. trump does not appear to have enough support to win a hypothetical general election... against hillary clinton... or her democratic opponent .. bernie sanders. the poll showed republican marco rubio ... could beat hillary clinton... in a head to head match-up. the poll also indicates... north carolina's race for governor... will be tight. and remember...w-s-p-a dot com is your one-stop-shop for information on all of the presidential candidates. just head to the news section on wspa dot com and look for the election ..government and politics section. we have candidate bios.. the latest poll numbers..and you can submit voice of the voter questions. tonight... we're learning more about the death of supreme court justice... antonin scalia. a letter from the supreme court's doctor says... antonin scalia suffered from coronary artery disease, obesity and diabetes, among other ailments... that probably contributed to the justice's...sudden death. a district attorney says... there was nothing suspicious
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it's been an emotional week for the eight remaining supreme court justices ... who returned to work this week ... following scalia's death. justice samuel alito says the supreme court will find a way to get its work done lawmakers debate who whether president barack obama should nominate a replacement or if the decision should be left up to the next u-s.president. president obama unveiled his proposal to close the detention center at guantanamo bay, cuba today. there are about 90 detainees left there... some would transfer to other countries .. dozens would be brought to the u-s. the white house says it will cost as much as 475 million to move them and renovate or build a new facility "we can ensure our security, uphold our highest values around the world and save american around the world our highest values our security, uphold "we can ensure our security,phd r ght lueou t ransa amc xpas otf neintprocess."------ the administration has identified 13 locations in the us .. including a facility in south carolina - the former navy brig, in hannahan, near charleston. congress is pushing back.
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your comments on gitmo. our viewers are posting they don't want these prisoners in south carolina faye dickson "south carolina is already the dumping ground for nuclear waste and now you want to dump terrorist on us! keep them at guantanamo bay, not in my state!" brian andre' turnage "cheaper and safer to keep them there. why can't these elected officials see how foolish they are being..." the president however says the u.s.would save millions you can join the conversation on our facebook pag " what has dominated my perspective consistently is disbelief." ------- consistently is disbelief." ------- her baby viciously cut out of her stomach .. by another woman desperate for a baby. next on 7 news ...the verdict in a high-profile ...craigslist murder case. the zika virus... continues to a warning from the c-d-c... on
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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first degree attempted murder... that's part of the conviction tonight ... for a colorado woman.. who investigators say lured a pregnant woman to her home... she lured her..with a craigslist ad ... for maternity clothes ... then cut the woman's unborn baby from her stomach. it's a follow up to a story that we've been following since last year. boulder investigators say dynel lane...a north carolina native...lied to family and friends about being pregnant ... before she attacked seven and a half month pregnant... michelle wilkins. the baby died in the attack... but wilkins survived. prosecutors say they couldn't charge lane with murder because a coroner found no evidence the fetus lived outside the womb. a year later...the victim says she's struggling for understanding and forgiveness. : "no i do not hate dynel, but i am angry for all of the pain she has caused. the deceit and the selfishness.' "i may never get an
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wi dnto prs trioand et tas h a."- actions." ------callousness of her actions." ------ dynel lane faces 140 years in prison. her sentencing is set for april 29th. the case prompted republican legislation that would've allowed murder charges for killing a fetus, but democrats rejected it. most of the world seems to be in agreement with apple when it comes to the f-b-i demand to unlock the iphone of the san bernardino terrorist. but microsoft co-founder bill gates .. an important voice in the industry .. is siding with the government. "apple has access to the information.there is not -- they are just refusing to provide the access." ----- apple argues it's not just handing over information .. but instead being asked to build new technology to access information. that is what's dividing this case .. because they say that could leave users at risk. the "centers for disease control and prevention"... is investigating new reports of sexual transmission... of the
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says it's investigating 14 cases in all... and that several of them involve pregnant women. but the c-d-c says the "zika virus" is most likely spread ... through a mosquito bite. the virus is linked to a birth defect... that causes babies to be born with small heads... and brain problems. scientists at the "university of texas" ... are working on a test... to detect the virus in humans... and eventually develop a vaccine: ----- "are we closer to a vaccine? : "yes, every single day that people like me and my colleagues are on the bench, we're one step closer to the vaccine." ---- zika has been confirmed in 23 u-s states... and the district of columbia. south carolina health officials say ... -11- samples tested in the state... have come back negative. five other samples... are still being tested. the "world health organization" says...up to 4-million people will be infected... in the next year. state lawmakers in north carolina...may try to over-ride a decision by "charlotte city council"... allowing transgender people to choose bathrooms in private businesses... that correspond... to their gender identity. republican house speaker tim moore says ...
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"major public safety issue"... with its vote. the state legislature can vote ... to cancel... local government policies.
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) next on "7 news" ... the auto industry set to shred light on the biggest auto crisis in u-s history -- faulty airbags that have killed nearly a dozen people. what safety officials are saying about the ongoing takata airbag recall. first... here's a look at
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tonight... on c-b-s... and hillary clinton: i do not believe we live in a single-issue country. the economy is rigged in favor of the top. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further.
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hardworking immigrant families living in fear... racism holding people back... wall street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers... because i think america can only live up to its potential when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. the auto industry is expected to announce the circumstances that cause
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explode. a person briefed on the matter says scientists hired by the industry have found a number of factors must act in combination to cause the sometimes deadly explosion. some of those factors include the presence of moisture. scientists say the wetness degrades the ammonium nitrate that takata uses to create a small explosion to inflate air bags during a crash. the faulty airbags are connected to more than 24-million vehiciles under 12 automakers.. including honda...b-m-w.. mazada and ford. they're blamed for at least 10-deaths and -139- injuries...worldwide. and the largest auto recall in u-s history. veteran actor morgan freeman... is known... for his smooth voice. and now... he can guide you... to your next destination. freeman... is the newest voice option...on the "waze" navigation app. the hollywood icon... is almost as well known... for narrating movies... as he is for starring in them. now... you can let freeman's smooth voice... guide to you work... home... or maybe even the movie theater.
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holding a 300 thousand dollar lottery ticket. the winning palmetto cash five ticket was sold at sam's corner .. on chesnee highway in spartanburg. it matched all five numbers from last night's drawing .. so check your tickets .. those numbers are two .. 13 .. 29 .. 30 .. 37 .. with a power up of three. the winner has 180 days to claim their prize. next on "7 news" ... motivating yourself to workout can be tough.. if you're not disciplined. woman is creating a huge stir on social media. hear how she's adding -- wine drinking-- to her workout equation. " " most folks don't associate working out ...
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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most folks don't associate working out ... with drinking wine ... but one turning into an internet sensation over it. april storey calls it... "the wine workout." she posted her exercise video to her facebook page... using wine as motivation to exercise. so far... she's had a big response...with people watching her video more than 18-million times. thanks for joining us.
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ckera1. "sce cominup next...stay with us for that. have a
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