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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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inside. salvaging what they could. the storm took down power lines across spartanburg county, this one, blocking a road in boiling springs. we talked to one driver who said the weather was so bad when this happened she was driving down this road, and couldn't even see tha this power line had come down, she drove straight into it, just minutes after it happened. >> it scared the life out of me, honey. i mean, you know, i've been out in a storm like that before. >>reporter: leaving her windshield scattered, hood scuffed and faith stronger than ever. >> i feel like the good lord is watching over me, really can truly. -- really and truly. >>reporter: crews are spread so thing r thin, the amount of calls are forcing them to leave and come back. >> sometimes we have to take off, caution tape, cones or whatnot around the area and catch other calls. >>reporter: tom, amy, i don't know if you can see this, it just started raining here, in spartanburg, and that's really
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cpe who doesn't have a roof on any of their three businesses here. crews are still out here, we have firefighters directing traffic. and there's also a live wire hanging down here on main street. so with this rain, this is really not what we were looking for. we'll continue to track this weather, but for now, live in spartanburg, rachelle spence, 7 news. seeing the rain drop, thank you. and right now, we get reports of even more damage. this is video from south port road in sprtanburg, 6 poles ere brought down and they're blocking both lanes of traffic. >> as you can see, it is dreary outside. the wind flet is still out there - threat is still out there. chief meteorologist christy henderson is tracking it for you. >> tom, it will stay windy through the course of the evening hours, some of the peak wind gusts shortly after noon were 50 miles per hour. it's very unusual to have a high wind warning in up the state, to 7:00 tonight. after that point, we'll keep a
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will take over until midnight. so there are the latest advisories as you can seeshgs winds are going to stay up as a cold front moves through. we still have showers that we're tracking tonight. and temperatures are cooling off, as well. right now, lower to mid 50s, just behind that front. with temperatures still in the 50s and 60s behind it. higher elevations of the mountains will cool down below freezing by tomorrow morning. and also, we'll look for snow in the mountains. but for the upstate, skies are going to be clearing overnight and we'll bottom out around 37 degrees, still windy tomorrow, not as windy. a few other changes on the weather for the weather . the word tornado scares most of us and with oconee under that early morning tornado warning, preparations were underway early. >> the damage di' tt srt our christine brown talked to residents who were happy they wwe ready. she's join us live from oconee county, hi, christine. >>reporter: yeah, we're out here where we saw some of the worst here in oconee county.
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the tree was knocked over at this oconee county home in westminster. back and narrowly missed a home, back there, hitting a gutter and the ac unit, but thankfully didn't land right out on the home. got pictures to show you of what it looked like earlier today, because there was a car here, it slammed into, and pretty much totalled the owner came out, while i was out here shooting video and he was talking about how much damage he saw, and how much he needed to clean up. and they spent the rest of the day cleaning it up here, there's not a whole lot here anymore. because they did a really great, quick job as far as oconee county officials, they say that a they have only seen a couple of more trees down throughout the county. as far as everybody else, the damage was minimal and i spoke to some other people and they said mostly they saw some higher winds and rain and maybe a little bit of hail. but the damage wasn't as bad as they were expecting.
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christine brown, 7 news. well, with power lines and trees down the, there were power outages for a lot of people, and places. usc upstate cancelled classes after the lights went out, so did spartanburg methodist college. right now, there are just under 4,000 outages in spartanburg county. over 7,000 in greenville county. and anderson county has over 1800 with the lights out. on, we have a list for you of useful phone numbers if you need to call in an outage, many roads were closed while crews were clearing debris. >> make sure you download the 7 news app. >> i hit the pothole a half mile back, this the second time in the last few weeks. a real nightmare for drivers on interstate 85, really deep potholesings blew out tires, on several vehicles near exit 57 southbound. it left them lined up and stranded on the side of the road. >> 7 news reporter addie hampton
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up. >>reporter: they were, tom, for good reason, too, we talked to some of them who say this has happened to them before in the same spot. this is an indication of more than heavy rains causing the problem, it's an indication of a bigger problem. take a look at this video. these tires were no match for these potholes today. as the sun came up, we got an even closer look at the potholes, you can see where the water was just standing in them. the d.o.t. says heavy rains mixed with trucks driving home them makes these even worse. effectively blowing out many of the tires, it took them on today. the d.o.t. did send crews to patch up some of these problem spots, but drivers say this happens a lot in these same places and a patch only goes so far. >> we've been hiting that same hole -- hitting that same hole, it seems to get bigger and they patch at and it it's right back the way it is. and with the trucks, with very to stay over in that right-hand
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so is i mean, it's something that's in evidenceable -- > meanwhile, down in columbia, at the state house, senator tom davis continued day four of his senate filibuster, basically he's a posing any raises to the gas tax that would fund fixes drivers say they want the roads fixed and find. addie hampton, 7 news. >> thank you. if you want to see how the roads are bogging you down, we have a cool tool for you. there's an interactive link that shows you the hours we all waste sitting in traffic and burning up our gas. all because of the bad roads in your particular area. you can look at your area on under links we mentioned. this is a political exercise
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who made a promise that he can't fulfill. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham saying he won't stand behind the president's plan to shut doww guantanamo bay and move prisoners elsewhere. there was a time that they would have supported a prison and opening a new one in the u.s.. >> now, we find oursrslves months before a new election, with a proposal that is a joke. a proposal that is not specific. the only thing specifically i can tell you, not one person will go to charleston, south carolina. >> the naval brig near charleston is of the places on the short list. south carolina lawmakers including senator graham and governor nikki haley say they will fight that plan. are bouncers doing everything they can to keep you safe? a nightclub concern that has made it all the way to the state attorney general's office. >> and late ergs under heat, a fire chief's future is smoky
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on the books requiring south carolina night clubs to have sled-certified officers there is no law on the books requiring south carolina clubs to have certified officers worg on the detail there. >> a local activist wants to change that after he says is gun violence at local clubs is out of control. more now on the effort from dave jordan. >>reporter: the recent shooting at the nightclub on south pleasantburg in greenville is the latest in what jack logan calls a growing nus innocence the upstate. one that could be easily prevented if the right security detail was in place. >> i've watched them, not do searches on everyone entering those clubs. >>reporter: logan says he personally saw bouncers engage in illegal activity outside la rokaca and element 91. a club on halten road in greenville. now, he wants the state to intervene. >> we should already have law enforcement in place at the clubs, and let everyone enjoy themselves. >>reporter: logan has written a
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to make it mandatory that security officers working at nightclubs be s.l.e.d. certified. we contacted club la roka for a response. a manager there declined comment. we did get in touch with element 91's manager who says is logan's claims of lack security is false. went on to say that the bouncers do a thorough search. >> i will make every effort to ask mr. wilson, who have a lot a lot of respect for, to make that a requirement and to shut down the clubs until they have certified s.l.e.d. officers in there. >>reporter: in greenville, dave jordan, 7 news. the auto industry is going
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next, we'll take you "new at -6-".. auto week..doesn't stop at wheels and an engine anymore .. auto week doesn't stop at wheels and an engine anymore.
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has drivers and car makers alike buzzing. >> laura thomas is taking us inside of the automotive summit and showing us why this week is so important to the upstate. >>reporter: it's a bit like speed dating, manufacturerers meeting with supplier after supplier, this match making is one part of the south carolina automotive summit. support oing tens of thousands of -- supporting tens of thousands of jobs here and contributing billions to the economy. >> talking about new technologies in the industry. >> one of the things that's changes in the industry is it isn't just about cars. >>reporter: with new software, and wireless car connectivity, the executive director of the south carolina automotive council tells us even if you're not plugged into the industry itself, you'll experience the changes. >> i think everybody in south carolina will be impacted by the automotive industry. >>reporter: much of that up and coming technology will help keep
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>> if we can build effectively machines that can help us avoid making those errors, so that's really the main goal. >>reporter: the summit is part of a week that's that's celebrates the innovation and the opportunities available. also, hoping to inspire the next generation of people to join this industry on the move. in greenville, laura thomas, 7 news. an upstate the fire chief is on administrative leave while they look into the investigate. we talked to farr about one night in question. >> were you drinking that night. >> the call was at 2:30 that night. >> a breathalyzer test giveno farr was inconclusive. kelly kelton fire board says they don't have an alcohol
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administrative leave until the next board meeting march 7th. our weather, oveng, has been very -- of course has been very active today, severe thunderstorms early in the morning and windy weather, wind gusts over 50 miles per hour in the upstatat and we look for a very breezy overnight. as a matter of fact, that high wind warning will expire at 7:00, but a wind advisory will replace it and that will in effect until midnight. so the showers that are out there now, will be ending during the course of the evening hours. for the upstate, skies will be clearing and again, we'll keep that breeze, going to be a cold start to our day, with most areas in the 30s. so with the wind that's going to feel colder thannhe actual temperature. looking ahead into the weekend, it looks like it will be quiet from this point on, once the winds subside. tomorrow night, quiet conditions in and through the weekend. highs will be in the 50s and 60s. this is the system that's helped to produce the strong winds across the area today. big area of low pressure at the surface and area of low pressurere
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atmosphere, still in the process of moving through. scattered showers will continue to push eastward across the upstate. before they end after about 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. and into tomorrow morning, we'll see our skies clearing over most area, again, a cold start to the day, so want to bunld l up. high -- bundle up. higher up in the mountains, snow showers will be scatter in coverage and concentrated towards the tennessee line. a breeze in the afternoon, overall, a lot of sunshine for most areas. and pretty mild temperatures for this time of the year. getting into friday, look for a freezing start, area wide, plenty of sunshine all across the area, and we'll expect lighter winds and so we'll see a little faster warmup. still kind of cool in the afternoon. but less wind around, it will feel better for the second half of the day. do have a winter weather advisory, in effect for all of these counties shaded in purple until 7:00 friday morning. 1-3 inches of snow pososibility, especially uprd twas the
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tennessee line. better chance, though, in the higher elevations and watch out for the potential of black ice. here's where we stand as far as the temperature goes. keep in mind, we topped out at 70 today at gsp. and now, we're in the low tore mid 50s. so a fast cool town with southwesterly winds bringing in cooler air, we're at 52 at clemson, and 49 degrees in asheville. those winds are still sustained at 0 mis per hour and a lot of spots, gusting to over 30 miles per hour. so here's your pinhoint planner, right now, we have showers in the area, temperature of 54 degrees. down to 45 and drier by 9:00. bottoming out around 38 by tomorrow morning and expect a high near 56. a beautiful day tomorrow. lots oo sunshine, just a few clouds out there there in the afternoon. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours. overall, quiet weather, windy, not as windy as today. light winds on friday. and on into saturday. so we'll start out below freezing, but see a good rebound
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westerly winds, will warm things up into the 60s by sunday and another system brings us more clouds by early next week and there's your mountain forecast, mie mountain snow shower -- high mountain snow shower activity. highs in the 40s and 50s by sunday. thank you, christy. still ahead at 6:00, find out what the panthers are willing to do to keep this player.
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last night was a blast from the florida could again have a steve spurrier on its coaching staff.... florida could again have a steve spurrier on its coaching staff, steve, jr., could return to the school. in an offensive quality control capacity, he served on his dad's staff at usc. good evening, everybody.
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anything to hang on to josh norman. saying out at the nfl combine that contract talks continue with the soon to be free agent, but there's the option to place the franchise tag on norman. that would give him a hefty salary of 14 million with one season with the ball club and speaks to the g.m.'s comments, he's not in the business for developing players for other teams. well, perhaps, a tight win over florida was the boost usc needed to pick upp positive momentum to a ncaa tourney bid. frank martin says, yeah, they went through a rough patch recently, but you've got to be tough, strong, and you learn. >> i rarely put pressure on guys about winning. i rarely speak about you know, well, we've got to win this game, or blah blah, i try to hold everyone accountable for their responsibilities and there, i pressure the heck out of them. >> and rick barnes will be back in columbia tonight, the first y at tennessee, of course, he
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capitol city back when he took clemson teams to face usc in north carolina coliseum in the 90s when he was in tiger town. >> last night, another what's become a recurring nightmare on the road, have a lead late, but watch it slip away, in this case, the tigers did a nice job, going up by as many as 13 in the second half against georgia tech, but you saw markus -- 2 of 2 t 25. dontae tying the ball game late at 73. georgia going to the hole, he made the two free throws the last second tie to tie it. the tigers falling again, now 9-7 in the acc. well, their current head coach lane fowler was one ofear guards as a byrnes senr the last time that the rebels got this far in the playoffs, 1993 when they firnished as the -- finish as the state runner up. last night, taking another step, the upper state final on saturday night because they blew out blythewood at home. jaylon foster with a nice move. howard, as fowler and crew are
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he had a feeling they could make this kind of run. >> there's no doubt i thought we had a chance at the beginning of the year, but sometimes you can put the cart before the horse so we wanted to jump back and enjoy the journey, one step at a time on the process, but i k h par u u'e great kids. >> so they play iv on saturday night, in the well now, fowlers is not the only player from the golden era of veteran's hopes to currently coach an area school. on the title team in 1990, he's a boiling springs, mcmanus a bowling spring and foul frer the 93 team is on -- guiding byrnes. finally, also last night, seneca getting as far as they ever have in the playoffs, they got a decisive win, they pulled away and held on, in a victory over south point, so they will play ac flora on friday night in the well. the girls are still alive. blacksburg and abbeville -- [ inaudible ]. >> he's got so much to talk
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>> looking forward to better weather. >> better tomorrow, skies are going to clear tonight, lows in the 30s. >> all right. >> well, we thank you for
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>> have a great evening, we'll lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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& >> pelley: tornadoes bring death and destruction to the east after a string of deadly twisters in the deep south. >> i saw something coming at my face, and i said, oh, my god, i'm going to die. >> pelley: also tonight, trump with the victory of the night and the quote of the week. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> pelley: a jury awards millions for a cancer death linked to talcum powder. and driving down racial barriers. >> for me as an african american from a diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that legacy. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this could be a dangerous night in the east. a tornado is blamed for at least three deaths in virginia today. twisters were also reported in north carolina and florida.
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up from south carolina to new jersey, inclung washington, d.c., and philadelphia. this is the same system that brought death to the south last night and we'll begin our coverage with chip reid. >> a tornado just came through right on 460 right now. it tore the place the pieces. >> reporter: this facebook video shows the path of destruction after an apparent tornado ripped through the small town of waverly south of richmond, virginia, this afternoon. state police confirm that three people have died. late today a tweet from cbs affiliate wtvr in richmond said, "sadly one of the three confirmed deaths was a young child who died when mobile home was hit." the station also reported eight others were injured. >> everything is destroyed. unbelievable. i mean, unbelievable. >> reporter: the debris field is three miles long. dispatch reporter michael campbell photographed this mobile home ripped open, cars flipped over, sheet metal


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