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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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helped the snow showers to develop across western north carolina. where as you saw in that spruce pine camera, we've got some light accumulations, and it's still coming down in madison county, snow showers in one [ bleep ] one [ bleep ] county. -- if you're travelling or around the area, expect black ice by tomorrow morning as temperatures will be dropping. winds gusting to over 30 miles per hour around the up dissipate tomorrow, the upstate starts out or just below freezingful we'll talk about what to expect as we head closer to the weekend coming up. the windy weather is keeping the power crews busy. this blue ridge electric co-op saying they have reports of 14 broken power poles overnight. duke energy crews back out this morning trying to fix the problems. >> they say that some people might not have the lights back on until l this weekend.
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joins us live from spartanburg county tonight, laura, the big question, what's taking so long? >>reporter: yeah, turns out the weather itself is slowing down that process. it's still pretty windy out here and duke energy tells us when those winds get too strong, the crews aren't able to get in the bucket trucks and make repairs like they have been doing. take a look, we were out here, crews were here earlier today, repairing the lines here as this tree came down and caused damage and it's been a similar sight all across the upstate. the same windy weather that caused outages across the upstate, also slowed down some crews, working hard. to trim trees, and get the power back on. >> you don't know how you miss power until it's gone. >>reporter: linda had to bundle up in her home to keep warm.
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keep the doors closed. >>reporter: the electricity went out in spartanbg wedney aftn. we have a backup generator so we've been using the backup generator at nighttime. >>reporter: the weather was going to make things worse. >> when i was in my car, and my car was shaking on my way to work yesterday, i knew it was going to be a really bad storm. >>reporter: for much of the day, all neighboos could do was wait it out. >> i thought it was goin to be a couple of hours and be back on. i had no idea it would take this long. >>reporter: all were thankful to see the utility trucks turn up their street. >> yes, when i came around the corner just now i got excited. i'm hoeping it comes -- hoping it comes back on today. >>reporter: this is what the supreme been waiting for in spartanburg, the line is back up. many of the houses here on the street do have lek tris tis tye back. duke -- electricity back. a lot of the outages are been sporadic, a house here and a
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working hard across the upstate. back to you guys. >> laura, for the people who are the still waiting, what can you tell them about how the crews prioritize where to hit first? >>reporter: diane, we looked into this, they say it's about the critical infrastructure, they want to make sure that places like hospitals and government buildings have the power back on first, and then they look at the neighborhoods that have the most people without power. and then they go through and prioritize that way. >> all right. still a mess out there. laura thomas, thank you tonight. we're also asking what's the longest you've ever been without power? if you head over to, or go to the facebook page, we'd love to hear froowla t results tonight at 5:30. losing power is leas of the problems for some places, up and down the east coast. severe weather has spawned deadly tornadoes and powerful thunderstorms that cause millions in property damage. virginia was hit the hardest. >> scary truck went up in the air, the glass started coming in on me, i saw
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and i said, this is it. >> bad weather caused problems on the water, in queens, the coast guard ended up needed rescuing of their own, while trying to help a fishing boat, their rescue ship capsized. the emergency crews had to bring in a helicopter to a lift everyone to safety. severe weather can strike at any time, of course, we are making sure thatt you have all of the information you need any time, anywhere. just download our 7 news app to get severe weather alerts on the go and a customized forecast for where you live. the family of an upstate man is suing greenville county deputies for killing him, while responding to a robbery that he called in. when deputies showed up, charles rosemond, thought it was the robbers returning. so he started shooting, and was killed by the police. the wrongful death lawsuit filed today says deputies came into the home without saying who they were, and left rosemond's gunshot wound untreated. happening now in campaign
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spartanburg speaking on behalf of his wife hillary. there's a live look inside of the event, two days before the south carolina democratic primary, one of two upstate appearances he made today. rachelle spence is live at u is, c upstate, where the former president is tonight. rachelle, you also attended the event in mauldin this afternoon. >>reporter: yeah, wel gorlden, di i'm going to try to keep my voice down a little bit because there is a big crowd here paying close attention, former president bill clinton is taking the stage now, of course, subbing for his wife hill ri ahead of the south carolina democratic primary this saturday. this is a very young, energetic crowd and like you said, this was not his first stop today. he was also in mauldin, let's go ahead and take a quick look at that video, much quieter there this afternoon. former president clinton visited
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career and technology students m. he watched the students in the fire fighting program. he is focussing on the college students. >> thank you, for the live report. clinton's competition campaigning outside of the palmetto state today. bernie sanders in ohiowelhirr south carolina tomorrow, there's a rally at the university in orangeburg. campaigning before the poll os open, 7:00 a.m., saturday morning. tonight, the five remaining republicannpresidential candidates preparing for another cable news debate. >> next week, nearly a dozen states will hold their nomination contests on super tuesday. which could lead donald trump to lock up the gop nomination. >> a lot of delegates at state next week. >>reporter: the stage is set, expectaribuaft wing new hampshire, south carolina and nevada, some are asking if donald trump already
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>> weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning. >>reporter: trump has a huge lead in delegates, but with candida likjb bush no longer in the race, senators marco rubio, and/or ted cruz are hoping to find an opening to stop trump's momentum. >> i'm curious how many reporters asked marco rubio after losing four states in a row, so when do you drop out? when you haven't won a state? >>reporter: also on stage tonight, john kasich and ben carson, both men are far behind in polls, fund raising and media attention. and need a strong performance tonigh to keep their campaigns alive. >> i've raised the bar in this campaign. i have shown that you can be positive and win. >> on tuesday, 1 states, including -- 12 states, virginia, texas and colorado will hold their contests, but it's not enough to guarantee any
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however, it could lead trump with a big enough lead that no one can question his path in november. the rhetoric get headed heated, will be interesting to watch that on stage, to see how well they respect each other. ted cruru is leading in his home state of texas, they'll be voting on super tuesday, whether or not donald trump can get an upset there. reporting in washington, i'm mark -- >> debate in grei a sight to behold. tonight's will be worth watcn, too, can keep up with the candidates and get impootant voting information at today, students at cleveland academy got to talk to politicians firsthand. u.s. senator tim scott and congressman jon lewis from georgia answered their questions by skooip. with lewis sharing his stories from when he marched alongside martin luther king, jr.. >> i was very excited, it's not often that an opportunity like this comes around.
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technology now that we can expand over states just to talk to people. >> the district says this was a rare opportunity for students to learn about history firsthand. and politicians that experienced it. meanwhile, at the state house, a low country senator is getting some help, in his filibuster on a road funding bill. senator tom davis gave -- late last night, and the spartanburg repen says he plans k lg g he's allowed, becs e doesn't thi the state needs to raise taxes to pay to repair roads and bridges. >> i'm a different kind of elected official, there are elected officials that love to hear themselves talk. it annoys me as much it as does you, but i've got to do it. i've got to do it. because i can't go home with the clear conscience. >> other conservatives say the state should use the more than 1 billion dollaidit re year. some of the money is set aside
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senators say roads need a more stable source of funding. >> the confederate flag moved from the state house grounds may be put on display in charleston. the house ways and means xhiet -- committee. it would move the confederate regularic room to charleston. that means the banned kret flag display would go with it. an upstate student has died. hear more from the parents of tucker himself. >> the people that are making up the numbers so it is maximizing the credit. >> tax scams, the irs nut a warning about the dirty dozen and for some list that list hits close to home. we'll show you what you with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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7 news "live at 5" is back .. with the dirty dozen .. it's a list 7 news live at five is back with the dirty dozen. it's a list the irs puts out each year revealing the top 10
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there's one in particular that hits close to home. >> the dirty dozen tax scams includes fraud that targets the taxpayer, like id theft, and scams where the taxpayer is the perpetrator. >> i seen him out the door. there sit. go. i'm not going to have anything to do with this return. he had 1099s, and i need to add this amount of money to it, he's asking me to alter tax return. >>reporter: you didn't let him? >> no. >>reporter: not all prepares are as honest as dan thomas. this month, federal prosecute tores hit them with a lawsuit, they prepared false and inflated refunds by giving clients income from fictional jobs. >> it really makes me wonder who is preparing your taxes.
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on the bidding that they're legitimate. >>reporter: phishing e-mails. we've warned you about the irs phone scam where they threaten you, it is still to so prevalent the south carolina department of consumer affairs. >> i never understate it, either. >> do you have a receipt for everything frnth i have a receipt for everything. >>reporter: too many pad their donations don't have documentation and some even add dependants who don't even exist. >> now, the irs says id theft tops the scam list. but they are doing a better job of stopping false returns this year. so if you are an id theft victim you may have a delayed refund but at least the money is less likely to go to someone else. you'll find the full dirty dozen tax scam list at tonight, new details in the data show down between app sxl the federal government. new york times says apple l engineers are working on new
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impossible for the government to break into a locked iphone. security and privacy are at the center of the company's battle with the fbi over unlocked a phone, but used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> if the court can ask us to right this piece of software, think about what else they could ask us to do. maybe it's an operating system for surveillance. maybe it's the ability for the law enforcement to turn on the camera. this is not what should be happening in america. >> apple has until tomorrow to repeal a judge's ruling that the company help unlocked the phone. nissan has disabled the app for the leaf car, the move mcas after an australian cyber security researcher found a way to hack into the temperature controls and review the vehicle's driving record. nissan says there's no safety threat and a new app will be launched soon. u.s. lawmakers accusing takata of failing to test -- faking test results to cover up the exploding air bags.
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the company officials arguing that the data was manipulated to hide problems. federal officials recalled the defective air bags saying they can explode. it's the largest, most complex safety recall in u.s. history. involving 14 manufacturers and millions of vehicles. another study from aaa says 90 percent of driverers are engaging on risky behaviors on the road. 15 miles per hour or more over the speed limit oen a highway, 32% say they've driven so tired they almost fell asleep at the we'll. the same number of people admitted to typing a text or e-mail while in the driver's seat. airlines may be willing to waive fees if you change your travel plans to avoid major air traffic snarls this week. severe weather is causing a number of delays and cancellations at hubs across the country, so united and southwest, they've already cancelled or delayed hundreds of flights. and travelers are being advised th airlines, many of
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fees because of all of this bad weather. all right. so christy, you mentioned bad hair day, no true erp statement. >> yeah, and it's so funny how everything is relative, when you don't have a wi gust of 50 irps, they were gusting at 30, it's better. trying to get things to improve. looking at the bright side here, we are going to keep a light breeze, but you know, it looks like the winds will be lighter tomorrow. so good news there. we're going to keep good sky conditions as well. now, overnight, we'll look for a light freeze in most areas. there could be a few upstate locations that stop just above freezing tonight. but either way you look at it, it will be cold l and a wind chill to contend with, if you're out this evening, and into tomorrow morning. overall, during the day tomorroww though, we'll see less wind around. and our weekend is still looking nice. overall, very kwoois quiet with highs -- quiet with highs in the 50s and 60s. the satellite and doppler radar review, the big storm system is way off to the northeast, but
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under the influence of the strong winds. coming out of the northwest. and there's enough moisture to produce snow showers across parts of western north carolina. so we have some snow flying in the northwestern part of buncombe county. whereas the upstate will look for clearing conditions, going into tomorrow. so a breezy and cold start to our day. a few left over mountain snow showers, but those will go away in the afternoon. overall, cool and dry, for tomorrow. as we get into saturday, once again, we'll start out with light winds, so we'll look for a cold, freezing start to the days, winds will be to the west and the southwest in the course of the afternoon hours, a faster rebound on the temperature. still looking at relatively cool readings but a bigger warmup through sunday as the southwest winds really have a chance to kick in. right now, we're at 39 in asheville. 47 in spartanburg.
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10-20 miles per hour. so when you factor in the wind, this is what it feels like out there. the wind chill is 30 at asheville, feels like 41 degrees in sxart the wind chill temperature is 39 in anderson. so for the next 72 hours, the weather is looking good. the winds will get lighter, overall, a lot of sunshine, a warming trend through the weekend. the high in the 60s on sunday and fairly mild weather into next week, too. next good chance of rain back in the forecast tuesday night into early wednesday. and there's your mountain forecast. for tomorrow, overall, a lot of sunshine, highs in the mid 40s, upper 40s on saturday. but look at that, the mountains in the low 60s by sunday. christy, thanks. liar, liar, pants on fire. thank goodness this guy has the video to prove it. did you see that? we'll explain what you just saw, next. first, take a look at the closing numbers on wall street.
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7 news live at 5 is back with video you've gotta 7 news live at five with this video, take a look. now, watch that. this guy's pants have caught fire, it appears to happen out of nowhere. officials say this g was waiting to be checked out at this indiana convenience store, he's got an e-cigarette battery in his pocket. and it caught his clothes on fire. an employee grabbed the fire extinguisher and helped get the fire out. the poor guy is still burned, second-degree burns on his legs. since colorado legalized marijuana two years ago. up 109%. colorado residents also made 44% more er visits and doctors say experimental l pot smokers are not prepared to handle the side effects, including the anxiety and hallucinations and edible
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reactions, which could trigger an overdose. nth carolawea wornn a bill to make it easy easier for patients to get access to the medication they need. the legislative commit stee considering putting a bill together to have regulations on what's called step therapy. it requires patients to try cheaper medicatn to see if they work. even if their doctors prescribed a more expensive drug. lawmakers could take the bill up this year. >> next 7 news live at five, an upstate family battling for better oversight of south carolina greek life. >> tucker hipps is helping inspire new legislation to prevent future tragedies. you guy, i think he needs to take cover. get out of that car. he's getting right -- he's right in the heart of it. >> no telling what will happen on live the tv, you're seeing folks covering severe weather, we're going to show you where this news crew ended up taking shelter, straight ahead. >> but first, a live look
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avalon, ashland and all ac now, from the news station, this is 7 news live at five. it is 5:29, we are continuing to keep a close eye on the weather tonight and christy, here warning us about, i mean, this wind has been an ongoing thing, you said it died down, but it hadn't died down enough. >> still quite gusty. >> that is a pretty picture. the roads are dry for the upstate. but you do need to hang on to the steering wheel, we've got a few high wind gusts out there, not as gusty as it was earlier today. here's the big picture, t main storm system that brought us the high winds, off to the northeast, we're on the western extent of that. it's a process for the winds to die down. we'll keep a bit of a breeze overnight.
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helped snow showers to develop, still coming down over parts of north carolinates a look at the wind gusts, the 30 miles per hour, in spartanburg, and temperatures tonight, nice can and cold, down to freezing by tomorrow morning, it will feel colder than that tomorrow. people here in the carolinas to new york, are cleaning up and assessing the dang after a ast-moving storm raced up the coast. >> have you ever done the storm chasing? looked for storms. >> i've been on the radar tracking them. >> that's the safest place to be. we've got a news crew from our sister station in raleigh, take a look at what played out on live tv. >> you guys, i think you need to take cover. get out of the car, he's right in the heart of it. >> with do we need to get out of the automobile? are we unsafe? >> yes, get off the road right now. >> if we do need to, i'll bang on the door and go into somebody's house.


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