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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 6, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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>> craig: american compound under attack with too few people to protect it, the story shared on the silver screen, six heroes survived the night and the other americans did not. >> belkys: alex diprato watched the film and spoke to the members of the security team >> reporter: the man who dedenlded the compound and the actors portraying them is here in miami, and the movie is set to open a week from friday. >> reporter: 13 hours, secret soldiers of benghazi brings to the big screen, the night the six member security team lived. >> just about, six guys overcoming adversity, and doing what was right. >> reporter: these three men are part of that real life team to fought to defend the compound and another building, when it
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september, 11th, 2012, they say the aftermath of the attack has become, too politicalized. >> i don't think that we got too much press for what took place an it is time to tell and the people need to know what sacrifices were made on the ground in benghazi for the guys that were there and to honor the people that died. >> the u.s. ambassador, at risk. >> the movie depicts the effort to save, the ambassador, christopher stevens and the break downs that cost him and other americans, that lost their lives. >> i think that they are going to see a story that they have not seen before and i hope that they will take a step back and look at what happened. and you know, have, respect and admiration for these guys and what they did. >> the movie does not touch the politics in the aftermath of the attacks. but only, what happened on the ground that fateful night. >> i am hoping for a lot of peop it gives them the first
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because i think that a lot of the noise that we are hearing is about how the people feel about how it was handled.d. but all of the politics came after that night. >> and congressional committee looking into the attack, interviewed former cia director, david petraus today and expected to interview, former defense secretary, in the next week. live in the news plex i'm alex diprato, seven news, night team. >> belkys: all right, alex. >> craig: coming up, a break in the rain but it is not going to be a lot. >> belkys: phil ferro is in the weather center with this. >> phil: we may see a few showers coming into the forecast by the end of the weekend. the weekend and tonight, however, all across, south florida, with the possibility of some inland, fog, that could stick around, through the morning drive. the entire forecast, in just a
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>> now seven weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and it was a gray start to the day here across south florida, everybody was getting a litt bit of rain fall and the morning lows were in the 60s and the afternoon highs kept in check by the cloud cover, only in the low to mid 70s. rightnow, 60s everywhere, 67 in miami, and 65, fort lauderdale and the key west, the temperature of 69 degrees and the pressure is steady, the wind going to light, and now if it goes, completely calm and the humidity reaches 100 percent, that is part of the recipe for some fog and we could see some of that developing over night in the inlands and the suburbs here and it could stick around
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are a few showers, hugging the coast, one or two, could make the way across the beaches over night and so there is the possibility of the wayward, sprinkle anywhere across the coastal broward and miami dade. and now the area of low pressure that brought us the rain, earlier today, sitting right about here, continues to move away. clear skies, and dryer air, are on the way for tomorrow. however, if we go, clear across the country, to the west coast, all of california, getting hit with heavy rain, also, plenty of snow, and the higher elevations. anddhey are in need of rain, but boy, they are going to get it all at once, and? areas are getting as much as 15 inches of rain and this is just going to be one of a series of storms that will begin, in the days and weeks ahead. all due t t el, nino and speaking of winter, the northern u.s. is going to get a taste of that over the weekend and we have an arctic plunge of cold air,
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moving in through the northern rockies and then the upper midwest and now we ar forecasting temperatures for saturday and sunday to be at sub-zero, and with the wind, it is going to feel like, 30 below, come the weekend. and aren't you glad that you live here? this area of low pressure, will continue to move away, and after maybe, a rainy spot here or there, and tomorrow, looking beautiful and not as breezy. and nice and mild, and plenty of sunshine. by friday, however, we will get a little disturbance, moving in and the shower moving in across browd and miami dade and then a better chance for rain fall, on saturday and sunday. and here is the marine, forecast and threat of the rip currents and the bay, a light cho p and free throughout the florida, keys and the coastal waters with the monthed rate chop, and the next high tide, 7:18, and 7:14 fort lauderdale, and 7:41, and 9:51 in key west, the cleleing and the possible fog in the over night lows in the 60s by tomorrow, the sunshine, finally
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dry, and the highs will be where they should be in the mid to upper 70s here is the extended out look and a few more showers on friday and saturday and sunday, warmer about you with a better chance for rain and that is your seven on seven, forecast. >> belkys: got it. >> craig: still ahead, the stars hit the streets, for the latest film. >> belkys: chris is live. hey, chris. >> reporter: yeah we are live here on miami beach, chatting with ice cube for the world premier of ride along, two and why wouldn't they have the world premier, it was filmed here. >> craig: and the end is here, for the 15th and final season of american idol and it kicked off tonight and they pulled out all
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we will have a look in a moment. >> craig: the grand finale, the final season, that is of american idol kicked off here tonight, viewers helped to vote
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contemporary music. >> belkys: i cannot believe it, the show is singing its swan song, shireen. >> reporter: setting its sites on the future and its final winner. >> reporter: live on this stage, an unknown talent will be launched into super s stardom >> you at home will decide who will become the next american idol. >> reporter: american idle starting the swan song, reminiscing the past. >> american idol changed people's lives. >> reporter: launching amazing careers. >> i am a musician >> reporter: and breathing new life into already, successful ones. >> reporter: to be around such talented and up and coming performers has been
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frmths but then it was time to look forward to find the book end to the original, idol super star, sikger, kelley, the auditions starting in atlanta. 15-year-old, michelle marie from florida, the first to make it to hollywood. with the help of the past runner ups and winners auditions runnnng smoothly. >> we never heard anything like that >> reporter: and there was no shortage of talent. >> reporter: denver was the next audition, stop. >> reporter: 20-year-old, vade standing out. >> thank you. >> you are welcome >> reporter: because you kno just what to say >> reporter: and yeah, there were still those who did not make the cut, too. >> reporter:oshua from
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through, kerry, courtny from saint petters berg florida making it to hollywood but it was this surprising contestant that had super star talent. >> i am from the south side of chicago. >> i am not nervous, because i do believe in him. >> his wife, on hand, supporting him as he additioned for the judges. >> and my and just like that, one of the music industry's biggest stars, makes it to hollywood. it looks like it is going to be a great year, on idol. m us muse >> belkys: the fwo v two night, premier continues tomorrow at 8:00, right here at 7 and for the record, i covered the first american idol, for seven news, back in the day. it ip bitter sweet to see it end. and ps, i feel old.
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sandoval seven news night team. >> belkys: american idol made you a star. >raig: i have to check the office i am sure that i have it. the stars are hitting the streets in south florida, and we are riding along, again. >> belkys: the night team's chris, is live on miami beach and he has an inside look. hey, chris. >> reporter: well, the stars were out here on miami beach for the world premier of ride along two. ice cube and kevin, heart teaming up for this one and delivering the laughs. >> reporter: lincoln road on south beach, playing host to the world premier of ride along two, kevin heart and ice cube showing the movie for the first time in miami where it was filmed. >> ride along two brings us to miami, you know it is bigger and better. we got bigger action, you know? and it is funnier. >> the brothers involve just got to town. >> if you say that one more time i am going to shoot you in the face.
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law, they are brothers in law. his character, ben is now a police officer, teaming up with james, played by ice cube. >> we are going to start laughing on the first day, because the reason being that we are right back at it. and when we did the first take it was like playing an instrument, you never forget. >> you remember to say no vacation. >> you are going to help me get the hard evidence on him. >> they are hot on the trail of the drug lord and that trail brings them here to miami. >> miami is the backdrop, it is the reason, you ow, that you want to be here. and it is the reason that you, like us, in the movie, because, it is like, we are in a place that you wanto be and you want to be riding with us. >> a gd detective knows how to blend in with the locals. >> yeah, you blending all right. >> adding miami to the mixture it makes us feel like it is a much bigger movie. >> it is a bigger movie with a bigger cast, including oliva, and ken.
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q, you are going to laugh hard. >> i have had a nightclub shoot out. >> 20, press passing complaints. and a car blew up6 >> we did not plant the car bomb. >> but we did the other stuff. >> kevin heart tell us that the fans in the first movie better get ready for this one. >> bigger and better, and sexier and we went big with the action and the comedy and added monther fire fire. >> hey, man, we are brothers in law. >> not any more. it is off the table. >> reporter: you can see the after party continuing up there at eleven, eleven, lick con road. and you can see miami on the big screen when ride along, two hits theaters next friday, there is more seven news coming up right
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>> time now for seven sports with steve shapiro. >> steve: set up in the game of streaks. the heat have won three in a row and the knicks two straight, and the heat have one against the knicks and two of the three are broken tonight, ty cannot stop melo and he had 25 points and just 12 shots, and new york closes the second quarter on a 15-4, run and the heat are down by eight at the break. the third quarter, and robin
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side and had 19 and the heat are down, 12 in the fourth quarter, and in the fourth, chris, bosh drives the ball and has a game high of 28, for the knicks thomas to williams. and the heat went down as many as 15 in the fourth quarter and then it is wade to wiet side white side, and white side just eight, and they can work that too, and misses and the lopez, follows the flush, and the knicks shoot, 56 percent and the heat lose by 98-90. >> this is just our effort and concentration, and we are not good enough to just come and show up and think that is enough. we really have to get the identity, and play the way that we are supposed to play, what we ha been talking about, with he relevant lip didn't get to. we want to win, we want to turn the curb and this is a chance for us, but once again, you know we have taken a step back. >> on the road for the next six,
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history, the panthers will send four representatives to the all-star game, galan will coach, and the third for yargo and loui going back for the fifth time. >> it is awesome and i think that it says a lot about our play over the last couple of months a the team is playing well and we have the success and so it is a good, and it is a good representation of the way that the group has been playing. >> the panthers take a ten, game, winning streak, into otttowa tomorrow, the cats are rolling ten straight and 16 out of 19. >> it is nice, but you know, it just, and ip don't think that we play the best, hockey, you know, in the last two are three games play gd tomorrow because we home. >> the dolpins coaching interview, met today with the bill's assistant coach, new orleans, coach will not be interviewed by the dolphins and he is staying with the saints and two years left, and peyton
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going anywhere. only two men get the call to the baseball hall of fame, mike on his fourth try and griffy junior on the first year of elbility. >> i am calling to tell you that the writers have to the national baseball hall of fame. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and thahat was kind of subdued the first, over all, first draft pick to make it to the hall of fame and the record, voted in by 99.3, percent of the voters, and what? 630 home runs and the six all time and plays the defense. >> happy and shocked. and happy, for, you know, that i get to, be in such an elite club. and i want to thank the writers for, you know, putting mo'o my name down and punching it out at least, about you shocked, and because, you know, any time that someone else does something for you, it means a lot. >> steve: the guys, and not even
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video, my producer, jared said don't ask, just watch it. so let's do that together. what is the opposite of a gutter ball? i mean that my man, my man, roofed it. >> and tampa bay, bucks fired smith and a surprise and now there are 7 openings, and i'm steve and craig and belkys are
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>> belkys: that is a wrap for us at ten, i'm belkys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens and
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