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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 7, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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to go even higher up. time to check on top stories. >> christine: diana diaz is in the plex. >> diana: prosecution giving us a listen to interrogation tapes. he denied knowing anything about it. theys two other people gunned down the rabbi during atempt in northeast miami-dadeful
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retaliate after north tested a high tro general bomb. they're still working to confirm the detonation. they may have tested a less powerful atomic weapon. and keeping a close eye on wall street with the investors expected to drop triple digits. stocks in china taking another nosedive overnight. >> traffic reporter: this crash is gone. residual delays are back to sunrise boulevard. you might want to use the it shall pike the push through. currently no problems and a u.s. 1 use that instead. no wrecks on 595. rite now experiencing delays approaching the exit. heading out on the northern portions, very heavy tieups on i-95, north bound just before palmetto road, the crash is blocking the center lane.
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what you're experiencing is the tap of the brakes and 20 to 25 minutes and heading to the dolphin, the express lanes are doing wewl, if you would like to use those instead, 441, the palmetto expressway currently dealing with a crash before okeechobee road and delays to the big curve. use the turnpike extension, southbound, the exit to southwest 137th avenue is dealing with a fender-bender. th's 7 traffic. more coming up in 15 minutes. good morning, south florida. we are waking up to clouds and it will be an a drier day overall it is mostly dry for your commute to the keys.
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those low clouds around, temperature readings very seasonal and just grab a light sweater or jacket before you head out the doorful winds are a lot lighter up to six miles an hour we have high pressure in place, nice, mild conditions all the way through friday. going into the weekend the rain set to return to the forecast. your extended outlook is calling for two different holidays. on saturday, more clouds with rain chances higher and mid-week it should be a lot drier. that's your 7 on 7. now we go to an amazing rescue caught on camera.
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ski lift after an electrical failureful they strapped them into harn necessaries and others lift ed lifted from more. if skiing isn't scary enough. >> ashley: i bet they don't go skiing for a while after that. a south florida woman said she was fine before being told something was wrong.
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have to deal with code enforcement. >> reporter: when a lot was put up for sale, she bought it. >> i dnlt want to have somebody buy it and build a house that didn't a lot of they kids jumping the fence. >> reporter: everything worked out well and she was sick for two months and didn't bring her yard guys in to maintain the lot. >> he went to cut the lot, a titiet was on the fence. in fact t man had just put the ticket there. >> reporter: no warning giving her time to cleanp the lot and not one ticket fining her, three from miami gardens. >> one for the fence, one for the brazilian trees that grow naturally and one was for the lot being cut.
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>> reporter: a lot of money. she called miami gardens with a question about the brush. >> i need to know because i want stay in compliant. if i cut them down, can i make a pile in front of the lot. he said oh sure, you can, sure. >> reporter: her yard man did the work. >> i made the pile and get another ticket for having the pile there. >> reporter: the ticket was from miami-dade county putting the brush on the sexually in front of her property. so she called the county. mr. hamilton told me i could put this. he say that's miami gardens. they can't tell you what to do. >> repororr: trees and grass cut down, fines start growing. >> right now fine is $1,600 and every day it's this it's going up $200 a day. iaid to him are you trying to give me a heart attack? she's she got fined with no
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got her fined from the county. talk about a mess. legally, can the city and county do this? legally miami gardens can't do what they did and morally the county shoul not have done. they cannot fine her for violations without first giving her up to 30 days to correct the problem. while they could cite her for doing what the city said it was okay because the city said it was all right to put the brush ere, the city is also responsible. first we contact td miami-dade county an explained what happened. they were great and quickly wiped out the violation and fine they had given her. we spoke to miami gardens officials and sent them the own code they violated. it took they will a while but they wiped out the three fines
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time to correct for fine inging. and could be part of a pattern lawsuit. >> her fines are wiped ut if you have a problem, you need to get howard. >> reporter: thanks. you sound like a commercial for us. they t city can give you notice if it's serious threat to public safety. almost everything else they have to give you time to correct the violation f. they're not doing that, let us knowful we may have a bigger thing going on. need a lot of help k contact us. we will brush up on the law and clear out things for you.
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on the palmetto expressway, where she crash not helping t. left lane is blocked and delays are solid passing around that big curve, no problems on the turnpike extension an at this time. we have no incidents on i-95 and seen the intermittent tapping of the brakes t. entire commute is around 30 to 35 minutes heading to the golden glades interchange
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expressway, stick with those express lanes or biscayne boulevard, 7th avenue is looking good, no problems heading broward, no problem. we still have residual delays on i-95 southbound. the crash cleared at sterling tractor-trailer. now it's just tap of the brakes past sunrise boulevard. i-95 and on i-95, things are leez inging up an we have low clouds and by
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mostly sunny mostly dry from broward, dade and the keys. 62 degrees currently in miami, including fort lauderdale, 68 degree, mild f/r you in key west and grand bahama island with the breeze a lot lighter today than yesterday and we have improvement on the waters for swimmers and boaters. the big view showing a series of storm systems moving westt to east around the country. and more rain for today around parts of california, snow in mountains an we do have mlre snow around parts of colorado and utah, the nation's mid-section from texas, oklahoma and louisiana dealing with rain. but it looks like this weeke will be freezing for parts of the upper midwest as a deep pool of cold air, arctic air will be spreading over these locations around north dakota, south dakota and minnesota.
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forecast with windchill readings below 30 degrees. we're not going to be getting that type of chilly air here any time soon. and south florida, look forward to the warmth continuing into friday with lot of sunshine and we're going to increase the rain an cloud cover on saturdayful if your plans take you beach or boating, risk of rip currents in place, seas building three to six feet, bay waters light chop and down to light chop today too for the keys. seas building up to two feet inside the reef. 6:31 is next high tide in fort lauderdale, 7:49 in key west. highs seasonal in the upper 70s, tonight lows in the 60s with inland fog developing. on your extended outlook, enjoy the next two days. by saturday, the rain returns to
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that's your 7 on 7. a gym member 24 guy takes it to a whole new level of has syness. yep, sure does. >> ashley: i shoulul work out with him. make me feel better about myself. >> christine: oh boy. you know, it doesn't help that the one next to him is actual lyly moving. >> ashley: that's you. >> christine: and if you think you have the viral video, send it to morning must see. coming up next on today in florida. the fast and furious franchise looking for a change of scenery an might be speeding across the florida straits. we've been asking you to send in
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here's one of fort lauderdale
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instagram and webe right back. we have an update on those miners that are stuck in new york. >> christine: diana diaz with the update.
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rescuing the miners stuck in an elevator 900 feet underground at a central new york salt mine. it got stuck about 10 o'clock going down and word that it has resurfaced. in the plex, diana diaz, today in florida. > the first awards show of the season, the people's choice awards taking place and winner is furious 7. >> it's real people that are voting for these awards. it's just pure fans saying how much they appreciate our work and that means the world to me. and i thank you so much.
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it's been an a long day without you my friend and i tell you all about it when i see you again. vin diesel accepting the award along foravorite action movie and paying tribute to the late paul walker who was killed in an accident during the making of the movie in 2013. gray's anatomy beating out gotham, scandal. and sean menendez and me began trainer. the show would not be complete thout a party crasher.
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crue. the manager intererpting the ladies of the talk shouting a plug for an upcoming rap album. speaking of the fast and furious, it could potentially send racing action series to a place rarely explored by hollywood films cuba. if filming goes ahead, it wil be the first filmed on the island since embargo set in placeful it's slated for april of 2018. >> i thought vin diesel sounded pretty goodful i was swinging, swaying along. >> you're watching today in
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>> we are coming right back. that will do it for today in florida at 8. i'm ashley jones. >> christine: and i'm christine cruz.
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