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tv   Noticiero estrella T.V  FOX  January 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and that is catch an armed and dangerous crook. but fis fizz lick catch him. pleet are calling him a repeat robber. they want to. >> belkeys: they want to stop him before someone gets hurt. rosh lowe in north miami at that 7-eleven. rosh lowe has more. rosh. >> reporter: and we have a case on january 4th and a case this afternoon. miami police saying hey, look rgs we have two pieces of surveillance video and we want the public to take a good look because it will be the public that will help us solve this case. cop say this guy maybe behind two robberies in north miami and then want to put an end to thvment let's begin on january 4th, this guy way red covering around his face is caught on surveillance video. he goes into theuper stop business around 11:30 at night cops scops cop say he puts his hands inside his jacket and yells, give met money our die. take a look heemple the surveillance video. you can see the employee in fear
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thursday morning, a 7-eleven right around the corner on northeast 25th street and 6th avenue and cops say he becomes more braise even on the video you see the employee outside mopping and then someone come up to him and when he come inside that's when the subject k08z him inside and demands money. there's another employee inside the store that seize td suspect ask him for the money. and in the 7-eleven case the cops say he gets way with two cash drawer. we have to get him off the street because he say danger. >> reporter: cops say they need to catch this guy and it's the public that will help. >> we don't wantt this guy getting more brazen or someone future. >> that's good surveillance video. if you recognize this gierk you heard from police there in my story numerous times them want to get him off the street. if vut tip police neechtd call crime stoppers, there the number. 305-471-tips ooflt we're live tonight in north miami. rosh lowe. 7 news. a.
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coming under the gun aer getting robbed at gunpoint in west miami-dade. police say the victim had just withdrawn money from this atm at a wells fargo bank. moments later a man armed with gun approached him and demand cash and took o. the victim wasn't hurt but it happened along west flagler street and 107th avenue and police want to catch him. if have you any information that can help, do call police. >> belkeys: hot property many northwest miami-dade. fire crews on the scene of a mobile home fire. it happened along 27th avenue and northwest 22 street. firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and no one was hurt but still unclear how it got started. >> lynn: hot wheels tbh opa locka 7 news viewer capturing a car on fire. happened on legume road. no one was hurt. it is unclear what cawed the fire. a reminder. if you see news happening in your area and can diso it
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video and send to us at win sent it to seven at >> belkeys: a video make the browndz round on social media showing chaos inside a special needs classroom. the tape shows yay teacher's aid is in trouble. students are supposed to learn lesson from the teacher but as 67's ashley jones shows us, it's a teachers aid who is getting a lesson in the law after this alarming arrest. >> >> reporter: this is the the first time the boy's grandmother is watching video of her grandson being assaulted at school. the 9-year-old is hit and dragged by a teacher aid. he says the altercation with an aid ta who he refer to as miss k escalated quickly. >> he pulled her hair. >> and put herel bo in my neck. >> the family he is the school's principal called to say there was an incident but they many no
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>> it is ridiculous. that should bt happen there at a exexe trusted. i send the him there for the trust. and the grandmother said she took him ieft special needs school because he wasn't make much progress but since attending tobin wor he has come a long way. now after this incident. she will have to start look at other school. >> he has had a few issues and again, he is a special needs child. shouldn't be treated like that at all from any one. >> reporter: the teacher aid was taken into custody a the police continue to investigate investigate. in the satellite center. i'm ashley jones. 7 news. >> >> lynn: taking you cross country now. a different kind of lunch break care of smashes into a texas car starr bucks aism car veered off the road and crof off right off the front door. it happened in lieville north of dallas. three customer taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. no word on what caused the crash oavment fiction shalz are
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>> belkeys: an earthquake rock southern california. the 4.5 quake hit yesterday morning near san dern bern. surveillance cameras at a business showing computers rock and windows waving wack and forge. althgh it was small, residents were still shaken up. >> waiting for my larmd and a hear, voornlings voom,nd a look over at my son and a jumped on top of him and held him and we were just voom, voom, the whole bed was voom, voom. i didn't know what to do joo well according to california highway patrol. by. mud and rock were also scat eard >> >> lynn: also in southern california. a dog lucky to be laif after a risky rescue. a group of firefighter pulling the dog to safety after flooded rain in the area in west hill. officials say bad l- will likely continue throughout the week but this little buy guy has his life.
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>> lynn: yeah. >> belkeys: coming up on 7 news. we're following a story. this a water main break. you can see the water gushing. a truck stuck right on top of it and crews there on that scene trying to cap that leak in the area of northeast third court and 71 street but they will have quite the go of it. >> >> lynn: a pain in the butt. but anyway a pet owner in the hospital and she tried to to fight off stray dog tack her own dog. the news too much for her husband to handle. >> belkeys: cell phone video of a fight that left one student in the hospital and another in front of a judge. >> lynn: a south florida suspect in the hot see. prosecutors releasing the interrogation taim taicht teen that police say killed a new york rabbi in south florida. >> belkeys: and a south florida home owner getting find on top of a fine without giving a warning to fix the issue. now she is turning to howard and patrick fraser for help. >> phil: all right. hurricane season may belong over but national hurricane center is watching an area of disturbed
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he are giving it a 30% chance that it could develop into a subtropical system. no worries for us what so ever. we'll have our local forecast nay couple minutes.
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>> >> lynn: well, if you own a home, you might of had a deal with code enforcement f. you fail to correct the violation they can find you. but can they fine you without
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that's what we're talk about tonight in tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser. >> reporter: when a lot behind her house wa up for sale, she bought. it not to resell maingd a profi but to protect herself eye didn't want to have someone buy it and build a house there and have a lot of big kids jumping the fence. >> everything worked out well and then irma was sick for two months and didn't bring the yard guy to maintain the lot. >> when he went back there to ut cut the lorkts a ticket was on the fence. in fact the man had just put the ticket there. no warning giving her time to clean up the lot. not one ticket but three tickets. one was for the fence and one was for the brazilian trees that grow farlly and one was for the lot being can cut. i have three tickets at
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>> a lot of money. so irma called miami garden about the brush eye need to know. can i make a pile here in front of lot? he said oh sure you can can. sure. >> her yard man did the work. so i made the pile and then i get another ticket for having the pile there. the kick tell was from miami-dade county for putting the pile of brush on the swail in front of her property where miami garden told her she could put i i so irma called the county. >> mr. ham mill done told me he i could put it thrvment that's miami garden. miami gardens can't tell what you 20 do with the county. trees and grass came down but fine started growing. right now it's 1600-dollar and every day it's there, it is going up. 200-dollar a day. >> i said to him, are you trying to give me a heart attack? >> she got find but no warning from the city and then she did
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that got her find from the county. howard, talk bay mess, legally account city and county do this? >> legally miami garden cannot do what they did and morally the county should not have done what they d. miami gardens cannot fine irma for these rye violations without giving her 30 days to correct problem. and why the county could site her for doing whrat city said was okay baw the city said the all right to put the brush thrvment the city is responsible. with fir we contacted miami-dade county and explained what theasmed were great and wiped out the fine they gave to irma and we spoke to the miami owe figure shall. we sent them a code. they finally wiped out the three fines when. we asked if they give residence time to correct the violation before fining them, with we were told sometimes they do. which we conclude like in irma's case, sometimes they don't. if the city or county fines you
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have to give you time to correct the vie oition larks and they do not, this could be part of a pattern and result nay class action lawsuit. so check with your neighbors on. that. i'm smiling. >> her fine are waved out. >> i'm telling you, "help me howawd" is the way to go. people if you have a problem. you need to get on the phone and call "help me howard." >> thank ir a map. you sound like a commercial for us. now, a city can fine you without giving you notice if the violation say serious threat to public safety. almost everything else they have to give you tile to correct violation. if they aren't doing, that let us know. we may have a bigger story going on here in south florida. feel violated and it's not fine with you, need a lot of help. contact us you. we'll brush up on the law and clear out things for you. with this "help me howard" i'm patrick phre iewmplet 7 news. >> belkeys: want to get back out to that developing story. air live picture here.
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of miami. iemplet let's go to ralph rayburn. he is bring us these live picture. ralph. yes, water everywhere. this on 73 street and northeast night it is right next to the mercedes repair shop. you can see the stalls where they do the repair work are flooded right now. a foot and half of water or so right thrvment a tow truck has shown up here. they originally had it hooked up to the front of this vehicle here a water continue to pour out of the grod. that water main break. they started to tug at two and there was concern there that they didn't have proper foorgt spheergt for the foe truck to pull them out. so they repogged them stoafltz back side of it and that would be on n e youth sowj east corner there and hook ape strong table there and tug that vehicle back way from the water main break there where you see all that water coming up. as you can see now. someone is driving and someone just hopped in there and backed it way.
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information wawrks ter and sewer responding out here. the first objective they told us wa that they are going to try and secure the watat there and seal it up and make a determination of what kind of repairs need to be made and we can report to you fo there were no injuries involved in this incident. that's the story from sky force hd. i'm ralph rayburn. reporting live. >> belkeys: ralph, thank you. >> keep it here.
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>> lynn: their ef forwardrd are paying o. 7's sheldon fox has the story. >> reporter: and manatees fill the water off the coast of s. now the sea cows are look to get a new classification a the u.s. fish and wild life service announces their propositi to reclassify the federal stawts of west indian manatees from endangered to threat ended. >> this action today and what we're announcing is rlly in our view demonstrates the successes of how the endangered spree says act can and does work and while in here making waiter way safer and cleaner florida. >> reporter: so what's the difference between a threat e7bd and endangered speessments the
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to become endan glerd the foresee able future. the proposal copping as at manatees have been thriving in recent year as a rough the federal regulations and program plaip meanted to protect them. this effort has culminated in a great recovery and success. their numbers are climbing. their habitat conditions improving and the threats to survival being reduce oovmentd this is just one step in a very long journey took an enormous a. effort and collaboration to get where we are today. a 500% increase in the population of florida up from more than 1200 back in 1991 to now more than 6000. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> lynn: service will publish it's proposal in the register tomorrow beginning a 90 day period where the public is allow
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nrvetion in the agency reaching it's final decision. >> now time for 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and a beautiful day across south florida. a mild night enjoy tomorrow morning because we may see showers moving in by late afternoon. let's take a look at the weather. this is what we got shaking coast to coast ch an area of low pressure right there next to bermuda. national hurricane center is twachg. a 30% chance that it could become a subtropical si tem as it move towards bermuda way from us. subtropical system just a regular tropical si tem, a warm center. this will have a cold1. regardless it will caw a lot of rain for that area two other areas that we're watching with trailing fronts will make for rain here. at least one of them over the weekend. look at the temperatures. seattle 44. minneapolis 33. 40s and 50s up and down the east coast. san antonio a temperature of 71. will it's going to be very nice here in south florida over the
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even though it might be raining. there will be an arctic blast moving in through canada first. eventually all that cold air will spread a crot upper midwest and look at what we're forecasting for the weekend. a s cross the northern rockies and upper mid west. sub zero temperature for lows. wind chills kind of hovering around 30 below. all right so. here's that area of low pressure by bermuda moving way from us. nothing to worry about b. by tomorrow aernoon we play see a small little area of low pressure pushing some showers our way late in the day. and then come saturday, a better chance of some rain as a front approaches s. that could bring us a slight cool down bit middle of nt week. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents. biscayne bay smooth. no advisories for you throughout florida keys. coastal waw twers a light chop. next high tide 6:36. 7:49 for the the lower key. water temperature 75 deal. for tonight mostly clear.
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six 50e6789s by tomorrow we are looking at morning sunshine. a few showers late in the day. highs will be in the upper 600's. maybe 80 degrees in the western suburb. very typical for this time of year and then your extend out look. rainy saturday and sunday. highs will the in the low 80s and a little bit of a cool down from monday through wednesday. that's your seven 07b. 7 news will be right back.
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>> lynn: a come day cop movie and south florida in the back grope drop. it's us. cheese. >> belkeys: and c(ris van vliet got a chance to talk too them and he joins us live from thee n nsplex. hi chris. >> reporter: and they are back to ridi along again. the sequel not only set in miami
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>> all those involved just got to town. >> if you say that one more time, i'm going to shoot nut face. >> kevin heart&is reunite and it feels so good. >> >> reporter: what was day one like getting back on the set? was it like getting the band back together. >> yes. >> totally joo oo we just both showed up doing what we did last time but much better. soon to be brothers in law and forced into being partners. come here man. >> no, too soon in oo. >> they are tracking a drug king pin and it leads them here to miami. when they arrive they are set met with explowing and shootout and because it's south florida, maybe a few surprises. >> cube, how do you not laugh in these scenes with him? >> it not easy because he is subject to do something you're notxpecting all the time. a good detective knows how to
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>> oark yeah, you blending all right. >> >> reporter: they sp things up from the first ride along with more action and a bigger cast k4r50uding olive rhea and ken john a who tells us he to get in shape are to the role. kind of. i look ate treadmill 30 minute a day and thought wow, that looks hard. >> reporter: kevin, i want to ask you what would a ride along look like with ice cube back in the nrk wa days. >> violent. i would need a lot of stomach medicine to zeal with. that also probably would have been a lot of baggy cak tee. that was something e ee. a lot of med man, a lot of meds. >> my never is bad man. oh my god. he is a disom beach. she shot again. >> reporter: and a busy si day
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viflt right after our interview they were met with with the stampt the entire cast met by mayor thomas regalado and kevin heart were given quite the title. >> my fung here is no. 1 torks thank both of you and thank ride along two for the wonderful donation and also to make you -- >> honorary cops. >> yea ik arrest everybody now. scary if you think about it. it ride along. >> two hits the big screen friday. i'm chris van vliet. 7 news. >> belkeys: that kevin heart. he. >> lynn: he doesn't stop. >> belkeys: inner giers bun next love him. charchg chris.
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that's 7 news at 5:30. >> >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. now angry dog sending a woman to the hospital but what happened it to her beloved pet breaking her heart. >> a chaotic fight at a south florida school landing a young student in trouble. a teen accused of murdering a rabbi getting stuff gez from cops and we're hearing his answers. another historic change between the u.s. and cuba maybe setting sail. plus, you didn't win the power ball drawing with you neither did any one else. now, a record jack spot up for grabs. >> developing in the city of miami. a water main break causing a big mess. we'll have a live update on this next at 6:00. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> >> belkeys: we're going to get started with that developing
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water gushing ave bad break there. >> hello and welcome every one. that break causing at least with one truck driver to go nowhere fast. 7's sheldon fox live at the scene with the new information. sheldon. >> reporter: just a little bit ave stress problem here in this section of miami. we're talking at biscayne boulevard. 69th and 4th court. we're in the driest section of where this water main break s. if you look down this street, you can see perhap in the distance and with the lights the red rescue crews or at least first responders trying to deal with this and it's buck up and it deep to at least the anchor shin. let's show you how probe la naict was not too long ago. gushing water and also a red ice truck dealing with big time problem tsm was stuck in this huge mess ch the actual break itself is northeast third court and northeast 71 street so. we're talking multiple treats affected.
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boulevard just to the west of
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